Fug Madness 2012, Final Four: Game One


In their own ways, both these ladies are Cinderellas — Ke$ha because of how far she’s come on such a small repertoire this year, and Vanessa because she surprised us all with that late push for a high seed, and the subsequent research that proved she’d been off her rocket for longer than we realized. I mean, if you’d asked me in September if Vanessa Hudgens would even have been eligible, I’d have been like, “Eh. Maybe? I don’t know.” What a difference some pants can make.

Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Vanessa Hudgens (54%, 5,626 Votes)
  • Ke$ha (46%, 4,723 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,346

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Comments (74):

  1. Sandra

    Hi Heather,

    Radio buttons for voting didn’t show up again.

  2. laura

    while I wait to vote, I can’t help but think what another member of Fug Nation said earlier this week “this one broke my brian”. I honestly don’t know you guys….

  3. glee

    Yep, what Sandra said. and OMG, there is so much fug in the world!

  4. liz_bee

    Do I vote for Ke$ha’s intentional fug, or Vane$sa’s accidental fug? I feel like I’m comparing fugly apples to fugly oranges. And yet they are both so fugly!

  5. Feena

    Think about the Hudge is in most photos she doesn’t even know she’s being shot, that’s just how she rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it.

  6. Kit

    While I wait to vote, I’ll offer that although Ke$ha looks well, awful in all of her pics, in all of them she is acting in her professional capacity and it could be that this awfulness is her particular “persona” as a professional.

    On the other hand, most of Vanessa’s looks are just her – living – in THOSE clothes.

    She has to win, just ‘cuz of that. lol

    • Rebecca

      That is exactly how I based my vote. Both are terrible, but that is Kesha’s persona-that kinda cracked out, dirty club girl. I consider her dressing in costume, so she’s making a choice to look bad or crazy. Vanessa-honestly I think she thinks she looks good. Not that I’m saying Kesha’s looks aren’t fug-worthy. Just that when it comes down to voting between the 2, I will vote for the girl who doesn’t realize how fugly her clothes are.

  7. A.J.

    Want to vote and cannot!

    I know I shouldn’t, but I love Ke$ha and her drunken party girl covered in glitter “brand.” (Oh, God Tyra, what have you and ANTM done to me?) So I feel like with every crazy outfit, she’s giving a sly wink and I’m winking back. Where as Hudge’s “brand” should be cute young actress and it is…not.

  8. Laceflower

    No votes yet; dithering, dithering. Maybe throw a dart!

  9. Lianne

    Ooohhh! I was the first voter, so now it’s 100% in The Hudge’s favor. Can we just close the polls now please?

    As an aside, something about the way Vanessa is standing in the picture of her with the overalls makes her look like she’s about to start dancing in a Janet Jackson video. I love her for it.

    • ab

      i enjoy that there is a cocktail at her feet. she had to get so into the song that her drink was put down.

      i also cannot get over how high the hips on that swimsuit appear to be.

  10. Amalia

    This sure is tough, since on their “merits”, both ladies look like hobos. However, I went with Ke$ha, since at least occasionally, V. Hudg is not dressed up for a public appearance; she’s just shlepping around town running errands in her hobo getups. Since I shlep a fair bit myself, I am sympathetic (however, I do always remember to wear pants). Ke$ha – judging from the one photo depicting her button wrangler – doesn’t do her own shlepping, thus these are all “outfits” and I must give her the win.

  11. Jacq

    I thought that this would be a difficult decision, particularly in light of Ke$ha’s blue dress, and that leopard print trouser suit. But then I saw Hudge’s outfits once again and it was a no-brainer. That chick is, hands down, the worst dresser I’ve ever seen. Amazing.

  12. Katharine

    I guess I am completely alone, then, in actually liking a couple of Vanessa’s looks, even in a Fug Slideshow… the moth-eaten silk shawl one, for example, and the white retro-slip-looking dress with the cardigan and black socks. Those ones, to me, are eccentric, but cute (which is I think the idea she’s striving for). Yes, the diarrhea-coloured lace flares are horrendous…

    but Ke$ha not only looks unwashed, she has to my knowledge NEVER managed to put together an outfit that wasn’t either cracked out, or drawing attention to the worst of her figure, or both. She gets my vote.

  13. Indiana Douche

    I was all set to vote for Ke$ha, right up to that last photo of Hudgens. WTF? Now I have to contemplate my vote.

  14. Eliza Bennett

    No brainer. Vane$$a to the championship. I thought it’d be close until I noticed this crazy woman had the nerve to wear those optical illusion urinal booty shorts THREE TIMES. They’re in the valance crop top shot and under the green coat, and if it’s cold enough for a coat or a fair isle sweater, it’s COLD ENOUGH FOR PANTS. Also, on slide 13, sheer socks WHAT. mercy.

  15. Bella

    Tough vote. It came down to this: in addition to K’s fug outfits, she always looks dirty and straggly – just a total mess. While V can certainly bring on the fug, her face (and usually her hair) are clean and presentable. So I’m going with Ke$ha.

  16. TaraMisu

    Dirty Ke%ha FTW!

    The Hudge makes me kind of sad for some reason….

  17. Amber

    Hudge, all the way. Kesha is a “performer”. Yes, she looks unwashed and her clothes are awful, but that’s what she’s going for.
    Vanessa, I think, realy thinks she looks good. Her hair and makeup aren’t terrible and she’s so pretty. She could look great if she wanted to. But she chooses fug.

  18. ab

    i have decided that k dolla ha would LOVE to be given the award as the fug who reigns supreme.

    i think the hudge would be embarrassed and sad.

    i am not down for embarrassing people, per se. but i am down for people who are pretty and try to dress cute to have a friend in life telling them that crochet pants are never okay.

    dollah bills doesn’t care what her friends tell her, or who thinks she is the fuggest.


  19. Helen

    Thought I’d be voting Ke$ha, but after contemplating the photos again… she is, at least, trying for a coherent “look” of some kind. Hudgens doesn’t seem familiar with that concept. So, to my surprise, I went Hudgens!

  20. Leanne

    My vote is for Vanessa, because while Ke$ha is a glitter train wreck, Vanessa looks like she is actually trying to be stylish…which is much more painful in my opinion.

  21. CranAppleSnapple

    That very dress! The one with Kesha in silver shower curtain fabric with odd cutouts and tulle and desperately unflattering around the “waist”! That one gets my vote!

    • Jacq

      Haha – I was totally on your wavelength and was going to vote for Ke$ha for that reason (worst dress EVAH), but Hudge’s incontinence shorts was what changed my mind.

  22. EmSpeaks

    I voted for Kedollarha because, as others have pointed out, the winners of Fug Madness tend to disappear. I’d rather stop seeing her than Vanessa.

  23. Ann

    I thought this was going to be hard. I was wrong. Ke-dollarsign-ha has a look. It’s for the stage. It’s a fugly look, but it’s purposefully meant for her “I’m a dirty rock star” thing. It’s a terrible, terrible costume.

    Ole Hudge is just out and about, looking like herself and utterly failing at style. It’s not put on for an audience – it’s just her everyday fug.

    I voted for Authentic Fug over Stage Fug.

  24. Lynn Baber

    Amalia, above, is very articulate about the problem here. To me, the no brainer is Kesha FTW. Totally.

  25. Bobbi

    Ke$ha seems to intentionally dress this way for work but then doesn’t wash, I’ve read her quoted saying her make-up is usually from the night before, blech.
    Hudgens is just young and silly and if you can’t be young and silly then what?

    Ke$ha it is.

  26. jen310

    The Hudge FTW. I have wanted her to make it to the championship since Fug Madness began. She is so freaking clueless when it comes to style. KNasty’s sleazy, skeezy, dirty, nasty, fug is worthy competition but is bested by the Hudge’s entire body of work. There’s hope for the Hudge to turn it around sartorially if given the Fug Madness crown. She needs to receive the message that hot mess fug is not the way. There ain’t no hope for KNasty. Hudge 2012!

  27. Jill

    Keshe cleaned up nicely in the April issue of Glamour. I couldn’t bear to finish reading the interview but my sense is she’s trying so hard to be disaffected anti-establishment, and her wardrobe is part of that. Whereas V-Hudge seems unaware of her fug, and, I suspect, thinks she looks great. V-Hudge FTW!

  28. Suzie

    In slide 17, I keep thinking it’s the iCarly girl? Anyone else see it? And this one is sooooo tough to decide, Kesha or Vanessa? Vanessa or Kesha? I think it will be a good game!

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Oh yes! Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez all look like clones of eacother.

  29. Bailey

    I can’t stand anything the Hudge has worn, but she always looks so relaxed and happy about it that it’s hard to fault her.

    Kesha, on the other hand…

  30. Ellen

    Come on, y’all! Ke-dollar sign-ha’s dirty surliness has to count for something!

  31. ida

    I never thought the day would come that I would not vote for Ke$ha. What has the world come too?

  32. Jilly

    I have to give Ke$ha a pass just because she has, if nothing else, done the world the service of illustrating what a hard-drinking party girl really looks like. Take a long look all you 19-22 year-old-girls out there. So, at least it’s honest as opposed to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga who pretend they’re out getting wasted drunk and dancing all night when in reality they’re probably in bed by 9 because they have to get up for 4 hours of Pilates and a hearty meal of lettuce in the morning.

    Although I do feel a bit bad fugging a girl as young as Vanessa. Because who really has a personal style at that age? But, she’s been in the public eye long enough to know better.

  33. vandalfan

    Ke shift-4 Ha is gets my vote, for the exact reason others above are going for The Hudginator- V is just a silly almost- teen and is wearing what she wants out in civilian life, but Shift-4 is deliberately looking like a surly disease for staged photos. Besides, V’s face and hair always look beautiful, and her figure is flattered, despite what is covering it up. The eternal question, is to win Fug madness actually to lose?

    (Of course, I was swayed by shift-4′s appearance in that red satin monstrosity a few days ago, but that is NOT a qualifying outfit, being after the Oscars, it’s for next year. Yet her unwashed face makes me realize that this schtick is not a GaGa style persona, it’s really her. )

    • Ann

      Hahaha, I love your comment. “Purposefully looking like a surly disease.” It’s so true. Ke-dollarsign-ha is foot fungus personified.

  34. SharonCville

    This one was hard! I ended up going with Kedollarha because while they both look like hippie-reject-wannabes, she actually looks like she smells bad. I know it’s a “persona,” but it’s gross. Take a shower, lose the cheap extensions, and hire a freakin’ stylist.

  35. Genesis P. Olenta

    I think that Vanessa’s smile helps a lot. She seems to say “I wear this just for fun ! I’ m in disguiiiiise !”

  36. CranAppleSnapple

    Is Kesha’s birth name Tina Yothers?

  37. BooRad859

    I found this one easier than the VH/Kourtney matchup. My vote goes to Vanessa and her HudgeFudge of fuggery.

  38. Carol

    I mean…..they’re both really tacky and graceless. And both think they’re hotter than Mars. But I gotta go with Vanessa Hudgens because the Fug is strong in that girl.

  39. hope

    Venessa FTW!! she’s cute, looks pleasent, but always dresses horribly no matter what. No exceptions. She has always been my #1 seed

  40. courtney

    Vanessa dresses like a boho hippie kid….whats the big deal? I really can’t believe she made it this far! Kesha on the other hand is offensive and greasy in every single pic, c’mon!!!

    • Halo

      Yeah, this is kind of where I am with her. She’s also extremely pretty, and I kind of like that she wears what she wants. Some of the criticism of her outfits seems to me to stem from people disapproving of clothes that don’t “flatter,” which usually means minimizing. She’s curvy and she wears things that emphasize this instead of creating the illusion being thinner. Personally, I think that’s great.

  41. Maya

    You know, I have mixed feelings about the Hudge. Obviously some of these looks I CANNOT condone – mainly the ones involving bell-bottoms – but some of these outfits, I don’t know, I think are kind of cool. I actually really like the pink kaftan outfit, maybe because I have a similar thing myself to wear around the house, which I would wear out if I possibly could. The leopard-print shirt and white dress is a standard Urban Outfitters look, no different to anything loads of teenage girls/women in their early 20s wear. And I actually think the white slip and cardigan is really pretty. I don’t know, I hate to say it, but maybe it’s an age thing? I’m 19 and I’m sure if I went to walk out the door in Vanessa’s white dress my 40-something mum would have something to say, but I don’t think she’s guilty of across-the-board fug.
    Ke$ha, on the other hand…

    • Eliza Bennett

      “maybe because I have a similar thing myself to wear around the house, which I would wear out if I possibly could. ” That’s the point. You already know you’d look silly if you wore it in public and Vanessa missed that day in fashion school. I love the white dress and cardi too, except why God why did she wear it with sheer socks and pointy toed shoes? And if I wore the leopard shirt and white dress, there would be pants or a skirt involved. That thing is too short to be out by itself.

    • Edith

      I’m in my 40s, and no, I wouldn’t wear the pink dress thing myself, BUT I think V Hudge looks great in it. Good color, good application of her boho thing. Same with the white dress. Yeah, the socks & sandals thing is weird, and unattractive, but this is the Final Four, and peculiar footwear choices do not destroy an otherwise attractive outfit at this stage. Yes, some of her stuff is HIDEOUS, but she cleans up nicely – and in fact, when she’s somewhere where she’s expected to look together, she often does.

      On the other hand, only one of the pictures of Kesha looks like a running-errands moment, the rest of the time she put EFFORT into looking like she smells bad. I don’t get the Performance Fug distinction – she carefully crafts her image (as do Gaga and Perry and Minaj), and this is how she wants to look, when she puts time and effort and money into it. Ugh.

  42. Linney

    Ke$ha has no waist and I find it really perplexing as she doesn’t seem overweight. How does she not have a waist?

    • Ann

      My body type is like that. It’s referred to as “athletic,” regardless of your actual athletic prowess. All types, you know.

      Ole Dollar Sign doesn’t do much to help it, though.

  43. Kristina Ma'aut Morgan

    I was all ready to vote for Kesha cause she’s yucky, but then Vanessa’s daisy dukes changed my mind.

  44. Doctor Memory

    I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to be on the losing side. Honesty demands that I vote for K€$ha, but in my heart of hearts I just want her to GO AWAY and take her terrible, terrible music with her. I don’t think she’s fugging so much as trolling, and I don’t want to reward her constant cries for attention.

  45. Hima

    This one really did break my brain. Kesha had the win, especially because I think V.Hudge has the capacity to look super cute. And then I got to slide 13 – with her in the cream-colored dress + cardigan. At first, I thought this one cemented Kesha’s win — I though Vanessa looked super cute. Until I got to her feet. She’s wearing sheer trouser socks with strappy high-heeled sandals. SOCKS WITH SANDALS. That scroll down won my vote.

  46. Ann

    I feel that the Hudg is a pretty girl who could and should dress much better – therefore I voted for her. Ke$ha is just a big mess, but a performer, so she can get away with some of it.

  47. Sandra

    Vanessa often looks clean and happy, if dressed rather goofily. Kesha may adopt that dirty addict look ON PURPOSE, but I think choosing to project that image is pretty dang fug in its own right.

    So, Kesha it is.

  48. Chrissy

    I voted for Vanessa Hudgens and LiLo because they are not performing in these awful things or even attending many events, but just going through whatever it is they do each day.

  49. Line

    Oh, Vanessa. Ke$ha is no stranger to the bold and the less beautiful, but MY GOD WOMAN THOSE BROWN PANTS MAKE ME CRY.

  50. Claire

    I must hang out near too many hipster/bohos or hipster/boho wannabes. Other than the stupid fringe purses and the pants-with-holes getup, Hudge’s outfits don’t seem THAT awful, comparatively? At least when the comparison in question is kedollarsignha’s gross nonsense.

  51. Molly

    I’ve been consistently voting for Ke$ha because, well – ick. But I switched tonight because – ugh. Really? *rolls eyes*

  52. Bambi Anne Dear

    Wow, I thought Kesha would get this one. Hudgens fug sure is fugly but it’s so dull.

  53. Kate

    What has really been pushing Vanessa ahead for me is that she has the faintest whif of Ms. Spears to her outfits, circa The Headshaving.

  54. Katharine (II)

    Is Vanessa Hudgens trying to be “edgy” with her sartorial choices? She’s such a cute as a button girl, even in some decidedly dodgy outfits. Former Disney girls seem to feel the need to distance themselves from being wholesome role models – this is pretty innocuous as rebellion goes. It’s amusing fug against ingrained, committed fug, so my vote goes to Ke$ha (only one year older than Vanessa).

  55. Sylvia

    No matter how much I want to scrub Kedollarsignha with a Brillo pad or 10, I could not vote against Hudgens. Let’s leave the worst pants on Earth out of it. She has a CROSS hanging near her lady bits, on purpose. A lady bits cross to accessorize a hideous outfit. She knows exactly what she’s doing, and I wear my own cross to ward off that type of evil.

  56. Sajorina

    Fugdgens all the way!!! Her FUG makes me want to punch her in the face, say “Stop it, girl!” and set fire to her closet! Ke$ha just makes me want to hand her a Dove bar & a Brillo pad and say to her “Bitch, please!”

  57. Tracey

    Claire, I do not hang around with hipsters and for me Vanessa’s outfits just seem a bit costume-y but nothing crazy. She’s a young girl trying to be edgy but LOTS of other girls do it. It doesn’t seem entirely awful for me and some pieces are not even that bad. Kesha is dirty, and I realize it’s an act, but a bad one. I’d rather my daughter copy Vanessa’s look than Kesha’s any day. I think Lilo will take it all anyway.

  58. Minky

    I’m a big fan of Free People, too, but I don’t wear their entire catalogue in one sitting the way Vanessa does, therefore, she gets my vote. Ke$ha is just being Ke$sha, y’all, kind of like Miley just being Miley in that one song she sings… LOL. I always feel like Vanessa is trying to copy the exact images from the Free People look books with little success because she’s not 6 feet tall and 120 pounds – for I love her! She looks real! She’s super cute with a cute body! – and those types of drapey clothes only seem to work effectively on that lanky body type. I know, because I always look like i’m playing dress up in FP, too. :)

  59. Emilie

    The problem with Vanessa is that she has no idea how to dress her bodytype, such a shame. As a result she manages to make everything look cheap and just… off. The ideas for successful outfits are there but she executes them totally wrong, making it awkwardly forced looking. I get the Kate Moss boho style she’s going for…. But she just doesn’t have that naturel sense of style I’m afraid. She should experiment with a more clean and tailored(!) look.

  60. jeannette

    jebus gawd, the kesha outfits are enough to give you nightmares. but hudgens is doing on purpose, each choice more appalling than the next. those brown lace trousers, the last shot, are going to follow me like a dingo dog. eeeaaauuuuuuhhhhhggghghghghgh.

  61. lilo FTW

    Hudgens is WINNING? What the…? Did no one else see the Leopard Suit of Shiny Shame?!