Fug Madness 2013, Round One, Part One

In case you missed any of the match-ups on today’s opening day of FUG MADNESS:

Here’s your Cher Bracket, featuring possibly the worst outfit of the year on Rita Ora and a whole lot of HOLA LOVERS.

Here’s your Bjork Bracket, which you should visit solely for her cheerful floating head, but also because Katy Perry wears a whimsical Christmas sweater dress.

Here’s your Madonna Bracket, which boasts Kim Kardashian wearing pelts of animals once thought to be extinct, and Carly Rae Jepsen’s inexhaustible supply of rompers.

Here’s your Charo Bracket, where Rihanna is running all over Kiki Dunst, but upsets are a’brewing.

Wondering what the hell is going on? Your FAQ Madness.

Still need a bracket? Print one, and get in on the fun. The fun continues tomorrow!

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  1. Rayna



    • natalie

      We NEED to make Justin Bieber win this year. It just needs to happen.

  2. Jodi

    I’m starting to feel like your cranky old aunt (get those kids off my lawn!) but I need to vent.
    The ads on this site are driving me bonkers. You land on the page, line your mouse up carefully to click on the “Cher Bracket” and then the ad up top opens up, the whole page jumps and I click on Zara Philips’ hat instead. So I click the back button, try it again, and it happens again. Its like a fun house, where every time you try to go through a door the floor heaves and you go careening into a window instead. Sometimes I don’t click through to the posts because I can’t stand the page-seizures as ads open and close. It’s very distracting, to say the least.

    That is all.

    • Jessica

      Thanks for your feedback. Close the ad at the top of the page once and it should stay closed, which should cut down on the annoyance factor.

      That being said, we need to have ads on occasion. If we had no ads, there would literally be zero Fug Madness because this site would not exist. I understand that these things are annoying, but so is having to sit through SOMEBODY LEFT THE GATE OPEN during March Madness — TV has ads, magazines have ads, and GFY is gonna have to have ads. We are doing our best to make them as unobtrusive as possible, and takeovers run very very rarely on GFY, but It is simply the only way we can continue to exist. I wish I could tell you otherwise and I understand your frustration, but that’s our take on it.

      • Jodi

        Thanks Jessica, but it looks like someone beat you to it. Or maybe you did this, in which case thanks! The ads at the top of the page are now gone, replaced by ads below the GFY banner, which has halted the pages jerking up and down. And the flying baby Kia ads on the side panels are also gone, replace by… calm, blank space! That’s either a miracle or an ad vacuum that will soon suck in a new ad. Maybe somebody turns the ads off after 10 pm, to save pixels. I don’t know, I used to know, but then I had kids and now they know. I just ask them.
        I do get that you need ads, and that as the site becomes more and more popular (yay!) you need more and more bandwidth, which means more ads, and it is a delicate balance to make sure there are not more ads than content.
        Anywho, you guys do a wonderful job with the site, and whenever I go to the supermarket and see a 24 pack of diet coke I think about you.

        • Jodi

          I spoke to soon, the sidebars are now full of mayo.

          • Helen

            LOL, I missed the mayo. That must’ve been funny.

            Closing the top-banner ads helps, but the page does still jump three times before settling, it’s just less of a jump. That’s some kind of coding problem – they shouldn’t cause that. I visit other sites that have them and this doesn’t happen.

            I have no objection to advertisements, just to them preventing the page working properly.

            • Erin

              Ooh I like the idea of a Madness for the Worst Outfit of the Year! So not a person’s entire wardrobe, but just one most terrible look. Some people could be in there twice.

            • Heather

              Unfortunately I was not able to recreate that problem, to notify our techs about it. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

  3. Ladyblahblah

    I’m not sure what this says about me, but I have that same sense of “I VOTED!” pride that I get after voting in government elections…

  4. Hannah

    Which outfit was the worst of the year now? Rita wore some crazy shit, but I thought we’d agreed Adrienne’s NSFW napkinsplosion blew everyone else’s missteps out of the water.