Fug Madness 2012, Round One: Bjork Bracket, Part I

Note: The photos used are just representative samples, not the only evidence to consider; surf around and then vote your gut.


Several people incorrectly thought Jessica Szohr was someone we randomly threw into the bracket without caring. That is how I feel about her wardrobe: random, without care, sometimes thrown.

I mean, that is terrible. You don’t even need to see the front, because the back of this silky shorts romper gives her ass quadrants. And remember her upholstered jumpsuit? Girlfriend earned the heck out of her seeding with that alone, even though there is so much more.

Can she stack up against this?

Okay, okay, I know, that is insane. She’s like a prison warden in a world where tissue-paper roses mate with satellite dishes. But really, sometimes, Lady Gaga and Jessica Szohr aren’t that far apart. Consider: Gaga likes see-through stuff. (And how.) But so does Szohr.

Gaga often likes things that don’t fit and/or look ridiculous in the chosen proportions:

So does Szohr:

And how, part II. These sleeves were almost as potent as the coffee she was shilling.

Gaga displays a lack of interest in sensible accessorizing:

So does Szohr:

Honey, your clogs aren’t strippers, so they don’t need tassels.

Obviously there is much more: Szohr had a dumpy sack and a dumpy tie-dyed sack; Gaga had all your typical Gagaian gags, including the loathed Jo Calderone Incident. Tour through the archives and see if the surprisingly strong Szohr can overthrow the predictably heinous Lady. Which, by the way, I’ve decided is what I’m calling her from now on, as if it’s her real first name. Because when Bobby Hill had gout, he painted a face on his wrapped big toe and named her Madame, and I’ve decided that’s Lady Gaga’s ancestry. Like how Voldemort lived in Professor Quirrell’s turban for a while. You feel me.

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Lady (54%, 5,403 Votes)
  • Jessica (46%, 4,635 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,034

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Sadly, Stella isn’t eligible for the fug crimes she’s committed against other people via her designs. That’s on them. You choose to zip it up and leave the house, you get the blame. But Stella sinned against herself plenty of times, by her own hand. It cannot be overstated how ugly this is. WHY DID YOU MAKE THAT AND THEN WHY DID YOU PUT IT ON YOURSELF? Shouldn’t the benefit of being a designer be that you can save all the really good stuff for yourself? Victoria Beckham almost always busts out something awesome from her own line. Of course, the problem may be that there IS no “best stuff” in Stella’s lines, which in and of itself ought to prompt self-examination and/or a hiatus. Because her Met Gala mullet was a cold pint of messitude.

These pants are bastions of unflattering depressitude.

And this, bows and tulle and all, is an exercise in shapeless fussitude.

And yet, this is shapeFUL, and it doesn’t work either. Volume can be fun on the runway, but unless she sewed a cushion into the back and was planning to sit right down on the concrete and eat through a footlong sandwich, it’s not really practical. Or flattering. If she DOES sit down anywhere, she’ll need dress fluffers just to get back up again without a giant rump dent.

Speaking of rumps… HA, no, I am not talking about Bieber’s rump. I would never do that to you. I will, however, be discussing him giving you his precious flower. And his snake:

The rest of his outfit wasn’t much better. And remember the uniform of a new gang called the T-Pinks? (Or the Lady Birds?) Or that wedding he attended with Selena Gomez, knowing he’d be pap bait, in pants that were making a run for the border? Or his Garanimals? He is just such a cartoon already. Dude can’t even wear a tux without looking like Victor/Victoria.

Of these three people, Bieber — the one smiling the least – ironically has got to be the only one actually happy about being there.  Come on. There’s no way A-Dubs was riding over in the car squealing, “Oooh, I hope he wears the glasses!”

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Justin Bieber (43%, 4,186 Votes)
  • Stella McCartney (57%, 5,474 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,656

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I have been giggling to myself about Cee Lo vs. LiLo ever since the randomizer spat it out at me. I want that to be a reality show, wherein each week they compete at something different. This week, on Cee Lo vs. LiLo: Wii Tennis. Or Filing A Bunch of Paperwork While Wearing Spiked Gloves. Or wrestling each other American Gladiators-style in one of Cee Lo’s signature sequined snuggies, before donning LiLo’s favorite hideous culottes and re-enacting scenes from Mean Girls with special guest star Lacey Chabert and the guy who played Glen Coco, just so he can score four points at something and we can say, “Four for Glen Coco! YOU GO, GLEN COCO.”

Or they could have a fur-off, in which Cee Lo dons this, and LiLo trots out this:



Cee Lo:


And LiLo, and LiLo, and oh, God, LiLo.

And, in one of the greatest things that has ever happened, Cee Lo:

That is going to be the best episode of Cee Lo vs. LiLo of the entire season. Perhaps even the finale.

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Cee Lo (22%, 2,097 Votes)
  • LiLo (78%, 7,626 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,720

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Look, it’s going to take a lot to beat a woman who wears a cape and red lace gloves, and in a way that does NOT scream “I AM SO AVANT GARDE, PLEASE LOVE ME,” a la Gaga, but rather which suggests she just thinks she looks bangin’.

Indeed, this photo of Rashida Jones suggests entirely the opposite:

It’s like, “Yeah, I know. This blows. It’s frumpy. It looks terrible on me. Even my hair is upset. Let’s just take the photo so I can go home and write some Downton fanfic.”

This person IS fan-fic:

Not necessarily the man who is garroting his genitals (well, him too), but rather the gladiatrix behind him. Seriously, that entire halftime show felt (in an incredibly entertaining way) like something out of somebody’s post-fever dream manuscript: “And THEN Madonna comes out on a throne, right, with a giant pointy headdress, and there will be some kind of cartwheel, and some cheerleaders, and finally a toga sing-off.”

This person does not tolerate toga sing-offs.

I mean, Rashida Jones might — for all I know, she is the president of the American Society of Toga Sing-Offs and hosts a luncheon each year that serves only Caesar Salad. But that outfit looks AWFUL on her. You are WASTING all that genetic material, kid. LOOK AT YOU. And then look at those clothes. Even with all the sequins, you look like you have a fun allergy, and I suspect in real life that is not true at all. Nobody who gets to work on my cherished Parks and Rec could possibly be. (I have deemed it thus. Fingers in ears. LA LA LA.)

Anyway, so yes, Madonna mangles her assets at times, but at least she looked good at the Met Ball. Rashida pulled this out and then didn’t pull it off. The question is whether Madonna at her height, or even at her attempts at looking classy that ended up putting her mammaries in a compactor, overshadows drab. It may. It may not. You are the beholder, Fug Nation. So behold – here is Rashida’s page (remember that first floral outfit is NOT eligible), and here is Madonna’s — and then vote.

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Rashida Jones (52%, 4,924 Votes)
  • Madonna (48%, 4,519 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,442

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Comments (78):

  1. Allie

    I had Stella over Biebs in my bracket, but this ALMOST made me rethink my entire bracket.

  2. Mahastee

    How can She Who Loathes Hydrangeas lose? She has perma-fug.

    Cee Lo gets my vote for the insane outfits, whereas Lilo is just plain insane, and it seems mean to vote for her.

    • Frances

      Yeah, I couldn’t vote for LiLo. Seems like she should get a Britney-style pass for a few years…

    • Karen

      Cee Lo makes me smile. LiLo makes me sad. Gotta give her a pass.

  3. peaches

    As FUG as Gaga is ALL THE TIME, it would be like rewarding a dog’s inappropriate behavior by giving them the attention they want to vote for her. I won’t do it. I WON”T DO IT!!!

  4. LawyaGal

    Cee Lo! Cee Lo! Cee Lo! I love this man.

    Biebs is bad, but he is not even on the same Fug planet as Stella.

    • Katie Lynn

      Cee Lo is a national treasure and I cherish him and all he does. Seriously. Have you seen the Voice? That man is DELIGHTFUL. HE HAS A WHITE CAT THAT HE STROKES DURING INTERVIEWS. It is one of the best parts of my week, watching what whackadoo thing he is going to wear/do next. But in a I-really-love-you type way, as opposed to a I’m-secretly-laughing-at-you way.

  5. ML

    Bangs, if you shoot a big fat brickeroo in this round vs. Team Madge I’m not going to be able to believe in miracles anymore. Or that the children are our future.

  6. Stefanie

    Cee Lo vs. LiLo would be show I would watch, DVR and then watch again.

    Stella is horrible. HORRIBLE I say. How on earth is she even considered a designer? She wouldn’t even make it on to Project Runway. She should be so thankful she has a famous last name.

  7. Molly

    It’s so sad how LiLo seems to think she looks hot in these – outfits. Fug for sure.

  8. LGenz

    Rashida Jones makes me so sad. She is so cute on Parks and Rec and she does not have a hard body to dress, how can she be so clueless?

    I refuse to give Gaga any more attention.

  9. Rosemarie

    Once again I find myself coming up against those eternal questions: is “theatrical/stage fuggery” a greater sin than “person doesn’t seem to know how to dress themselves fuggery?”
    I don’t think that’s comparing apples to apples, but there we are.

    In most instances I will vote for “this person doesn’t know how to dress themselves” over the other, especially as in many instances of the theatrical fuggery the person really OWNS it. Madonna may be guilty of some sins, but she rocks the weird headdress. Whereas Rashida – oh darling, this will NOT do. It’s not like she just came from hicksville – she’s the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton for crying out loud.

    Same for CeeLo and Lilo – all of CeeLo’s pics are onstage performances, whereas Lilo’s are just – hoping to get herself photographed, Desperately. And it shows.

    I’m willing to cut Bieber some slack – he’s a kid. And he’s actually dressed like I’ve seen a lot of kids his age dress. You wouldn’t think twice if you saw him at the mall. But Stella – again, comes from LOTS of money, has education, is a designer, and at least 2-3x Bieber’s age. She should know better.

    • Kara

      Exactly. Gaga’s outfits are Her Thing. They are part of her persona. Jessica Szohr just … has bad taste, I think. And I don’t know why someone as attractive as Rashida Jones cannot look amazing. If she doesn’t have a stylist, she needs one. Whereas Madonna’s clothes are part of the whole Madonna Package.

  10. Kacy

    Biebs is just so… creepy. I had to vote for him over Stella.

  11. Kristina

    I had to cut Stella a break because at least she doesn’t accessorize with live miniature reptiles. The Cee-Lo/Lilo one, though. That was hard.

    • ML

      Kristina, she doesn’t accessorize with live miniature reptiles… YET.

      • Jeroen

        Although I hate Stella designs as much as the next person, I do have to say that she is a strict vegan and will never use leather, dead or alive.

  12. Sarie

    I thought voting for Stella would be a no brainer, but looking at the Biebs choices, they are bad, really, really bad, and that snake just puts it over the edge. Plus, he is telling our youth that this is an acceptable way to dress. They are taking cues from him. Though i guess the same can be said for Stella and her “designs”. Ugh so hard to decide.

  13. erin

    While I don’t actually think Jessica’s outfits are all that bad (relatively speaking) I refuse to vote for blahblah. For Anything.

  14. Bubba

    Biebs v. McCartney was hard, but I had to go with Stella. I mean, she is a fashion “designer”. He is just a confused looking teenage boy.

    • Heather

      Correction: Stella is a “designer,” Biebs is a “boy.”

    • Lori

      Actually, he turned 18 recently, so his fug can be tried as an adult.

      That said, I voted for Stella because in my mind her fug extends to all the foolish celebrities who wear her designs.

      • Frances

        I did think of that. But he was a minor when committing at least most of these fashion crimes so…

  15. Lynne

    I choose to vote for the candidates whose fuggery seems depressing. Therefore Jessica Szohr, Lilo and Rashida. Jessica’s style just ages her so much. Girlfriend is only 27 years old! And speaking of rode hard and put away wet… LiLo.

    Madonna is boring. Rashida is lovely and on one of the best shows on TV right now. Surely she could wear something less awful. We’re begging you, Rashida.

  16. Damian

    Gaga, Ceelo, Stella, & Rashida

    My gut tells me that Szohr is actually more fug than Gaga, but this being my 4th year voting and obsessing over Fug Madness, I know that Gaga doesn’t go down until at least the Elite 8. So for the preservation of my bracket, I went Gaga.

    Ceelo is a national treasure and I love him so. The ads for the Voice where he’s petting the cat. Genius. While I’m not surprised that Lilo is winning, I had to vote for Joy, for Life, and celebration. (Which I think is Bai Ling’s motto)

    Stella is awful. She’s a sleeper here. So many horrible ensembles.

    Rashida is casually horrible, but Madonna seems to never to pick up traction. If she can’t win with that horrible sheer skirt from last year, then surely lady gloves won’t win.

  17. Danni

    Cee Lo vs. LiLo Celebrity Deathmatch?

  18. MoPo

    CeeLo’s outfits are delightfully nutty, but I voted for Lilo because of what she has done to her pretty face. Now I’m all depressed.

  19. Amy

    I really struggle with the crazy outfit for attention thing, vs. the avant garde Swinton thing. Made the Stella McCartney thing really hard. But for god sake, she actually thinks this crap looks good?

  20. vandalfan

    Lady, like the K’s, is so LOOKITME that I refuse to acknowledge her existence.

    I have an 18 year old son and many grown up Cub Scouts, so I can’t pick on the little kid.

    Lilo thinks she looks good. Drug and alcohol induced dain bramage, I fear.

    And Peggy’s daughter seems to realize her fug and is apologizing with her eyes, while Her Madgesty is bringing it, whether we want it or not.

  21. PeggyO

    I voted for Stella just so I don’t have to look at any pictures of Bieber in future rounds.

  22. jen310

    The old guard – Gaga and Madonna – are just rehashing their overexposed, tired, fug drama. I always use to give Gaga (for all manner of crazy fug shit) and Madonna (for not putting it away, Grandma) the win but they rarely change and when they do its all a big meh. Now Jessica and Rashida, they have no clue how to dress themselves and they have the goods to really turn it out – fashion wise. They just bring the fug. The sad, sad, fug. Jess and Rashida FTW. Seek help, ladies.
    Lindsay – looks rode hard and put away wet and dresses like it too. So much fug for someone so young. One should not look older than one’s mother. Lilo FTW. Seek help, copious amounts of help, Lindsay.
    How is Stella McCartney a designer again? No, really? Please explain. Stella FTW.

  23. ThePrimCrow

    LiLo is a personal hot mess, but she’s just been sporting average grade slutwear this year. CeeLo wears cracked-out baggy sparkly red matching tops and bottoms that makes him look like he has midget hands while accessorizing with a fluffy white cat. I am shocked he is losing by so much!!

  24. Lynn Baber

    This is just a really hard game to play. I am suffering from exploding brain due to these choices. LiLo or CEElo was the toughest.

  25. Jen

    I really don’t like the Lady Gaga entry. The woman clearly dresses this way as part of her performance element. Anyone seeded against her, including Jessica, legitimately think they look good and wear these outfits proudly.

    I really hope Jessica tramples Lady. Gaga shouldn’t be making it past the first round, I feel it ruins the competition since almost anything she wears would be considered fug in a normal situation.

  26. Not That Molly

    Oh fellow denizens of Fug Nation…how you confound me! In the Cher bracket, I thought Katy Perry would trounce Kard the Lesser but instead Katy got booted, presumably because hers are “stage outfits” and therefore excusable (even though her offstage ensembles are similarly heinous and she WILL NOT STOP with the disgusting blue hair).

    Thus, applying that same logic here, I assumed Gaga would get the beatdown from Szohr, for the same reasons…because Gaga’s ridiculousness is part of her “persona,” whereas Szohr (like Kard the Lesser) simply does not know how to dress herself. And yet! Gaga gets the win…wuh?

    • vandalfan

      Bringing up the eternal question- what is it to win or to lose? Is loosing Fug Madness actually winning? Or is winning losing?

  27. Sonya

    Jessica Szohr is so pretty! Why does she do this to herself? It makes me angry. Same with Rashida, actually.
    Lilo – there are no words. Cee-lo, there are not enough flashy, crazy-dressing men, I enjoy his fug.
    Bieber and his ridiculous expressions just anger me.

  28. Erin

    First off, I would SO watch the CeeLo vs. LiLo show. This must happen. And second, LiLo totally gets my vote simply because looking at CeeLo’s whackadoo outfits makes me smile and think, “Hot damn, that man looks like so much fun to hang around with!” whereas LiLo’s outfits make me scowly and frowny and wonder where the eff her parents (or someone else who actually care about her well being) might be.

  29. a

    I just keep reminding myself — winning a round of Fug Madness is not compliment. It’s *not a compliment.* So while Cee-Lo’s outfits are a joy and a thrill and I hate to say goodbye to him so early in the competition….. it’s not a compliment to vote for him. Goodbye Cee-Lo. You are better dressed than many.

  30. MelissaW

    Oh wow, it felt so horrible to vote for LiLo but GOD does she look terrible. She needs about a year of good healthy sleep, some real food (drugs don’t count), and a lifetime ban on hair bleach. Let’s not even mention the clothes. CeeLo just looks like a happy man.

  31. Sandra

    McCartney/Beiber: McCartney all the way. She went to a very good design school and GRADUATED. Beiber’s just a snot-nosed kid with a lot of money and an inflated sense of self. Yes, that description could also apply to Stella, though she’s not a kid anymore. But she is legitimately supposed to be able to get this right and she either cannot or will not.

    CeeLo/LiLo: Lindsay’s look is fuglier because she looks like nine miles of bad road. A smile and some conditioner could go a long way here. CeeLo seems like he’s loving life and that is always more attractive than not.

    Jones/Madonna: Rashida wears some really unflattering sh!t and Madonna can bust out something reasonable every now and again. The reason that Madonna’s fug is fuglier is that damn ad for her line of shoes. NOBODY of any age should put on a leather leotard, face the camera, plant one foot firmly on the floor, and fling the other one over the arm of the chair and include us all in her annual Pap & pelvic exam. My eyeballs tried to run away from my head when I saw this and it took me a long time to convince them to forgive me and come home.

    • Sandra


      GagMe/Szohr: Am bored with Miss Stefani and want her to go away.

  32. Hima

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! CEE LO FTF!!! (For The Fug)

    Please look at this picture and then realize you must vote for him:

    RED SEQUIN TELETUBBY! He must win everything.

    • Scanderoon

      See, I tend to vote for the people whose fug makes me sad/want to vomit the most. And CeeLo just makes me laugh. He KNOWS he’s fug – he’s doing it with a sense of humour. LiLo is just trying really, really hard, and has somewhere fallen off the reality boat. Girl looks horrendous.

  33. AmyK

    I just want to hug Rashida Jones and remind her of how gorgeous she is. I feel like every time I see her at events where she has to get fancied up, she looks like she hates herself and that really does affect the way clothes look on her. If she has a stylist, she needs to fire that person and get one that can pick clothes that reflect her personality AND flatter her figure.

  34. camille

    Cee-Lo is a treasure. However. The “stage outfit” thing does not apply, because he TOTALLY goes to the dentist in ridiculous sequins and headdresses.

  35. mary lou bethune

    Rashida is lovely- she just isn’t into fashion, I suspect.

    The singers in this group are artists or arrivistes – they are inspired and funny. DON”T STOP being your crazy selves. But Lohan- stop.

  36. Leah

    Rashida for the win!! She is ALWAYS a hot mess, no exceptions. Even on Parks & Rec, she has that terrible do-nothing, frizz-tastic, cut-my-own-bangs-while-drinking-chardonnay hair.

  37. Willow

    Jessica has to beat Gaga purely because of The Owl Crotch displayed in that jumpsuit.

  38. Willow

    I almost had to vote for Biebs, but Stella is a designer, and not a very good one at that, she really should no better than to wear a dress that looks like a Panic Room for her ass.

  39. Soapstef

    I don’t even know this Jessica person, but now I know her as Lady Ass Quadrants! Now I don’t have to worry about the damned Z in her last name.

  40. ceecee

    I voted for Stella over the Bieb because I sense the hand of a stylist at work on Bieber’s wardrobe so he may not be completely responsible. But she’s an adult AND a designer so there’s no excuse. But next year, Bieber, the gloves are off.

  41. yeahandalso

    You know, attention-whoring aside, some of Gaga’s costumes are actually quite interesting and I would like to see them in an exhibit. Vanessa from Brooklyn’s clothes are just sad.

    Beiber was ranked WAY too high, also of all the people in fug maddness I think he may actually have the least amount of say in what he wears. The less said about Stella the better.

    Based on just her clothes and not her face/hair/life-choices Lilo had worn a lot of cute things, Cee Lo does never not look like a crazy person

    Rashida’s stuff is just so bad, even her hair looked shabby all year.

  42. eee

    The snake thing is what made me vote for Bieber. The fact that he’s accessorizing with animals is horrible. Whether it’s a toy poodle in a handbag or a snake on the red carpet, these are LIVE ANIMALS, not a fancy pair of sunglasses. Keep in mind I’m not a crazy animal rights person; this is just an issue of simple respect for a living creature.

    And then Justin went an auctioned off the snake. He auctioned it off like his shorn hair. Sure, it’s for charity, but any responsible pet owner wouldn’t just auction off an animal without knowing what kind of home it would go to. That’s TERRIBLE. Thankfully, the guy who bought the snake feels the same way.

    Justin wins because his clothes are gross AND so is his attitude towards his pet. Would Aubrey O’Day have auctioned off her dog? Doubtful. Aubrey O’Day is a better yardstick for responsible pet ownership, people. The woman who dyed her dog to match her clothes. Justin, you fail.

    • Anita

      I agree. Apart from the fact that he gives me the creeps, Bieber should go down for animal cruelty, your pets are not fashion accessories. Snakes give me the willies but not as much as The Bieber.

  43. Vicki

    Don’t ever change, Ce Lo. You are fabulous in your fuggery.

    Lilo, on the other hand, look like she’s older than her mother no longer knows better.

  44. ccm800

    I voted CeeLO simply because I think giving Lilo ANY attention is contributing to her early demise at this point.

  45. Melissa

    So right about Rashida Jones: she is SO gorgeous, SO talented, SUCH a nice-seeming person with SUCH an awesome backstory that her fug makes one question the existence of any rightness in the universe, whereas Madonna’s fug is universe as usual, move along.

  46. K

    hahahaha….I’m a ninny. I seriously spent more time than I should even admit pondering how anyone knew that CeeLo was inside the M&M costume. Before realizing it was some kind of crazy gi-normous stage prop and CeeLo was actually just standing underneath (in my own defense, my laptop screen is small so I didn’t see him until I scrolled down). I love CeeLo. And can I just say that if he DID show up ANYWHERE in a cracked out M&M costume, it.would.be.AWESOME.

    • Miriam

      I did the same & my screen is huge. Tiny Cee-loo + your comment = hilarious!

  47. Genevieve

    Come on Guys! Madonna- last year Oscar party- her but hangin’ out next to her poor daughter! Hoe can you excuse that? Not to mention her face! well, at least I’m only down one (so far) I had Gag and Madonna with Madonna facing Lindsay no less!
    But I know, my girl Ashanti has brought it on this year!

  48. Alessandra

    I think the Stella/Biebs showdown was unfair because I have seen soooo much worse on him. Did you hold back due to a wee bit of a lesbian crush on him? her? ummm…hmmm?

  49. Chris

    I’m surprised that Stefani from Manhattan is beating Vanessa from Brooklyn. I know, costume fug is applicable, but it’s Gaga. I’m surprised that Fug Nation isn’t Kim Kardashianing the hell out of her (that is, voting against her instead of voting for her).

    I also disagree with the judgment that designers are not responsible for their lines. In a way, that’s blaming the victim – I mean, yeah, for example, some random starlet could decide to leave the house in saggy crotched leather pants and enough fur to make Ingrid Newkirk’s head explode, but the person who really endorsed that was Kanye West. Does he not hold any blame for making Hollyweird more fugly?

    Is Jennifer Lopez completely innocent of trying to make Kohl’s into her own image? In a Chico’s mirror?

    Were Chlöe Sevigny’s hands clean of The Clothing Line That Dare Not Speak Its Name? (AKA: Donna Martin Graduates And Goes To FIT.)

    Likewise, shouldn’t Stella be a #1 overall seed for not only fugging up herself, but for fugging up a majority of Hollywood starlets?

    Thought so.

    That said, I hate saying this, but…I kind of covet The Biebs’ sneaker closet. (And you know he has one.) I’d like it if he wore ACTUAL dress shoes on a red carpet for once, but I can’t hate on his choice of kicks in and of themselves. (On the other hand, I own a neon green and charcoal gray pair of Osiris sneakers, so I may not be the best judge.) So, Stella it is.

  50. Darren

    I think that by her own standards Gaga actually looked relatively subdued and great this year (excluding the sheer-train, six-foot heel-less clog number). Two of the outfits you featured in this post look fantastic (at the very least as pieces of artwork). And regardless of how you feel about her persona, it sells albums and tickets massively so it’s not like she can just turn it off.

    Especially as she inspired so many people who dress in an “avant-garde” manner quite poorly (ahem, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Katy Perry), at least she does it well. So I think Vanessa from Brooklyn gets this one.

    I didn’t vote for Cee-Lo because he so clearly enjoys it and a good attitude can never be fug.

    I’m younger than Madonna’s career, but was she ever a fashion icon? From what I can tell she always had a bad sense of fashion and not only that, but not even in an interesting way. I voted for Rashida because she’s SO PRETTY and it should be so hard to make her look bad, but it seems to happen often.

    McCartney over Bieber.

  51. liz_bee

    You know, I kind of want Rashida to go far in Fug Madness, just so that she gets a little wake up call. Her fashion is not horrible, but it’s horrible considering how freaking beautiful she is. Imagine if she got into the top 4, and then she was like, whoa! I better start looking in the mirror before I hit the red carpet! But alas, in a fug contest against Madonna, the Material Girl takes the cake.

  52. nerak

    i just feel like i need to explain myself: rashida jones is so DISAPPOINTING. she’s hilarious, she’s fucking beautiful, all she needs to do is put on a pair of good jeans and comb her hair and she’d be a goddess but what the what???
    also i refuse to vote for gaga because it just encourages her.

    • eee

      PLEASE tell me your user name is a reference to the creepy Bette Davis kids’ “horror” movie The Watcher in the Woods.

  53. jenny

    Bjork bracket is AWESOME. Everyone up in here should be a number one or two seed. And Beiber v. McCartney…jeebus, that’s final four material right there. How can they both look so bad, all the livelong day?

  54. Laucie

    The only outfit LiLo is wearing that isn’t too small, short, or revealing is the white dress and gray sweater. The furry cuffs give her monkey hands, and the matching pelts on the sides and possibly her rear are horrendous. (It’s like she wanted to go werewolf, but stopped part-way in.)

  55. Scanderoon

    The fact that Gaga is winning kind of irks me. YES, she’s crazy. Same old hat. I feel like someone who has made it her actual job-description to be crazy and cracked-out should be considered less. And as someone above said, for her this year was actually sort of less bad. (The satellite-dish thing is wholly ridiculous but kind of pretty as abstract art.)

    Jessica, however, is just SAD. She’s trying to look nice and failing SO HARD. Did you SEE that tie-dye sack monstrosity?? It’s like she doesn’t have eyes. Like she literally cannot see the difference between attractiveness and incredible fug. LOOK HOW CAPSY SHE IS MAKING ME.

    *ahem* Anyway, that’s why I voted for Jessica and I think you should too.

    • Scanderoon

      By the way, “tie-dye sack monstrosity” in the above comment links to the Fug entry. So you can see with your own eyes.

  56. Sajorina

    This one required more thought, but after watching the Archives, it was easy! My votes went to Lady Gaga because at least I never saw JZ’s panties; Stella McCartney because she has no idea what she’s doing; Lindsey Lohan because once you go Victoria Gotti, you earn a FUG for life; and, Rashida Jones because she has so much potential, but seems oblivious to it!

  57. ML

    Apparently, the only way LiLo could’ve been bested in this round would’ve been by Cee-Lo in a Speedo.

  58. NYCGirl

    Rashida Jones vs. Madonna was unexpectedly difficult. Ultimately I voted for Rashida, because Madonna actually wore some decent things, and Rashida…well, didn’t.

    The others were easy (Gaga, Bieber, Lohan).

  59. granny

    Cee-Lo – nope. When a clown wears a clown suit in the center ring, that’s not fug.

  60. Shanti

    Couldn’t vote for Madonna this year – that close-up of her butt from last year’s March Madness just blew all of this year’s fug out of the water.

    Also, that picture of Cee Lo and the giant M&M just cracks me up every time I see it or think about it, which happens far more often than it probably should.