Fug Nation’s Five Favorites of 2012

As the year draws to a close — and our posting schedule relaxes a bit, although the next week will be peppered with fun end-of-the-year stuff here at GFY — I’m happy to present the five most-read posts of 2012. Have you read them all?

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Comments (25):

  1. Deborah Stultz

    WELL. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all those Olympic abs again. <<>>

  2. Laura

    Yeah, I go back to the Olympian abs post whenever I’m having a bad day and there aren’t any live streaming Shiba Inu puppies (puppycam!). Thanks again for that one!

    • Sonya

      Same here, I love that post as do all the ladies in my office.

      • wildviolette

        I’m not even going to bother trying to lie about how many of times this year I’ve gone back to that Olympics post. Countless.
        Best. Post. Ever.

  3. Stefanie

    OMG. The Olympic Ab post. Best post ever.

    Also, OMG (but a bad OMG) and the Cheeta Fug Post. Holy shit. I had completely blocked that out of my mind.

  4. Lizzy

    OK, yes, I may have viewed the Olympic ab post more than once. For the fashion.
    But I seem to recall an epic Prince Harry post that included a puppy, a baby and a flightsuit, too. Was that not 2012? I guess I’ll just have to find it and view it again…

  5. TonyG

    Hi Jessica: Your link on slide 6, which is for the Royal Wedding coverage, goes to the Olympian Abs post. Not that I mind so much.

  6. Sandra

    That sounds about right: 3 examples of things that are right in the world, two complete train-wrecks, and Kelly Osborne. A be-suited dad with his baby is always going to make me go “awwwwww”. We’ll probably all die of cute when Wills is photographed with theirs. (I mean that in a nice way).

  7. Lisa

    The Beckham baby is so fiipping cute. Daddy ain’t bad either.

  8. kickassmomnyc

    That Beckham baby is simply the most gorgeous, plump-cheeked angel, and her outfit is pure infant elegance. Perfection.

  9. CreLa

    I started laughing my ass off when I saw the Cheetah Fug outfit, again. Could anything be worse? Then I was reminded of the Wassan thing, and they are tied. They are so equally repulsive. I almost always reserve a little sympathy if someone is wearing something kinda ugly or unflattering, because after all, it’s just clothing that you can change out of it. In these two cases, however, the posturing, the trying too hard, and the new level of poor taste (and it’s not just the near nudity, which generally doesn’t concern me), leaves nothing remotely defensible.
    The Olympic Swimmers Abs is the greatest gift you could ever have given FugNation, and I’m not ashamed to say I bookmarked it and sent it to all my gfs.

  10. Donna

    What a treat!! Thank you Jessica. I’m not sure which one to go back to first, but I’m getting a nice cup of tea and settling in. Happy Friday!

  11. Diane from Boston

    Confused. Wasn’t the Royal Wedding in 2011? Of course, I’ve never been good with math.

  12. Jessica

    That’s why it’s slide six and I called it a bonus: it’s the most popular post of all time, not of this year specifically.

  13. Diane from Boston

    Oooohh, now I get it. Obviously, although I may not be good at math, I am even worse at reading the details!

  14. Beth

    God, that Olympics Abs post was amazing! I said it then and I’ll say it now – I’m a nonsmoker, but I totally felt like I needed a cigarette after looking at that one!

  15. Dazie

    I really should just bookmark Olympic abs.

  16. Andrew S.

    definitely bookmarking the olympic abs post ;3

    I’m also sad people don’t like Ross but can understand why some people wouldn’t. I think that I’m so attached to him because of his ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ tenure.

  17. Helen

    I think Wasson wins for Worst over Cheetah Fug. They’re both startingly terrible things, but Wasson’s also does ugly things to her figure.

    Wait, scratch that. I just had to Google Bailon’s, um, outfit (latent masochism? I don’t know), and it’s got this big zipper on her rear end that’s all bunchy and makes the moonscape lumpy and sad.

    It’s a tie.

  18. Robin

    Olympian abs for the win!

  19. Rayna

    H7 Becks is truly, unbelievably, galactically cute.

    I mean, babies are supposed to be cute, but — REALLY.

    Thank you.