Fug Madness 2011 Final Four: Game One


This is going to be a tough one, y’all, so put on your seats belts.  Taylor Momsen’s archives are vast and deep and shocking; Miley’s archives have a horrifying and compelling power all their own. Both fancy themselves singer/actresses; both are, apparently, nudity-enthusiasts. Both were famous as children. Both have had Fug Nation clutching its collective pearls. Both worked REALLY REALLY hard to get here.

Let’s do this:

Right back atcha, honey. Although I’m not sure that gesture means anything. I certainly don’t think it means what you think it means, unless what you think it means is, “FINGER GUNS UP!”

I think it means, “today’s outing to David’s Bridal just got REALLY WEIRD.”

This clearly means….

Wow. Actually, I have no idea. “That two for one on cargo shorts at Old Navy took a strange turn,” perhaps, or “why did I come out of that Bridal Shower Toilet Paper Game wearing THIS?” or “how is it possible that all these people decided it would be a good idea to writhe around behind Miley Cyrus for a summer?” or “why does the universe hate me? I’ve been looking at so many Celebrity Crotches this week, and it’s only….I don’t even know what day it is. Thursday. Right? Oh God.”

I think we’re all confused by this as well:

I wanted a bathing suit with cut-outs and rings like that when I was in 8th grade and my mother refused. (She was right.) At least Miley won’t end up with a hideous suntan from this one….right? I’m just trying to think positive. And to avoid mentioning that those shoes look like she opened them with a can opener.

And that she WON’T STOP WEARING THEM. Why won’t those nice back-up dancers that she stole from the Gap  DO SOMETHING about this? Step in, boys! At least smuggle the poor girl a cardigan.

NOTE: NOT a cardigan made of birds. Normally, I’d feel like I don’t have to specify that, but…well. Look around.

God Save the Queen. We’re really sorry, England. We can’t control her. I mean, OBVIOUSLY.

Speaking of someone who, to use Miley’s lyrics against them both, also can not be tamed:

I love how the dudes in The Pretty Reckless are all, “LOOK AWAY.” Don’t you think they get together at nights in the pub and talk about how AWKWARD their job is? “Will she ever wear pants, dude?” “I don’t know, dude.” “I feel so weird about this job, dude.” “I know, dude.” “Paying the bills.” “Paying the bills, dude.” “I need another drink.”

With John Galliano, in a picture the likes of which I suspect many celebrities are currently destroying. Hey, she may never wear pants, but at least she isn’t on record as being a fan of Hitler! LET’S TAKE THE POSITIVES WHEN WE CAN!



Whose fug reigns supreme?

  • Miley Cyrus (28%, 3,762 Votes)
  • Taylor Momsen (72%, 9,630 Votes)

Total Voters: 13,373

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Comments (149):

  1. jen310

    It’s the battle of underage fug skankery (its a word…now) and I didn’t feel it was that difficult a choice. The super fug whore skank award goes to Momsen . That should just not be allowed in society, polite or otherwise. DAMN, GIRL, PUT ON SOME CLOTHES!

  2. Rosanne


    reluctantly voting for precious poppet Taylor.

    It all came down to the eyeliner.

  3. mary lou bethune

    I feel like I need a bath now….
    I think this contest has lost its fun – it’s just sad…

  4. Kate

    I mean, anyone who can make “the guy with the elongated soul patch” look like The Normal One deserves a place in Fug history.

  5. Elizabeth

    I found this a tough choice, because they’re so similar, but the need for censorship pushed TMom over the edge. Miley’s ring skirt comes close, and maybe it’s just a matter of the angle of the photo, but that photo forces my hand.

  6. camille

    Weird. I didn’t find this a tough choice at all. Maybe it’s because unlike nearly every other matchup this year, this was like against like – two young girls who dress really inappropriately. Who out-whores the other? Momsen. Clearly.

  7. The Other Molly

    This has really boiled down to a “who out-skanks who” contest.
    No question, Momsen is The Skankiest.
    Miley is an Up and Comer though.
    I sometimes wonder what Fug Madness would be like if we left out all the attention whores.

  8. Jordan

    This was so difficult, but it was Taylor’s makeup that finally did me in. Both of their wardrobes are fug to the highest degree, but at least Miley is usually able to avoid looking like a zombie every day of her life.

  9. Sneza

    I voted according to Da Vagina Code.

  10. Trish

    Momsen is consistently fug in the same kinderwhore way, while Miley is showing diversity of fug. How to choose?!

  11. Katharine

    Funnily, I have the feeling that Momsen may turn out okay. Yes, she’s super-skanky, in the way that only an underage wannabe Goth can manage, but she seems to have an innate sense of style. It’s not appropriate style, and please, girl, put it away, but there’s method in her madness. (If you could see MY photos from high school… or some of the concerts I attended as a youth…)

    Miley, on the other hand, is not only inappropriately skanky, she doesn’t appear to have any taste at all.

  12. Aych

    This is almost too difficult to choose.
    However, I went with Momsen as she seems to think that she is “legitimate” and can bash RiRi in magazines. She also basically threw her opportunity with Gossip Girl away, as she is a massive brat. . Miley at least cleans up for the movies that she she stars in and manages not to get kicked off the set. (The fact that I am considering this an achievement speaks volumes about these two).

  13. Zuzzie

    this was a tough one…

  14. Lisa

    I just can’t vote for Taylor Momsen…it’s a crime against all women. WHERE IS THAT GIRL’S MOTHER, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD? Oh dear, I’m all verklempt…whew, this Fug Madness season has been grueling. :-P

  15. JanetP

    Miley just looks dumb. Taylor looks like a cheap hooker — and from what she says, that’s exactly what she wants to look like. Bet she thinks that Sucker Punch is all about female empowerment, too. FUG!

  16. pc

    so much SIGH
    this fug madness is deepening my brow furrows.

  17. Christa

    Momsen has my vote for the Satan shirt and the money whore shoes. If those intended as punk-rock political statements…what’s the message? I can’t tell, and therefore they simply read, “I am gross.”

    But my real question is this: don’t these girls get COLD? Brr.

  18. Janice

    It’s not even going to be close… Momsen FTW!

  19. meowmeowdiva

    I WANT to vote for Miley, primarily because she has to dance in unflattering lingerie while her back-up dancers inexplicably get to wear their “Washing The Car On A Saturday” clothes. ALAS…Momsen is so…is so……..fug in the not fun way. In the “where is your Mom, Momsen, and why doesn’t she care about you?” way.

  20. Victoria

    Taylor wins this one. The girl needs some serious makeup remover and I just can’t get past that, okay?

  21. menderz

    I had to go with Miley. I mean, Momsen looks terrible, but its all the same. Underwear as outerwear. Miley actually wears a variety of terrible clothes. Not just corsets and thigh highs.

  22. Anne B

    And so it arrives: Bracket of the Future.

    Miley “try-hard” Cyrus, thanks for all the … leg? Much as I feel for that guy on the left in the one shot, above, who’s clearly busted his own party sombrero over his head and is looking at us like HELP, HEELLLLP MEEEEE, there is nothing in your schtick that can rise to the level of Little J and her brutally efficient Fug.

    There she is: Herr Galliano’s featured dancer at the Kit Kat. Now we know who she’s *really* dancing for.

    “So life is disappointing. Forget it!
    In here life is beautiful.
    The girls are beautiful.
    Even the orchestra … is beautiful … ”

    T-Moms is BEAUTIFUL.

    No. We insist that you see it this way. We do …

    Can’t? Shame. There’s a line you must get in, over here … to the left …

  23. Peggy

    I went Miley because she’s actually a well rounded fug. She fugs the same slut factor as Taylor, but she’s also capable of being fugly while wearing completely “decent” outfits that do not leave all her bits showing. Taylor’s more of a one trick turning pony. Racoon eyes, stockings, slip, done.

  24. parlezdudiable

    Taylor wins by merit of taking herself too seriously and not realizing that she and Miley Cyrus are two sides of the same angsty teenage coin.

  25. vandalfan

    Battle of the Prosti-tots. I was all for Momsen until I learned it was the work of a stylist. Miley’s all over the board, Momsen has what you might call a “theme”. So Hanna Montana gets the nod from me, as representing the true spirit of fug.

    (Although the Battle of Momsen’s and Gaga’s shoes would haunt my dreams…)

  26. Wootini

    I had to go for Miley simply for her attempts at variety. Momsen’s looks are wildly inappropriate, but mostly samey. But it does look like she’s running away with it! Poor Miley…

  27. Jennifer

    Taylor just looks so…ick.

  28. Alex

    I took TMom out of contention a long time ago because she is a MINOR. She’s a kid. I have to leave her alone.

  29. Angela

    They are both absurd in the way only adolescents can be, in that they think they’re being “edgy” and/or “shocking” and/or “making a statement” when they really just look silly. I mean, “Fuck me Satan”? Really? Unless they go the road of Lilo, they’ll look back on this in ten years and be mortified.

  30. jerkygirl

    T. Mom is going all the way this year. The word “inappropriate” is not nearly a strong enough word to describe EVERYTHING she wears. And, I think the answer to the oft-asked question “where is her mother?” is: at home, collecting a check. Isn’t she T. Mom’s “manager” or something?

  31. Skinnyplum

    Had to be Taylor… Miley’s underwear appears reasonably fresh. I’m sad to say that’s not the impression I get from the photographs of Taylor’s undergarments.

  32. MoPo

    My initial inclination was to go with Miley, because Taylor is clearly trying to get my goat with all this hooker stuff. But then I noticed that at least Miley draws the line at wearing hosiery with open-toed shoes. She went the extra mile and cut the toes off the tube socks she wore with her spat-boots. Laudable indeed. Even in Lucite stripper shoes, Taylor’s stockinged feet remind me of my grandma in her knee-highs and Hush Puppies sandals.

  33. Chrissy Cunningham

    Dare I say it? Momsen is boring in comparison????

  34. Lisa Bryant

    They’re both way too porn-y for comfort. I reluctantly awarded it to Taylor, in spite of Miley defiling the eyes of my 12 year old for 3-4 of her years (thank god she grew out of hannah montana early on.)

  35. Christian

    I wanted to go with Miley because she at least diversifies her fug (and those can-opener shoes are HEINOUS), but in the end I had to give it to Momsen. Miley looks like she bathes, at least.

    I’m always laughing at the guys in Momsen’s backing band as well, I’m sure they produce millions of eye rolls a day toward that gross brat.

  36. Mongerel

    Those “Gap” boys aren’t quite as wholesome as you might think.


  37. Damian

    MILEY! Taylor is remarkably fug, no doubt. But it really is the same fug over and over again. Disgusting? Yes. Interesting. No.

    Miley is reaching. She has “boobs trapped in a lace body stocking fug” and “feather arms performance fug” and “I’m so different satin onesie fug” and “hillbilly fug” and “dirty hair fug” and “I’m dressing like Steven Tyler fug.” She’s demonstrating that she’s all around player. Reward her effort!

    Vote Miley!

  38. kdice

    I can’t vote for Momsen, simply because I feel like all the things we’re saying and thinking about her are what she WANTS us to say and think about her. We’re all “dear lord, put on some pants” and she’s all “THAT’S RIGHT OLD PEOPLE I’M JUST TOO REAL FOR YOU.” And that CANNOT be rewarded.

    Sigh. Momsen makes me so capsy.

  39. Lindas

    I had to go with Taylor – she just makes me want a shower, she’s so skanky. I know it’s the act of a teenager, but damn she’s dirty and skanky.
    I think the I’m protective of Miley because of all the hours of Hannah Montana I was forced to watch with my 6 year old. If she got a good stylist maybe she could be saved…

  40. Claire C

    Both do have me clutching pearls because of their skankitude. Even though Momsen out does Miley in this respect, I voted for Miley because of her variety of fug. Momsen always dresses like an underaged stripper. Miley has range. ex: her Stevie Nicks-esque fug. She looks ridiculous even when fully clothed.

  41. amom

    Honestly, I don’t think either of these girls qualify for fug madness since no real clothing is being featured here. Miley should win by default since here whoredrobe contains articles that resemble clothing while Taylor’s whoredrobe is too inappropriate to even feature on a street corner.

  42. Mags

    I was just behind Momsen in line at security at the airport this week. I pointed her out to my husband, who of course had no idea who she was. When I mentioned how old she is he stated, pretty loudly, “Where is her mother? Or better yet, her father?” I think one of the guys in the band heard him. Also of note, security had to take away one of the band guys’ aerosol deodarant and all four of them proceeded to spray some on before it was confiscated. It was classy.

  43. Miranda

    @The Other Molly – I am so with you. Crying for attention by dressing like a wacko/skank/fill in the blank doesn’t really count as true Fug in my book, but that’s what this contest always comes down to.

  44. Erica

    As a former underage goth whore-ette, I can safely attest that I turned out JUST FINE. I wear pants all the time, even! (But you should have seen some of my concert wear, circa ’99) Taylor appears to be in charge of her own clothing choices, and has a defined style, even if it’s a ridiculous, borderline illegal, avert your gaze from her vag type of style. Miley is just a tacky skank.

  45. Anne

    Does Miley really have TWO dresses that have cut-outs and rings at the hem? Or is it a trick of the angle that the one with the Union Jack shirt looks like it has a wider base? Because, one dress with this design is tragic.
    Two dresses, we’re talking Sophocles level tragedy, in that I feel the need to take knitting needles to my eyes.

  46. Amanda

    NOOOO, this means that Gaga is in the top 2 because I doubt Mischa can beat her </3
    I wanted a Momsen/Cyrus top 2 and I WANT GAGA OUT. So bored with her!

  47. Lynne

    Okay, Momsen is clearly running away with this thing I’m delighted to see. The child is taking the title this year, I’m sure. But more importantly, I’d like to take a moment to thank these two chickies for inspiring some of the best comedy of the comments section in a long time. Y’all are bringing the funny.

  48. Marinn

    I had to vote Miley because my husband’s daughter once looked up to her, whereas nobody I ever know has ever looked up to Taylor Momsen. Miley’s fuggery is more dangerous.

  49. Kate

    I’m in agreement with others about the fame-whore-ness of this contest.

    Maybe next year there should be a Fug Madness in March for the truly misguided fuggers (J.Simp, Mischa, et al), then a different Fug Madness (Fame-Whore Madness?) during July or something for the fame-whores.

    For the first competition, we can rate “true” fug that stems from people with terrible taste who seemingly lack mirrors or friends. For the second, we can vote on who’s fame-whore outfits annoy us more than any other (honestly, I’m thinking Momsen is worse than even Gaga, at least Gaga puts super effort into it. Momsen just makes my eyes roll so much, I can’t even stand it. I seriously gag every time I see her. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh).

    How about it?

    Mischa for Fug Madness champion 2011! T.Mom. for the most eyerolling “statement” outfits EVER – Fame Whore Champion 2011!!!

  50. Noire

    Honestly, they both make me sad, but also happy because I am not a parent.

    They’re both trying to get back at mommy and daddy for various angsty reasons. That being said, Momsens insanely unattractive makeup is what led me to vote for her. Its unattracive, unflattering, and frankly god awful.

  51. EngProf

    I’m in the minority, but I have this to offer: Momsen has only one nasty, ugly sartorial idiom to offer, whereas Cyrus has range. That’s not to say that Cyrus doesn’t have a powerful, primary allegiance to skankery, nor to suggest that she can do skankery with Momsen’s resolutely droopy assurance, but she does have other fashion gaffes to offer.

    So think of the finals. You send in Momson, who can only do one thing, and you’re putting all your eggs one in Lady Basket. Whorishness is not enough to make a champion. Cyrus, on the other hand, has some other skills: a jaunty pout, obliviousness to fit, a capacity for utterly inauthentic postures of rebellion, a fondness for surrounding her miscostumed self with miscostumed others so that one can feel that she’s perhaps a little contagious. It’s a young talent, but it’s not a narrow one.

  52. Maggie

    It worries me that every time I see Miley prancing around in what it essentially a one piece bathing suit, I think, “She’s dressed so modestly!” But, of course, this comparison explains it all.

  53. Janine

    You know, I don’t think those are finger guns. Maybe young Miley was offering a PSA to remind other young ladies to get their annual gynecological exams??? I look at these two children and think that my mom has NO IDEA how easy she had it with my sister and me!

  54. Cecily

    I loved that, “Let’s do this.” It does feel like something one has to face, and be done with. That was much harder than I thought it would be, actually, MyCy gave TMom quite a run for the fugoney, but the corsets and garters, raccoon makeup on sullen face and tip stilettos are too overpowering. TMom for the win.

  55. GeekChic

    Momsen is, quite frankly, boring. She looks the same all the time, and it is absolutely planned and the work of a stylist. Miley, on the other hand, has all sorts of different, yet consistently fug, looks. Plus, she does that horrible fish-face thing that people do that they believe to be sexy but is actually wholly ridiculous. There are critters I understand trying to emulate — being sly as a fox, sleek as a cat, light as a bird — but a fish? Since when are fish known for their sex appeal?

  56. Cecily

    @Mags, that’s hilarious!

  57. Matilda

    @Mongerel: hahaha excellent!

  58. Anne B

    The Other Molly and Kate, I’m with you.

    Now, back to building a secret apartment behind mine … and a door that looks like a bookcase. The famewhores are coming, and sooner or later, it will be for ME.

  59. Becky

    obviously I’m in the minority, but I feel like TMom is way more attention-seeking and outright scandalous (magazine interviews about how she loves her vibrator included), and that’s sad. Miley just has hilariously, skank-adjacent bad taste, and thus ought to win. If only the prize was a stylist!

  60. Anita

    Holy short skirted teenagers, Batman, even bird cardis can’t win here. Why? Because my beef (not to be recycled into fabric) here is about twohundred-fold, but #1 on the list is that T-Mom is wearing tights with open toed(?) clear heels…ergo, she gets my vote.

  61. B

    I feel gross after looking at the pictures in this matchup.
    I voted for Miley, b/c of her variety of fug but also in the hope that I don’t have to see anymore photos of Taylor. ick.

  62. KimB

    Miley’s bridal veil poncho almost convinced me, but its still Taylor Momsen all the way for me….

  63. Molly

    I said it before, I’ll say it again. Momsen is living in the world’s saddest lingere drawer. While I died, more than a little, in voting Cyrus (the Virus! see what I did?) the crackitude of her variety of fuggery makes me laugh. AT her. And that wins, for me.

  64. yvetterene

    These two are so evenly matched! I almost just flipped a coin, but I went back through the archives and really looked at each fuggery. I vote TM for the win. Her ass is out 24/7!
    At least Miley’s butt was covered up MOST of the time. I guess…

  65. Jill

    The clothing is pretty equal to me so I had to give the edge to Little J for the atrocious makeup. I’ve been wanting to wash her face for 2 years now (something I suspect she does only once or twice per week). IIRC, she is actually pretty under the war paint and nasty extensions.

  66. Chaiaiai

    hmmm, i would say my vote for momsen is a sanction but she’d like that. so i’ll say this. she started off with a WAY better genetic composition and fell as far as the cyrus. that is the reason i voted momsen.

  67. AP

    This one’s hard. While I was reading the first part about Miley, I was convinced I was going to vote for Miley, and then… there was Taylor. And like somebody else said on this site, I forgot how bad Taylor was until I looked at her photos again.

    At least Miley seems to be having fun in her outfits. Taylor is just…. horribly sad and disturbing.

  68. atz

    Miley all the way. Momsen is skanky and inappropriate, but the main issue is that she is too young to be dressing like that. If she were 25 she would just be a typical goth singer who dresses the way goth singers have dressed since ’92.

    Miley, on the other hand, is all over the map. She doesn’t have any sort of theme, except looking bad. She is probably choosing her own “outfits”. She’s a total mess, and there is no context in which her choices make sense.

  69. Tafadhali

    Miley’s looks look mainly like horribly misguided *swimsuits*, while Momsen’s are straight-up wildly inappropriate lingerie, so I guess I’ve gotta go with her. Plus her makeup.

  70. Vanessa

    I just ripped a hole in my tights at work. At first I was upset, but now I’m just thinking of it as celebrating Momsen v. Cyrus.

  71. Rachel

    Momsen just wears lingerie that she’ll be too young for until the next decade; Miley actually puts effort into OUTFITS. Which is why she got my vote.

  72. annabelle

    People, I’ve been voting Momsen – until now. But the thing with Trashy Taylor is she’s one note. One pantsless, racoon eyed, garter wearing note.

    Myley’s fug is ever changing. She tries so so SO hard and yet she’s always so very fugly.

    Vote for creativity people!!

  73. Natty

    Yucky. Both have horrible attitudes to match their horrible “fashion” choices. I almost feel the need to abstain, but at least Momsen owns her wanna-be punk rockitude. Miley just trys so hard to be anything that she ends up being nada.

  74. TarynE

    I voted Momsen, mainly b/c at least the majority of Miley’s fashion issues are when she’s performing. She looks “relatively” normal when you see pics of her out and about in her daily life. Momsen is just a skanky trainwreck ALL THE TIME.

  75. megs283


  76. Rebecca

    Is it weird that in the pic w/ Galliano, I immediately noticed the run in her stockings?

  77. Challis

    I went with Miley because she seems to be attempting something and failing, whereas Momsen is attempting to look like a wild child-whore and she just hits the nail on the head everytime. I also agree with mary lou, this particular voting was more sad than fun.

  78. LMM

    I feel like Momsen knows what she looks like, whether she likes it or not. It seems like an act to me. A la Gaga, only less successfully weird.

    Cyrus, however, appears to think she’s awesome. And for that, she gets my vote.

  79. witjunkie

    Seriously, Children of the Porn and Prosti-tots. Awesome. And Mags where was your camera?! Momsen’s band spraying on deoderant – classic.

  80. Willow

    I flipped a coin. It really is a case of “6 of one half a dozen on another”

    voted T-Mom-less

  81. jeannette

    i think cyrus’ unrelenting pout, g-rated disney bird-flipping, crotch out stance and pigeon toes are about a million times more obscene than any overexposed piece of jailbait momsen could muster. blagh.

  82. Advokat

    Have to give it to Cyrus here, simply for the bird cardigan outfit and the two for one shorts sale at Old Navy gone bad; never has underage whoredom been so entertaining!

    Taylor Momsen looks like she’s auditioning for the part of Marilyn Manson’s next love interest but the girl also happens to have quite a bit of talent. Can’t hate.

  83. Kristin

    My money’s been on Momson to take the whole damn thing since the beginning. Go Momson, go!

  84. LindaD

    The thing is, you can be waffling back and forth, judging this one and that one, but once you hit the Taylor pic where her lady parts had to be censored? IT IS ALL OVER!! You could put her up against anyone and her fug would reign supreme.

  85. Val

    While Tyler’s look is only appropriate for private at home sexy time at least it is appropriate somewhere and it IS a look. Yes, she is trying too hard but if she were older and at home it wouldn’t be so disturbing. Miley, on the other hand, is trying so hard to piss off Daddy and Disney but deep down doesn’t fully commit. Skank Lite is as bad as lite beer.

  86. RiaT

    Had to go with Cyprus on this one. As much as I don’t like her style, Momsen does have one, whereas Cyprus just a bunch of random fugness.

  87. keester

    It’s those shoes (if you want to call them that) on Miley. They’re in almost every picture up there. Every time I see them–particularly with the SOCKS–they hypnotize me into casting a vote.

  88. Ares

    While TMo is gag-worthy (and really, the need for censorship got her really, really far), it’s more or less all the same lack of pants and raccoon eyes. At least Miley gives a change up from leathers and feathers to macrame-boob-bag to what-crawled-out-of-the-dumpster.

  89. alice

    I am not a very pearl-clutchy person, but it does seem a little nuts to be voting on someone so young. I voted for Cyrus, not because of age, but because Taylor has a look (albeit a totally trashy one) and Miley seems to be all over the place, trying to be edgy in 8 zillion different ways, all of them FUG. Maybe it was because I went through a trashy stage when I was 16, but I don’t think TRASHY automatically equals FUG.

  90. Kina Dean Nara

    i voted for miley. If i had to choose between working the oufits myself, I would choose tay.moms over Mi.cy because miley is just fug – bad taste, white trash horrific while tay.moms is cool rock chick gone waaaaaaay ttttooooooo faaaaaarrrrr. It’s real bad, but still… she has potential to get coooooler real soon. Miley Cyrus will go the britney style to the end.

  91. Emily

    Jesus, Janine, your gyn exam psa comment made me choke on my Magic Elixir (Diet Coke). I’m going with Miley. 100% agreed with all those who note that Momsen is a one-trick pony. Bo-ring. Miley’s wardrobe is revolting, but at least she keeps us guessing.

  92. Christine

    I finally had to go with Cyrus. While Momsen parades the same, tired Frank-N-Furter ensemble over and over and over again, Cyrus fails in multiple genres.

  93. Anna

    It’s the make up make-up makeup cosmetics.

  94. Jane

    Miley’s fugery is all her stage wardrobe. She is, in effect, running around screaming “I’m not Hannah Montana. I’m not G-rated. I’m not on the Disney Channel any longer. I’m a grown up” and she’s trying much, much too hard. But I think there is hope for her. A couple of years from now she’ll be touring to support a different CD and her look will change.

    Taylor is just depressing. I keep expecting that in one of these pictures I’ll see a syringe sticking out of her arm.

  95. Natalie

    Oh my god this is the hardest EVER. They are both so disgustingly self-centered and unattractive in so many ways. I’m commenting because I can’t decide yet.

  96. Shaky

    I wanted to vote for the one that made me the least sad so I’d never have to see pictures of the other one again (or at least until her next fuggery), but the both make me so very sad that I couldn’t chose. Where are their mothers?

  97. Alizay

    How tragic is it that my decision was based on the fact that Miley has never flashed us her lady bits. In every other aspect they are equally fug.

  98. vandalfan

    (So that’s what a Galliano looks like. Hope never to see that again. Are those gaucho pants, or the bottom of a sarong? Was he sober when he donned them?)

  99. Kristina

    I gave it to Miley because Momsen’s just wearing the same fugly thing over and over and over again.

  100. punxxi

    The two fingers that Miley has up is a UK version of flipping the bird, well if she didn’t have that ring on and it looked like a reverse peace sign it would . I think she thinks she is doing it right…what can you expect from studio schooled kids, anyway?

  101. momo

    I wanted to vote for Miley so bad and then I looked at the highlighted “clothes” of Momsen and I couldn’t in good conscience vote for Miley. Dang.

  102. Carolina Girl

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Mrs. Momsen, Tish Cyrus(and Dina Lohan for good measure) should all be taken out and publicly horsewhipped. I have a 6 3/4 year old (her words, not mine) that I won’t let wander around the house half naked, much less in public. This just don’t make no damn sense.

  103. Ana

    Do they have parents? DO THEY HAVE PARENTS? We should call their parents.

    Sorry, Mileybird, but Momsen will NOT be tamed.

  104. nobody

    Momster. I know she’ll take out Mischa, too.

  105. Ellie

    On behalf of England, totally thanks for the apology – much appreciated! Although, I think Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are still waiting for theirs…

    TM should walk away with this one, though… walk away very carefully, with tiny tiny steps… and maybe a raincoat to cover her shame.

  106. Melissa

    Aw, I went for Miley, cos her skankery always jars for me in a spooky way with that all-American Disney veneer, plus it has levels of unexpected weirdness, whereas Momsen just raided Courtney Love’s underwear drawer. But yeah, I get it.

  107. la_chica

    This one was really hard. Miley’s poor unfortunate looks are hideous, and when I see Momsen I really just want to look away.

  108. yeahandalso

    My bracket from day one had Momsen winning it all, but now that I see the side by side(boob) comparison I think Miley is fuglier, here’s why:

    I don’t like it, don’t want to see it, but I do GET what Taylor I going for. She has a point of view for her style, albeit a TERRIBLE one but at least it is directional. I also get the impresion she came up with it on her own and has probably stood up for her right to look that awful.

    Miley on the other hand looks completely scattershot, clueless and stupid. You know she has a team of people shopping for and making this crap. Also Miley targets herself to 12 year olds and sells them a refried version of the same crap Britney did 10 years ago.

    Taylor is a better actress and a better singer and doesn’t have the support of a billion dollar corporation, she is like a mom & pop upstart of horrible outfits…Miley is coporate

  109. Melissa

    Quoth MoPo: “My initial inclination was to go with Miley, because Taylor is clearly trying to get my goat with all this hooker stuff. But then I noticed that at least Miley draws the line at wearing hosiery with open-toed shoes.”
    Love it!

  110. D

    I know Momson is going to win, but I voted for Cyrus.

    At least with Momson I know what she’s going for. It’s skanky, and trying to hard, but it’s consistent. Cyrus is clutching at so many straws and failing at every single turn.

  111. Sandra

    @amom. Love your use of the language! “Whoredrobe” is a truly great word. :)

  112. Regina

    Where are Momsen’s parents?!?!?! Isnt she 17?!?!?! (sorry,my cranky old lady jumped out….)

  113. Midge

    Ugh. This is difficult. And it’s not even like one of them is a nice enough person to save themselves and almost make it okay, like I felt with Nicki Minaj. They’re both skanky, horrible brats with bad extensions and apparently, no parents. I can’t decide.

  114. burntcopper

    is it me, or are momsen’s outfits just underwear?

    I admittedly voted for miley because that’s clothing and she’s made an effort.

  115. Tara

    I’m still fuming at Miley out-fugging Swinton, so Momsen FTMFW!

  116. Andrew S.

    Taylor, because there are no pictures of Miley’s vagina out and because I can smell momsen’s desperation from several states away.

  117. Sajorina

    The Achy Breaky Spawn’s FUG is as ridiculous, misguided, laughable and stupid as she is, but at least the Fug Girls haven’t had to put a FUG circle in front of her exposed crotch… yet!

    Now, MOMSEN’s body of FUG is the most offensive crap I’ve ever seen in my life from a 17 year old girl, who’s not? a street hooker!!! She went from “Cindy Lou Who” to “Lookat My Hoo(Ha)” and that’s why she got my VOTE!

  118. Rachel

    Miley wins my vote on diversity of fug. Momsen has a style…a really, really bad one, but it is identifiable. With Miley, you never know what you might get, like a box of fug chocolates.

    And is it just me, or is Miley’s ring dress the 2011 version of Nomi’s Ver-SACE from Showgirls?

  119. thereset

    If anything was gonna give me a brain aneurysm, it was voting for this.

  120. Gabby

    Really I would have preferred voting for Miley. But in the end I was obligated to throw my vote Taylors way… if only because of her love for ugly ugly stripper shoes. I could even forgive her the Vag flash (I mean, who hasn’t done that at some point by accident – although I ALWAYS wear underwear) if it wasn’t for those ugly as f*** SHOES!!!
    Taylor Toylor Taylor… do something. Drop by Diana Ferrari on the way home.

  121. missv

    When will someone do us all a favor and destroy all of Momsen’s garters? Honey, life is not a lingerie ad.

  122. Ducki

    I know they’re both total trash but I really deeply despise Miley Cyrus. Maybe it’s because she’s such a cocky piece of turd. Maybe it’s because she insists on acting sexy when she’s been beaten eight ways from Tuesday by the fugly stick. Maybe it’s because she acts like she’s earned what she has when everyone knows her daddy gave it to her along with a pony and a silver spoon. I don’t know. Whatever the reason, she got my vote and she’d get it 1,000 times again if I could. HATE.HER.

  123. Grant

    I voted for Miley because she just depresses me. She was given so much and so many different opportunitiies, and then she turned out like this. She could have been a great role model or done so much good with her fame and all, but she just decided to become a skank, and that’s what upsets me is all her wasted potential.

    Momsen, meh. Never seen anything with her in it, never really heard of her since I’ve lived outside the US the whole time she’s been famous, so yeah. I’m hella bummed Miley’s gonna lose this. I think Momsen’s gonna win all this and it just seems like such a waste when there’s so many more fuglier people out there like Kesha or the Kardashians, etc… :( This is more disappointing then when Aubrey O’Day took the award…We need another Bai Ling-esque winner!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Rebecca

    I want to yell in TM’s face. She has the most tired, most generic “rock” look of all time. I want Joan Jett to pour soy milk on her and eat her like cereal. IS THAT WEIRD. Seriously. GET A CLUE.

  125. Leone

    Had to go with Momsen…she is just full on skank fug!

    I think Nikki Minaj should be the queen of Fug Nation. She’s ridiculous, but entertaining and makes me laugh. That kind of wackadoo fug is FUN. Miley and Momsen are just sad.

  126. Leone

    Nicki not Nikki. sorry

  127. Mahastee

    Warring skank-bots aside, can we talk about Galliano? I’ve been a fan of his work for years and now I feel like he’s betrayed us all. And also, I want to shake him because as well as Jews, Roma, the disabled, Hitler gleefully sent homosexuals to the gas chambers… so why is Galliano so in love with him? I hate when my heroes let me down :(

    Maybe this isn’t the right place to discuss this but I had to get it off my chest.

  128. jenny

    Momsen is so ICKY. If she wins it all, would you create an entire post in a fantastically patronizing tone? That was the best.

  129. Laura

    had to go with Momsen, on account of how at least Miley is (mostly) wearing clothes that are intended for public consumption, instead of lingerie. Sure, that’s the dress Julia Roberts wore in “Pretty Woman”, but at least it’s a DRESS.

  130. Tracey

    I’m sorry this isn’t closer. I gave Miley my vote because, as others have noted, as lewd as Momsen is, she’s wearing the same thing over and over. Miley has trashy fug (a la Momsen) and just awful fug (a la Barton). It covers a broad spectrum of fug and that’s more impressive in my books.

  131. Reba

    See, the thing is, Taylor is a minor and cannot be held legally responsible for her ridiculous fugness. She is a teenager who is trying too hard, as they will do. Miley; however, is 100 per cent, totally responsible for her massive fugness; no excuses there. My vote for Miley.

  132. Sarann

    Momsen. I have this feeling that Miley might be able to get over this in a couple years and start acting like a normal person.

    I have no such hopes for Taylor.

  133. Suzanne

    I’m like one of those annoying people who remain “UNDECIDED!” during voting season, even when they go into the polls to vote. I’ve yet to vote for either candidate. This is the Sophie’s Choice of March Madness. HELP ME.

  134. L


  135. LemonFresh

    I agree with both EngProf and Challis. Miley has such diverse fuggery! And Momsen is trying very hard to elicit the reaction she is eliciting from us. She knows exactly how she looks and I’m sure she enjoys it. Oblivious fug (a la Miley) always wins it for me.

  136. Spacelamb

    I voted for Momsen. At least Miley wears underwear.

  137. Lisa in Berlin

    It was a tough one. At least Miley often has pretty hair, but I had to vote for her anyway by the simple fact that she is marketed to my 5 year old niece as a role model. Miley is whore-y packaged as edgy, that’s why I think she should get the fug madness title.

  138. Psyche

    Include me with the crowd who broke the tie based on Momsen’s racoon eyes. Otherwise, the fug these girls sport are practically identical. Something about Momsen is trashier, as amazing as it is that someone can out trash Cyrus, but there’s more of a willful, rebellious, crudity about Momsen. Plus, the eyeliner. Chalk up your victory to Wet ‘n Wild, Momsen. Now Barton is coming for you.

  139. Liz

    I had to go with Taylor. Miley mostly wears the skankiest and most cracked-out shizz on stage, whereas Taylor looks like that ALL THE TIME.

  140. CranAppleSnapple

    See now Miley, had you worked a tampon string as an actual accessory, you might have a better chance here.

  141. Softwear

    I don’t care which one wins. I’m not particularly bothered by the eye-liner. I just want them both to get hair cuts. Stat. Or have someone rip out the ratty extensions. Seriously. They’re stringy, dry, bleached out, and don’t look at all good. Why are the super-long, ratty extensions fashionable??? NO MORE EXTENSIONS!!!

  142. Savannah

    I had to vote Miley because while they both are skankhos, at least T. Mom’s music isn’t directed specifically at 12-14 year old girls.

  143. Kalie

    Doing that comment to vote thing so I can send Momsen to the final 2!

  144. Cynthia

    @Savannah – most of the little girls are over Hannah Montana and have moved on to Beiber. At least using my young nieces as a barometer.

  145. maggie

    My 5-year old just caught sight of that first Miley picture, and said, with honest curiosity, “wait. she has no pants?” And then, “maybe her pants don’t fit around her legs” as he keyed in on what Miley was trying show off there.

  146. Dee

    @Maggie – :D that is a hilarious!
    Momsen seems to be in need of a guiding hand, while Miley probably has some oversight by her parents – I’d say that makes Momsen in need of the fuggery wake-up call.

  147. piret

    elles s’habillent osé en plus elles n’ont que seize ans!!!!!!!

  148. piret

    je crois!!!!en tous cas momsen oui!!!!!elle a seize ans!

  149. piret

    16 ans!