Fug Madness 2012: The Printable Bracket

And so, now that we’ve unveiled the competitors, here is your printable bracket, in JPEG form…

… or as a PDF: Fug_Madness_bracket_2012

As a reminder, the eligibility period is Oscars to Oscars — so, from the end of last year’s Oscars through this year’s. An outfit doesn’t have to have been featured on the site to be eligible, as long as it was worn during the time period. Obviously, since the outcome of this contest factors into future world peace, the rules are very important. Although actually, whoever wins does have a history of going (semi-) quietly into the night, so…

To answer a few questions: The brackets are just names, not themes; people are seeded based on our opinion of their Year in Fug, and then randomly sorted into one of the four quadrants. Because the fate of the Earth hinges on us being so exacting, we use a deeply scientific method of How Famous Are You + How Bad Were Your Clothes + How Often Did You Go Outside This Year + Did You Come On Strong Late + That One Outfit Made Us So Angry + Yes, Emma Stone, We Love You, But Let’s Be Clear-Eyed About How Bad Some Of Your Outfits Were + We Don’t Care If You’re Performing Or A Kook-Snob Or What + Maybe I Just Don’t Like You. We try to mirror the Major Conference/Mid-Major setup of the actual NCAA Tournament, where it’s rare (but not impossible) that a team that isn’t a big name gets a top seed, and you can win a lower-tier conference and still only come away with a twelve seed because you’re just not a relative powerhouse. There are exceptions — Brangelina was placed very low this year despite their massive fame, because all the other seeds seemed in the right place so it wasn’t worth evicting one of them just to slot The Brange in at, say, an eight. And so forth. This is why we don’t do Selection Saturday podcasts. You would be asleep.

Any more questions? Check out FAQ Madness.

The play-in game will be tomorrow — we are keeping the participants a mystery until then — and Round One of the madness begins on Thursday. Make your picks, gird your loins, and vote your conscience. We hope you have an awesome time.




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Comments (35):

  1. annieD

    Wheee! This comes at a perfect time in my dead-end job.

  2. vandalfan

    And now I will toss and turn all night, trying to guess the play in game participants.

  3. Willow

    The Play In Game surely involves Kristen Stewart, surely!

    • Cranky Old Batt

      Abso-fraggin-lutely or something is very wrong, like the planet is spinning backwards.

  4. Heather

    Yay, I always love Fug Madness! Though I think a few more boys would make it fun. Johnny Weir?

    • Fiona K

      Johnny Weir is AWESOME. Nuf said.

    • Flora

      I can’t pretend to understand the rules but it’s always fun, so bring it on!

      ps:No Emma Watson? Everything she wore last year was godawfully terrible! That pink lace skater dress? That black lace skater dress? That metallic gold bedsheet… thing she wore to the DH NY premiere? I’m having acid flashbacks just thinking about it…

      • Willow

        I reckon the Play In Game is between K-Stew and Emma Watson. The two are often viewed as rivals, so it would be a doozey of a match!

  5. CranAppleSnapple

    I doubt I can be clear-eyed about Emma Stone. Just love her so much. The little cherub.

  6. Sajorina

    I know the contenders I’m definitely not voting for, but I don’t know about the rest… I have to see their “Year In Fuggery” to make my final decision! I’m so excited, but I’ve tried to print the PDF version twice and was unsuccessful, so I’ll try the JPEG! Thank you for all your hard work, Heather & Jessica!!!

  7. TaraMisu

    Yay this is so fun…. I print out the bracket and then spend my work days plotting, checking photos, grimacing… all on my lunch break of course!

  8. Chris

    I still think Kanye got robbed by being booted to the NFT. (That’d be the National Fugtramural Tournament.)

    …well, at least for the time being. If one of my dream pairings for the play-in comes true, I will be the happiest little fugger in all of Fug Nation.

    (Okay, one of the three. Hoping for Yeezy vs. Amber, Yeezy vs. Wiz, or Bea vs. Eugenie.) Although none of them stand a chance against Katy.

    Happily filling out my bracket right now.

    • Chris

      Also: The Szohr/Gaga matchup should not be as hard to decide for me as it is.

      Fug Nation has serious Gaga fatigue, and…holy hell, Vanessa from Brooklyn had some heinous outfits. And we give points for unintentional fug.

      On the other hand, are we really going to argue that La Szohr – a lowly 15-seed – is on the same caliber as Courtney Peldon? Or…pretty much anyone who was seeded against Lindsay Lohan in the first three years of Fug Madness?

      • CranAppleSnapple

        I always want to smack Szohr in the face. Her fugly, upside down smile and giant nose and her inexplicable career where she ruins scenes for everyone else just by being in them, I think is the reason.
        Meanwhile I want to smack Gaga in the face. Her rampant, unapologetic theft of other people’s work and her teeth-grindingly pretentious attitude and clothing, is definitely the reason.
        I hope it’s a painful cage match for both.

  9. vandalfan

    Aha! Possibly a Kardashian! Possibly ALL of ‘em!

  10. jen310

    Ah, Fug Madness, my favorite time of year.
    LET’S. DO. THIS.

  11. Karen

    I can’t find Adrienne Bailon. Surely she’s there somewhere?
    That naked dress alone is enough….

    • Cynthia Coles

      But it was 2012 and after the Oscars, right? I know from looking for other views that she probably has enough Fug though.

  12. Zuzzie

    Thanks for this ladies! Can’t believe how quick the year flies in between fug madnesses.
    Let the games begin.

  13. CranAppleSnapple

    I miss Juliette Lewis. :(

  14. ML

    Bracket printed out. Pencil at the ready. Bloody Mary ingredients awaiting me at home.

    Play-in winner, COME ON DOWN!

  15. FashionShowAtLunch

    I feel like there’s more dudes than usual. I approve. The boys have been bringin’ it this year. (And by “it”, I mean “the fug”.)

  16. Annie Williams

    I’m calling this rat naw. Nicki Minaj goes ALL.THE.WAY.

  17. corriner

    I think Rihanna’s gonna take it. There was a lot this year. A LOT.

    • Annie Williams

      I think Nicki has got it based on just one event/incident/eye searing moment. THE GRAMMYS. Full stop. Game over.

  18. Annie Williams

    Clearly, I need a life, because I have created a fillable version of the bracket and you can get it here, . Please feel free to share.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      You’re awesome Annie! Thank you! I need to fix my adobe reader first, but I really needed a bracket like that. :)

  19. ivana

    Thanks Annie!!! Seriously awesome!

  20. Ben

    It made me unreasonably cheerful that I recognised (YEAH) everybody in this year’s Madness. Personally, I’m rooting for (?) Robyn, Kat Graham and Rihanna (shhhhhhhh, it’s fine, I can root for her anyway). At least those ladies KNOW the fug they want to inflict on us. Some of these other ladies (sorry, dudes, you’re not doing it for me this year) stumble upon the Fug, and that’s great. But intentional Fug is more potent, more loveable and more relatable. None of this crappy-stylist sh*t please. Yawn.

    • Ben

      OH NOES! Am I having a senior moment or was Leighton Transparent-Harem-Jumpsuit-But-Still-The-Best-TV-Actress-Ever Meester NOT included?! It’d be kinda weird if it’s the former. I’m 22!! HALP!

      OK, fine… that was a good while ago, but… has she done NOTHING fug enough? I feel like you’re not really a someone unless Heather and Jess think your clothes are shit.