Fug or Fab: Amanda Peet


Okay, first of all: Amanda here is in Westwood, my college town, and standing right in front of an establishment WELL LOVED by Bruins of all ages. Diddy Riese sells cookies for THIRTY=FIVE CENTS EACH. (When I was in college, they were only a quarter, because I’m old.) Huge cookies! The size of a man’s hand! My favorites were the oatmeal raisin, and the chocolate/white-chocolate and, you guys, I don’t even LIKE white chocolate. Ice cream sandwiches for $1.75! That place is AWESOME. There also used to be this amazing sandwich shack that isn’t there anymore, which we all — like, everyone, not just my friends — called Buck Fifty, because the sandwiches were $1.50. Buck Fifty + Diddy Riese = dinner for $2. THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

Anyway, now that my epic ode to cheap collegiate eats is over, here’s Amanda:

You CAN eat a lot of ice cream sandwiches comfortably in that thing. I want to come down on the side of “It’s Not Terrible.” But that might just be because it’s also not this.

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  1. Helen

    It’s attractive, and I rather love the interesting neckline, but I don’t think it suits Peet very well.

    I’d like this on Adele. And with silvery tights instead of flat black!

  2. cathy

    i don’t get her. she is one good looking lady, why would she do that to herself :(

    • ringthing

      Totally this. It is sad.

    • Patricia

      Peet is a stunning woman. She has so much potential and consistently dresses to make herself look worse. I don’t get it!!!

  3. Gigi

    She’s prettier than most of her clothing choices, but this is a relatively inoffensive to maybe slightly cute Formal Cookie Eating Dress. I’d wear it to Diddy Riese for an ice cream sandwich.

  4. Jamie

    It is a testament to how truly awful her clothes usually are that this is the best she’s looked in ages. Objectively, that thing looks like it came off the clearance rack at Forever 21. The material looks so cheap and there are at least 4 different “blacks” going on up there.

  5. h² fashion

    Even though it’s not a loud print or anything, my eyes still don’t know where to look. I’m confused…


  6. Ladyblahblah

    This looks like something that she picked up from the L.A. Philharmonic’s Lady Musician Thrift Store, then cut off the bottom.

  7. Vandalfan

    LBMD= Little Black Maternity Dress. With pretty much the worst lipstick and rouge imaginable.

    Edna Mode said “No capes!” and I will tell Amanda “No polka dots!”

  8. anna s.

    I think I’d like it better if she got rid of the neck mesh. Just let the bold square cut neckline speak for itself. Also maybe if the black satin strip was instead a non-satin fabric and instead of black it was some really bright color.

  9. Lisa

    It only looks good compared to that atrocity of polka dots she wore. She’s so pretty. Why does she do this to herself?

  10. Ruth

    She chooses such twee clothing. She either looks like a little girl or Edwardian.

  11. Karen

    Oh how I miss those M&M cookies. I wonder if the kids today still wait in line there, like we did back in the Olden Times?

    • Jane

      As a current UCLA student, I can tell you YES. WE DO. WE WAIT AS LONG AS IT TAKES FOR THE COOKIES.

  12. Other Emily

    there is just So. Much. Black. going on here. So much! Amanda is so pretty and funny and smart-seeming. This just doesn’t do her justice.

  13. witjunkie

    I think this dress is super cute. But the wrong hair. (I feel like I say that a lot.)

    • Sandra

      I would wear this dress, with different tights and a couple more inches of fabric. Which is because I was finished with college before Jessica started, so I’m really old.

  14. BrownEyedBetty

    Love Diddy Riece! My USC-going niece took us there when we were visiting. Such a Deal. I have nothing else to say. Cookies trump Fashion for me. At least tonight. (-:

  15. nobody much

    I can’t see it because it’s covered with ‘Get the Look’ dots. And I can’t make them go away, and I don’t want The Look. :(

  16. Trina

    Not only are those cookies totally cheap, they’re like the best cookies ever! I have nothing to say about Amanda’s outfit.

  17. tejasmom

    Are you sure she’s not pregnant? – of course, I’d never ask her to her face. Maybe I’ve
    just got that on my mind. I know nothing of her relationship situation.

  18. Faith

    I used to spend a LOT of time at that Coffee Bean there on the corner down the street from Diddy Riese, but never heard of Diddy Riese, specifically. HOW DID I MISS OUT ON THOSE COOKIES???

    Anyway, I love this dress. I am personally loving to wear shifts in this shape myself lately, and maybe it makes more sense for me because I’m a size 18 and have skinny legs, and it just seems to work in my case. But I have no problem with it on Amanda. At least it wasn’t a sack that was ankle-length. So I give it a thumbs up!

  19. Katharine

    The dress is cute-ish, but I think it would look better with different tights. This might also be a great time to break out the much-deplored bootie; those sad little suede pumps are adding nothing (except a sixth shade of black in the mix). A shoe with some personality would do a lot to balance the dress.

  20. Amy

    I used to work just down the street from there. Those cookies (especially the ice cream sandwich ones) were amazeballs.

    I got kick out of so many bars in that ‘hood, and I wasn’t even a college student.


  21. Grace

    Diddy Riese! I’m an older alum and those were the days. I still can’t believe their cookies are so cheap. I remember back in the day they put Mrs. Fields out of business. And I remember the Buck FITTY (I used to hang out with upper middle class Asian kids and calling it “Buck Fitty” was the closest they got to being street).

  22. ronnie

    She consistently wears Marc Jacobs and consistently looks horrible…