Fug Madness 2012: One Fugging Winner, One Fugging Moment

This one was an adventure. Fug Madness has never had a final game so close; barely even a regular game so close (we have to reach back to the epic Peldon vs. Sevigny in 2008). All day, the lead swung wildly back and forth. Countless people Tweeted us to say their vote was the only one breaking a tie. Three votes here, twenty votes there, then one, then seven, then fifty, then eighty the other way. Picture it, Sophia Petrillo-style:

9 a.m. Monday. Polls open. Vanessa jumps out to a tiny lead; Lindsay quickly closes the gap.
10:30 a.m. We get our first tweets — of too many to count — from somebody whose vote broke an absolute deadlock. Diet Coke time.
2 p.m
. For the first time all day, the polling software’s rounding mechanism breaks its 50-50 claim (even though you can see by vote count who’s ahead) and gives Lilo a 51-49 edge, at which point I declare to Jessica that LiLo has it in the bag, that there is no coming back for Hudgens. We toast with some Diet Coke.
5 p.m. Hudgens comes back.
6 p.m. The lead changes six times in a ten-minute span. More Diet Coke.
9 p.m. One girl leaps out again to a 100-plus vote lead. I am out of Diet Coke.
2:30 a.m. Tuesday. With polls closing in roughly seven hours, the current leader is finally up by well more than 200 votes — the largest margin of the day. Voting had slowed down; history suggested it would be insurmountable. And so our glorious in-house editor puts the finishing touches on this year’s “One Fugging Moment” montage, proclaiming that person the victor, and I set it to upload to YouTube while we slept.
7 a.m. Last night’s leader is still up by more than 150 votes, 51 percent to 49 percent. I embed the video in our winner post and set it to go live at 10 a.m.
9:15 a.m. My in-house editor leaves for his out-of-house editing job and asks flippantly, “Did you ever check the poll results?” I say, “Yeah, we’re fine,” and then grab my phone on a whim and dial them up anew. And they’ve changed. For good. The polls are closed. I go buy a Diet Coke.

In two hours and fifteen minutes, there was a 300-vote swing. We were about half an hour away from our own GFY “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment… and we stupidly, tiredly, optimistically (or pessimistically, given who I was rooting for) hadn’t cut a backup. So that’s why this post is late. Day jobs wait for no man, and our editor is no exception.

But we’re here now. And we have a winner. Whose fug reigned (barely) supreme?

Yes, that’s right. Lindsay Lohan was the winner when we went to bed, but Vanessa Hudgens and the Temple of Trouser-Sock Doom surged back to pip her at the post.

The eerie thing is, I offhandedly predicted this last year. Does this mean I am a harbinger of destiny? I hope not, because that might mean I’m also a harbinger of Destiny, which is Miley Cyrus’s actual given name, and I don’t want to be responsible for bringing more of that to you all. But if she wins next year I’m going to start playing the lotto.

Hudge won 50.3% to 49.7%. It was a 94-vote difference. I can’t decide if this means Dina Lohan’s WiFi suddenly kicked in and she was able to vote her daughter off the gold-medal podium, or Dina Lohan’s WiFi suddenly crapped out and she was unable to keep her daughter on the gold-medal podium.

So, well played, Lindsay; you avoided the Fug Madness Curse, a.k.a., falling into obscurity after taking the crown (see also: Bai Ling, Aubrey O’Day, Amber Rose, and Taylor Momsen), even though you could probably use the break. As for Vanessa, her current level of fame being higher than any of the others’ might mean she’s best poised to break the curse and even have a real shot at being our first repeat threat. I mean, surely those pants aren’t just a passing phase. Those show real commitment.

And now, here it is, AT LAST, the montage, the fromage, the melange: “One Fugging Moment.”

As a treat for those of you who supported Lindsay and are crushed that 0.6% came between her and your dream for her, here is our accidental gift: The original video that ends with her as the winner. (The rest is the same.) In fact, I saved the entire post that would have anointed her the victor, if you really want to go all-out with the fantasy. Enjoy it and imagine what might have been. And should you need further procrastinatory material, or want to compare Lindsay’s run to that of past winners (and see where she got knocked out in years past, including a surprise first-round defeat in ’08), allow me to present links to other fuggers’ triumphs: One Fugging Bai (2008), One Fugging Aubrey (2009), One Fugging Amber (2010), and One Fugging Momsen (2011). We are very lucky — no other Web site gets to say its tribute piece was edited by the person who cut both the Chuck season finale AND several of the best Top Model episodes (“Michelle Gets The Flesh Eating Disease” from cycle four, and Jade’s twin triumphs — the Cover Girl walk-and-talk ad, and the finale, wherein she does beat poetry while eliminated — from cycle six being my favorites). Bravo, good sir. We’d like to keep you.

Thanks to everyone for enjoying Fug Madness as much as we do — or at least pretending to — and thank you again for helping us win, in dominating fashion, The Atlantic‘s inaugural Best of the Brackets (we even beat the Muppets, people! THE MUPPETS!). Fug Nation is the best. You know why we think this is the best of the brackets? Because of YOU. See you next March. Well, actually, we’ll see you later today, and tomorrow, and the next day, but… you feel me.

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Comments (126):

  1. Willow

    That video, like the subsequent ones, is flawless, the zooms into Katy Perry’s face and Miley’s crotch are AMAZING.


    • Minutiae

      Seriously… the fade from Miley’s crotch to J-Lo looking like her camel toe come to life nearly made me spit out my V8.

      • Jessica

        I totally laughed out loud at that one.

      • Jules

        Yeah, that was cinematic magic right there. Love it!

      • Drie

        I laughed so hard at my desk when that happened – my co-workers think I’m mental!

      • Laura E.

        I’m torn between that and the cut-in to Cee Lo as my favorite moments. Also: closeups for Thomas Janes’ feet.

        An outstanding video wrapup. 2013 will have a hard time topping this year.

      • KaKeSe


      • Wildviolette

        I DID spit my coffee at that exact moment!! It made my friggin’ day!
        Thank you, ladies. And kudos to the editor!

      • camille

        Yes. Jlo springing forth, fully formed, from Miley’s crotch made me lol at work. As did the sudden zoom in on TJane’s bare feet. I was too busy laughing at that to be startled by their transition to chicken feet.

        And CONGRATS on winning the bracket bracket! To quote the Shake n’ Bake girl, “AH HEYULPED!”

  2. Heather

    My favorites are, I think, “wind in your face” on SJP and the fact that J.Lo pops up on “you knew you were alive” with everyone around her looking dead. Oh, and “the ball is tipped” being that guy straddling a wire. Wait. There are others. Damn. They’re all my favorites.

    • Willow

      also “No one knows” when Katherine Heigl appeared made me cackle with glee. Thank you for this.

      • Heta

        Yes, the “blinking of an eye” for Tyra, “wind in your face” for SJP, “inside you knew” for Ke$ha’s x-ray outfit, and the “arms in the air” for Robyn were my favorite moments!

        And I’ve just discovered another similarity between us, Heather (beyond our names): our husbands both edit reality TV–what are the odds?!

    • Fug de los Muertos

      This was so much fun. I cannot WAIT for 2013.

    • Blue Shoes.

      I LOVED that “eyes” was accompanied by Tyra and her flying forehead furnishing.

  3. Jane

    What an appropriately EPIC finish. I was rooting for V. Hudge from the get go, and my girl TOOK IT! Awesomesauce. Not even the trainwreck that is Lindsay Lohan can defeat those crocheted pants.

  4. BooRad859

    This was my first Fug Madness and I enjoyed it beyond measure. I have spent far too many hours going back to review Fug Madnesses of Years Past to see what I missed. Needless to say, I can’t wait for next year!\

  5. Bagbo

    I laughed out loud at the “wind in your face”/SJP cut. GENIUS.

    • Edith

      Following the “Feel it in your HEART” of Christina Hendricks’ boobs with the “wind in your face” SJP-HAIR photo was sheer brilliance.

      And thanks for giving us the chance to live in the Lilo-Champion Alternate Universe. Yay!

      • tigerstripes

        “Following the “Feel it in your HEART” of Christina Hendricks’ boobs with the “wind in your face” SJP-HAIR photo was sheer brilliance.”
        Hear Hear. Edith put this so well, I can only second her.

        I understand those who grieve for Lilo’s loss, but she’ll be there next year; and VHudge may have wised up by then. This was her year for FugQueen. All Hail!

  6. Kristen from MA

    Great, great work, Fug Girls! Thank you so much!

  7. Minnie

    It’s kind of embarrassing how excited I was when I saw this post.

  8. deee

    Bravo ladies! Thank you for the fun!

  9. Charlotte

    This is the first time the person I’ve been rooting for since the beginning took the big win. Truly, since I saw those crocheted pants, I knew that she had to be The One.

  10. Sylvia

    I screamed when J-Lo appeared over Miley’s crotch. My roommate gave me a weird look, but she knows how seriously I take my Fug Madness.

    That video had me in stitches. It was flawless as usual. You ladies really are tops. I’m glad Hudgens won, but I also loved the LiLo video. Thank you for another year and an epic final.

  11. Karen

    Well-played Fug Girls, well-played!

  12. The Fugger

    …today, I learned what Miley’s given name was.

    …oh god. So wait, does that mean that when she has her first kid, it’ll be…Destiny’s Child?

    Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle, Latoya, and Latavia are gonna be pissed.

    Anyway, back on topic.

    On one hand, this means that Lindsay doesn’t get to go away, as winners of Fug Madness are wont to do. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that Linds will necessarily stay around (whatever happened to Mischa Barton?).

    Congratulations to The Hudgernaut. You earned it, girl. Now please, never wear those lace bellbottoms again.

  13. TaraMisu

    Once again THANK YOU for making one of the dullest months on the calendar bearable :)
    I was rooting for Lilo, but the Hudge must have some fugmagic to pull off this “win”.

    And props on the video, I’m still holding my sides :D

  14. Tracy

    I call shenanigans! VHudge’s clothes are hideous, to be sure. But LiLo’s mess goes much deeper than the surface, literally to the third-world grade botox and filler that is injected in her lips and face. How she lost is beyond me. But I suspect she and/or Dina had something to do with this “late night” upset….

    • Sarita

      I think a lot of people couldn’t vote for LiLo because it was just too sad. Besides, it’s about the clothes, not the face. And Vanessa’s clothes are… also sad. But in a more fun way.

      • Heather

        Yes, I have to say, joyful fug is more fun for me.

      • Louise

        They’re both terrible but… how on earth did KE$HA not win this and every other Fug Madness ever?

  15. Kait

    I may have been involved in the last minute upset. Sorry to make extra work for you ladies but I am SOOOOO HAPPY Vanessa won! Between the lace pants, stocking socks, and her passion for wearing over the knee boots without pants that girl really deserved it.

  16. notbusy

    that montage is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time

  17. Lauren

    I’m heartbroken. Absolutely gutted.

    However, thanks for the links to the past One Fugging Moments! Such memories. And how the hell has Juliette Lewis never won?!

  18. Girlin

    Thanks Fug-girls!! I was rooting for the Vudge…a deserving winner! =)

  19. Stella

    oh wow, those past videos! I think 2008 wins “Fugliest Collective” seemingly anyone from that year could’ve won this year.

    • Heather

      The advantage they had was, it was our first contest, so we were using EVERYTHING from 2000-2008.

      • Stella

        oh right! I was worried that so many pairs of harem pants and overalls had been worn in a single year.

  20. Jill

    My cat is getting irritated because I was laughing like an idiot at this video! Still wish it’d been LiLo (and her fug made a more appropriate finish to One Shining Moment — that close-up gave me chills). Maybe next year, though for her sake, I hope not.

  21. anonymoose

    Who the h*ll is Vanessa Hudgins anyway, and why do we keep seeing pictures of her? :-/

    • Charlotte

      Vanessa Hudgens is yet another putative actress/singer produced by the Disney Machine – her star vehicle was High School Musical, and all the cloying kitsch that came with it.

      She’s currently filming a major movie with James Franco, though, so you’re probably going to be seeing a lot more of her in both these parts and others. So you might want to make whatever peace you need to make with her before she’s all over the red carpet.

  22. anonymoose

    Just watched the vid. Am gonna have nightmares tonight! WOW. So much fug.

  23. danielle

    great job on the video, but dang, I was really wanting LiLo to win!

  24. Darci

    I loved the video, and I went back and watched last year’s too, and although I voted for BOTH V Hudg and Momsen in the finals, there’s one thing I kept asking myself – how does Ke$ha keep losing this thing?!

    • Karen

      A good question. I was really rooting for a Ke$ha/LiLo final round–they both look so miserable all the time that it would be as close a call as the actual final, I’d bet.

  25. Emily

    Thanks for another hilarious round of Fug Madness! I’m so glad I didn’t see that video until I was already home from work…I yelped out loud at the zoom in on Miley’s crotch. And I’m glad Vanessa won instead of LiLo. This way is so much more fun.

  26. christine christine

    I can’t believe I bet against both Kentucky and V-Hudge. I was way off this year, I had Kansas and LiLo both before the tournaments even started! I will have to check my instinct into rehab because It Is Not Right.

  27. liz_bee

    Thanks ladies! That was fun. But…does anyone feel like we went wrong in the voting? How did the Hudge win? I feel like she somehow had an easy path to the championship…and then LiLo lost partially because of the pity factors. Hmm? Anyone agree?

    Either way, can’t wait until next year’s Fug Madness!

    • Louise

      Agreed, Kesha and obviously Sevigny are much more the epitome of Fug!

  28. Betty

    Wow what a year. So much fug! Thanks for another fun contest, Fug Girls, and super video too. Especially love the Miley/JLo transition and the SJP wind in the face. Excellent!

  29. Ruth

    I truly belly laughed out loud for most of the video because of the genius editing plus matching the lyrics and photos. I may have to watch it many, many times.

    • AndersonicTK421

      Ditto. Am going back to watch again, right now. The cuts are amaza-fug.

  30. Megan

    I love Chuck. I had more to say about clothes and fugliness and whatnot, but I have been sidetracked….

  31. Sue

    Never discount the West Coast voting fingers of doom. The crochet pants will not be denied their moment! Thank you, as always, for an epic FUG Madness.

    Team Vanessa!

  32. Jill Daher-Twersky

    Fug Madness gets me through March Madness every year – thanks, Fug Girls! :D

  33. Kristina Ma'aut Morgan

    Is it bad that I kinda like the crazy style of 3 of the 5 winners (Bai, Momsen, and Hudg)? At least they are interesting, different and creative (except the excessive skin. Ick.) I usually vote for hideous (Lilo) but maybe I should switch to fun fug and hope I have 5 minutes of fame so I might be lucky enough to be honored as fug!

  34. Ladyblahblah

    Since the Lilo pity factor seems to have skewed the voting somewhat, maybe next year there could be a special bracket for the drug addicted/frequently incarcerated/mentally ill celebs who still like to get out and show their fug. Kind of like a NIT for troubled fuggers.

    • AndersonicTK421

      Ha, shoot… We’d hafta have a bracket on determining the qualifiers alone…

    • Kiti

      This is a great idea, and I hereby dub it the Courtney Love Bracket!

  35. Helen

    Oh, that was wonderful! Great song choice, too. I think I’ll watch it again. What fun!

  36. Spacelamb

    I might be alone here, but I am amazed that Vanessa won. There were so many other, far worthier potential victors. (Vagina-sling, anyone?) Still, it’s all in good fun and there’s always 2013 to look forward to.

  37. Dana

    Excellent work once again. I am always sad when it is over.

  38. Widow Colby's Turban

    Well played, my darlings. A tip of the turban to you.

  39. AndersonicTK421

    Oh, Sweet Fugs… I have SERIOUSLY been waiting for the video all day. As a proud owner of the Fug Awards book*, and a veteran of Fug Madness, I must say this match-up was STELLAR in it’s close-’tude. Bravo, Heath & Jess – NEVER LEAVE US. Turbans & D.Cokes all around…

    *no seriously. If you don’t own this, buy a copy now. It is a truly priceless picture of the “candid” milieu that used to rule this roost.

  40. AndersonicTK421

    Oh the vid cuts….

    JLo IS Cyrus Fallopian Tubes!

    Final thoughts: may want to consider exempting SWINTON in perpetuity – I mean honestly, the woman is too damn good to be part of that…

    • Poppy

      I’m not the first one to say this, but I vote for a SWINTON bracket next year!

      • Molly

        OOh, good idea! That’s where the “undefined” can go! It could be it’s own little tournament.

  41. mary lou bethune

    It seems that the winner of MM then disappears off the face of the earth…. odd.

  42. jean

    Yippie! Happy Fug. Thank you again ladies for your hard work. And to Fug Nation for choosing joy over sadness! Thank you guys.

  43. amys

    Okay, who else can’t get “One Shining Moment” out of their head? As always, very well played Jessica and Heather (and editor!). Already looking forward to FM 2013. Hudge–don’t go changing!

  44. Cecily

    Well deserved, and well done once again, ladies! I was so remiss in this year’s Madness obligations, busy at work, tried to get to it at night, but alas, fell behind. I did get in on the last vote, Lilo vs. Vanessa, I held my nose and voted Vanessa. Lilo’s fug is abysmal, but Vanessa’s is supreme, so I can claim a small victory, as I see now I contributed to that last very close round. Hats, fascinators and jumpsuits off to all those who participated to make this stellar annual happen!

  45. Cecily

    Oh my, forgot to give props to editing for the pull-out from Miley’s crotch to J.Lo’s gathering of the stage! Hilarious!!

  46. cstiddy

    The dramatic zoom-in on Jolie’s Leg was, quite simply, outstanding. I am not kidding when I say I did a spit take. I’m also happy b/c Hudgens really deserved the win. As always, thank you and I anxiously await next year. Fug on!

  47. The Fugger

    …hands down (or hands up, as the case may be), the best part of that montage is 2:23.

    I knew it was destiny for Robyn to go out in the Final Four.

    The J.Lo/Miley fade was also golden, although La Lopez would probably have us all killed at the implication that she smells like la entrepierna de Hannah Colorado.

    While I’m happy with The Hudge winning (or losing, as the case may be), I really thought 2012 was going to be Jessica White’s year. Ah well. There’s always 2013, and I’m sure Cousin Dionne and her psychic friends have a couple of things to loan a sista.

    As for previous winners: Bai went to rehab, Aubrey is probably torturing her dog in some dingy condo in the Valley, Amber is attempting to hyphenate her name (with Wiz Khalifa, who is almost as fug as her ex-boyfriend), and Momsen…well, didn’t Little J decide she was PUNK RAWK? Most recording artists go in about 2-year cycles or thereabouts, where they’re ubiquitous for a year when an album comes out and then less so for another year…until their next album.

    …and also, doesn’t La Momsen turn 18 this year? I tremble in fear of seeing her Cindy Lou Who. Again.

    • GFY Heather

      Aubrey is on Celebrity Apprentice!

      • The Fugger

        Please tell me that she didn’t bring the dog on set.

        …actually, please tell me she did. For once, The Donald wouldn’t have the worst hair on Celebrity Apprentice.

  48. Kyasarin

    I knew you had it in you, Hudge. I knew you could do it. *sniff* I’m so proud!

  49. corriner

    TWO YEARS IN A ROW WITH A CORRECT WINNER PREDICTION!!! I should start buying lottery tickets too Heather!

    The Hudge taking it all makes me so happy. Also, I LOVE the J.Lo camel toe blast radius part of the video. Amazing.

  50. Shanti

    Looking over the montage has reminded me of the breathtaking fun that got voted out early. Truly, they were ALL winners (losers?).

  51. jen310

    That montage was fugging fantastic (as always). Isn’t it Mr. Kevin Fug Girl (your husband) who does the incredible editing work. If he is the editor – BRAVO, Sir. And he is an actual television/film editor in real life too? How awesome is that? You’re a lucky woman (and if I am wrong about all that just pretend the above sentences don’t exist – la la la la (cover your eyes and pretend you can’t see) you didn’t read that).

    The camel toe come to life as JLo – magnificent. Kinda like the birth of Venus but with JLo rising from Miley’s lady bits instead of Venus rising from the sea riding a seashell.

    Thanks for another rousing, maddening, exhilarating, laugh and tear inducing, Fug Madness. I live for this. It is the only bracket game that matters for now and evermore. Looking forward to Fug Madness 2013 – unless the Mayans were right. Fug Girls rule!

    • Heather

      You are correct! He is Mr Kevin Fug Girl, and he moonlights for us amid editing gigs. He rules, frankly.

      • madison16

        Has Mr. Kevin Fug Girl found a good job since Chuck was cancelled? I also read your blog and when I heard that it was being cancelled my first thought was of your family.

  52. TonyG

    This was such a crazy Fug Madness. So many upsets! Fug Nation is an unruly bunch…LOL. Thanks Heather and Jessica. And here’s to The Vudge! You earned it!

  53. 1daisy

    Thanks so much Fug Girls! This was a lot of fun and helped keep us smiling around here. There really is such a thing as a desperate housewife =) esp in mid-March.

  54. Sajorina

    I KNEW IT! I knew FUGdgens would emerge victorious & she deserves it… She earned it!

    This was laugh out loud funny!!! Thank you for all your hard work & hilarious commentary, dear FugGirls! Plus, I’d like to thank the editor (*ahem, Heather’s husband, cough*) for the morsel of AWESOME that is this video & “Chuck”… Thank you, Kevin!

  55. Hima

    Oh man. The editing of the video this year was phenomenal, particularly with the very adept matching of the lyrics to photos. My favorite example of that was Robyn’s joyful arms in the air at “reach for the sky.” I also very much loved the pan out to Ce Lo with the giant M&M. I am still upset that he lost in the first round – I really had him going far this year. My only conciliation is that although LiLo knocked him out early, she ended up losing at the very very end.

    Ultimately though, with Fug Madness, I do think that the phrase “win or lose, it’s how you play the game” is super appropriate. No matter who ends up winning this thing, it’s always a great time.

  56. lisas

    So much fun, thank you so much.

  57. Rosa

    This years Fug Madness did the unthinkable; it made me go from really, really disliking VHudge’s fuggery, to actually enjoying her deranged efforts and sunshiny, oblivious disposition.

    Maybe I have VHudge stockholm syndrome?

    Regardless, she was my pick from the start and I can rejoice in the fact my instincts have been vindicated!

  58. fritanga

    I literally got up to dance to that fine, fine music.

    It really was a toss-up this year, wasn’t it? In the end, though, Hudgens’ clothes were indeed the smelliest. Oh yes. Brava, unfortunate neo-hippie girl. You bested a true sartorial trainwreck and now must fade into the woodwork. Bye bye.

  59. Mjx

    Eh. Lindsay should have won this.

    Even with her most ridiculous choices, Vanessa still looks cute, if sometimes a bit stumpy/bats; You don’t think, ‘Her “friends” must hate her and give her terrible advice’, just that she decided to ignore good advice/wisdom, figuring if she doesn’t get this stuff out of her system now, she’ll have to wait until she’s 40 to do so, and look desperate and sad.

    Lindsay’s chioices almost invariably make her look tragic, even when things are going well (yes, of course this is relative) for her. Plus, they strongly suggest that when SHE’s 40, things are only going to be worse.

    • fritanga

      I think you’re giving Hudgens waaay too much credit. Her fug is bone-deep – otherwise she wouldn’t have worn those snagged black stocking socks with ugly high-heeled sandals she bought at the Eagle Rock mall.

      Anyone that enamored of floppy hats and crochet work is not trying to get something out of her system – she’s embracing it with untoward passion. Lilo is demented and sad; Hudgens just has intrinsic bad horrible not very good taste.

      • Mjx

        But… but… I can’t feel sorry for Vanessa, or worried about her. I just feel like she could pull it together at the drop of a hat. After all, the fug is certainly there, but there have been plenty of occasions when she’s nailed it perfectly, and looked fine. Poor ole Lilo just, well, her ‘not too bad’ would count as most people’s ‘fug’. It’s just fug all the way!

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  61. courtney

    I love — LOVE — that the line “wind in your face” happens just as we see SJP’s windblown hair of doom. Well done, Fug Girls (and in-house editor!)

  62. maria

    I know that many people have said it before me, but I just wanted to say “thank you” for all the joy your site brings me. I read it religiously, and wait all year for Fug Madness to roll around again!!! Thanks so much for all the many laughs and cries of delight!!!

  63. Edith

    Just rewatched the 2011 video, and realized that this year’s entrants had nothing on Ms. Momsen, who was ubiquitous and horrible for that whole year before finally disappearing. The loving pan up to her “I FUCK FOR SATAN” tank top killed me dead.

    Memories! LIke the corners of my mind!
    Misty water-colored memories! of the way we were…..

  64. Trace

    This was my first Fug Madness, and I have to say it is the best at-work time waster I’ve found so far. And that’s really something because the Internet is a big place…

  65. Donna

    Thanks Fug Girls, and Mr Kevin Fug Girl, you’re all working so hard to give us some fun! Now, I really must get back to work…

  66. vandalfan

    Wind in your face *snork* Perfect! But Lindsay wuz robbed, robbed I tell ya.

    And how did the Fug Madness fare against the Muppets in the bracket of Brackets?

  67. vandalfan

    Well, all I have to do is keep reading, right? Congrats to Fug Madness.

  68. wendy

    I am actually in tears now….sobbing into my coffee….sad, no? but I love this so much. And since my Jayhawks lost, my Hudgens victory is all the more bittersweet. Thanks Jessica and Heather.

  69. Laurie


  70. LaceFlower

    Thank you for all the fun; and such a nail biter! Now I have to go back and relive the past pagents.

  71. Carol

    Oh Fug Girls, I love you! SIGH And Fug Madness is over for another year, it all just goes by too fast!!!

    Thanks for the dedication and the choose your own Fug Madness ending =) I was sure LiLo had it in the bag but you’re right, those pants of Vanessa’s just can not be beaten.

  72. Sandra

    Many thanks to FugGuy Kevin. His work upholds the stellar standards of FugNation.

  73. Kelley

    this is my third Fug Madness, and i love it every time.

    i did lose a $20 bet….i was SO SURE that LiLo had it in the bag. I mean… she really is tragedy personified. Oh well, there will always be next year.

    Love you Ladies!

  74. ib

    I’m concerned about all your Diet coke ingesting. Watch “hungry For Change” please! You need to keep this blog going forever! :D

  75. Ms. Chanandler Bong

    At least I had Lindsay in the Championship!

  76. The Other Molly

    This has been the most disappointing Fug Madness ever.
    So many who deserved the title and THIS is the winner?
    My dreams are dashed.
    I can’t even look forward to the 2013 contest when this is what was elected this year.
    *Closes the bar, mops the floor, turns out the lights and wanders out into a night, where True Fug is no longer appreciated*

  77. lkf

    I love your site all year long but Fug Madness is always so much fun! Great last post too—loved the drama of this final and your post-game wrap up!

  78. ceecee

    Bravo! Another masterpiece! GFY makes me laugh every day but Fug Madness- freaking comedy genius! Congrats, Vanessa and LiLo- you both truly deserve this honor!

  79. Chaiaiai

    Girls, as always, amazing and thank you. Husband Kevin, you are a genius – thank you as well. My fave moment of the “Moment” was Jackson Rathbone as “one shining star” in his precious lil velvet suit.

  80. crookedE

    Thanks so much ladies! This was the best of times, and the worst of fashions.

  81. Mooshki

    Fug should be fun. The wreck LiLo has made of her life is not fun. I’m so glad Vanessa nudged her out!

  82. Remi

    Harbringer of destiny makes it sound like you’re the announcer at a stripclub…

  83. Lucille Austero

    So. Much. Fun. Vanessa had it in the bag the day she stepped out in those brown lace bellbottoms. Thank you, Heather and Jessica. Fug Madness is right up there with Christmas, Canada Day, my birthday and the Academy Awards.

  84. DT

    Peldon didn’t meet Sevigny in 2008. Peldon lost to Stone, and Sevigny to Bai Ling….

  85. NYCGirl

    I still think Lindsay was fuglier. Anyway, Heather and Jessica, you deserve a vacation. Heck, we all do.

  86. megumi

    So great! Thank you! I believe those brown lace pants and that outfit with the cut off jean shorts and the baseball cap….OH NO–those ripped pants and the hat?!
    really decided it for me!
    What scares me is that my style is quite boho…i try to veer away but I keep coming back…this is a warning for me…It’s like “rein in the fringes sweetie…you are one lace pant away from fug madness..”

  87. ck76

    I salute you!

  88. Julie

    I appreciate the fact that you called Vanessa’s win at the end of last year’s round. Very impressive.

  89. Sharon

    I demand a recount! Get those people in Florida who know how to look at hanging chads!!!! I am losing my mind over this. Someone is gonna pay!

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