Fug or Fab: Allison Williams


This shift does look a little stiff, as if you’d actually crack it if you tried to sit down for a minute.

But something about the groovy, uneven spikes of black and red are oddly compelling to me — like a Poker Night fever dream, or a Batman-style fight over a spirited game of rummy. Regardless, I have to applaud Allison Williams for hitting the scene so hard in a bunch of truly unusual stuff. It may not always work, but you can’t say she doesn’t have guts.

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  1. Orange Clouds

    She looks like she is being eaten by the teeth of hell.

    • Katie Burtie

      Before I read your post I was thinking “it’s like wearing Satan’s teeth”. I am so with you there.

  2. Annie E

    I really like the dress, but her hair doesn’t work for me with the dress. I think it should be up.

    • pantsonfire

      My thoughts exactly! With that high, interesting neckline, hair needs to be up.

  3. Rachael

    I agree that her hair would look better up. I like the dress in theory, but I would like it better in actual execution if it were three or four inches shorter.

  4. Rachael

    On second glance, I also think maybe the shoes are too heavy?

  5. Reg

    to me it looks like she couldnt decide between 2 colors, ripped one red dress, one black and taped the 2 ripped parts together. so I guess props to her for inginuity.
    and agreed about the hair. def needs to be up.

  6. Kristen

    The dress is too long and her hair needs to be off her shoulders.

    • Claire1

      and by too long….like just an inch or two…it should be just above her knee, or at her knee…but it’s stumpifying her here.

  7. Stefanie

    I wish this was a mini. Yep. I just said I wished something was a mini. Time to hit the bar.

  8. Lynne

    Stefanie, that’s exactly what I was going to say. The hem is too long. I would love it shorter. And YES to the chorus of people who say she should have worn her hair up.

    I don’t hate the shoes. They’re a bit boring but the dress is kind of a statement. Wouldn’t want to get too fancy with the footwear.

  9. Hima

    I love when I have a suggestion for improvement and other people have already said it. I am not totally clueless about fashion! Yay! This is in regards to feeling like the dress should be shorter. A little above the knee would work for me. Everything else seems fine.

  10. Rayna

    Fabtastic. LOVE. WANT.

    I would agree with the make it shorter folks, except then there would be fewer SEQUINS. And that would make me sad.

  11. Billie

    Lop off a few inches and she looks like she should be working the high roller room in Vegas.

  12. Vandalfan

    My brother’s sparkly red drum set was made of that fabric, I believe.

    And she’s wearing a backgammon board. A very, very sparkly backgammon board.

  13. lindsay

    i agree it would be fabulous as a mini. that said, i totally think she’s pulling off a length that would be disastrous on most.

    kudos to her. and i can’t wait for girls season 2!

  14. Trace

    CHop it off just above the knees and it’d be a Fab.

  15. Andrew S.

    chop it so that it meets her fingertips, find a sparkly black shoe and add some accessories, then everything is fine.

  16. Helen

    Count me in on wanting to shorten the dress and put up her hair. I would also add some flat black bangles (they don’t need to be sparkly, the dress has enough of that), and change the shoes. I like these shoes, a lot, but they’re not really in keeping with the party mood of the dress IMO.

  17. Alice

    When I saw this earlier today I though ‘It looks like Harley Quinn’s evening wear’. I still think that, but I do love Harley Quinn AND fancy wear AND sequins, which are in abundance here. Color me confused.

  18. house mouse

    I obviously hate the length, but love the concept. Fun!

  19. Sajorina

    Needs red lips, black nailpolish & classic high heel sandals!

  20. Emma

    I can’t help thinking of a medieval court jester.

  21. The Fugger

    I’d actually like this if it were a bit shorter. I know, it’s winter, but even still – the main thing that annoys me about this is the length.

    Also, Sajorina is right about the shoes. Those are…not quite into hoof territory, but they’re getting there.

  22. Kerina Pharr

    She looks like Harley Quinn in a before she became the Joker’s girlfriend

  23. Susan

    So, someone who can actually wear L’wren Scott and actually look good. I like it.

  24. Nancy

    Gee whiz, I always mistake her for Amanda Peet!