Fug or Fine I Guess: Adrianne Palicki


We haven’t seen much of the erstwhile Tyra Colette since Friday Night Lights ended, her Wonder Woman pilot failed to go, and Lone Star bombed. But now she’s out doing press for G.I. Joe: What? They Made Another One?

And she looks… fine? Perhaps a bit older than she is — this whole look says Heidi Klum to me, slightly, or at least Supermodel Of A Certain Age. I don’t care for the matchy shoes — it’s like she came dressed to break out into a rumba, just in case, because one never knows when an impromptu rumba will save the world from terrorists. And the top is doing something goofy, and she looks square in a way that I don’t think she actually is… and… basically, I wanted to love this. And it’s not egregious. But it’s not memorable, and that’s too bad, because I want her to be.

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  1. michelle

    Funny- I voted and it came up that 100% voted the way I did- I was feeling pretty good about that until I realized no one else had voted yet : )

  2. ab

    did she match her pedicure to the outfit too? had to do a double-take to see if that shiny toe was hosiery or pedicure. looks like pedicure but i cringe at either (except the duchess. the duchess is allowed, royal rules and all.

  3. McLisa

    I feel like she’s about to help me spin the wheel on the Showcase Showdown.

  4. anna s.

    I really want to like this. The material is pretty. I think I might like it better with a lower waist, so that her top half doesn’t look so boxy.

    The styling is what’s killing it for me. it desperately needs better earrings, and a necklace maybe. Something in a bright coral or an eye-catching blue. A focal point. In lieu of a necklace, brighter lips might work. The hair could also be better. And less matchy shoes. So replace or change everything that’s not the dress and drop the waist on the dress a little bit to elongate her figure, and then I might like it. Because THAT’S not a tall order at all.

  5. TLT

    Zeus called- you’re need back on Olympus ASAP.

    • Sabrina

      Ha! I was thinking the same thing. This is fantastic if it’s a costume party and she’s a Greek Goddess. Otherwise, not so much.

  6. Rayna

    I want to like it, too, the fabric is GREAT, as is the smile and overall attitude.

    But it’s got kind of a sexy 1950s Barbie pinup kind of vibe,

  7. tkangaroo

    It’s Wonder Woman before she got of the Island.

  8. pidget

    This isn’t BAD, per se – it’s just bland. She’s actually a good actress (or at least seemed great sometimes while being Tyra) and has some sporty uniqueness. Somehow this wipes all of that out and paints it over with Bland Hostess Pretty. She semed to have character in her face, which you just can’t see through the excess sparkle and pageant smile.

    • Tiffany

      I alway want to say her name in the drawl they used on FNL…Ty-ruh.

  9. liz

    She is way prettier than this. Also, boobs akimbo – get thee to the chest wrangler.

  10. Kristan

    She’s so much better than this.

  11. Tiffany

    I think the champagne color looks REALLY good on her…but there seems to be too much going on. The gold everywhere (shoes, belt, bag, ears), is just a bit too much, as is the really low neckline and high slit. I think if it could be toned down a touch, this would work better.

    I think she looks super beautiful though, no matter what I think about her styling. Her smile is gorgeous!

  12. Halo

    I think she looks great. I object to the idea that the only flattering silhouette is one that emphasizes a small waist. Small =/ attractive. She has excellent posture, this fits gorgeously, and all that gold is great on her.

  13. Vandalfan

    This is Third Vestal Virgin on the left in a 1960 swords, sandals, n’ togas epic.

  14. Helen

    It’s… an un-Fine.

    As is, unremarkable and inoffensive, with nice hair and makeup.

    BUT! With a wider belt, better-wrangled chest region, and a big bracelet or two, it’d be Fab.

  15. Soapstef

    I haven’t liked her as a blond since FNL’s. She’s so much more striking as a brunette. It might be because she scared the crap out of me on her cracktastic episode of CRIMINAL MINDS The Thirteenth Step! That was insane! I loved her after that one.

  16. Gards

    It’s the colour – it’s all too matchy matchy from her hair all the way to the shoes. She’s beigey-gold from head to toe!

  17. Sajorina

    I love the dress!

  18. Aj

    Gosh — this picture just makes me so sad. She was so pretty and kind of off-beat in FNL and this is so cookie-cutter starlet circa 1980. She’s better than this. She is someone with real charm — rarer than one might think — and you get nothing of that here.

  19. e

    She’s sooo pretty, but this doesn’t even look like her.

  20. Chris P

    This is so not Heidi Klum. For starters, you can’t see her navel.

    I get the Old Hollywood vibe, but honey – it’s a GIJoe movie! Stop trying to class up the joint because it will NEVER get classed up.

  21. MG

    She reminds me of early Vanna White, really.

  22. Lily1214

    Yes, it’s Heidi Gloom.