Fug Madness 2011: Your Four #1 Seeds

All right: After a lengthy deliberation that involved lots of Cheetos, several Diet Cokes, some pauses for basketball, and lots of uses of the phrase, “But how high is she?”, we have our field of 65 celebrities for this year’s Fug Madness. I’m sure the identity of one of our top seeds will come as no surprise to you.

Now, before everyone engages the caps lock key in the comments and assumes we didn’t think this through, please consider our reasoning:

1. One person’s art is another person’s fugly, and the polls are a great place to argue that one out;

2. If you are willing to be seen in public in something, either on a stage or in a supermarket or on a red carpet, then you are responsible for it;

3. It is a VERY slippery slope in this industry to assume any one person is attention-whoring more than another person;

4. Ergo, it’s a slippery slope to start eliminating people from Fug Madness contention just because we decide attention is their motivation. Because if we did that, pretty soon nobody would be eligible. Is Lady Gaga trying to hog the spotlight by arriving via egg? Yes. Is Halle Berry begging for you to look at her by wearing lingerie? Yes. Was Anne Hathaway craving your attention by agreeing to host the Oscars, then going through seven or eight costume changes and giggling the whole time? Yes. It’s not the same KIND of attention, necessarily, and they go about it in different ways, but the common denominator is the same: These people really want you to look at them.

A couple other notes: Bai Ling is not in contention this year because she’s allegedly seeking help on Celebrity Rehab, and although it hasn’t aired yet and we are doubtful that Celebrity Rehab is anywhere near as reputable as actual rehab, it DOES have a lot of people on it with documented addictions and it has the word “rehab” in the title.┬áSo until we know more about that situation, bye for now, Bai. Come back soon.


Cher Bracket #1 seed: TAYLOR MOMSEN

Bjork Bracket #1 seed:  LADY GAGA

Charo Bracket #1 seed: RIHANNA

Madonna Bracket #1 seed: KATY PERRY

Stay tuned for the rest of them… The full Cher bracket is up next, and a full, printable bracket will be posted this afternoon!

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Comments (25):

  1. Louise

    For the first time I am not rooting for a specific person. There was a lot of fug to go around this past year. Interested to see which fug rises to the top.

  2. Rayna


    You are the best!

  3. Dana

    So thrilled that MOMSEN is top seed. I predict her for winner.

  4. Lynne

    Is it okay that I want Taylor Momsen to win Fug Madness merely because her petulant attitude annoys me? Seriously, no teen starlet in recent memory has needed a slap more than Taylor.

  5. Quen

    And Momsen was Cindy Lou Who, for goodness sake! You cannot go from being a Who to being… well, whatever it is she’s decided to be now without earning yourself a top seed.

  6. Dinah

    At a certain point, doesn’t it become time for the brackets themselves to evolve? Seems like one day there would simply be a Gaga Bracket to encapsulate her lifetime of fug.

  7. bex

    the ladies of pop. and one from the gutter.

    i’m still on team paz.
    i love this! thank you for your deliberation. and i must point out that your job is AWESOME, and i want to be you ladies when i grow up.

  8. Verodemort

    I wait all year long for this!! Let the Fug begin!!!


  9. Molly

    This is going to be a great season!

  10. SJP

    Ahh, love this!! Taylor Momsen ALL the way (currently watching Gossip Girl season one for the first time ever and am genuinely bemused as to how little Jenny Humphrey turns into THAT). x

  11. A.J.

    Is it bad that I shrieked when I saw Fug Madness was up? FUG MADNESS!!!

  12. Bonnie

    I think the categories were appropriately chosen. Well played, Fug Girls. Well played, indeed.

  13. Bella

    Let the games begin!!

  14. PoorMedea

    Why is Bai out because she MAY be seeking treatment for an addiction, when Lohan is in, who DEFINITELY has an addiction, and was recently in treatment?

  15. vandalfan

    I love fug madness so much I’m actually willing to patronize your advertisers here who goof up my download speed. Yes, I’ll even watch those dreadful Lifetime shows. Is it too late to see “Skin?”

  16. TonyG

    Darling Lady Heather and Darling Lady Jessica:

    I’m with PoorMedea on this one as it pertains to Bai Ling. I don’t get the connection between her attempt at recovery and her exclusion from Fug Madness.

    Is it to spare her humiliation in her time of recovery? I’m not sure Bai cares, and as mentioned in your Lady Gaga reasoning, wouldn’t she just love the attention.

    Is it too not give Bai a distraction while she is in recovery? Well, that’s all lovely and such, but she is on a reality show with tons of distractions.

    Is it that we can’t stand to judge someone who may have an addiction or is in recovery? Medea points out Lohan, but there are many other folks, including at least one #1 Seed (Lady Gaga) who is in recovery or had past addiction issues.

    Or, is it that there was just not enough Bai Ling fug to be included this year when compared to her previous work?

    I think only the latter would be a good enough excuse.

    I am sad to be deprived of Bai in this year’s Fug madness. Her fug made me smile.


  17. jen310

    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”. I am so excited but, Ladies of Fug, will there be a printable bracket this year? I find it especially helpful during Fug Madness match-ups and I haven’t seen one in any of the subsequent FM 2011 posts. Or am I just to eager and need to learn patience?

  18. Heather

    It was a tough call — ultimately, if we exclude anyone who HAS BEEN in rehab, that excludes, like, everyone. But if Bai is in fact CURRENTLY in rehab, it felt weird to pick on her? It’s not a hard and fast rule, but as we were making the call — and her seeding wouldn’t have been super high anyway — at the end of the day it just felt strange knowing she is CURRENTLY seeking treatment. Whereas Lohan keeps flouting rehab, insisting nothing is wrong and that we are the ones with the problem, and displays little to no interest in getting better. If that’s the way she wants to play it, then we’re game.

  19. Stefanie

    I’m rooting for Taylor. I’ve actually taken a shine to that dirty little jail bait. For some reason I cant help but like her, all the while being flooded with the urge to wash her face hand her a longer skirt.

    I feel like Sandy in Grease – I know I shouldn’t want Danny cause hes so BAD, yet I cant resist his charms. If I end up with raccoon eyes and wearing stripper shoes, I’ll need an intervention…STAT.

  20. Chrissy Cunningham

    Fug on ladies, Fug on!

  21. coexxi

    OMG the four ladies I thought that they are costumey attention seekers are now seeded as the number ones… AND I CALLED IT! (ok, I didn’t but at least something similiar).
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fug Madness!

  22. Elin

    4: is a very good point. I may vote for Gaga just because I’m so sick of her, even though fug is her way of living, which in a way I’d respect. If she weren’t so bratty about it. Anyhoodle, I like the FugGirls stance on not including celebs who are unwell :)

  23. CranAppleSnapple

    Phoebe was robbed, she has everything it takes in the desperation and weirdness categories. This casts a pall on the fun if it.

  24. Another Molly

    Bravo on the tough decisions you had to make, Heather and Jessica. It is clear that all of this is very well thought out- I applaud your hard work on this! Viva la Diet Coke and the Madness begin!

  25. Jessica

    It won’t be the same without Bai; it just won’t.