Fug Nation’s Oscar Post-Party Best- and Worst-Dressed

We’re doing the Best and Worst a bit differently this year — see the post just prior to this one for details, and to vote on your favorites at the Oscar ceremony. Behold the best and worst candidates from all of the Oscar post-parties this year, and then please come back and vote. Polls, as always, after the jump:

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  1. lindad

    Awards season winding down, with tremendous Oscar coverage, girls. I believe we are truly in a Golden Age of Fug. I was going to suggest you go out and treat yourselves right now to a martini lunch, but realized I’m on the east coast — if you go out and do that this early where you are, it’s probably going to look bad.

    • glee

      You, ladies, win the gold, silver and bronze medals for all the Oscars coverage!!! Do you still have your fingerprints, or are they all left on the keys? Yikes, Matini lunch ineed!

  2. Jen

    So many worsts!! I hate to choose just one! There are just so many deserving ladies (and gent).

    Though there were quite a few bests, too. I voted for Amy Adams, because she really pulled out all the sartorial stops as a nominee on Oscar night, and I thought she looked the best she’d ever looked. But Nina Dobrev and Diane Kruger: Amazing.

    • Karen G

      Yes, best was easy – Amy Adams! Worst was hard. I’d see Alessandra A and think, oh my, that’s got to be the worst. Then I thought Gabrielle Anwar was worst. Then there was Heidi Klum. But then I saw Liberty Ross’s headlights, and my mind was made up – worst of all.

      • Sarah

        Best wasn’t easy: Kruger, Lewis, Adams, Gurira, Dobrev: all fab, and others were good too.
        Worst: Klum. For confusing looking good and sexy with looking cheap and trying too hard.

    • MKKS

      As above, though I voted for Nina instead of Amy at the last moment. I’m glad someone cancelled me out because they were both amazing & I hope they TIE.

  3. TaraMisu

    Best was easy…. worst, OMG I could have picked 6 or 7 of them :D

    Nina Dobrev for the win.

  4. Lisa

    Very tough! Both categories. I voted for Carolyn Murphy, she looked so effortless and I do like a minimal look, but really liked Emma Roberts and Elizabeth Banks, too. Worst was Gabrielle Anwar, because,come on, just come on. She did look like Steven Tyler so I had to vote for her over Tits Klum and Tits Ross. CCM makes me laugh, a lot!

  5. anna s.

    If Amy Adams doesn’t win ‘Best’ going away, it will be a crime — although Nina Dobrev and Danai Gurira are very worthy runners-up. The mystery is why Amy didn’t wear that dress to the actual ceremony.

  6. Lisa

    Zooey looks like an apparition in that picture.

  7. Pixie

    I don’t actually think Anne Hathaway was the worst dressed in the “what not to wear in public” sort of way, but I hate the silhouette of that dress sooooo much and wish all dresses of that type would disappear off of the surface of this planet… Dresses like that one are responsible for such mishaps as Melissa McCarthy’s unfortunate “nightgown”, they look bad on slender folk and even worse, way way worse, when they are pressed on curvier ladies by people who don’t respect their bodies!

    So I voted that.

    And I want to OWN Elizabeth Banks’ dress, in purple, and Kate Beckinsale’s dress in green, so I had a hard time choosing between those, they were lovely!

    This belongs in the other post I guess but I was a wee bit sad not to see Kristin Chenoweth’s dress in a poll, because I love, love, love it! Then again I have a thing for dresses reminiscent of stars, space and night skies….

    • pantsonfire

      Huh. I don’t see any similarities between Anne Hathaway’s blue party number and Melissa McCarthy’s red carpet dress. I mean, besides the fact that they’re both fugs. I don’t have a problem with the idea of Anne’s dress…I just don’t really like that particular fabric and most of all it’s just not the right style for her figure. Melissa’s was just a hot mess.

  8. Brenna

    Nina Dobrev is my best dressed hands down. I don’t know who her stylist is, but she always ends up looking perfect at huge events. And it never looks like the dress is wearing her.

  9. lanah

    I was very torn between Nina Dobrev and Elizabeth Banks for best dressed. A just want their dresses so much, even though they wouldn’t look half as good in me and I don’t even know where I could possibly wear them. I just want them. But in the end, my tiebreaker was the hair and it went to Dobrev, because I just can’t digest that puffy nest in Banks’ head.
    There were so many optiong for worst… but I had to give it to Anne Hathaway this time. I mean, she’s wearing a sack with sparkles to hold it to her body. It was a very, very hard choice, though.

    • Hima

      lanah, you basically articulated every single thing I thought when I made my choices. I loved both Banks and Dobrev, and I think I might have decided to go with Banks if not for the hair. But both of those dresses were beautiful. Then I had the same thoughts about Hathaway. Who are you? And why are you in my head?

      (Also, it’s funny, I really do think the after-ceremony dresses are miles better than the red carpet/ceremony ones. I wonder why…)

  10. Emily

    I really like the new polling system! It always felt weird comparing crazy, barely-there party dresses with ugly ballgowns. This year was different, though, because I think there are more gowns that I love at the after parties than the actual ceremony. The shorter poll lists are nice, too. Thanks for making my work days more enjoyable!

  11. PeggyO

    Best was SO hard to pick. Frankly, the choices are better dressed here than at the awards ceremony. Then again, the Worsts here are way worse than the ceremony. So many choices.

  12. Dazie

    At first I thought you’d gotten your fugs mixed up with your fabs. Then I got to the fugs. WOW. That is a whole lot of fug right there.

    I went with Fan Bingbing for the fab, she looks both elegant and casual. I’m a sucker for white and navy.

    Hilary Swank ought to know better. That blue dress from a few years back? Perfection. She’s not a frilly girly girl. That red … thing was wearing her. Soooo awful.

  13. Victoria

    Nina so pretteh.

  14. Eliza Bennett

    Best-Elizabeth Banks! because I want her dress and canNOT stop thinking about how awesome it would be to wear that to a big party. Or Burger King. Whichev.
    Worst-Lili Simmons. Beacuse BEIGE MESH VAGINA FOOF WHAT.

  15. Edith

    Lord, so many naked women at the parties, and really, is anything fuglier than desperation? In the end I chose Olivia Munn for worst, though it could easily have been Liberty Ross, Lili Simmons or Heidi Freaking Klum. I gave Liberty and Heidi a hardship dispensation, because maybe recent heartache is making them act out. Lili is nobody, and desperately wanted to be noticed – but Olivia is somebody, she CAN pull it together (as she did at the ceremony), and yet she went Wasson-adjacent, and that’s just unforgivable.

  16. Sara

    So many choices for worst dressed… but I had to go with Anne Hathaway because I hold nominees/presumptive winners to a higher standard. She missed the mark twice that day.

  17. daphne

    .. the BEST Oscars parties category was hard! I could’ve chose 6 “bests” easily, 10 bests if I was being just slightly less picky..

    I ended up choosing Danai Gurira because- WOW. I’d never heard of her and now won’t forget her. talk about a PARTY dress! not many gals could pull this one off– and does she ever– !

  18. Sara

    I gave best dressed to Amy Adams – I wish she’d worn that to the actual ceremony. Worst dressed to Heidi Klum because obviously.

  19. Alicia

    Amy Adams, stunning! Liberty Ross was the only one who made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  20. Laura

    I voted for Miss Britney Spears because when will we ever see her in the best dressed category again? This is probably the best she has ever looked.

    • Helen

      Spears really did look terrific here. And I was so delighted that she seemed to be enjoying herself!

  21. Helen

    Adams for Best. Dobrev got very close, but it’s Adams for me.

    I ultimately went for Lili Simmons for Worst – but before I saw her, uh, thingummy, and thereby remembered it, I strongly considered Minnie Driver, despite my fondness.

    But Driver isn’t in the list of Worst options.

  22. Alli

    I’m stunned Gabrielle Anwar wore that. Super stunned. But mostly I’m grateful because of the comments it inspired which are SO RIGHT ON. And I will be singing that song the rest of the day.

  23. googler

    I gasped when I saw Amy Adams’ dress. Why, oh why didn’t she wear it to the Oscars and keep it on all night? If I looked that good in a dress that pretty I’d live in it as much as I could.

    The Worst category was tough, but in the end I picked Gabrielle Anwar. Because as bad as some of the others were, at least they bothered with some sort of attempt at looking sort of formal. “Steven Tyler” should not be a description of one’s style.

    Klum’s dress was a serious contender, though. Good lord, woman, quit trying so hard – and now I have Seth Macfarlane’s boob song stuck in my head. Again.

  24. karen

    I voted Anne for the worst because – COME ON – she was a nominee AND had access to the best stylists out there! AND YET she looks terrible. TERRIBLE. (sorry, it’s making me capsy) Where were her friends? her husband?!


  25. Anna

    Wow, this was hard. There are several really great dresses on the best list and several horrendous messes on the worst. And maybe there were better gowns at the after-partys than at the actual Oscars.
    I let my bias towards Jennifer Lawrence take the best of me this time, so I voted for her for best dressed. But Amy Adams and Nina Dobrev also looked amazing.
    For worst I had to go with Lili Simmons, even though I have no idea who she is. But Liberty Ross, Olivia Munn and Alessandra Ambrosio also looked awful.

  26. SG

    What did you think of EMMANUELLE RIVA’ s outfit?

  27. Amanda6

    A rare situation where I am having the most difficult time picking an absolute favorite! I think in the end, my vote goes to Solange for having the audacity to rock the shit out of that color, but I also salute Amy Adams, Nina Dobrev, and JLaw.

  28. Chris P

    At first, I was mad that you put CMM as a Worst, because it was so terrible it came back around to being amazing.

    Then I read your commentary. Brava, FugGirls, brava.

    (Although I disagree with your assessments of both Squinty and Faye Dunaway. They BOTH should have been Bests – I mean, Faye Dunaway showed up in A CAPE, BALLET FLATS WITH SPARKLE TOES, AND LATEX GLOVES. It’s like she’s the most high-class low-rent superhero in Hollywood.)

    I’m still tempted to fug him based on the fact that he’s not squinting quite as much as usual.

    I was going to give Hailee Steinfeld the nod for worst (the dress itself is…I’m trying to think of a way to describe my thoughts that’s age-appropriate for her and doesn’t include the word “Amish”), but then I saw all the others. (For example, Etsy antique assemblage dustcover Zooey Deschanel.)

    While Zoe Saldana looks like the curtains to a Las Vegas funeral home, it’s all about Rose McGowan. Not for being offensively bad, per se (see Simmons, Lili), but because Angelina Jolie wore this about a billion times better last year.

    For best: Gurira, Banks, or Murphy – but I’m going to go with Gurira. (Apparently I’m in a pink mood today.)

    • Ellyn

      When I saw Zoe Saldana’s post-party dress, it was such a let-down after seeing her Oscar dress. All the horrific “put it (or them) away” dresses on many of the other worst contenders seem to pale in comparison to Saldana’s choice
      Otherwise I would have voted for Olivia Munn, who was taking the “Boobs Legsly” look to new depths.

  29. Chris P


    I honestly would have preferred that she wore the harem pants instead of that skirt. It’s THAT BAD.

  30. holly

    This was hard! I found myself having trouble deciding if I should vote for best/worst dress, or best/worst styling. In the end I chose to vote on the dress itself, so I picked Amy Adams and Alessandra Ambrosio (but it could have been almost any of them for the worst.)

    For overall styling, I LOVE it when women pick colors that are perfect on them, like Danai Gurira. And I appreciate Gennifer Goodwin trying something dramatic that does not make her like like a 12-year old.

    All I can say about the worst styling is, the after-party organizers should take a cue from my old high school principal, and have a stash of giant sweatshirts that they make certain guests wear if they are inappropriately dressed.

  31. Amy

    Anne wasn’t worried her dress would look like Allison Williams’ dress. She was worried it was too much like Amanda Seyfried’s dress.

    • Jessica

      I’ve heard both. Allison’s actually makes more sense to me, visually, but it makes more sense that she’d KNOW what Seyfried was wearing. BUT regardless, the theory applies to both, you know?

      • Amy

        That’s true but I just can’t fathom that Anne Hathaway would care what Allison Williams was wearing.

        But I wonder if it’s also because Valentino dressed SO many people that night that they just ended up all looking similar. See also: Field and Swank.

        • Emma

          I haven’t heard that either. I don’t think Allison Williams even went to the ceremony, just the Vanity Fair party.

  32. ariel

    i didn’t want to have to choose between fan bingbing, lily collins, and nina dobrev for best.

    heidi klum for worst because i expect better from her.

  33. jerkygirl

    Elizabeth Banks for the win, just edging out Danai Gurira, but I had to pick Liberty Ross for worst because dude, no.

  34. Annie

    I am in love with Fan Bingbing’s dress. I rarely covet dresses but that one is amazing.

  35. Morgan R.

    It was hard to pick a best, because there were some really good ones. I still can’t believe Solange turned it around like that; she was just knocking out of the park in that dress. But then I couldn’t even pick a worst. That made me really sad. It was so bad I couldn’t even decide which was the most bad.

  36. Lisa

    Best: I went with Nina Dobrev. I adore that pattern!

    Worst: There were so many contenders but I had to go with Anne Hathaway. She didn’t look the worst in the strictest sense, but with the resources available to her, she should have looked amazing…and she didn’t! At all!

  37. Billie

    Picking a Best was really tough – a lot of, not just good, but amazing looks there. In the end, I had to go with Kruger. Not only did she look fantastic, but she also had the best accessory of the night. Is there somewhere I can get a Pacey of my own?

    Had to give Worst honors to La Klum for sinking to a new low in tackiness. Also, she ruined what was a perfectly lovely gown with those awful alterations.

  38. Elizabeth

    I picked Britney for best, not necessarily because her dress was earth-shatteringly beautiful, but because seeing her look good makes me SO HAPPY.

  39. R

    Best was easy: Nina Dobrev with Amy Adams and Elizabeth Banks as close runners up.
    Worst was so, so difficult O_o

  40. Elizabeth

    Faye Dunaway looks like she’s either ready at a moment’s notice for a formal cleaning emergency, or she came to the party hoping to strangle starlets.

  41. mepe

    I wanted to vote Zooey for best dressed!! : ( I voted Munn for worst but agree it should go Heidi.

  42. Nicole

    I… I sort of loved Zooey’s dress.

    *hides face in shame*

    • Mimi

      I actually kind of liked it too. It maybe wasn’t the greatest color palette for her, but I think people are just exhausted by her twee style.

      Part of me hopes that she shows up somewhere soon wearing something very VA-VA-VOOM glam.

  43. CJG

    Amy Adams was perfection. Nina looked divine, but Amy Adams blew me way.

    Worst – Anne Hathaway. This was her night and she could (and should) have knocked it out of the ball park with both dresses. Or at least one. But she picked a fancy apron that washed her out and was so nipple-tacular my 11 year old daughter deemed it “gross.” And she topped it off with one of the most unflattering dresses should could possibly pick: a bra-less, shapeless house dress with cheap-looking beading at the neckline. It looked like something Bob Mackie would have designed for Carol Burnett’s Norma Desmond character. There were others who didn’t look great too, but I didn’t expect so much of them. Anne can (and usually does) do so much better than this.

  44. TonyG

    BEST for me was DANAI GURIRA. That hot magenta color is amazing on her; the cut-outs at the waist are so tastefully done they look like they are part of a broad belt/wrap at the waist; and her accessories or so classy. Her make-up is so well done it looks like she has none. Amazing all around, and that dress I will not forget.

    WORST was so very hard. I went LIBERTY ROSS. The see through black top with that tacky black diaper wrap masquerading as a skirt was more than worthy.

  45. Ann

    It’s sadly gotten to the point where when I’m at a mental tie, I decide based on who has more access. Nina, Jennifer, and Amy all look amazing, but I have a feeling that Denai has less access to top line designers and stylist, and she looks straight up amazeballs.

    And Anne. You’re a top shelf actress, award winner, and always considered the front-runner. You have access to top shelf everything. There are no excuses for you.

  46. Sajorina

    Best: Mary Elizabeth Winstead! COVET! Also LOVE Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Allison Williams & Nina Dobrev! All FAB!!!!!!!!!

    Worst: Faye Dunaway because GLOVES!

  47. Emma

    No Amanda Seyfried for worst? I would have voted for that terrible red dress.

  48. Mimi

    For some reason I am obsessed with Lily Collins’s dress. I just love it, and think the color is stunning on her.

  49. Fiona

    I cannot believe anyone thought Solange looked good! I think this is one of her worst looks to date. Her hair looks like Lionel Richie, her face is grey, the horrible neckline is giving her pecs (instead of sideboob) – not to mention the horrible plasticky yellow and the shiny tulle.

    I love Solange and I love yellow dresses, so this felt like a true betrayal.

  50. Kristin

    Hands down, no contest – Gabrielle Anwar for worst. At least everyone else looked clean.

  51. Kathleen F.

    This was so much more fun a poll than the ceremony one–half a dozen beautiful dresses here that could easily have competed for best-dressed with anyone at the ceremony. I liked some of the more formal-style gowns quite a lot, but ultimately went with Ginnifer Goodwin for embodying the informal party look best–beautiful color, shiny, kicky, fun.

    Lots of competition for worst here too–I thought Emmy Rossum’s and Lili Simmons’ looks were just about tied for sheer WTFery, but ultimately voted Emmy just because it’s more fun to vote for someone you’ve actually heard of, and I do not want to encourage the trend of Z-listers trying to get on people’s radars by wearing terrible outfits.

  52. pantsonfire

    For me, it was difficult to choose between Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead for the party dresses. I love them all and they each appeal to a different style I personally like. I went with Amy because I just think she so rarely fully gets it right, and here, she did.

    For worst, I didn’t even have to refresh my recollection with the slideshow. Anne Let Your Boobs Hang Hathaway. Cripes.

  53. pantsonfire

    Also, has anyone noticed or mentioned that Anna Paquin’s dress is awfully similar to that one dress she wore…oh, I forget when. It had the exact same solid black configuration as the one she wore to the after party. Ha. I just google image searched “Anna Paquin black dress.” Wow. I like her, but she is getting a fashion demerit in my book for not taking any chances outside her very specific comfort zone. I happen to think she looks a lot better in colors and prints, anyway.

    • Marnie Barrell

      And has anyone noticed that Anna Paquin’s face has turned 50? Funny. I remember her well as a 7-y-old, and not that long ago.

  54. Neil

    Jennifer Lawrence’s dress looks so much better than the wedding-y gown she wore for the ceremony.

    Danai Gurira looks great in that color. She’s almost unrecognizable as Michonne.

    Faye Dunaway looks the the Ghost of Oscars past showed up.