Fug Madness 2011, Round One: Cher Bracket

And so it begins! Remember, the photos we use are just illustrative (and to, we hope, make an entertaining post). We encourage you always to check the contestants’ archives on this site — easily found by clicking here and starting to type the person’s name into the Featured Fuggers search box, or through links within these posts themselves — and even maybe Google them before you vote (remember, eligibility is from after last year’s Oscars up through Feb. 28, a.k.a., this year’s Oscars). If you want. Maybe you just like to close your eyes and click; I don’t know your life.

Here we go…


In the battle of the Forgotten Gossip Girls, let’s start with Vanessa From Brooklyn. Sidebar: We call La Szohr that because, as part of that Sobe campaign for which she shot the nude pics, her radio spots did not say, “Hi, it’s Vanessa from Gossip Girl.” Instead, they said, “It’s Vanessa… from Brooklyn,” with nary a mention of the show’s name, which is both hilarious and very conspicuous.

Also conspicuous: her underboob.

Jessica Szohr

But I guess it makes sense. The girl likes netting — as we all recall from this cracked-out shirt, and her Oscars “dress,” of course – and she likes making you look at her boobs, which we recall from this:

Jessica Szohr

I ASSUME that thing stayed up all night, since we didn’t hear any scandalous Us Weekly blurbs noting Vanessa from Brooklyn turning into Vanessa from Hookerlyn, but I bet it was a close call.  As much as she cherishes her lady-assets is how much I wish she would prize her hair, as it’s a hot mess here and doesn’t look much better when she top-knots it, not to mention how ratty it looks if/when Vanessa from Brooklyn makes an appearance on the CW.

But is all this enough to unseat top seed Taylor Momsen? They share a disregard for their hair and a predisposition for transparency. But to date, Szohr has yet to do this. Prepare yourselves:

Taylor Momsen

Yes, that’s right. After a year that saw her wear stripper shoes with money in the platform, eyeliner applied with a Sharpie, and any number of other abominations, today I SAW HER VAGINA. Friends, I broke the law. I didn’t mean to — it took a second to realize what I was seeing. And it might have been pressed buttocks, for all I know. I didn’t stare. I just slapped the circle up over it as fast as I could to spare you all the same anguish and YOU ARE NOT EVEN EIGHTEEN, CHILD, WHY ARE YOU FLASHING YOUR XOXO ALL AROUND TOWN WITH YOUR CRAZY GARTER BELT AND YOUR TERRIBLE HAIR AND YOUR LINGERIE WHY GOD WHY.

Taylor Momsen

You know how there are some Google computers coming out that are eliminating the caps lock key? I cannot own one of those, ever, and it’s because of this hellbag.

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This is a toughie — both women are Kissed by the Kaiser (possibly literally, in that double-cheek way), both of them take a lot of chances, and both of them succeed wildly almost as often as they fail spectacularly. This extends to casualwear as WELL as formalwear. Consider this:

Emma Watson

It’s a deliberately (I assume) mis-buttoned cardigan, a floral dress, and PANTS. Of all the people I thought might try to drag the carcass of Dresses Over Pants back into our national consciousness, I didn’t suspect Hermione Granger. I assumed, like, Lohan, or maybe Michelle Williams.

Diane is not immune to the misuse of pants, either:

I think the trail of buttons on those loose-fit khakis is longer than my arm. They are boyfriend pants, if your boyfriend is Apu. And the less said about those jeans, the better. Although here are a few more words: puffy, dated, bloaty, blech.

But since we see them in dresses the most often, let’s take a look at some of those. Both of them wear short things that invite figure-skating comparisons — Diane’s was white, Emma’s black — and Emma’s beige ruffles were as misguided as Diane’s floaty half-halter with a tail. Stumpification? Diane, check; Emma, also check.

What’s more, they both often gravitate to a hodge-podge.

She looks like a pregnant girl who got sorted into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, AND Slytherin, and is trying to wear her confusion.

Whereas Emma just looks like a gardening enthusiast who got kidnapped by a biker gang whose leader is a Madonna impersonator.

This is a toughie. Karl would say, “Decisions are for the bored, pet. JAB.”

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Let’s start at the bottom.

Of her body, that is; I am not suggesting LiLo is the last layer of sludge in the barrel. Although this outfit might have been the last junk in her closet on laundry day, including the gorilla feet she’s wearing. Lindsay often looks like that, actually — I mean, there’s this, and this crackpot ensemble she wore to the drugstore (note: an actual pharmacy), and… well, her archive is extensive.

However, Heigl is no stranger to hobodom. Remember when I thought she was Sharon Stone? And then Sharon Gless? (Not that those ladies are hobos.) Girlfriend has just as many problems accessorizing her casualwear as LiLo does. And, to an actual real event, she once wore these:

Yep: See-through Louboutin boots. Check out how scrunched and folded-over her toes are. Remind me why ANYONE thinks that is sexy.

I am pretty sure almost nobody thought this was sexy.

Then again, the same could be said for this, and this.

And this:

Holy cats. She is the world’s frumpiest yacht maid. I might even like this old thing better, although… hmm. She also monkeyed with her head-suit so much this year that I got whiplash. Her archive will tell the story.

So who takes it: The one who has the excuse of maybe being out of her head even though she swears she is fine and we are the ones who have problems, or the one who totally does NOT have that excuse?

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These was plenty of Crazy Jolie at events when she was with Brad Pitt — like Gloves McMurderess, and these pants, and the angora gown, and whatever the hell she was wearing in the second half of this slideshow. But let’s look at what she wore on her own, without Captain Scarves there to distract.

Sony, on the backdrop there, is begging us to “make believe.” So, okay: I will make believe that Angelina is NOT mentally casting a spell here to liberate the inner organs of every paparazzo in attendance so that she might sup on their very lives.

And I will make believe that Angie is NOT so fresh out of uses for old trashbags, on account of her not eating any food that would leave waste to throw in them, that she’s decided to turn them into couture. Hooray! I like this game. It makes things so much more palatable.

I wish I could make believe that Drew never derived sartorial inspiration from a bag of oranges. And I’d love to pretend this never happened:

Adam Lambert must be sad that THIS is how his hair was memorialized.

And Drew is apparently sad that Emma Watson beat her to dresses over pants. Chin up, Drew. There is no winner in that race.

But there IS a winner in this one. And a loser. Existentialist dilemma: Are they one and the same?

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Comments (80):

  1. Katharine

    I can’t vote for LiLo for the same reason I wouldn’t vote for Britney or Amy Winehouse; she’s such a tragic mess that going out without pants is the least of her problems.

    Taylor Momsen, on the other hand…

  2. FurryPurry

    While I totally understand everybody voting for Taylor, she does have a very distinctive (if highly questionable) style and girlfriend is sticking with it. Jessica on the other hand puts on random designer outfits without an ounce of personality.

  3. A.J.

    Everytime I see Momsen, I want to shake her and say, “Cherie Currie already did this! And she’s laughing at you right now!!!”

  4. Kate

    OK, how is Momsen allowed to get away with flashing her special purpose on stage, at her age?! I sound so old! Even though I usually go with who I think should be able to do better in these matchups and vote for them, I had to give it to her, for no one made me quite so queasy. Though Vanessa’s head looks yoooge in that second photo. Or her body is too small. Not sure. And though I love me some Kruger, she gets my vote for those terrible high-waisted jeans in the first photo. I mean, how can you look like that and still look like THAT!? Also, I’m kind of troubled that I liked both Emma and Drew’s dress over pants looks. What is wrong with me? I think Momsen has ruined me for good taste.

  5. dianalily

    “Posted: Mar 17, 2011 By Heather AT 8:00 am”

    It’s 11:29am on the East Coast. I see no voting buttons, only results. Are the polls open only for a limited time? Or do they close after a limited number of votes? Each poll is averaging approximately 300 votes at this time.

    Curious as to why I can’t vote.

  6. lks

    I think Lindsay Lohan should be disqualified this year the way BritBrit was a year or so ago. Her sartorial problems should be the very least of her concerns.

  7. dianalily

    Neeeeeever mind. Weird computer issue.

    As you were.

  8. Cora

    Okay, not so much the fashion as the writing, to wit: “and to, we hope, make an entertaining post)”. GIRLS?!?? (while I clutch my pearls) Split infinitive!!!! YUCK! Even a quick unexpected peek at Momsen’s Momsen doesn’t excuse this.

  9. Linda66

    @dianally, I had the same problem (and continue to have it). Usually, I have no trouble voting.

  10. aa

    at least drew isn’t boring. angelina’s pretentious attitude is all over her clothes.

    also. why does momsen hate her parents so much? did they abuse her?
    i’m asking seriously.

  11. Suzanne

    I can´t vote either. I need to vote! This is killing me! Help! (OK; sorry if I am taking this a bit too serious….)

  12. FugCourtneyLove4Evah

    the polls aren’t working! they’re reporting as already closed. Can you fix this? Not to tweak out, but I’ve got an official bracket and $10 riding on FugMadness, which is like ten diet cokes, so I’m taking my current disenfranchisement pretty seriously. Also, it’s a matter of life and death that I cast a ballot for Baby Courtney Love, aka Lil’ J, aka Taylor Mom(ster)son.

  13. melissa

    @dianally , I’m having the same issue – - I only see results for the first two but from Lilo vs. K Heigl down I can vote…

  14. Sarah

    I have the same problem. I can’t vote for the first two, but the rest work just fine. I even tried clearing my internet cookies, etc. Some is better than none though. And the others are how I would have voted anyways, so no biggie.

  15. melissa

    funny, after i posted my comment they all were open to me…(and i had refreshed several times prior)

  16. Rosanne

    I’m having voting issues too- even after reloading, some polls show me the results without letting me vote, but I could still vote on others.

  17. Peggy

    Lohan vs. Heigel? Yeah, Lohan is generally worse dressed, but Heigel looks like crap and she’s sober and in her right mind. Vote to Heigel.

  18. Rosanne

    lol- I voted on the last two polls, posted a comment, and then I could vote on the first two. Must be some voting gremlins at work today.

  19. Bronwen

    How how did I not see that Barrymore would take out Jolie??!!

  20. Lindas

    I couldn’t vote for the first 3 either. Do they close early?

  21. jerkygirl

    I can see Momsen going all the way this year. I also voted for Angelina for her goth Grandma schtick that is so darn boring. Diane Krueger so rarely looks good below the chin; that was another easy vote. And if Lindsay Lohan is her own stylist, she should fire herself stat.

  22. jen310

    This was the easiest bracket set so far – probably because in most cases in came down to trashy fug vs. classy fug. Momsen makes it way too easy for her to win, Kruger gets it wrong more than right (although when she gets it right she knocks it out of the park), Lohan, no contest especially when you count her court outfits – looks like she is getting ready to work the stroll, and while Jolie owns her fug with a high class Disney villanesque vibe, Barrymore just dresses fugly.

  23. The Other Molly

    What AJ said about Momsen, seriously.

  24. bdaiss

    Tough one on Emma vs Diane. I admit – I gave it to Diane in hopes of some Percy peeps. : )

    Taylor needs an intervention. *sigh* GIRL.

  25. Vicki

    ARgh. Must. Vote.

    Voting can’t be closed already for the Cher bracket, can it? Must be a glitch.

  26. Lynne

    I really have an irrational hate for Taylor Momsen and the coochie shot just solidified it for me. On one hand, i want her to take the title this year. On the other, I don’t want to give her any more attention than she’s already getting. Ick.

  27. Heather

    It is a glitch – try clearing your cache rather than your cookies. WordPress has been behaving weirdly for us all week, though. Great timing.

    @Cora: Really? We’ve been working our asses off for this (and all year so far), and generally have excellent grammar, and you’re going postal over one slip?

  28. Anita

    HATED voting for Drew Barrymore as I detest AngieJo, but yeesh girl, show off your cute stuff!
    I’m also hating the Heigl so that vote was a no-brainer.

  29. j

    In the last month, I’ve seen Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson twice now – once at Urban Outfitters in Vancouver and once on top of Whistler mountain – because Josh films a TV show here. I must say, she photographs well but looks surprisingly normal in person and not striking…she was wearing bright red ski pants at Whistler which left very little to the imagination! Good for her for taking style risks though. They seem very in love. Always holding hands and stuff.

  30. jerkygirl

    I forgot to add: I don’t know if the Fug girls covered it, but did anyone see that awful “I f*** for Satan* shirt that Momsen wore a few weeks ago? Dude. I mean, there’s fun fug, and there’s bad fug, and there’s SWINTON grandeur fug, etc., but that is just beyond I don’t even know what. Couple that with the “lookit mah ladybits” fug at the top, and I think we have a winner, except that I kinda hope she doesn’t win because she makes me sort of sad with all the “Mommy never loved me so now everything I do is a desperate shriek for attention” antics. Yes, I said antics, I am an old (compared to her, anyway).

  31. Suzy

    Taylor Momsen to win it all this year. It just doesn’t get worse than what she’s inflicting on people’s eyeballs lately.

    Also, Lohan would never be guilty of wearing a dress over pants; she can barely bring herself to wear any pants to begin with! Way too covered up for her.

    I used to tolerate Angeline Jolie’s weird goth gowns because hey, at least she looked different from everyone else. But sorry, I can’t take it any longer. Drew at least is interesting, even if she occasionally veers into crazytown. Angelina is just making herself look horrible. I suspect her body is so bony and skinny that she is hiding it under all of those curtainy dresses. And that’s saying something, given how Hollywood loves the too-thin.

  32. Cecily

    Thank you for sparing me the look at Taylor’s what’s-it (I can’t call it lady parts, as she’s still underage, urgh). The see-through boots that look like a ric rac display at International Silks & Woolens almost made me vote for KHeig, but Lindsay is way more deserving of the slag. And Drew’s baboon shrug was so heinous, she got my vote.

  33. Stefanie

    I just love this time of year.

    Seriously, a huge thank you for all the time and effort that goes into this site.

  34. LoriK

    I just couldn’t vote of LiLo. Objectively she looked worse, but she’s on drugs and in all sorts of trouble and really shouldn’t have been eligible this year because her clothes are so the least of her troubles right now. Besides, Heigl is sober and still dressed like an idiot half the time and did all that weird crap with her hair. I have to judge not only on what the person did, but on how well she should have been able to do.

    That’s the same reason that Kruger got my vote over Watson. Tie goes to the person whose been doing this longer and therefore ought to have a more consistently reliable sense of style. Emma can be excused for at least some missteps because she’s younger and still finding her groove. I love that Diane takes chances, but it seems that by now those chances should no longer be quite so prone to going wildly wrong.

  35. meowmeowdiva

    What would happen if each of the contestants swapped one outfit with the others? Would the result still be fug? An “if a tree falls in the forrest with no one to hear…” kind of query. I would LOVE to see KHeig’s striped linebacker maxi-dress on Taylor Momsen, and vice-versa! Picture it…if you can. Well, I must decree that in my view, Ms. MOMsen has this bracket at least all sewn up.

  36. Alma

    Seriously, what is with the grammar police?? Chill out, Cora. I appreciate all the work you Fug Girls do in order to help me NOT do work at work! :-D

    Also, Drew pulls it all off because she is kooky. And dress over pants isn’t just “not that bad”, I think it’s actually pretty darn cute!

  37. foo

    Adding to the anti-Momsens here.

    I have this Beetlejuice inspired vision where I point at her and she is forever clad in turtleneck, long sleeved maxi dresses. She screams and runs away from the spotlight. Forever. It is a great vision.

    The others were toughies. :)

  38. malie
  39. Brenda

    Taylor is wearing white panties, you can see them through her miraculous slightly sheer red rubber dress. False alarm, there is no labial emergency!

  40. Jill

    Add me to the list that cannot vote for LiLo because she is just so sad. Heigl is sane and just pure fug.

  41. blake

    this entire thing made me weep. from laughing my ass off. i don’t think i’ll be able to do anything the rest of the day. i could visualize every outfit before i clicked the link and your descriptions slayed me. i cant wait for the rest of this.

  42. camille

    Taylor Momsen, quit trying to get your “audience” (I’m assuming your band has one) arrested.

    I had tough choices in the other 2 votes. Ultimately, Diane beat Emma because Emma’s bad choices just looked like ugly clothes, but Diane’s made her look like her figure was something less than superb, which is a lie. Also, in the Angelina vs Drew throwdown, I kind of LIKED the fuzzy angora dress – it looks cozy! who doesn’t like being cozy? – whereas I didn’t like anything Drew brought to the table. That was my only criterion since it was so close. I mean, leather garbage bag vs orange garbage bag. What do you do with that?

  43. Pagooey

    I think I wore Heigl’s stripey number to my figure-skating-coach’s wedding in 1986. Plus, yeah, I can’t punish LiLo–just feels too cruel. Such a complicated bracket, though: I didn’t feel right picking on Emma because she’s just a kid, but I was HAPPY to smack down that awful Taylor child, because SOMEONE HAS TO.

    As for Diane…I might have cast a jealousy vote there. She wears some odd stuff, but she gets to accessorize all her ensembles with JOSH. Already won the grand prize of Awesome Life, that ‘un.

  44. Anika

    Diane and Emma have my favourite fashions 99% of the time. I voted Diane based on the jeans. Because. Yeah, no. But they are seriously who I TRY TO DRESS LIKE!

    And Angie just makes me sad.

    But, gah, I love Fug Madness so much.

  45. Bella

    Cannot vote for Momsen even though she is horrid. She’s just too young and obviously wants to look like the rebel punk she thinks she is. Jessica, OTOH, probably thinks she looks good, therefore, the bigger fugger.

  46. Hazen


  47. Kris

    Taylor Momsen should sweep Fug Madness this year, solely on account of that horrible Revolver cover. I will never forgive her for ruining the Kick Ass soundtrack with her ‘band’, and I may never forgive Revolver for playing along with her ‘rock star’ pretentions.

  48. Adria

    I am tellin’ ya, ladies and gents, Momsen is taking it all this year. Just you wait.

    It was a real toughie between Emma Watson and Diane Kruger. Both so pretty, yet both so fug. But Diane is older and should definitely know better. She wins.

    Gorilla feet for shoes? Seriously, I love La Lohan (don’t judge me! I have my reasons), but Heigel had no chance. At all.

    Now, two other ladies I think are awesome. Angie and Drew. Angie is just so beautiful, she could wear a potato sack (which she may have been wearing in photo two) and people would still stop and stare. Drew wins it (sorry, Drew) for that horrible, horrible hair.

  49. roser

    Looove Fug Madness. Momsen is pathetic. And Drew — she’s so pretty and talented, she seems down to earth and cool, why cant she dress herself????

  50. Lisa

    I agree, I think Momsen could take it this year.

    I can’t believe Drew is beating the Jolie. Yes, Drew’s hair is utter crap, but look at the Jolie’s body of work this year!

  51. witjunkie

    My view on LiLo is that she refuses to acknowledge her problem and/or seek help, so she is living life as she chooses, and that includes what to wear. So I say she’s fair game.

  52. Damian

    1) Momsen
    2) Kruger
    3) Lohan
    4) Berrymore

    This was super easy. I still remember Lohan being the original number 1 in Fug Madness only to be taken out by the Peldon.

    Good times.

  53. Katie

    trying to get my vote thing to work :/

  54. Anne B

    So this was my “Blame” round. Who can blame her looks on something other than herself (very serious drug problem, pack of young children, youth)?

    T-Moms takes it, though. You can’t not Fug that. Little J deserves the scorn of Fug Nation. And also, a nice Snuggie, in the color of her choice (oh oh! I bet I can guess it!).

    Had to give it to Mrs Pacey over Em-Wats, because of JEANS (!!!), and also because Emma is a lovely young girl whom I almost never see as Fug; and also, I NEED TO SEE PHOTOS OF PACEY.

    It’s a shame Heigl is losing to LiLo. You all know that when LiLo looks in the mirror, she sees a purple Gorgon, right?

    And yes, Drew over Our Lady of The Developing Orphanages. That woman might have a pack of kids, but so did my mom (one more, in fact! made ‘em all herself!), and on her best day she never looked this good. Drew has no freaking excuse whatsoever.

  55. jennifer


  56. Sarah

    Taylor Momsen makes me instantly age 50 years.

  57. Jeroen

    I have Taylor winning this whole thing and I feel very confident about that choice now.

    One day of serious Fug Madness and I am completely sucked in already.

  58. Kat

    Yikes, Momsen. I went through my own “phase” at that age, but if I had tried to leave the house looking like her my parents would have stuck me in a convent. I’m not that much older than her myself, but seriously, where are her parents? Do they just not care that their underage daughter is flashing her business all over? Does it not bother them that she smokes, drinks and is probably out sleeping around with god-knows-who? She needs a handler, big time!

    I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Lilo because, you know, she’s probably a little cracked out. And I HAD to vote for Angie, if only because I think she looks great when she wants to, but girlfriend needs to acquaint herself with some cake.

  59. vandalfan

    I think a split infinitive is reflective of amusing style. The Bard split a few infinitives in his time, and see how he turned out? I find it too hard to suppress my personal dislike of Angie and my fondness of Drew to be objective. So I just won’t, despite Drew’s coiffure.

  60. marcia

    I have suggested two years in a row that LiLo get the Britney-crazy-person-exemption. This isn’t entirely motivated by concern and unselfishness–I lose my ass on her EVERY SINGLE YEAR. If I have her advance, she loses the round. If I count her out, she crushes. Come on fug girls, help a sister out, let Lindsay have a pass.

  61. Cat

    I vote purely on the fashion. Even if I judged on circumstances, there is NO possible way that Little J’s outfits could be justified. None whatsoever. She is the worst-dressed (if you call it that) person in Hollywood. Taylor Momsen to win it all.

  62. Tara

    I remember when LiLo used to be cute and vibrant and healthy looking. Now she looks like a haggard forty something trying to look like a twenty something. Heigl doesn’t look much better either. That was a tough choice.

  63. Eurydice

    I wore a “yacht maid” dress like that to a 6th grade dance…for Greek Independence Day…at my church.

  64. jeannette

    ladies, the kruger and watson dresses are the two ugliest garments I HAVE EVER SEEN. and this is not my first ride around your rodeo. crewel work on a leather bustier dress vs. chartreuse chiffon fallopian tube applique?

    i….i….can’t go on…..and yet i must…..

  65. Sajorina


  66. MEL810

    Has anyone ever called Child Protective Services about Taylor Momsen? In many states, showing the coochie of an underage kid is considered kiddie porn. Why do they punish the kids flashing their tatas and such via sexting with other kids their own age, yet TM, gets to get on a public (or should I say pubic?) stage and air her hooha all over the world?

  67. TEL

    for voting

  68. moja31

    Momsen, Watson (love both her and Diane, but Diane works her odd choices with more conviction), Lohan, Jolie (for the Morticia dress with the built in gloves alone)

  69. Dee

    WTF! Taylor….I…I have no words…..

  70. Faye

    OMG, that pic of Momsen makes me want to wash my brain out — and I didn’t even see the “Fug” part! How is she allowed to even do that? Don’t they arrest teens these days for texting sexy pictures of themselves because it’s considered child pornography? She is under 18, yeah?

    And not to be too catty, but girl has put on a LOT of weight. You can see her pot belly through that sheer black thing, and her face looks like someone pumped it up with a pressure gauge. Don’t get me wrong, those outfits would be wrong at any weight, but the heaviness sure doesn’t help.

    Someone needs to adopt this kid and set her straight — make her go to school or something, take a shower, and put some clothes on. Ugh.

  71. ChaChaheels

    Drew Barrymore hits the nail on the head more often than not–fashion abominations are part of the game when you’re wearing the kind of designers she wears out in public. But Jolie? She could dress beautifully–but everything she puts on has to match her regrettable tattoos. She always looks haphazard at best, or in need of a good hot shower and some freshly laundered underwear.

  72. Cora

    Yes, well, I voted, had a restorative cup of Earl Grey and then donated another $100 to Japan relief, so we’re all good now. But my, the grammaristas certainly do raise the hackles, don’t they? Meow

  73. alice

    how can la jolie not be winning???

  74. Marie-L

    for voting but it’s not working

  75. J

    Diane Kruger wears some cracked out stuff, but she somehow still always looks fabulous. Maybe it’s the confidence that comes with dating Pacey…?

  76. Nono


  77. Miranda

    Peculiar, Cora, that you should post about the grammaristas where you were the person who initially perpetrated the accusation against the Fug Girls’ grammar. There are simply a few people itching to defend somebody unjustly accused of being incorrect.

    I’m glad that I was too late to vote on this round because my love for both Barrymore and Watson would have made me too impartial to admit that, okay, those outfits look hideous.

  78. BigTex

    Comment so I can vote?

  79. Stanleyryan Guez

    Oh!!!! my god, they all are looking gorgeous,, what i say about her beauty..


  80. K.

    This is always hard, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I always vote for the grandest, most flamboyant fug whenever possible; if unapplicable, the most entertaining fug; if unapplicable, simply the most heinous, but that’s always the hardest. Hence, voting for the Momsen is a no-brainer, but Barrymore vs. Jolie was hard, since I genuinely like Jolie’s brand of insane dressing, while Drew’s clothes just make me depressed.

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