Fug Nation’s Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the holidays, which means one thing: PRESENTS. (Well, also peace on Earth, good will toward all, mulled booze, mulling over things after consuming too much booze, wearing ribbons on your head, Various Religious-y Things And Such, and eating chocolate for breakfast, and more.) We hope you enjoyed Kim France’s gift guide, and behold: Here is our own, hopefully with enough time for you to get presents delivered by the last day of Hanukkah if that is your need. The last few years, we partnered with a company that made it possible for a portion of your shopping dollar to go to charity; unfortunately, their technology changed and we can’t implement it this year. Proceeds from sales of our Milk & Honey shoes do still benefit the Alzheimers Association, though, and of course we encourage you to support those causes near and dear to your own heart.

And as always, nobody has paid us or provided us anything in exchange for being in this gift guide — it’s just stuff we found while browsing/doing our own shopping/procrastinating heavily. There are stickers! There is meat! There are a variety of things between stickers and meat! Happy shopping, and happy holidays.

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  1. bean counter

    I need one of each of these! Thanks for the great ideas and especially the great comments!

  2. valueofaloonie

    Fug Girls, this is a great, great list. I have added many things to my personal wishlist/considered buy them for others. :)

  3. Gine

    Seriously considering getting my sister-in-law those wine sippy cups. She would both think they were hilarious and use the hell out of them.

    • Sandra

      My niece gave me one for my birthday. I’ve busted a lot few glasses on the patio.

    • Amy

      I DID get my sister-in-law some of those sippy cups. Curses Fug Girls, you revealed all my secret shopping sites!

      • Stacey

        These wine sippy cups showed up in my Facebook feed. A sign their ad algorithm is working.

  4. KatesyMae

    “Could also be used for styling hair, a la Ariel in ‘The Little Mermaid.’” <- I believe that's called a dinglehopper.

    • aemom

      I am a pasta twirler and I think that fork is awesome.

      Sadly, some of these things on the list are indeed awesome but potentially a nightmare to ship to Canada. I will have to see if I can find some of them on Canadian websites.

      • G

        The fork is great in theory, but we had one growing up and it’s a beast to try and turn whilst actually vertical in a plate of spaghetti. Super fun in Barbi’s hair, though! (Or my sister’s…)

  5. Jeanne

    This was an absolute delight to read. And inspirational, too!

  6. Jen

    Amazing job! This is the best gift list I’ve seen this year! Awesome.

  7. Carol

    YES. It’s here!!! I was LITERALLY (no, really, I was) wondering to myself yesterday when the Fug Girls gift guide was going to come up and LO. It’s arrived.

    THANK YOU!! My fave part of the year next to Fug Madness =)

  8. Tar Heel Gal

    Oh, goody! What a delightful compilation and read!!! Lots of fun stuff and great ideas! Thank you, Jessica and Heather!

    (Am I the only getting the Squatty Potty ad here on GFY?! I do not Google “Elevate your Feet for Better Elimination,” I SWEAR!!!!! Now wouldn’t that make an interesting…gift ;) )

    • Rachael

      You are not the only one. I found the ad so . . . WTF . . . that, of course, I went on Amazon because I was certain that the reviews would be hiliarious. I was not disappointed.

      Similarly, I was not disappointed by this gift guide. So many awesome things. What is a wine sweater? A sweater worn to consume wine? That’s ALL my clothing : )

    • HelenBackAgain

      I use AdBlock Plus (when I’m not on my iPad, which at the moment I’m not), so I’m not seeing any ads. Naturally I had to Google this!

      And, I dunno… it could very well be a good idea, for all I know, but that thing does NOT look stable. Things could get awfully uncomfortable, and even messy, if it went flying out from under one’s feet!

    • Ruth

      These are better ads than the American Apparel ones, though. WAY less offensive.

      • Heather

        Sadly we don’t have any control over those, but if you google a few innocuous things real fast, it should change to ad about, say, housewares or something.

        • Ruth

          Full disclosure – I actually use a squatty potty! I’m not offended by them at all. And I know you need to make money via ads, no biggie. I just ssh AA wouldn’t have those ads to begin with – so juvenile.

          • Stacey

            I just prop my feet on the magazine rack that’s sitting there anyway.

  9. HelenBackAgain

    This is very exciting! I like everything so far! Especially the phone-button picture frames – I may get a couple of those for relatives.

    The wine rescue kit, I’m considering for myself, if I can find out what’s in it. I am FOREVER falling asleep right after pouring a glass of wine!

    Those gorgeous trellis-pattern candleholders would work with my décor, too… uh-oh. I’m shopping mostly for myself, here!

    Although my brother might like the classic joke set. Hmmm. Also, I did not know that Williams-Sonoma has candy! Just one more reason to love them!

  10. Mair Mair

    What a great, idiosyncratic, funny gift guide — just like the Fug Girls!! I’m getting the telephone key picture frame for my sis, the city globe for my aunt who lives in San Francisco, the stackable letter ring for my daughter (who, conveniently, has a three-letter name) and the VW van toiletry bag for my mom (because we had a VW camper in my youth and it was awesome).
    Thanks, Fug Girls! Y’all are the best.

  11. Mo

    This list is terrific! I would love to see HBC wearing that metallic turban while playing vintage Clue in the Fictional English Country House mini-series.

  12. Stefanie

    Re: 46 candy bars
    I think I told this story last year when the candy bar order happened, but I once accidentally ordered 12 GROSS of Hawaiian leis when I mean to order 12 dozen. Damn you Oriental Trading Company! (Thank heavens they look em back!)

    Another wonderful gift guide! Well done, as usual!

    • Jessica

      You DID tell us this! We could have had a great Peppermint Bark Luau. I love that story.

  13. Bianca

    I’m going through a rather tough time, Fug Girls, and knowing this blog is there to read every day makes life a tiny bit more bearable. Thanks.

  14.  Evangeline

    SO many great gifts here! I think I need the stackable rings spelling out GFY. I also need the cat ring and the brass change catcher and few more things from the list.

    I laughed at the Borrow My Pen set. I have this great pen that I love…pretty metallic pink and writes really nicely. I used it for months before I took a good look at what it said: Act Fast Bail Bonds. LOL! I have no idea where I got it, I swear.

  15. scone

    I Need a Bracelet!! Possibly the one listed, or perhaps a different one at the link. I am so excited!

  16. Meghan

    I too am obsessed with Macaroons. MUST HAVE!!

  17. Aparatchick

    Excellent gift guide! So many things I’ll be ordering tonight (Mr. Aparatchick is definitely getting the stormtrooper nutcracker).

    And I have the Andrea Garland fox ring – I always get compliments on it!

  18.  Gypsy Danger

    LOVE this list. That pyramid necklace and the turban would look so great together.

  19. Philippa

    I just ordered the “wine sweater” at nearly 50 percent discount, thanks to sale price plus additional promotional discount. Thank you, Fug Ladies!

  20. Sajorina

    Great choices here… Want to buy some of them! If I get the Vader PJs for my brother, I’m taking his picture and sending it to you! And the VW Van bag would be perfect for my sister! Thank you!

    • Sajorina

      I kind of love the recycled frames and office supplies for myself!

    • jenny

      Just bought two pairs of the Vader pjs for my boys. They will love them. Thanks!!

      • Heather

        They are REALLY good quality and mine adore theirs. And they look so cute.

  21. Andrea Kells

    This is one of the best gift guides I have seen – thank you so much for including many very reasonably-priced gifts! things we normal people can afford and enjoy. And thanks for your always funny and spot-on posts, I read your site every day :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Lori

    Darn it, stop showing me so much stuff I want for myself! I have no impulse control! Sigh. On the plus side, my parents always ask me for a Christmas list and the work is done for me.

    With that said, a friend is totally getting the macaron tea towels. Also, I have one of those personalized stamps, and I LOVE it.

  23.  amanda

    This was such a great list!! I fell in love with Kanye as a finger puppet, and clicked on it to order, but then fell more in love with Jerry Garcia. My dad, who would have appreciated Kanye, will actually appreciate Jerry that much more. Thanks for such awesome suggestions!!

  24. Rachelee

    Y’know what would be great? A gift guide for people you don’t like. I’d love to some of those ideas.

  25. Eli

    This Wine Rescue kit does not compute. Is there ever an occasion where wine is opened but not consumed? I know not of this.

  26. Susie

    Target also had Lisa Frank in the dollar bins!!

  27. Donna

    Thanks for the awesome gift guide! My husband is really hard to buy for, and while I like to receive indulgent gifts that I would feel guilty spending money on for myself, he wants “practical and empowering things that will help me around the house.” I ordered the custom stamper; we’ll see how it goes!

  28. jessica h.

    You guys … SERIOUSLY. I just did a TON of gift buying using this list — both the items you chose, and some other things I found on all these awesome websites. I want to simultaneously hug you/throw a cocktail at someone while wearing my new turban/scream GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!!

    You are women the best. Ever.

  29. Maretha2

    I always hate Gift Guides — they all seem like their put together for people who have a gajillion dollars to spend on, I don’t know. a fancy cake slicer or exotic toilet plunger. But this guide is amazing. Tons of cool, interesting items and a variety of price points that even mortals with regular jobs could afford. LOVE IT!!! Now off to shop …

  30. Cucina49

    These gifts are great fuh, and Restoration Hardware does have fabulous gifts. One of the most prized gifts I gave last year was a pocket bocce set from RH.

    Since you’re into macarons, I must refer you to the pajamas my husband bought me this year for Hannukah: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/pj-salvage-print-flannel-pajamas/3640743?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=Ink+Birds+With+Hats&resultback=0&cm_sp=personalizedsort-_-searchresults-_-undefined_1_C