Fug Madness Final Four: Game Two



Is it too mean if I say that is this Fug Madness run represents some of the best success Lilo has had all year? TOO LATE.

Let’s do this:

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Lilo (65%, 6,967 Votes)
  • Robyn (35%, 3,749 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,712

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Comments (89):

  1. Lindy

    I have to vote for Lindsay because Robyn seems to be having so much fun. Some other poster commented that she has “joie de fug” which is exactly right. Lindsay is just serious fug!

    • narshkite

      Exactly! Robyn is so delightful in her platform Tims and her Milk Kills t (what does that even mean?) Lilo is so sad and desperate and that is the essence of fug. It is like Phoebe Price, but worse because Phoebe never had a career to lose.

  2. Kristina

    It breaks my heart how much Lindsay looks like the Barbie version of her mother.

    • Molly

      Or Ann Margaret. Which makes me REALLY sad because I’ve nothing but admiration for Ann Margaret.

  3. CranAppleSnapple

    Go Lilo! You got this! You CAN achieve something worthwhile!
    And I NEVER thought I would say that about you.

  4. Karen

    Can’t vote for LiLo, although that is some prodigious fun right there. She’s too tragic to be funny anymore.

  5. Karen

    Prodigious FUG, not fun. geez.

  6. Ann

    I don’t know who Robyn is, but I think I love her. She seems so wacktacular, like your goofy friend who is really fun at concerts and makes really good Halloween costumes.

    Having said that, I am loving Lilo’s unexpected foray into Eccentric Spinster Turned Stripper/ Mob Wife. I kind of want one of those long white fur coats myself. I am awaiting her next outfit, which will surely involve a turban, side boob, and some sort of dramatic declaration.

    I have to go with Lindsay. She keeps trying to make fashion her job and she’s just SO BAD at it.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      “I am awaiting her next outfit, which will surely involve a turban, side boob, and some sort of dramatic declaration.”

      heheheeh Love this!

  7. CranAppleSnapple

    So… what’s the deal with the hairy wrists? Was Lilo auditioning for some tweener lycanthrope thing? Getting all method like Sean Young?

    • camille

      I was just thinking about this – I didn’t notice the wrist shag carpeting until today and it truly is so terminally weird. I think I was blinded by the hair that’s, you know, on her HEAD all the other times I looked at this picture. But that’s a lot to overlook. Fricken lycanthropic wrists. I ask you.

      HOWEVER. People keep saying Robyn looks, at least, fun and happy. DOES she? Look at her in the mullet dress! She looks like she ate some bad prawns! And that one where she’s jumping around with louvered blinds on her midsection? That’s not the happiest I’ve ever seen a person.

      • Edith

        Check out the skirt – there appears to be the same fur around the bottom half of the back of the skirt, too. Such a terrible idea.

      • CranAppleSnapple


  8. danielle

    Yah, I have to vote for LiLo, too. Robyn seems like she’s having a blast wearing the wackiest costumes she can think up (plus, I feel like her clothing maybe raises fewer eyebrows in her home country of sweden), whereas LiLo’s trying (unsuccessfully) to put together posh looks…

  9. jen310

    LiLo has to take this. That is one tragic fugster right there. Her fug spans many arenas – face, hair, body, clothes, attitude, etc. Robyn’s fug is happy, it is playful, it is crazy but it is also full of good times. You want to hang out with Robyn’s fug. You want to runaway from LiLo’s fug. LiLo FTW.

  10. Estella

    I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Robyn owns not one but TWO pairs of shiny skintight patterned leggings.

  11. Becca

    I voted for LiLo because I think she is really trying. Robyn seems to be dressing that way for the fun and attention and it’s intentional.

    • Jen

      I have to concur. Lilo is going out there dressed like that, thinking she looks totally amazing and hot. Whereas Robyn seems to be having fun with it, and is in on the joke that she’s in a wacktacular outfit.

  12. Lynne

    So are we looking at a Fug Finals Showdown of Disney Girls Past? I don’t want to get hyperbolic here but that is an epic battle right there.

    Lilo takes this one for sure. I feel like Robyn is just carrying on a time-honored Swedish pop star Fug tradition set by Abba in 1974.

  13. Lauren

    Such a classic example of exuberant fug vs. tragic fug. Have to go with Lilo. I just keep looking at her and thinking of Mean Girls, than sighing.

  14. Rowynn

    Pic #11. Those gray shorts. Oh. My. God. You know how a bartender is supposed to stop selling you drinks when you’re already dangerously drunk? I feel like there should be a rule like that for salespersons. When LiLo tried to buy those shorts, the salesperson should have gently taken them from her, sent her home in a cab, and then burned the shorts.

    • Edith

      I know it’s been said that’s a sprinkler system on the wall in that slide, but I always feel like it’s the buzzer for entry, and Lilo’s begging to be let in to the party. sigh. Sad indeed when the girl can’t walk to her car without us immediately imagining a pathetic scenario to go along with the picture.

  15. TaraMisu

    I have to say I kind of love Robyn…. shhhhhh. Her clothes are wacky but not fug (to me).
    Lilo’s slideshow is fug… FUG to the nth degree. I had to go with Lilo.

    Totally OT, but the adverts for the CDC and smoking are nasty……

  16. julie


  17. elle24

    Slide #14 nearly had me voting for Robyn — the bin-bag-down-the-back-of-her-knickers dress kills me every time. But then there was side #15… You Fug Girls certainly know how to save the best(?) till last. So LiLo gets my vote, after much agonising, after all.

  18. Jacq

    It’s got to be LiLo. She’s a trainwreck of a dresser.

    If I could suggest one minor thing to improve Fug Madness, it would be a decision to discount from consideration any outfit that a performer has worn on stage (which would have a bearing on voting for Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Robyn, etc). I love judging these ladies on their personal fashion choices, and I can’t blame them for stuff that they may have worn as part of a cracked-out stage extravaganza.

    • Ann

      Gosh, I’m always so torn about that. I almost never vote for a musician because it’s their “look,” like a perma-costume. It’s not really every day wear, and rock stars are supposed to be bizarre. They’re creative or whatever.

      But then I think, “This person could have worn a beautiful dress on stage and rocked it out, or just nice jeans and a fun shirt, and still given a great concert.”

      And then I whip back the other way, and think, “Really? Would anyone pay attention to Ke-dollarsign-ha if she washed her hair and wore blue jeans? No. They have to look terrible for their job.”

      Then I just get confused and go eat a taco or something. It’s just so much.

  19. vandalfan

    And we come to the most difficult of all. Spunky Robyn’s hair and Frankenstein boots almost swayed me, but Lilo’s breasts, breasts, breasts, and hair, hair, hair have worn me down, like the teeth of an old horse. I also give her bonus points because none of … that … is for the stage. Robyn just seems fun, like Minaj. Lilo is as serious as a heart attack.

  20. Jules

    Lilo is going to win the whole thing. Just be prepared for the lawsuit when she does. It will be something completely delusional like, “Winning Fug Madness caused casting directors to look at me in a negative light and I therefore lost roles as the Virgin Mary, Mother Theresa and Kate Middleton.” It may sound far fetched, but this is Lilo we’re talking about and E Trade did end up caving on that whole milkaholic thing.

  21. Jen

    LOVE the Stefon reference in slide#8! Oh Stefon. And that is kind of why I can’t vote for Robyn. I love her Fug too much. (Just like New York’s hottest club, CAMEL — an intergalactic Edwardian rave behind a secret door in a soup kitchen, where Muppet fetishists and fingernail sniffers jam to Sufi Soul and smoke barley grass — It’s whack, but I kind of want to go to there.)

    Whereas LiLo’s fug is the epitome of everything this contest means to me… total nasty sartorial wackitude. It’s how she mistakes sexiness for style… for that matter, how she mistakes “boobs falling out” for sexiness. She’s in it to win it.

  22. Genesis P. Olenta

    Robyn looks HEALTHY. that’s enough for me.

  23. lesli

    Robyn should take this, even though she seems to be having fun. LiLo is too tragic, plus it’s just the same four or five photos we keep seeing and some of these of Robyn I hadn’t seen before. Go Team Robyn!

  24. Stefanie

    Linsdays damn dress in slide 15sealed it for me once again!

  25. Tracey

    There’ s something about Robyn that is like Swinton – Swinton’s crazy attention-seeking loud cousin who performs onstage. I dislike most of what she’s in, but she’s happy about it and she’s not hurting anyone. I think Lilo’s clothes show she’s as messed up about style as she is about everything else. Sad, but true.

  26. Diana

    The fun vs tragic issue does not sway me. Robyn’s shoes are an atrocity. She gets my vote.

  27. Teri

    I’m pulling for Lilo and Vanessa Hudgens for the final showdown. Mostly because they both started as such adorable Disney starlets and now they both look crazy! Robyn does seem to be enjoying herself so much that it is difficult to find her as distasteful as Lilo.

  28. Rebecca

    This one was hard. I usually do not vote for the wacky fugger, b/c I believe that person is having a good time and knows she’s dressed crazy and is doing it on purpose. Or if they are a performer and have cultivated a persona (Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, etc). So, normally that would mean I would vote for Lilo. However. I feel that Lilo is perhaps unable to always judge what she’s wearing-she doesn’t really seem coherent in some of the shots. And I also get a whiff of desperation. Like she knows maybe if she dressing crazy people will talk about her and somehow that will manifest into a movie role.

    So, even though Robyn is the wacky fugger, I voted for her b/c I couldn’t bring myself to give any more attention to Lilo. (Plus, If she’s dressed that way b/c she’s a bit out of it, then I just want her to get help.)

  29. miss dove

    Voting for Lindsay, but Robyn’s Grammy outfit deserves some sort of consolation prize.

  30. BooRad859

    Soso close based solely on the outfits. Lindsay gets my vote, ultimately, because of what she has done to her face.

  31. Sarah

    Robyn should win based solely on all those awful platforms she wears. Come on people, that’s way more tragic than anything Lindsay ever wore!

  32. annek

    Argh… earlier in this slap-down, I specifically refrained from voting for Lilo because I decided it was too much like going to Bedlam to laugh at the inmates. But since people have mentioned that the winner of Fug Madness always seems to take a year off from public glare… I really want that for Lilo. I want her to take a nice, long, restorative break from killing herself with hair dye, breast-mistreatment and intoxicants.

    • Molly

      Oooh, good point. I’m glad I can feel better about my voter for her!

  33. Carol

    Robyn is hilarious to me but she’s also a spunky pixie fairy. She loves life (clearly!) and looks healthy and HER AGE. LiLo on the other hand? Holy hell in a hand basket. I can’t even begin to tell you how Lindsay Lohan is the cautionary tale of the century. It’s just awful how far she’s tumbled. I gotta give her the Fug.

  34. Cheezit

    I had to go with Lilo. She is sooooo unpleasantly garbed, in every way. Robyn, she looks happy and fun and I guess I give her a pass because of the whole performancewear thing. And also, we don’t really know her, and she’s probably attention grabbing with those platform Tims. And she strikes me as the kind of girl who was like “ooooh, I’m a celebrity now…I can dress like a nutcase! What fun!” and Lilo is the one who is like “ooooh, I’m a household name, so I’m going to try to impress with my fashiony-fashion” and just depresses the shiz out of everyone who looks at her instead. No perky Swede with platform shoes can top that horrid dye job and truly desperate and misguided grab for sex kittenry.

  35. MiniT

    I feel like Robyn’s clothes are a part of her stage persona whereas LiLo is actually making these choices in her day to day life. It’s an important distinction!

  36. Helen

    Yes, it’s sad that Lindsay looks and dresses like a desperate 54-year-old… but Robyn. The shoes. The SHOES! And it’s always, with the shoes. I just can’t. I had to vote Robyn.

  37. kb

    OMG, this is SO. HARD.

  38. Edith

    Dina would like you to consider her part in this. Just consider her. JUST THINK ABOUT HER PLEASE.

    Don’t worry, Dina. EVERYBODY thinks about your role in the destruction of Lilo….

  39. annieD

    I went Lindsay because she takes herself too seriously. She thinks she looks sexy and that makes my stomach churn. Robyn just always looks like she’s a dance beat away from tearin’ it up at a step aerobics class.

  40. Amber

    This was SOOOO hard!! In most cases of wacky performance-wear (Katy Perry, Gaga, Minaj, etc.), I have voted for the person they were up against, as regular wackitude is far worse than doing it for performance sake.
    Also, I have voted for Lilo every round because she dresses so poorly and whatever issues she has do not override that (for me).
    So, it should have been easy, Lilo all the way.
    HOWEVER, look at Robyn’s choice of footwear. I can get behind the cracktacular leggings, the mullet dress, whatever, for performance. But there is nothing, ever, that will forgive her shoes. Robyn, FTW.

  41. Kristina Ma'aut Morgan

    Lilo is like a sleazier version of the Olsen twins now. She dresses so old!

  42. Jen

    I just realized that Lindsay looks like the Grinch in that first picture!

  43. Wade

    It is too sad to tag this on LiLo, but, my prime reason for voting for Robyn is that I have no frakkin’ idea who she is.

  44. WineRanger

    Robyn appears to have a normal body weight AND is having so so much fun! Lilo takes herself far too seriously, far far far too seriously in a deranged way. Lilo sweeps this thing, I tell ya!

  45. val.

    Would it be too mean to do a Fug the Plastic Surgery Madness? It’s so sad… Lilo just doesn’t look like herself at all these days. Even if she wore fabulous clothes, her face and hair would still ruin the effect.

  46. jerkygirl

    Lilo’s hair: fried and dried
    Robyn’s hair: cute, shiny, and healthy looking
    Lilo’s expressions: I’M HUNGOVER. BADLY, BADLY HUNGOVER.
    Robyn’s expressions: WOO HOO!!! I’M HAVING A GREAT TIME!!!
    Lilo’s clothes: washed up 45 year old hooker who still thinks she’s “got it”
    Robyn’s clothes: wacky young pop star who kinda reminds me of the Thompson Twins for some reason

    Vote: to LiLo. I don’t like to see the downward spiral she’s on, but man, when you look bad, you look bad. Period. She’s not completely off her rocker a la Britney, and she courts any attention she can get, so I don’t feel bad fugging her at all.

    • jerkygirl

      ETA: “Off her rocker” wasn’t a very nice way to put that, sorry. I can’t go back in and edit it out, so please read that as “mentally ill” as in, something a person can’t help.

  47. sarah

    slide #6: Robyn IS Nitta Mahmoody in the dramatic mash-up “Memoirs of a Geisha: Not Without My Platform Work Boots”

  48. ChristieLea

    Robyn looks like she’s in on the joke, as in “my shoes look like what the Spice Girls would wear mountain climbing, circa 1997, aren’t they insane?”

    Whereas Lilo doesn’t know the joke is on her, and thinks she’s trotted out something so breathtakingly sexy she’s SURE to get the role in the Princess Diana biopic. Unintentional fug combined with has-been desperation takes it all.

  49. TonyG

    This really was a tie for me, but since I wanted to cast a vote, it was for Robyn. Like others, I didn’t want to hand LiLo the crown as I am hoping against hope that her life is permanently headed in a better direction.

  50. Kellyn

    Something about the fact that most of Robyn’s were when she was performing whereas Lindsay must have actually thought she looked good. Who’s guilty of kicking the dog when it’s down? This kid.

  51. Kyasarin

    Lilo makes me sad. Therefore, I vote Robyn. Honestly, though, I’m pushing for Hudge to win the whole thing this year. She’s the fug of the future!

  52. The Fugger

    I’m voting for Lilo just to make her go away.

    Hey, it worked for Momsen, Barton, and Rose-Khalifa. Hoping it works for Linds too. (Partly for my sake. Partly for hers.)

  53. Bambi Anne Dear

    There have been some extremely fugly looks on this site but for me, pic 14 takes the cake. It’s not busy, it’s not ill-fitting, it’s not trampy, it’s just unbelievably ugly. Pics 6 and 8 are not far behind. Or infront as the case may be.

  54. anny

    Robyn at the Grammys looks like a Heaven’s Gate angel.

  55. char

    I’m with the commentators who find LiLo too down-and-out to vote for. It’s pathology in action. Some of Robyn’s outfits are costumes, true, but she also seems to feel like she genuinely looks great. Also, she clearly has NO idea that clothing can actually hide, not accentuate, figure flaws. I find this naivete charming. In short: Team Robyn!

  56. Penny

    just have to say that the captions really cracked me up! Started laughing at Miss Havisham in Awesome Expectations the MTV Hip Hopera and was positively cackling by Gaga Lite.

  57. Mooshki

    Why is everyone going for depressing fug instead of pure unadulterated fug this year? I do not approve.

  58. Sylvia

    Hold me closer Tiny Dancer. I’m terrified that LiLo might win this whole thing. Think about how scary that is people. She will NOT go away if she wins.

  59. Sajorina

    Voted for Robyn! Good Lord, she’s FUG! But, I still think Fugdgens is the fugliest of them all!!! And, GFY Jessica, “Hip Hopera” is just AWESOME… Ha!!!!!!!!!

  60. ChaChaHeels

    Robyn has blonde Three Stooges hair. I couldn’t vote for anyone else.

  61. NYCGirl

    Lindsay is just all-around fug.

  62. Lynn Baber

    Lilo FTW. Totally. That other girl is just silly. Silly is not bad, in my book. EVERYTHING about Lilo is bad and wrong and sad.

  63. electric

    This is hard. Robyn wears fug stuff, but in a fun way. She works for her fugness, and it pays off. With that in mind, I would like to see her “fug reign supreme.”

    But Lilo, her fug is FUG. There is no denying the hideousness. So I voted for her.

    • electric

      Good God I just looked through the slide show. Lilo has a remarkable talent to make a variety of clothing styles look revolting.

      But comparison, Robyn looks adorable.

  64. jean

    I’m so torn! Robyn’s outfits mostly look like stage costumes rather than day to day fug. Then again, I hate to give Lohan any kind of attention. But Lohan is clearly fug and fug all the time! But she’s also ill. Do we reward addicts? I’m sure some musicians have won awards while “on” things …damn! Torn. I don’t think Robyn is all that fug …Think about Abba!

  65. Cranky Old Batt

    I have a hard time voting for the ladies who know they are pushing the envelope and are having fun with it.

    So Lindsay, you red hot train wreck of a cluelessly sartorial mess, you got my vote.

  66. Eli

    Oh, noes!
    Robyn is a talented, world-famous singer whom exudes fun JOIE DE FUG, people, JOIE DE FUG.
    Lilo looks like she’s taking fashion advice from Snooki/her mom/ real housewifes. Sad, really

    My vote goes to Lilo, with a big MALAISE.

  67. Jill

    Gotta be LiLo, for fugging her own face and hair. Regardless of what she is wearing, she took her super-cuteness and fugged it for life.