Fug Madness 2012: Final Four Preview

Well, well. The supposed favorites are gone, leaving a No. 3 seed as the highest-ranked member of our Final Four. Also, interestingly, each game is a first name/last name versus a mono-moniker. I am not sure I know where y’all are going to go with this — you’ve surprised me with several of your picks this year already — but one thing I know for sure: This year’s “One Fugging Moment” montage is going to be SOLID.

The bracket claimed again that we’d spread out the games across Thursday and Friday, but we’re going to do them both Thursday instead, so that we can leave polls open a bit longer in advance of Monday’s final game and really give people a chance to vote the hell out of it. On whom will you be voting? VOILA:



Vanessa showed Kourtney Kardashian who’s boss, dominating her the way K.Kard has steamrolled people the rest of the way: A full 67 percent of you thought Hudge’s fug was stronger, and voted her into the Final Four. She’ll face up against the unbelievably tough Ke$ha, who bounced Nicki Minaj by snagging 53 percent of the vote. Ke$ha hasn’t had a contest that wasn’t a squeaker; conversely, Vanessa hasn’t beaten anyone with less than 63 percent so far (their full roads to the Final Four are after the jump, with the updated bracket).



Robyn laid waste to another top seed, this time getting rid of Fergie by a narrow margin with 54 percent of the vote. She’ll take her platform boots to Lohantown next, after LiLo conquered Ashanti’s vagina sling with 61 percent of the vote — impressive, considering I just used the words “vagina sling.”

HOW THEY GOT HERE: Road to the Final Four

Vanessa Hudgens Ke$ha Lindsay Lohan Robyn
Round 1 d. (14) Lucy Hale, 93% d. (3) Boobs Legsly, 57% d. (11) Cee Lo, 78% d. (6) Kat Graham, 76%
Round 2 d. (11) Tyra Banks, 73% d. (11) Erin Wasson, 52% d. (14) Stella McCartney, 62% d. (3) Christina Hendricks, 67%
Sweet 16 d. (2) Rooney Mara, 85% d. (2) Jessie J, 54% d. (2) Lady Gagga, 66% D. (2) Rihanna, 63%
Elite 8 d. (16) Kourtney Kard, 67% d. (1) Nicki Minaj, 53% d. (4) Ashanti, 61% d. (4) Fergie, 54%


And here is your updated bracket:

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Comments (43):

  1. Willow

    The Hudge FTW! I honestly think out of all them her fug is the most haywire, Lindsay, Robyn and Ke$ha all have a Fug Niche, The Hudge just dabbles in them all, she’s a One Woman Fug Parade.

    • Amanda

      I thought it was Minaj all the way, but now it HAS to be Hudge. She dresses in the dark everyday.

  2. Alison

    I have to agree – Fug Madness is The Hudge’s to lose. I didn’t realize how “impressive” her body of fug had been this year up until this contest. I think Kourtney was cheated – had she been in the Bjork or Charo brackets, she would have made it to the final round.

  3. Ty3009

    V. Hudge and LiLo for the finals. Tragic fug beats performance fug.

    • Lindsay

      Agreed! I love Robyn and Kesha, but I think The Hudge will take it in the end.

  4. Kristen from MA

    C’mon. it has to be Kesha! More than one person has said it: she looks as if she smells bad.

    But I did want to say that the last round was especially tough in terms of who to vote for – so much fug in the world! ;)

  5. Wren

    I predict Hudgens and Lohan. It will be the smackdown of the former child stars. I do hope there will be clips from each lady’s album if they do make it to the final game.

  6. Indiana Douche

    I cannot believe that Chloe is not here.

  7. Stefanie

    OOO It’s gunna be Venessa vs. LiLo. (I hope.) Wow. Im going to think long and hard about this. Best matchup YET!!

  8. glee

    I can’t believe Ashanti is left behind… She so deserves the fug crown for that ONE dress alone. I am now depressed – though bored enough to vote again!

    • ceecee

      Me, too! If we were voting for Single Worst Outfit, Ashanti and her vagina sling would have it sewn up. Better luck next year, Ashanti!

  9. Carol

    LiLo is gonna take this. It’s her fug year!

  10. Julie

    Thanks for letting us know the match-ups today. I need to ponder my choices tonight over a glass or two of wine. The amount of fug represented by the Final Four makes me feel good about myself when I skip the shower & hair brushing and just pull on the sweats to make the bagel/coffee run. No wait – that would just make me Ke$ha.

  11. Sajorina

    Hudgens For The Win!!! No one else has fugged harder this year! She deserves that crown & I wish I could see Momsen hand it over to her with tears in her racoon eyes… *sniff*

  12. drPhilG

    Interesting that (nearly) everyone got the final 4 with their lowest winning scores (except for ke$ha, who got a 52% in an earlier round.) This is indicative of both your conclusion that the Final 4 is the result of lower ranked people upsetting more prestigious foe, and that it’s going to be tough to win!

  13. Megan

    I feel like LiLo is just a bad dresser whereas Ashanti is legitimately a fabulously ugly dresser.

  14. Kate

    Vanessa vs. Ke$ha strikes me as the “Probably smells” match up.
    Ergo, patchouli + B.O. vs. vomit breath + B.O.

  15. Ashley

    I have nightmares about those lace pants. This is Hudgens’ to lose.

  16. vandalfan

    Vanessa is simply young and mistaken. The single monikers’ fugs are both deliberate. I think sad, sad Lilo will bring home the roses this year.

    (Newcomers, don’t forget to turn up your speakers for the One Shining Moment montage!)

  17. Jacq

    I can’t tell you how much I love Fug Madness. Heather and Jessica, I salute you for your dedication to the cause!

    And Hudge for the win. She’s downed Kaftan Kourtney, my pick, so now I think she’ll go all the way. And I’m so glad that the top four are all people who aren’t being costumey: these clowns clearly leave the house thinking that they look awesome.

  18. dvj

    I’m still bitter about Fergie. If Robyn beats LiLo, there is truly no justice in this world.

    • Crystal

      I’m with you dvj… HOW did fugging Fergie lose to platform timberlands? My money is on Lilo… I have recurring nightmares about that dusty pink velvet bow disaster. urgh.

      • NYCGirl

        I also cannot quite wrap my brain around the fact that Fergie didn’t advance.

  19. TaraMisu

    *sigh* I’m going for Lilo all the way…. not my original pick but my brackets got blown up in round 1, about 15 minutes in LOL!

  20. Ed

    No matter who wins, in my mind Kourtney is still the champion.

  21. Gayle

    I have LiLo taking it this year but I would be okay with a Hudgens upset

  22. Sylvia

    I’m still sad Ashanti lost. Because like yous said, you typed “vagina sling” in the same sentence as her name. But this Fug Madness has taught me that truly horrible outfits, a la Jessica White’s white, lace jumpsuit with black underwear, will not always carry you to the end. Luckily for Hudgens, she has several of these legendarily fug outfits to sustain her. I think it’s hers to lose.

  23. Lisa

    I must be the only person here rooting for Robyn to win. It’s probably because I live in Berlin, where Robyn’s whole insane look is much too popular with the really trendy/artsy crowd. There are so many people who think that that hairstyle is really cool, and that’s a thorn in my side.

    Also, LiLo is too much of a train wreck …I have to look away.

    • nijinskaja

      Totally agree with you Lisa. And I’m from frikkin’ Sweden, you KNOW Robyn is considered as being totally awesome and trendy around here!! The haircut doesn’t bother me as much as those shoes always being paired with horrible patterned leggings.

      • Megan

        I agree with both of you. I really hope Robyn beats LiLo. I feel like Robyn’s looks are somewhat tongue-in-cheek whereas LiLo believes she looks gorgeous in the wrinkled getups she picks up off the floor. Robyn’s clothes are fabulously ugly. LiLo’s whole look is just ugly.

    • camille

      Robyn may not depress me the way Lindsay does, but she dresses so, so badly. She’s got to win.

  24. BooRad859

    I am still in a state of shock that Minaj and her ‘prostitute from Planet Unicorn’ ensemble is not here.

  25. corriner

    The Hudge is going all the way!!

  26. SmallFry

    I would love to see a disgraced former disney star (formerly disgraced disney star?) smackdown!

  27. Notbusy

    Hudgens v. Lohan, definitely – there’s a big difference for me between these two, who seem to aim for some level of style and fail horribly, and Robyn and Ke$ha, who are actually aspiring to fugly wackiness and succeeding wonderfully.

  28. Shannon

    I think it’s going to be LiLo vs. Duckface Hudge, and I will totally vote for Duckface. Those lace pants alone were enough for her to win, but when you consider her whole body of work this year, she is the ultimate in fugly. Every article of clothing she wears looks like she dug it out of the bottom of a filthy bin in a Long Beach Goodwill in 1974. It’s all terrible. At least sometimes LiLo looks like she actually put some thought into what she’s wearing, and individually some of her pieces are not bad. She just wears them bizarrely or wears the wrong size or her general decay just casts a pall over everything.

    All of that being said, I voted for Robyn. Her look is beyond tragic. And she looks EXACTLY like Elroy Jetson. I can’t get over that.

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