Fug Madness 2012, Round One: Charo Bracket, Part I


In an unusual turn of affairs, I legitimately like both of these actresses. They’re both talented and very disarming on the red carpet. Obviously, we’ve had a great fondness for Kiki ever since she said she liked this website — DURING A PERIOD WHERE WE CALLED HER DR. SUNKEN TITS. (Although, we were only quoting someone else’s nickname, but… it was a long time ago.) I mean, THAT is being a good sport.  And Chastain always comes across so bubbly with the Seacrest, and she brought her Grandma to the Oscars. Delightful! If only she could translate her delightful-ness to her wardrobe with any kind of regularity. Instead, this year she’s tended to fall directly into SO CLOSE category. Everything ALMOST works. And then totally does not. (With the exception of her Oscar dress, which, in the name of fairness, we must note she won Fug Nation’s Best Dressed.)

Like this is THEORETICALLY okay:

But practically a bit droopy. And this:

…ought to be great but works out to be kind of drab.

I kind of like this dress, but not in this color, and not on her – it worked better for me when Jennifer Lawrence wore it in blue. That being said, her skirt is useful when it comes to getting caked-on grease off your lasagne pan. Her face at least looks great. Like literally 90% of the people in this tournament.

This, on the other hand, is a great color:

But the cut is totally wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, as Noted Dressologist Tyra Banks would say. This look, on the other hand:


Let’s take a look at Kiki. Welcome back, Kiks. We missed you.

We missed your predilection for caftans.

Your enviable habit of popping up at the Met Ball wearing something that looks like a formal beer stein.

Your….whatever this is.

And, obviously, your Shower Curtain Gowns. Never leave us again.  (At least we’ll always have your archives.)

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(4) FERGIE vs. (13) SOLANGE

The battle of the one-named songtresses!  And who would have thought that our beloved Solange would find herself all the way down at a 13 seed? She’s so normal now. I mean, comparatively. You’re never going to spy Solange at the Whole Foods in Gap jeans and a half-price tank from Target and THANK GOD FOR THAT. Not because there’s anything wrong with that — I may be wearing a half-price tank from Target RIGHT NOW — but Solange is a bright wacky blessing and I want her to remain so.

You can stick your leg out the slit all you want. It’s still a bedsheet. This, on the other hand, is MAJESTIC:

This outfit is perfect for an afternoon on the deck at your place in Capri. Sure, she’s at an Elle party somewhere that is assuredly not a deck in Capri, but still. I love her for wearing a bra top to a party. That’s not even sarcastic. I actually really do love her for it. This makes it no less cracked out, but I just wanted to say that.

Speaking of majestic:

This is like Diana Ross + Another Bedsheet + Awesome x Crazy = SOLANGE.

This is bold:

And by “bold,” I mean “cute, but possibly backward and DEFINITELY too well-ventilated.” If you have to hold your clutch in front of your crotch all night, something as gone awry.

Speaking of going awry:

Awry, and awry-er:

I mean, honestly. Either that was unintentional, which is horrible, or it’s totally intentional, which is HORRIBLER.

Speaking of HORRIBLE:

Wait, did someone say “horrible”?

To borrow from Jem and the Holograms, the idea that someone could look at hot pants, fur arms, and a weight-lifting belt and decide to wear it to the Ivy is truly, truly, truly outrageous.  There is yet more outrageousness in her archives, which I implore you to peruse in your quest for truth.

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This match I wish were, instead of an ephemeral internet poll-off, an actual, like, slap fight. I just want to see these two face off in the same room at the same time. Except now that I think about it, they might fall in love and…actually, no, that would be awesome, too.

FloWe can wear this to the wedding!

And what groom doesn’t secretly want to look like the third bookie from the left in a lesser HBO miniseries about Debauched Olden Times that Martin Scorsese filmed on a whim over Memorial Day weekend:

As far as Florence goes, this ALMOST works, and it definitely works if you’re getting ready for your FIGURE SKATING JOKE HERE, am I right?

This is dapper! It’s handsome! It’s…wait. Something is missing, right? What is it? What….could it be?

Here’s a hint. It rhymes with CLUES.

Oh, hey, girl. They’ve got a salve for that. Just thought you should know.



Florence is so alarmed by her beloved’s constant shoelessness that she decided to dress like a salamander and hope she’d find herself reptile-adjacent so she could just blend in.

…I guess I should have been more specific about the ideal SORT of shoes, right? You live, you learn.

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Aw! Two brunette former CW starlets now romantically entangled with people who are much much famous and also arguably more talented than they are — or who, at least, get much better career options. I also never realized how much these two resemble one another until JUST NOW, when I went through their respective archives.

This is terrible.

This is marshmallow fluff in dress form.

Terrible II: The Return.

Yeah, yeah. You work out. We get Us Weekly; we know.

You, on the other hand, are wearing BLOOMERS to a FORMAL EVENT like a….I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO DOES THAT.

Yeah, yeah. You’re getting married. We get Us Weekly; we know.

Terrible III: Terrible Goes Wild.

Yeah, yeah. You’re going to be an octogenarian one day. We get Us Weekly; we know.

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Comments (89):

  1. Kara

    Solange’s hair in the white dress is absolutely glorious. Amazing. I am not sure if it’s hers – it could be a low-heat blowout or it could be fake – but it is fantastic.

  2. The Other Molly

    The voting tabs for Solange vs Fergie are not working.

  3. ML

    Hey – Can’t vote in Solange v. Fergie at present. Buttons not working.

  4. Halo

    The Solange-Fergie poll is broken! I wanted so badly to vote on that matchup, too!

  5. Jeroen

    Something went wrong. You are not able to vote on Solange vs Fergie.

    Fug Madness has begun!!!!! I am on such a high.

  6. Small Anne Cordelia

    Augh!! Chastain is winnning out over Kiki?!? It’s a miscarriage of justice, that’s what. I feel like Jessica gets it right about half the time, while Kiki doesn’t even come close to fab half the time. VOTE FOR KIKI!!

    • ck

      I think La Dunst actually really turned it out this year on her appearances for Melancholia. There are obviously still some missteps but last year was once of her sartorial highs.

    • Scanderoon

      Did you look at Kiki’s archives? I’d say at least 2/3rds of the past year were “Well Played” for her. Sure, her missteps are wackadoodle, but Chastain gets it right so much less of the time.

    • Racine

      I feel Kiki has “her own style” (a questionable one, admittedly) and is sticking to that, whereas JC looks like someone put something on her, sometimes this style, sometimes that style, totally random. That’s why I find JC more fug.

  7. nikole

    my solange poll isn’t working

  8. LGenz

    Katie v Jessica was too easy. Not only is her penchant for wrinkly satin onesies disturbing, she insists on foisting her “fashion” on the unsuspecting public.

    Why did I think Thomas Jane only showed up without shoes once? When my brain intentionally removes all memory of what you did on the red carpet you get an elite eight spot.

    Kiki looked good more often than not this year whereas Chastain wore that McQueen peplum floral thing

  9. ML

    What explains T-Jane’s aversion to shoes? It’s not summer vacation and he’s not seven years old.

  10. Kristan

    For some reason voting was disabled on Solange v Fergie… :(

  11. Patricia

    It won’t let me vote on Solange v. Fergie. And I so, SO want to!

  12. Jeroen

    Was Katie in character for a role in that horrible denim jumpsuit?

    • Amy

      That is so scary! and the wrinkly shorts-you cannot stand next to Halle Berry in that sort of get up!
      And why is Jessica B wearing sister-wife prom dresses? WTF?

  13. ML

    Solange v. Fergie poll working for me now. Just voted.

  14. vandalfan

    Jessica’s hair is thin, limp, and wan, but Solagne’s is enviable.

    Fergie- “Fuggie” to those in Great Britain- it’s not even close.

    Jane likes to show off his package, no? He dresses to the right, apparently.

    Katy is to blame, she is deliberately disheveled.

    • Christine

      Well, you got me to scroll back up and check it out. To the right indeed!

  15. jen310

    Why can’t I vote for Fugie (yeah, that’s not a typo) on this page. The vote has already been cast and I didn’t even enter it yet. WHY, God, WHY. She is winning 100% to Solange’s 0% – YAY – but I wanted to register my displeasure with her fug couture this past season. It was sooooo bad. I reloaded the page and everything. Okay, whine over. I’ll try again later.
    Sorry Solange, I wanted you to take all of Fug Madness in past years but your fug can’t hold a candle to Fugie’s fug. You’re kinda rocking the hell out of your fug, Solange.
    So hard to decide between Chastain and Dunst. The first real difficult match up this season. I gave it to Dunst but I won’t be mad if Chastian pull off an upset.
    Katie Holmes FTW. She so rarely gets her clothing right and she has Tommy’s money to do so. Oh, and Katie, you’re not a designer. JUST STOP. NOW.
    Thomas Jane’s problem is mostly a lack of, or crazy ass, shoes. I can overlook that. But not Flo’s ethereal fug and cracked-out floral and reptilian suits. Flo FTW. Go Flo.

  16. jen310

    Yay, Fugie vs. Solange poll is working. Go Fugie.

  17. Damian

    Kirsten, Flowe, Fergie, and Katie Holmes

    Chastain just makes me sad. She’s so close to getting it right and I love that she wears interesting things. Dunst spent a lot of time looking good this year, but her misses are just a little more tragic.

    Florence gets the fug stamp of approval for being fabulous but always looking older than she is. I feel like Thomas is going to be the Senor Nipslip who messes up my brackets this year and I already hate him and his lack of shoes for it.

    Solange is truly a delight, but her awesome hair saves her from taking out a determined traffic cone orange lace dress.

    Katie Holmes is just so sad. She looks sad and her wrinkly satin jumpsuit is making me sad.

  18. christa

    I can’t believe of all the things Katie Holmes would wear twice that jumpsuit would be it. Katie isn’t even trying. At least Biel, like, does her hair.

  19. Jessica

    The Fergie-Solange poll is fixed!

  20. Laura E.

    I voted for Fergie because her clothes are truly horrible. Solange works it–she’s more along the lines of SWINTON, she rises above the fuggery.

  21. Eva

    I had trouble deciding between Kiki (who would win historically for sure) and Jessica Chastain. Neither seem fug enough :) Fergie on the other hand…

  22. ML

    Katie looks like The Littlest Hobo in that one picture.

  23. Ellen

    The animal feet (chicken? dinosaur?) that Thomas Jane is wearing in his last picture almost won me over. Almost.

    • Frances

      They made me giggle with delight. I find the bare feet horrifying but I could get behind a crazy shoes fetish.

      • Fuh Ugh

        Team Chicken Feet!

        Let’s face it, except for the chicken feet, he dresses about as badly as a lot of our husbands/boyfriends. Where, on the other hand, Florence Welch is constantly making some sort of peach-colored, ruffle covered statement that no one wants to hear.

  24. Kimberli

    That Katie Holmes v. Jessica Biel poll was HARD. They’re both just awful. I finally voted for Katie just because I think Biel is boooooring and I can’t abide having to see pictures of her again.

    • Fuh Ugh

      Anyone who calls themselves a designer and ends up on Fug Madness automatically gets my vote – I’m talking to YOU Katie Holmes and Stella McCartney

  25. MelissaW

    Is it just me or does FloWe look mannish in all those pictures? She doesn’t onstage (random thought). That was a hard match-up because from the ankles up TJ is pretty OK in his 3-piece suits.

  26. Neil

    Cannot vote for Thomas……this is Fug Madness not A****le Madness. Still do not understand how he is allowed into these places when the local 7-11 even has a sign saying ‘No Shirt No Shoes No Service’.

    • LibraryChick

      Neil, I first read A****le Madness as Ankle Madness and couldn’t figure out the need for the asterisks. Whoops! As much as I would prefer to go barefoot everywhere, even I find a pair of sandals or Vibram Five Fingers to put on when I leave my own property. I agree Mr. Jane needs to follow convenience/grocery store rules or ask Jeff Foxworthy if he would could consider him for future Blue Collar Comedy Tours.

  27. Sami

    Katie Holmes’ overalls: never forget.

    Also I love that Fergie is beating Solange, because the thought of Solange wearing boring clothes makes me so sad. I love her.

  28. Dana

    Jessica Beil’s desperation to be something more than she is gave her the edge for me. (I really would have loved it if the randomizer pitted her against Olivia Munn, for the utter try hard of both of them, Not because of Timberlake.)

  29. Whitney

    Fergie might take this whole thing. This has been a BAD year for her.

    Also, I secretly like Jessica Biel’s last dress. Not an octogenarian, but I would wear the SHIT out of that.

  30. Lynne

    Solange definitely knows what she’s doing and I bloody love her and her fierce attitude. Fergie thinks she looks amazing. She is wrong.

    Both Katie and Jessica Biel make me sad. They both exude emotional fragility at all times. I will never understand the appeal of Florence Welch (which is the least popular opinion since I declared I don’t like Feist).

  31. Robert Crofton

    Jessica Chastain makes me sad. She is so beautiful, all I wanted her to do this year was knock it out of the park on the carpet. I was sorely disappointed. Kiki is crazy sometimes, but Chastain got the vote for the most underwhelming debut year when it should have been overwhelming.

  32. Miffits

    Is Katie Holmes a toddler? Is she a farmer? Is she a hillbilly? What possible reason is there that she should possess, let alone wear, dungarees?

  33. sophia

    1. the thomas jane vs Flo comments made me cry laughing.
    2. they also made me vote against my own bracket. i tip my hat to you mr jane. your FUG is one note, but powerful.

  34. Willow

    Tom Jane has to win for those chicken shoes alone, unless FloWe turns out to be a long lost relative of The Colonel.

    Also I didn’t realise Fergie had this strong a wardrobe this year! I forgot about the tortoise armour.

  35. camille

    Florence Welch CANNOT wear a dress that isn’t sheer from the knees down and I just don’t understand the appeal of that in the first place, let alone ALL THE TIME.

    Because of this I have her going farther in my bracket than perhaps she should, but COME ON, she definitely beats no shoes. Like someone else said, everything other than the bare feet is fine.

  36. Wade

    First off, men don’t count. Second, no scientologists get to go past the first round. It’s bad enough there’s one in there to begin with.

  37. Soapstef

    OMG!! Thomas Jane…someone please make him stop! If he can’t wear shoes he shouldn’t be invited anywhere. Please don’t make me have to watch Deep Blue Sea to remember that I once liked him!

    I hate to give it K. Holmes but I can’t forgive the bloomers or Terrible III…you can’t just decide to have a Soap Opera Moment and have a homeless day!

    • yeahandalso

      I will take any excuse to watch Deep Blue Sea, that movie is AMAZING

  38. Leah

    I cannot, in good conscious, vote for Katy.

  39. el

    I figured out why TJane never wears shoes!
    Look at his toes in those pics- they are SOOOO long! I propose that he can’t wear normal shoes as his toes won’t fit in them- and this results in no shoes or chicken shoes only!
    Still fug, but at least now we know why….(and he’s crazy).

  40. yeahandalso

    Kirsten dressed WAY WAY WAY better than Jessica this year. (Also is it bad that I started thinking during this post that Jessica is a lesbian who is lying about her age and that finally made me like her?)

    Solange is the sort of wacky style that makes me happy, Fergie’s stuff is just straight up ugly.

    Florence and Homeless Dad should date, I had to give it to her for the more variety of fugs. Other than the one where you can see his junk he mostly is an OK dressed guy without shoes

    I almost voted for Biel because of the desperation factor, and I kinda respect Katie for just not giving a crap anymore but that stuff was BAD

  41. Sandra

    Chastain/Dunst: How the sam hill can two such lovely young women look so odd? I’m awarding the win to KiKi, because it takes some major belief in your own taste to stand next to Gisele Bundchen that killer red dress at the Met Ball while you look like you mugged Laura Ingalls Wilder AND Heidi and made your dress out of both of theirs. (I’m not entertaining any discussion about Bundchen. Whatever one may think of her, that red dress was gorgeous and she wore it well)

    Solange/Fergie: That see-through orange thing settled this pretty decisively. Fergie moves on to the second round on my sheet.

    Welch/Jane: Florence’s fug is the more offensive because she could be so lovely and she deliberately chooses things that will never work on her. You can’t unfug her outfits. Jane, he’s just a smart-ass who doesn’t mind putting his feet in unhygienic situations. Of course, that may well be the irreconcilable difference that made Patricia Arquette abandon all hope.

    Holms/Biel: It’s sixes here. They both look dreadful. Biel annoys me slightly more, so she gets to continue.

  42. TieDye64

    Florence Welch vs. Thomas Jane. Hahaaaaaa. It’s almost too much for me to comprehend. LOVE this matchup so very much.

  43. Amalia

    T. Jane for the win (almost) in my bracket. FloWe is boring, drab, and V.C. Andrews-y, but not skeevy. Anyone can have a flowy caftan day (or, okay, year), but it takes a special Fug someone to repeatedly “forget” his shoes.

  44. Annie S.

    I want Holmes to win it all. Slouchy, wrinkly satin Hammer pants: ‘Nuff said.

  45. eee

    I am CRYING from laughing at the Thomas Jane vs. Florence Welch commentary. CRYING, I tell you!

  46. robabeau

    i remember the first time that INSIDIOUS speckly-oddly-frumpy-weird-sleeved getup Chastain wore was fugged. that’s when I knew she would be appearing in fug madness this year!! It’s a weird person to vote for over KiKi, but I feel there’s always something not-quite-right with Chastain that makes everything go oh-quite-wrong.

  47. Fiona4802

    How can you make me choose between Katie Holmes & Jessica Biel, that’s impossible. Such attractive, privileged ladies have no right to dress as hideously as they do! With all that is available to them that’s the best they can do? Ugghhhh

  48. Halo

    Victory! I came back–I am a dedicated voter–and voted for Fergie. Solange is fierce and amazing and I looooove her.

  49. Chris

    I only voted for Solange because:

    1) Fergie melted my MIND. The only way this could be worse is if Fergie (the duchess, not the Pea) was wearing those. (No offense to Fergie. Your daughters’ endeavours (yes, spelled in the British fashion) in millinery were OUTSTANDING, and anything that raises 130k for UNICEF is awesome.) As such, I voted for Solange to preserve my sanity.

    2) Let’s be honest: both of them could take down Jessica Chastain without lifting a finger.

    I’m a bit surprised by Thomas Jane clobbering Florence Welch. Although, the fact that he spent most of the year without shoes on does give me a crawling feeling in my skin.

  50. Amy

    Florence Welch wears the same color-all the time! Jessica C cannot find a dress that fits properly-WHY? She is not oddly shaped or proportioned? Who is her stylist, Stevie Wonder?

  51. Alli

    I actually like a lot of Florence’s dresses, minus the salamander one. I can’t fug her!

  52. Melissa

    There’s such a paradox in fug madness voting: I vote for the people who MOST HURT MY EYES, thus helping them to stick around and keep hurting my eyes.

  53. Amy

    Fergie could surely win fug madness with that orange monstrosity?

  54. Genevieve

    Flo Welch should totally win this round! although I did forget that picture of T jane at the MALL in his bare feet- BUT Flo’s make up is always off and make a look like a drag queen attempting to be feminine- not awesome drag!

  55. deee

    Thomas Jane bring the fug but I’m not voting for him because I’m sick of looking at his man parts.

    • Nicole

      I don’t think shoes are the only thing Thomas Jane chooses to leave at home, because I can see his ding a ling in most of those photos. Yes I said ding a ling.

      What the shit Katie Holmes? What?

      Kiki Dunst has looked amazing all year, for the most part.

  56. Sadie-Ann

    Katie looks just as confused about those overalls as I am.

    Of all the terrible things that Tom Cruise has supposedly done to Kate those are the worst.

    • ML

      You know, Sadie-Ann, the hobo pants are so short on her that I’m starting to think they probably used to be HIS.

    • liz_bee

      Yeah, I voted for Katie over Jessica because I care more about Katie. Jessica’s fashion sense is fug fo sho, but I like Katie more. Once she is crowned fug queen (which probably won’t happen due to so many worse fuggers out there), she will stop trying to trend set in weird ass bloomers and start complimenting her pretty face. Right? That’s how the world works.

  57. jenny

    I can’t believe you just said that FloWe’s dress ALMOST works. Dude. That thing does not almost work in any way shape or form. It’s is a turtlenecked sack of uneven lacy crazy.

  58. Darren

    Kirsten looked amazing regularly when promoting Melancholia and also, you know, didn’t biff almost every major awards show she attended even though she was THE It-Girl, so Chastain wins.

    I think Solange looks pretty fabulous as crazy as the outfits are. It just works on her for some reason. Wheras, Fergie looks dreadful. Absolutely dreadful.

    Imagining how blackened Thomas Jane’s feet must be not only sickens me, but makes me vote for him (plus, I just can’t voted for my beloved Flo).

    Biel v. Holmes is so boring that I abstained as, who cares, really?

  59. Kate B.

    My husband would like to know, RE: Photo of Holmes #1, “Is he still carrying Suri around, or do they just have a giant stuffed gopher? Maybe they were at the fair?”

  60. Anne B

    Holmes vs. Biel: THE SAD-OFF.

    Gotta love Fergie, though. Just where does a girl even find a suit made entirely of Art Deco apostophes?

  61. Laucie

    I don’t think FloMachine has ever looked really well-dressed, or lovely, or worn a flattering color. But zounds! Thomas Jane can’t commit, wavering between clownishly slobby and slobbishly clowny. And although I prefer my fugs divided by gender, he sneaks in to win the bracket.

  62. Girlin

    Katie Holmes….oh dear. She’s always gonna win that one. She has no idea how to dress and yet foists her ‘design collaboration’ with her ‘stylist’ on the unsuspecting public..WRONG!
    Fergie defo beats Solange – Fergie is trashy whereas Solange has a vision..it may not be mine but I can appreciate her!
    Thomas Jane…what a loony!
    Chastain beats Kirsten. Some of those outfits were DREADFUL. Nobody ‘nearly’ gets it right that many times..she just gets it wrong….excepting the beautiful Oscars moment!

  63. Glenn

    Chastain ekes my vote out over Dunst because Dunst looked PHENOMENAL multiple times, especially at the Cannes film fest.

    I also voted for Holmes over Beil because there was that fabulous gif of Beil and Julianne Moore at the Golden Globes that was endearing. There is nothing endearing about Katie Holmes.

  64. corriner

    THIS outfit is why I voted for Fergie:


    Jessica’s original comment still rings true:
    “So, this is basically what I thought it would look like if The Rapture happened and I didn’t get escorted to Heaven.”

    Never has the phrase ‘dear lord!’ been so apt.

  65. Scanderoon

    I love that there are loose threads all along the opening of that alien-jacket of Fergie’s. As if somehow the high fashion extraterrestrials that made it decided to stop before it was finished. (Fergie got my vote, obviously.)

    I’m somewhat disappointed that Thomas Jane is winning over Florence Welch. He’s just a one-trick pony, whereas she is an ATTRACTIVE YOUNG LADY who somehow always manages to show up places looking like a slightly mannish 40-year-old wearing curtains ripped from a young girl’s bedroom window.

  66. Sajorina

    Two of these were easy, but the other two were not! I finally voted for Kristen Dunst, even though I love her; Solange because I just don’t like her style; Thomas Jane because when he doesn’t walk around like a caveman, he walks around like a chicken; and Jessica Biel because I didn’t like the alternative!

  67. Soph K

    ARRRGGH Jessica Biel vs Katie Holmes broke my brain! I cannot choose!

  68. Elbyem

    I am very upset that you paired Thomas and Florence, because I so desperately want to vote for both of them (and their mutual continuity of insanity). I finally went with Florence because she’s a woman and ergo, should really know better. And because of the floral pantsuit.

    Jessica Biel should not be awarded for anything because she’s boring and only relevant because of the person she’s attached to but oh…thinking about it I realize that that applies to Katie, too! I can’t decide!

  69. NYCGirl

    Kirsten– while she did wear a number of pretty things, her fugly outfits were fuglier than Jessica Chastain’s.

    Fergie– Solange actually had a couple of decent outfits.

    Florence Welch– because, as others have said, Thomas Jane is a one-trick (horseshoe-less) pony.

    Katie– This was a tough one, but Terrible III put her over the top.

  70. ramification

    Katie v Jessica was so hard. Terrible #3 pushed it over the top.

  71. KK

    I LOL’ed at Thomas Jane. I love the lizard feet. He’s great. Could he be a man-Cinderalla, like Ryan Cabrera that one year???

  72. TonyG

    Wow! I went only 1 for 4 on these. Do I need to hand in my Fug card?

    While, Kiki’s best was surely better than Jessica’s best, her fug was just so much fuglier than Jessica’s, so I thought Kiki should have won this round.

    Also, presuming Thomas Jane’s chicken feet was him poking good fun at himself and others who tease him about his bare feet, his outfits, save for the wone in front of the pink and green HBO sign were not horribly fug. Disheveled yes, but the actual outfits weren’t crazy fug, unlike Florence, who really brought the fug. I wanted Florence in the next round! Oh well.

    Holmes vs. Biel took me awhile to decide, but I gave it to Biel. Their fug was equally bad, but I tended to like Good Katie Holmes more than I liked Good Jessica Biel.

    And hooray for Solange vs. Fergie. I hope Fergie fug saves this part of the bracket for me!