Fug Madness 2011, Sweet Sixteen: Cher Bracket, Part II


These two could not be more different: Ke$ha often looks like she was fished out of a Dumpster…

… albeit a Dumpster she won in the War of the Back Alleys…

… whereas Fabiola looks like the well-groomed daughter of the man who made the Dumpster, perhaps the heiress to a large Dumpster fortune, who secretly wants to chuck it all in favor of waiting on top of a hill somewhere for the aliens to come get her so she can fight with them for galactic domination.

It gets to the point where I run out of words to describe these, though:

Like… it’s just word vomit at this point. Cassette shard Mohawk electric zap ew.

Wreath leg fringe throw huh?

Satin feather foot gobble tart shred.


Smurf attack sleeve cape.

Lace crotch sad thigh.

Sharon Stone J.Simp Boot Barn refried Madonna.


… Okay, this isn’t eliciting word vomit so much as actual vomit.

And this isn’t helping. This is not the Tums I was looking for — this is like chugging a gallon of milk on a hung-over stomach and then eating sushi.

As much as the synergy of a match-up between like individuals pleases me, I do so love it when we have two disparate styles to choose from — higher-minded fuggery versus Chipped Off A Bar Floor heinousness. Both are deliberate. Both send a message. But which message, and execution thereof, is worst? Take a look-see for yourselves through Fab and Ke$ha’s archives, and then have at the poll.

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Comments (75):

  1. Chansun

    How awesome is it that Ke$ha looks the best in the foot hungry purple pants?

  2. jen310

    Too easy this time. K (I will not type out that asinine name) takes the fug crown and then some. Fab can’t compete with crazy, slutty, dirty, psycho fug. In fact, Fab’s sauce is so weak its like watered-down ketchup compared to K’s flaming hot sauce of cracked-out fuggery. K FTW.

  3. Sherri

    I had to go with ol’ K-buck (K$?) because, damn! Fabiola should be ashamed because she can obviously afford someone to pick out her clothing for her, but either she won’t because she believes in her own “style sense” or the person who she has hired HATES HER. Maybe Fab dropped a Dumpster on her stylist’s sister and then stole her shoes.

    But K-buck….just…damn. There are homeless people who feel sorry for her and want to offer her a blanket.

  4. Amanda

    Ke$ha probably has a better shot at beating the likes of Gaga and Nicki Minaj, but I really don’t want to vote for another trash bag. Isn’t Little J enough?

  5. val.

    I had to vote Fabiola just because K probably WANTS to win Fug Madness, and I don’t want to give her the satisfaction.

  6. maxameliana

    such a hard match up – I’m forced to consider What Fug Means to Me. KeSha is flying her Fug Flag proudly, whereas Fabiola seems to be fugly oblivous. Is Fug a punishment or a prize?

  7. Wendy

    I’m voting for Fabiola, even though I don’t know who she is, because Kesha (I too refuse to type the ridiculous dollar sign name) is always in costume. She’s not attempting to be fashionable. She just wants attention (let’s face it, that’s all most of the people who end up on this site want). I’m pretty sure this Fabiola person really, honestly, thinks she looks amazing.

  8. vandalfan

    Fab gets my vote, too. Ke dollar sign ha’s fug is intentional, and I just don’t want to reward it. Intentional fug loses to accidental fug this time, but I will bow to the will of the majority.

  9. Patricia

    Sadly, I must give this one to KeDollarSignHa even though it continues the March of the Skank-Hos.

  10. Rosanne

    *deep sigh*

    The definition of Fug just ain’t what it used to be.

  11. Lynne

    Ke$ha is probably going to win this thing but I had to vote Fabiola solely for that last weird satin belted monstrosity at the end. There’s really no excuse for that.

  12. Carolina Girl

    Even though I voted for Ke-dollar sign-ha, I had to pause for a moment when I got to the truly tragic picture of Fabiola in the chartruese top and eggplant skirt. The best part is the look on the face of the lady behind her. It’s as if she’s thinking “What ese can you expect from the daughter of the woman who blew through Randolph Hearst’s money?”

  13. foo

    K^$!@ got my vote.

    She should have stopped when she was a head, but instead took head with her to show her contempt for it, stole its fright wig and wore it for a coat. Plus generally when you see “pop of color” it generally does not apply to lipstick.

    Also, her hair in cassette shard pic kinda looks like the Human Torch.

    The reasons are pretty much too long to list. lol

  14. Cecily

    “Lace crotch sad thigh” could apply to so much here. I went with Fabiola because she puts clothes that look expensive together horribly, the true essence of fug, IMO. KeXha is just repellent. Dumpster-diving in her archives made me want to take another shower.

  15. Jeanie

    Agree with maxameliana – I need to consider “What Fug Means To Me”. Do I go with the High Fashion Fug or the Lady Gaga Lite Fug?

  16. Ranee Singleton

    K-dollar sign-ya looks just stupid, which in my mind is not fug. FB has the money, the stylists, and the access to beautiful outfits, and has to try hard to look this fug.

    So my vote goes to FB.

  17. Jo

    “Sharon Stone J.Simp Boot Barn refried Madonna.”

    Classic. I laugh like an idiot at my screen. My manager is getting suspicious.

  18. Amy

    Why would Fabiola belt her hips like that in the last photo? The belt looks like one of those that comes included with a cheap pair of pants. Does she not own a mirror? I think the ladies behind her are wondering the same thing.

    Off to google Fabiola to see why she’s “famous” enough to be competing against $murf-attack-$leeve-cape…

  19. Lori

    I didn’t give any deep thought to What Fug Means to Me. I just had to vote for Kebucksha because she made Fab look good by comparison.

  20. Kathleen F.

    She accessorized with A. Severed. HEAD. That is…wow. Amazing.

  21. Nikki

    I knew that when Fab looked fresh and put together in comparison to each previous Kesha photo, it was time to cast my first vote for Ke-dollar sign-ha.

  22. Stripes

    Voted for Ke$ha. She is bringing a monster campaign to Fug Madness this year. I’m not sure if anyone can stop her. Cassette shard Mohawk electric zap ew. Indeed. I almost think you need to use wingdings to capture the essence of her fug in words.

  23. christa

    shame on your fug nation. kesha does not represent the true meaning of fugmas.

  24. María

    The age-old conundrum haunts me again: intentional/performance fuggery vs. I’m-so-stylish/trend-setting fuggery. *sigh* Can’t decide.

  25. T

    Ke$ha makes Fabiola look like Jackie O. No contest.

  26. Willow

    I genuinely can’t vote.

    I have moral issues with voting for Ke$ha but she is wearing a purse that has feather hair extensions hanging from it.

    And then there is the Ichiban Lipstick. WHICH IS FOR MEN.

  27. Willow

    I decided to vote for Fabiola purely because, and you are going to hate me for this, some of Ke$ha’s outfits are only fugly because of who she is rather than the actual clothes.

    Smurf Attack Sleeve Cape is actually a cute dress, she just ruined it with the smurf warpaint.

    Though makeup is part of the fuggery.


    *sits this round out*

  28. Rachel

    please go back and look at Fab’s archive before you vote. She wears some astonishingly expensive, ferociously fugly ensembles. And she thinks she is pulling off classy-but-edgy! Kesha’s fug is so one-note. And it’s actually the exact same fug, basically, as Momsen’s and other lesser members of the trashy-ho-where-are-her-parents tribe.

    I pulled hard for Fab in last year’s fug madness, and when I saw that red met ball gown i thought she was out of the running, but I think her fug is strong, misguided, enduring, AND she spends a lot of money on it, and that is to me more offensive than Kesha’s faux-punk slutty nonsense.

  29. Anne B

    Fabiola, my lady, here’s where you leave us.

    Time to return to your normal routine of sleeping till noon, shopping, snarling at your staff for failing to rotate the table linens, and shopping again. You are never not entertaining, but your opponent has work to do.

    I suspect she has some prosti-tot (h/t to vandalfan!) to take down with one of her strangleworthy outfits, here. Said underage ho will end up saying to the EMT people, “It was just a big dollar sign and random blue lips. Then everything went, like, streaky black?

    “Oh, and there was like a mannequin head …”

  30. Lindsey

    Yeah, the lime green shirt/purple skirt/frumpy shoes that made Fab grab my vote… Oi!

  31. Madness

    LOLSHIC (laughing out loud so hard I’m crying)

    How can I not vote for someone whose fashion style can be described as “Satin feather foot gobble tart shred”?

  32. chappy05

    I can’t stop laughing at “Sharon Stone J.Simp Boot Barn refried Madonna.” Genius.

  33. Willow

    I keep going back to the lime green and purple Fugapalooza and saying “I can’t not vote for you” but then I have to scroll back passed Ke$ha clutching the severed head.

  34. Ellen

    If you have seen the pictures of Kesha in a bathing suit, it is impressive that in the midst of the complete fuggery of her outfits, she is actually dressing to flatter (I know!?!) her figure. For that, I voted for Fabiola. Also, making a statement that you are a crazy popstar isn’t a fuggy to me as whatever statement Fabiola is making.

  35. Anaki

    If not The Mighty Boosh’s BETAMAX BANDIT himself, Ke$ha is at least his wife:

    “When we made love it was for 60 minutes, sometimes 180!”

  36. Lucy

    The lime shirt/purple skirt/hiking sock/boot combo is, for me, the Essence of Fug. Ke$ha is just a grubby, attention-seeking urchin. But someone handed Fabiola those clothes, told her they’d work together, and actually charged her two shedloads of money to do it, and she’s smiling because she thinks the photographers are in awe of her Look. That’s fug.

  37. cutebutnerdy

    That feather dead bird roach clip reeks of personal style, and it’s totally not working. bleh.

  38. lindsey

    I feel that Fug Madness is an honor… something of which Kesha (screw your dollar-sign, lady) is not deserving. She always looks like a desperate wannabe who didn’t get into a sorority so then adopted the wardrobe of a candy-raver/crust-punk and the attitude of a spoiled trust-fund brat with borderline personality disorder.

  39. annu

    “lace crotch sad thigh” LOL.

  40. Dedebobee

    Ke$ha’s clothes are hideous but she’s a performer and she’s going for crazy shock-value a la Gaga and Rihanna. Fabiola’s clothes are just plain awful, no excuse.

  41. Chrissy Cunningham

    Honestly I went with Kesha… she felts like she was wearing outfits to me :-(

  42. Georgie

    I vote for Ke$ha for going out looking like she gave a smurf a BJ.

  43. Carolina Girl

    Hey Fug Girls, why don’t you ever feature Daphne Guinness?

  44. Bella

    K-another costume-wearing wackadoodle. Fabiola=fug.

    I think maybe the costumed beauties need their own category. They’re starting to outnumber the true fuggers.

  45. Chicklet

    I voted for Kesha, because at least Fabiola appears to bathe regularly and smell of something other than cigarettes and tequila.

  46. Sonya

    Laughing @ lindsey, regarding Kedollarsignha

    “She always looks like a desperate wannabe who didn’t get into a sorority so then adopted the wardrobe of a candy-raver/crust-punk and the attitude of a spoiled trust-fund brat with borderline personality disorder.”

  47. Rayna

    It’s an exquisite agony………….which fug filosophy is more compelling? Appalling?

    Anyway, Fab because, well, you all said it already. K buck has some strident points, too, so I wouldn’t be upset if she “wins.”

  48. The Moonay

    I seriously believe Kesha can win fug madness.

  49. coexxi

    At least one vote was easy…. So I have to see Ke”§$%”§a next round, but really… nothing I could do. She outfugs this other one just too much.

  50. camille

    I’m so inconsistent. Per my arguments in favour of voting for Rybrera (Ryvita?), I should vote for Ke$ha here, because like him, she is gross and raunchy and probably smells bad. Her opponent, on the other hand, just dresses terribly. But I can’t. I have to give this one to the gut-belt-sporting, permanently nonplussed-looking Fabiola Beracasa.

    Then again, it seems like just as I was in the minority before, I am again now. I buck voting trends!

  51. Cranky Old Batt

    I feel bad for voting for people who have, er, special needs but that K chick is nutters.

  52. Carolyn


  53. Leigh

    @Willow–LMFAO at the Ichiban lipstick (FOR MEN) comment. Priceless!!

    I had to vote for Kesha. I think she thinks she is badass or at least Gaga-esque, but she is so not. I mean, even Taylor Momsen pulls off the “who gives a shit” vibe better than this one. So I am going with Kesha (I refuse to type the stupid dollar sign) because she wants us to think she’s dressing crazy for art’s sake, but she’s just sad. And she looks dirty and gross.

  54. Danni

    Holy ____! This one is turning out harder than Miley vs. Leona. Tempted to go with Fabiola as Ke$ha appears to be “affecting” her outfit choices. Hmmmm.

  55. aa

    no. this isn’t even a CONTEST… ke-gross-ha had me at the blue lipstick. fabi is going down.

  56. Claire

    I’ve got money on Kesha (I will not dignify her with the stupid dollar sign) for the win. My coworkers, against whom I am betting, disagreed, opting for Gaga, Momsen and the Family Smith, respectively. But I would wager the literally TENS of dollars in my bank account that this earth has never seen a more vomit-inducingly terrible dresser than this blue-lipsticked freakshow. She makes Gaga look like Jackie O.

  57. vandalfan

    “Kebucksha”- Thanks, Lori, I like that!

    And smurf blow job… tee hee hee! I adore all the comments, and adore Heather and Jessica for everything they do. Kudos!

  58. JanetP

    Going against the flow… Fabiola, because she has so much money (I assume she does, at least, isn’t she some kind of socialite?) and chooses such unflattering and boring things.

  59. yeahandalso

    I actually like Ke$ha’s music, it is perfect for driving around on sunny day, or dancing drunk at the bar or just in the living room with your roommate. And I enjoy her style, it is celebratory fug!!! so I voted for her.

    That being said I also think Fabiola is secretly awesome because of how calm, clean and reserved she always looks from the neck up. Little to no make up, nice skin, shinny hair, laid back expression…the total opposite of her crazy outfits

  60. Beth

    Really? Fabiola (when did she become famous? who is she?) is wearing some hideous clothes here, yet she THINKS THEY’RE CUTE. That’s why I had to vote for her. Ke$ha’s totally in on the joke; I think she’s hilarious.

  61. scotiviator

    This was a tough one. But Fabiola- it’s just too depressing. A woman whose name begins with “Fab,” yet she can’t even pull off a basic mid-western high school art teacher trying to be hip look? It kind of breaks my heart.

  62. Leone

    No contest. Kesha. Yeah, I realize she’s projecting a persona, but it’s SO OTT ugly and skanky and she’s too young to be THAT skanky. Cannot deal!

    Georgie said:
    “I vote for Ke$ha for going out looking like she gave a smurf a BJ.”

    lol priceless! Agreed.

  63. Sajorina

    Without hesitation, Ke$ha got my vote! Fugbiola is FUG, but at least she looks clean while fugging it!

  64. jeannette

    wow, i’m stunned another boring rock chick won out over the incredible fugiola.

  65. Sweet Jane

    I am slowly coming around to the idea that Kesha is funny and entertaining. She’s over-the-top but youthful and in interviews doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously.

    So Fabby Whosit gets my vote. For the lime shirt/purple skirt combo alone.

  66. Jules

    I voted for Ke$ha because up until recently, I’ve been confusing Fabiola with her society mother, and thought she has been looking great for a senior citizen!

  67. Poppet Lurker

    aw, you guys suck voting for ke(cent)ha, she’s knows exactly what she’s doing and loving every moment of it…while fabiola is glorious in her fashion ignorance. the voting turnout this year is shaping up just like last year, predictable and essentially boring. i go back to lurking now.

  68. Katie Shaw

    Just came very close to spitting juice onto my keyboard when I scrolled down to read “Crazeballs.” Note to self: No eating or drinking whilst reading GFY.

  69. KK

    It’s a little sad because in the “cassette shard” shiny dress, you can see that Ke$ha really has a rockin’ body. Even her face and hair–if she toned it down and TRIED to not look like a tramp, she’d be gorgeous. She just takes so much away from herself by dressing like complete garbage.

  70. Ugh Manpris

    This one was hard. It actually ended up coming down to the hygeine thing. Ke(getoveryourselfI’mnottypingyourstupidpunctuationmark) sha just always looks so so dirty.
    Also, the bathing suit pictures. Presentation counts, when you are presenting yourself so publicly.

  71. AlmostBluefin

    I admit, I have a soft sport for Ke$ha ever since her appearance on Planet Money, where she kindly gave pointers to a economist for how best to rhyme “animal spirits” in his Keynes v. Hayak video. Ever since then, I just see her as secretly smart, working the star system for attention and not taking it too seriously, unlike Gaga. So, Bercasa it is, because what’s her plan?

  72. Melissa

    So sorry to see it looks like Fabiola will be leaving us. I’ve been harbouring secret longings for her to take it out since last time.

  73. Liz

    The hungover stomach meal description actually made me feel vaguely hungover for a minute, just imagining how awful that would be.

  74. Bambi Anne Dear

    I went for Fab in this one simply because Kesha’s mostly stupid outifts are at least befitting of a pop star but Fab is not in the least fab. She’s frumpy all the time.

  75. Bambi Anne Dear

    Not so secretly, I love the cassette shard dress…..