Fug Madness 2012, Elite Eight: Madonna Bracket

(1) NICKI  MINAJ vs (14) KE$HA – Tuesday

This one could be seriously close. Minaj is definitely having a more high-profile year in terms of her career…but Ke$ha seems to really resonate — or “resonate” — with Fug Nation voters.

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  1. Bex

    My vote goes to Ke-dollar sign-HA: those outfits are sad and half-assed, and she always looks dirty and unkempt, no matter what she’s wearing. Ms. Minaj, however, looks like she put some effort into her get-ups and grooming, as crack-tacular as the results may be.

    • andrea


      • laura r

        in addition, Minaj accessorizes with glee and grins, where Ke-dollar sign-ha always looks surly, sulky, and snarly.

    • Stefanie

      You completely beat me to it. This is exactly what I was going to say.

      Sad Fug beats Fun Fug every time.

      Also, can anyone tell me what was actually going on in the chicken leg picture? Where did that leg come from? Who is holding Minaj up? Why is someone holding her up! So many questions!

      • The Fugger

        I think that was from the Today show (also, when her boob popped out). So, that explains quite a bit.

    • mhorv4

      That is exactly what I was thinking. Ms. Minaj also looks like she is clean and smells nice – not he same for Kesha.

    • CranAppleSnapple


    • Kristen

      I voted thinking the same way.

    • María


  2. laura

    I first thought this was going to be harder than yesterday’s Fug Sophie’s Choice (aka KK vs Vanessa Hudgens) but after seeing the slideshow it has to be Kesha (I REFUSE to use that ridiculous dollar sign…)
    At least Nicki Minaj looks like she’s having fun!

  3. MzStilletto

    +1 what Bex said.

    Greasy, skanky fug outweighs clean, bright, fun fug in my books.

  4. Edith

    My nine-year-old is home, sick, and helped me on this round. Clicking through the slide show she said, “Well, they’re both singers, so they wear costumes, and so I don’t think either of them should win,” (so young to be so firmly entrenched in her philosophy of fug – and I don’t actually agree with her, so she’s not mimicking). Then she got to slide 13 (American Flag and cut offs and stank) and she said, “Ok, that’s how she dresses in real life? That’s just disturbing.” True, that, so I had to vote Ke$ha….

  5. ok

    Nicki Minaj looks glorious. Kesha does not.

    • Eliza Bennett

      This. Plus, *don’t judge me* there are things Nicki wears that I think are really cute, or would be if not worn with a chicken wing necklace and <i<Boobs(!!!) and CrazyHair and Pastel Makeup From Hell. Like that striped suit? I legit love that. I’d wear a non striped shirt with it, but it’s crazy in a glorious way and still has a cute fit, and the neon stripey craziness as it is works on her bc she’s Nicki Fing Minaj.
      Ke-4SHIFT-ha just makes me so sad and angry, especially in that leopard jumpsuit. Why are there POCKETS in that mess?!

      • ok

        I don’t judge– Nicki’s style is like a way way way way over-the-top version of some stuff that I rock– bright, bold patterns, street– I would totally wear some of her stuff without the extra crazy accessorizing.

        The striped suit is amazing.

        Not a damn thing Kesha wears can say the same.

  6. jen310

    This was a hard choice to make until I got to KNasty’s fug show. I thought for the first time I might vote for Nicki. But she’s so happy, so crazy, so fuggy, but most importantly, SO CLEAN.
    KNasty just looks unwashed – and skeezy and skanky. That tulle monstrosity she is wearing is so ill-fitting besides being a sartorial nightmare. The skeleton girdle – WHAT? And on and on. There is no joy in her fug. And if she could just comb her hair! KNasty (I refuse to call her by any other name) FTW.

  7. TheReset

    I for one cannot WAIT until we don’t have to see these girls all over GFY every day. Looking at both, I just want to verbal vomit all over them. Also, Ke%#@&ha for the win, here.

  8. Ms.B.

    I voted against Nicki in this round and the last. For the most part her “look” is put together too well for me to think it’s truly fug. It’s whacktastic, but it doesn’t grab me like poorly fitted, pants-less, or ripped panty hose numbers and other fugs I’ve see this year.

  9. Suzie

    I need some fun fugs in my life, so had to vote for the Minaj! But I get the Kesha thing too.

  10. camille

    If I HAD a local turkey leg emporium, I’d be so stuffed right now, regardless of what they wore, let’s be honest. The captions on this slideshow made me laugh so hard.

  11. Christian

    That droopy ass leopard suit/robe? + Terry Richardson = FUG.

  12. lesli

    Yes, had to give it to Ke$ha because she just looks sad and trashy, whereas Nicki looks like she is doing it for show and for fun.

  13. Kait

    I think Nicki Minaj should have been out several rounds ago. Her clothing is zany but fun, and at least its usually well tailored and figure flattering. Kesha on the other hand…poor poor Kesha. She looks legitimately dirty. The unkempt hair, greasy skin, messed up make-up, and tragically ill-fiiting clothes. That is some true blue fug. I don’t think she should win (I’m pulling for Vanessa, Ashanti, or Robyn) but she should definitely advance to the next round.

  14. Lucille Austero

    Again with the Exuberant Fug vs. Sad Fug. Her Minajesty is so darned cute, if the Fug Madness crown were a reward, I’d give it to her in a minute. However, this year’s Fug Madness has clarified for me that my definition of fug is ugly + joyless, and this is my opportunity to shake my fist at those who make the world a less joyful place, especially the ones who have the wherewithal to do just the oppostie. That’s why I voted for Kesha (and Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgins and Fergie).

  15. Mo

    Had to go with Kepretentioussymbolha for the dirt parameter. But Nicki I would love to be stuck in an elevator with. Just be sure to bring the turkey leg, Nicki!

  16. lisa

    I find that I love Nicki Minaj’s wacky style because it reminds me of my beloved Barbie’s zany outfits in the mid-80s. So for me this came down to, “Did Ke$ha wear anything that was worse than that pope outfit?” — And yes indeed, that leopard pant suit did the trick.

  17. Lynn Baber

    It is way more intentional with Nicki. Whereas Kesha (I won’t type the dollar sign thing.) looks like Princess Sad Bra almost all the time. She needs to lay off the drugs a little bit maybe.

    I agree with everything the child in Edith’s post said. Kesha for the win.

  18. Hel

    I voted for Nicki. I actually like the stripped pantsuit and if she only wore fun outfit like this one, I might be on board. But I can’t stand any of her wigs and when she wears bright colors + clashing patterns + ugly hair + bubbles + ponys, it’s just too much and annoying (for me).

    • NYCGirl

      Agreed. Looking at pictures of her just irritates me because you can see how hard she’s trying to be…aggressively quirky, I guess.

  19. Jennie-Suz

    I had to go with Nicki. Even though I usually pick Sad Fug, Minaj’s brand of fug is just too MAJESTIC for me.

    She answers the question “what if Lady Gaga did acid with the Muppets?”

  20. Kit

    I thought that they were worthy opponents, but when you contrast Niki’s apparent happiness and/or “just chillin’, wut?” attitude with Ke$ha’s Sadly McSadderson, McSadderson lose. So, she’ll be even sadder. Which is a shame.

  21. TaraMisu

    Had to go with Ke&ha….. Someone wrote “she always looks like she rolled around on a public bathroom floor” when she first emerged on the music scene. Dirty Fug loses to Fun Fug every time.

  22. Kara

    Kesha for sure. As has been said, she always looks dirty – like, literally unwashed, not skanky (although she sometimes looks skanky too). And Nicki is a cartoon character, on purpose, and her clothes, while zany, always fit the way they’re supposed to – it’s a very carefully crafted look. She looks like she’s having a ball. Whereas Kesha always looks … sloppy and depressed, like “I maybe should have thought this persona through a little more, because now I can’t stand it.”

  23. beth b

    Yes. Minaj is fun, whereas $ is just grody.

  24. Beth

    What’s with every one of my picks this year losing? I don’t get it. I picked Minaj, she offends my eyes. Ke$ha just cracks me up.

  25. vandalfan

    Minaj is a delight and I want to see more of her whackitude. Ke Buck Ha is deliberately revolting and I don’t even want to see as much as i have already, and that, to me, is the epitome of fug, like Momsen’s and some of Courtney Love’s earlier bodies of work.

    The Buck does not stop here.

  26. dvj

    Yet in Robyn v. Fergie, people seem to be picking Robyn, at least in part, BECAUSE she is happy just doing her thing fug. Fergie is not gross like Ke-SHIFT4-ha (thanks for that!), but she is soooo self-serious and wears some appalling clothes (orange lace over granny panties!).

    It’s probably the stupid platform Timberlands, but dorked-out shoes do not a fug champion make.

    Anyway, if you haven’t already VOTE FERGIE!

  27. Indiana Douche

    I think I need to go with Nicki Minaj. Ke$ha isn’t interesting, she’s just fug.

  28. Carrie

    As Jessica was saying yesterday about Miss Miley, I am developing serious Stockholm Syndrome– about Robyn and now Nicki Minaj. They look like they are having so much damned fun all the time dressing like crazy people, I feel like we are best friends already.

    It hurts my soul to have to choose between Ke$ha and Minaj. Both deserve to win, for completely different reasons.

  29. Sandra

    Kesha for sure. Definitely the worse of these two.

  30. Jacq

    Yep, it’s got to be Kesha. Nicki’s wearing costumes and wants to look cracked out, whereas Kesha is trying and failing to look sexy/stylish/interesting/whatever.

  31. The Fugger

    It has to be ₭€s₪₳. (I know, it looks like “Kesna” more than her actual name, but seriously, the new shekel is the closest I could find.)

    This may be colored by my secret love of Minaj, who I thought was going to go out in the Final Four (then again, I thought Boobs was going to win this, and look how wrong I was about that). But seriously, even though the slideshow hasn’t shown us anything we haven’t seen before…ow.

  32. Hima

    NOOOOOO!!! Exuberant fug should win here! I know that I am terribly inconsistent with my fug voting methodology, as I just voted for Lindsey over Ashanti. But this one truly goes to Nicki. Her outfits are SO insane. Yes, they’re fun – but INSANE. I want this fug madness win to be a reward! But just in this contest. Who knows how I’ll vote next.

  33. R

    Ke$ha and her outfits are so bad that in the last photo I was like ‘wow, Ke$sha looks really pretty in that one…even without pants’ :/

  34. Caroleena Stantonova

    Minaj…uh, pourquoi?!

  35. yeahandalso

    Well at least some of Ke$ha’s music is fun!!! That’s more than I can say for Nicky

  36. Liz

    All of Minaj’s outfits are on stage, ke$ha actually does not own pants.

  37. Jules

    The Minaj hmmm… outfit made my day!
    I like your initial idea.
    Employees should be made to enter competitions wearing interpretative outfits based on their place of employment, at least once a year.
    It would make the cost of living so much less painful, don’t you think?

  38. Sajorina

    Voted for Kesha! I think of Nicki more like a character and of Kesha more like a member of The Hogan family-looking/”Dog The Bounty Hunter” cast member/Steven Tyler wannabe!

  39. TonyG

    I hate Nicki’s fug. Just think of what she is doing. She cannot rap or sing well. Why give her a pass for her clothes when she seems to use them to hide the fact that her talent is lacking. Everything about her is bad. She deserves to be spanked. Wait. She might like that. Anyway, voted for Nicki.

    Kemoolaha is not worthy of the title. She doesn’t even try. She could give a rat’s patootie about what Fug Nation thinks. Nicki I believe might at least care since her attention craving is phenomenally off the scale.

    Oh well, it looks like she-whose-clothes-cost-no-money-so-she-puts-the-$-in her-name, will win this round. Curses!

  40. PinkieBling

    I’m voting for Kesha’s fug, but I’d listen to her music ANY DAY over Nikki Minaj, and that is truly saying something.