Fug Madness 2013: Updated Bracket for Sweet Sixteen

Okay, the matchups are over, the next round is starting in 90 minutes… here is a filed-out, official bracket for those of you who want a hand keeping track of what the heck is happening.

Enjoy, and vote it up strong today and tomorrow — we have some seriously wackadoo battles on tap.

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Comments (21):

  1. Sara

    Wow. That is a fug-filled Sweet Sixteen.

  2. Lucille Austero

    Sorry to see Stella McCartney eliminated. Rihanna is fugly a lot of the time, okay maybe most of the time, but she’s deliberate. McCartney is just inept.

    • AmandaD

      I agree. Rihanna fugs hard, but Stella McCartney is worse because she doesn’t even try. Just shows up in her sad sack jumpsuits/hefty bag dresses and unbrushed hair every single time. Also I know it’s for what she wears and what she designs, but she deserves a special place somewhere for the fug she inflicts on others.

  3. Edith

    Christina Hendricks vs. Heidi Klum? WHATEVER will the fug locus be in *that* matchup? Talk about abusing your genetics….

  4. Katya

    I just wanted to say, the use of the phrase ‘seriously wackadoo’ in this post totally made my morning

  5. Janice

    It’s shaping up to be an all Canadian final! Biebs and Carly-Rae are going all the way!

  6. Emily

    Yay for Fug Madness! I really want Kristen Stewart to win the whole thing so you can end the slideshow with the back view of that terrible black lace jumpsuit.

  7. jj

    Could Justin B go all the way?

  8. Sajorina

    Oh, DEAR! Rita Ora vs Jessie J is cruel and unusual fugishment!

  9. Goldfish

    The melee between Kristen Stewart and Ke$ha might be so brutal as to be NSFW.

  10. Goldfish

    Wait, wait — why do the Fug Girls have to be up at 7 am?? That shizz ain’t right.

    • Lucille Austero

      So that those of us in the eastern part of the continent don’t have to wait til lunchtime for the updated bracket? Heather and Jessica, don’t think we don’t appreciate your sacrifices!

      • Goldfish

        It’s true, I am on the east coast and had prepared myself for the wait. It’s just that 7am is brutal…

        • Sajorina

          I believe Heather & Jessica have said that the posts are set to be posted at certain times of the day, mostly at ½ hr or 1 hr intervals, depending on the workload! Heather wakes up early because of the kiddies, I guess, but Jessica doesn’t have to! They check up on the site constantly, but they don’t live glued to their computers!

    • Squirrel!

      Goldfish — Just hypothesizing here, but I think there must be a way to set up blog entries to be published at certain times. Ever notice how the posts are always on the hour (occasionally on the half hour)? I wouldn’t think H&J are poised at their computers waiting for the exact minute to post. :-)

  11. laura

    Can you guys do something in like a google docs for next year? I hate having to print things unless I absolutely have to. Thanks!

  12. Diane

    This might be the year we have a Male Chief Fugger. Canadian formal overalls FTW!!!!!

  13. The Other Molly

    It will come down to Bieber vs K-dollar sign-sha…but Bieber will prevail.
    I miss Bai Ling.