Fug Madness 2011, Elite Eight: Cher Bracket


This match-up — between wild child singer/actress/tragic-try-hard Taylor Momsen, and  freaky prop-enthusiast/singer/van der Beek fan Ke$ha , both of whom won their way into the Elite Eight as easily as you or I would pop down to the corner store to buy a bag of Cheetos –is brought to you by the letter W.

As in, “WHAAAT?”


And “wow.

And “whoa.” (Not in the Joey Lawrence sense, either.)

And “wasted? Why not?”

And “wastrel! Waif! Woebegone.”

And “WFT, KE$HA?!”


And “warpaint?????!?!?!?!!???????????????!?”

And, “whatever.”

And, finally, of course, “WHAT UP? WHEEEEEE!”

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Comments (142):

  1. rita

    there is way too much WAGINA in these pictures…..

  2. Katie Starfish

    I’m voting for the Momsen based solely on the fact that I’ve never had to avert my eyes from Ke$ha’s vajeen.

  3. Damian

    I don’t know, this was so hard. But in the end, I came up with Ke$ha. Momsen’s fug is tragic, but in my head I hear her saying, “I don’t care what those stodgy old internet commentors have to say, I am a REBEL! I can not be TAMED and this is my look. You’re mad at my teenage vagina? It is a teenage vagina of RAGE and CONTEMPT. My life as a child star is BEYOND anything you normal people could comprehend!!!!”

    And I’ll be damned if I’m chewed out by a teenager.

  4. KK

    At least Ke$ha looks likes she’s having fun!

  5. Mrs. Julien

    Oh, this is a tough one. I find it hard to condemn Taylor Momsen as she is so young and, um, let’s see, what is a diplomatic word, I’m going to go with misguided that it feels mean to condemn her. I actually feel kind of sorry for her. And as Kathy Griffin said in anticipation of La Lohan’s issues “tick tock”. On the other hand, Kesha looks like someone the manager would ask to “clean herself up” before she climbed on the pole. The pole she would inevitably have been entwined around had she not become famous. I hope she saves her money. She clearly isn’t spending it on hosiery. I admire her practical repurposing of rent leg wear.

  6. Dana

    The underage bagina pushed Momsen into the win for me.

  7. granny

    Momsen goes out into the world dressed like that. She went to Justin Bieber’s movie premier wearing nothing but studded underswear. http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/02/09/taylor-momsen-strips-down-for-justin-biebers-premiere/

    It’d be one thing if she kept it to the stage, but she doesn’t.

  8. Cecily

    LOL, rita!

  9. Zuzzie

    It breaks my heart that one of them has to go out

  10. jen310

    This was difficult. I went with Momsen because, not only do I NOT want to see someone’s lady garden displayed in public, I do NOT want to see someone’s underage lady garden displayed in public. K had some ridiculous fug but Momsen should really stop dressing like skanky whore jailbait – NOW.

  11. jonesa72

    Kesha is THE WORST. The Momsen at least looks like she has an idea of a “look” in her head. It has a theme and those tall black, platfom studded boots she has on (while I myself couldn’t work them) are pretty killer. Kesha just looks like a dirty train wreck that needs to take a shower. Like she is throwing weird sh*t on, just for the sake of it, with no thought or art behind it.

  12. Share

    Momsen almost makes Ke$$$ha look original.

  13. jonesa72

    That said, this is a tough one because they are both almost equally horrendous. :D

  14. Lina

    Too hideous. Can’t choose. *cringecringecringe*

  15. Rayna

    W for What y’all said.

    At least K buck’s neon warpaint is mildly entertaining. TMoms is not entertaining in the slightest (at least not to ME), therefore – fug.

    Some kindly adult with her best interest at heart really needs to take some leadership here. Of course, we could say that about so many other lost little girls………..

  16. JK

    The slack-jawed, blank-faced expression so frequently worn by Fug$ha puts her ahead of ‘To Catch a Preadator’ Momsen for me. Close your mouth, girl! Learn to focus your eyes while you’re at it.

  17. Gigi

    Teengina attacks!!!!

  18. Fuh Ugh

    Head exploding …. can’t decide ….

    I would say that I have to think about this one, but I don’t want to. In fact, I may opt for a “Sucker Punch” inspired lobotomy, because it might be the only way that I can forget I have ever seen this match up. C’mon Alzheimer’s! I’m ready NOW.

  19. shebrihart

    While both are tragically and painfully fug, I have to go with Ms. Momsen. Ke$ha seems to cover herself up more while out and about, and that has to count for something, right?! And, lest not we forget, Taylor is only 17 years of age. Her parents should be ashamed.

  20. Chaiaiai

    kesha had the beek in her latest video. thusly, i spare her. momsen and her attitude for the win!

  21. yvetterene

    I’m not going to vote yet or look at the other comments (as to not jade my voting), but I just had to say that this was the HARDEST match up in Fug Madness history. Seriously.

  22. bex

    this is the hardest decision i have ever had to make.

  23. Christian

    They are both formidable in fug and complete lack of talent, but I had to go with Kesha. She at least changes her fug up with scraps from various trash heaps. Cindy Boo Hoo is all stockings, black shirts, heels, and black lipstick over and over. But I will say the tiger mask I own is greater than Kesha’s. :)

  24. Kim

    As much as it pains me not to vote for K-Buck, as I was set to… The “TIPS” slot in little Monster’s shoe did me in.

  25. Frances

    This may be the match up that breaks me. Both trashy, both unoriginal, both trying too hard, both dirty (as in the “god, just take a shower, won’t you?” sense), both combo of performance plus real-life wear… I literally do not know what to do.

    The commenters who mention T’s age almost had me, but then gak, how old do you have to be before you know to cover your vagine in public?! (answer: about 3 years old). And that beyond-stupid “I f*ck for Satan” shirt…. So inane!!!!!!!!!!

  26. bdaiss

    So the million dollar question seems to be: Do I a) vote for the poor child who seriously needs someone to sit her down and talk some sense into her or b) vote for the performer who takes fug to a new height while having fun and laughing in everyone’s general direction?

    Hence: How do you define Fug? *sigh* It’s Monday people. I don’t want to think this hard. I’m voting for K$. She makes me laugh while T.Mom makes me want to cry.

  27. wtfnyc

    SUCH a hard one — they are each so offensive in their own special way! I’m going to have to go with Momsen, though, just for the stripper tip jar shoes in combo with the toe and heel enforced hose. Plus, of course, exposing her freaking TEENAGER WAGINA on stage.


  28. Sherri

    K-buck gets it because there is still hope for La Momsen — she may yet grow out of it. Also, generally, uglier, which ends up fuglier.

    But what a hard choice!

  29. ilikechocolatemilk

    ooh, man! this was a tough one – i badly want them both in the finals, but as others have said, the underage thing was what convinced me. i shudder to think what little miss momson will look like once she is legal. look out world!

  30. Heather

    My vote went to Ke$ha (or however the hell you spell her name) because my main thought with poor Taylor M. was, “where are this girl’s PARENTS?” As a minor, I’m not sure she’s entirely culpable.

  31. maxameliana

    Ke$ha works with ANIMALS – the tiger mask? that weird bear robe/hat? and then her dayglo warpaint? so many flavors of fug. She hearkens back to the Band-Aid weird that was Bai Ling
    Taylor is just variations on a gothy theme.

  32. Cathy

    Had to vote for TM — the raccoon eyes look must go! Not sure if it’s the makeup, but she always looks miserable. At least Kesha looks like she’s having fun.

  33. Karen

    How to choose?? The hideousness of both is mind-boggling. I think I have to go with Kesha (I refuse to allow her that stupid $), simply because she is such a loser Gaga-wannabe trashbag. There’s no “there” there with her. And Momsen, while horrific, at least looks like she occasionally bathes.

  34. nobody

    the hardest match up yet. This will make the finals seem easy. So much fug, so much inappropriate for teens clothing. (If her parents aren’t there, wtf is her manager thinking?) I’m voting on the ‘old enough to know better’ platform, so K$ it is.

  35. Christa

    At least Momsen has nowhere else to go but more dressed. Probably…hopefully… [shudders]

  36. Roy

    There is slightly more, shall we say, breadth in K$’s fug. For not boring me, I vote Tiger Mask.

  37. Marissa

    How is it POSSIBLE to choose between these two? Would have loved to see them in the final round together … I don’t want either of them to go out yet!

  38. sk

    Colourful wackjob fug >> miserable teen angst fug

  39. meowmeowdiva

    This particular fugdown is IMPOSSIBLE. I swear no-one has seen them in a room together…I’m convinced they are the same person.

  40. Lisa Bryant

    I just don’t know if I voted correctly (Momsen). Ke$ha may be trashier/uglier, but at least she’s of age. However, she’s one of the influences that created all the little Momsens out there….Jesus. I still don’t know….

  41. Danielle Lilly

    I can’t tell the difference between these girls at all. They both look equally horrible to me.

  42. rmcgrudiva

    Tough one, but I had to go with Taylor. Kesha at least looks like she’s having a good time with it all – TMom looks like she just wants to beat me over the head with her kohl pencil, then walk on my blackened body on her way to get another ‘tip”.

  43. Jennifer

    EPIC. Too bad they both can’t advance because both deserve the title. I voted for Ke$ha. I can’t believe I just used a dollar sign like that.

  44. Lori

    Ew. So hard to decide. I think I have to go with Ke-dollarsign-ha, though. Her fug is just kinda random, no coherence other than “it’s fugly!” Momsen at least has a coherent theme, even if it is “undead teenage whore,” and she generally hits the theme on the head.

  45. foo

    Voted for K. There is varietal fug, and masks (voluntarily) applied. She looks like she may be having fun (or drunk, but whatever) and shops at Dollar Tree for accessories. I can get behind that and vote: fug win.

    I cannot get behind Momsen, unless I am allowed to give her the proverbial kick. (and I really would like to in a way that bothers me, until I look at that shit she wearing. or not wearing. and that expression!) I want her to go away. Her fug is unchangeable and lacks imagination. Hopefully someone will slip a note in her shoes that says “tip: pants”

  46. Willow

    Had to vote for Momsen, she isn’t even 18 and is dressing like a $5 hooker.

    Though Ke$ha is 24 year old multi millionaire and dresses like like a $2 whore.

  47. Akit

    TM just dresses like a whore which isn’t terribly imaginative. K$ on the other hand is a tad more imaginative, still, it’s hard to call

  48. vandalfan

    I just don’t want to type Ke-Dollar Sign Ha again. (But I don’t mind Kebucksha as much)

  49. Bassoonista

    Ke$@%#$%ha is gennerally covered up even if it’s ugly. Momsen is just gross. Momsen FTW.

  50. A.J.

    I’m so sad I had to choose, but ultimately, I went with Momsen because I have a bizarre love of Ke$ha. One that my friends ridicule me over daily, but still – the girl does catchy trashy pop so well! And Momsen just screams I’M TRYING SO HARD at such loud decibels that my ears bleed just looking at her.

  51. Katie

    TMom’s fug seems to all be hitting the same note (going out in her skivvies), whereas Ke$ha’s fug hits lots of different notes: it’s a fug opera! You have to give a girl some credit for mixing up her fug a bit, no?

  52. missdove

    Momsen has at least mastered the Chanel dictum to take off one item before you leave the house. Unfortunately, it’s pants, but, I have to applaud her minimalism in relation to Ke$ha’s maximalism.

  53. jaimie Evans

    At least Momsen looks clean. Ke$ha looks like she dressed in a dumpster.

  54. Andrew S.

    Went for Taylor because I like Ke$ha more. Taylor reeks of ‘try too hard’ bur Ke$ha’s crazy seems more fun-loving & genuine. I think with Ke$ha that we have a rising fug star!

  55. Aria

    I have to vote for T-Mom here for a couple of reasons — 1) I actually like a couple of those damn Ke$ha songs – tho they stick in my head for days; and 2) Ke$ha doesn’t seem to take herself –or her “music” too seriously. T-Mom acts like she is sooo talented and fashionable, and a serious musician, etc. etc. ; I know its just adolescent pretentiousness, but somehow, that, combined with the truly heinous array of underwear as outerwear and ladyparts as accessories pushes T-Mom as the winner. Heck, I’ve got her as winning the whole shebang.

  56. Deb

    I had to vote for momsen because her very age makes her fuggery that much fugglier.

  57. fed_esq

    The K-money girl is a joke. Momsen is the real deal. (Also, I need to save my bracket.)

  58. drlizardo

    I’m just glad I lived long enough to see this FUG battle. I enjoy the madness not only for the intensity of the players, but the comments, which are THE DEAL!! I may have to use Wagina today in a sentence…

  59. Janie

    I have to vote for Ke$ha. I can’t resist voting for those celebrities who are wacktastic loons that make me laugh and look like they know that their strange sartorial matches will delight you. My world would be so much less entertaining if Ke$ha wore suits or, frankly, a whole t-shirt. Ke$ha’s rampant pantslessness (or short-shortiness? hot-pantsiness?) comes with furry animal hats with ears, glowing make-up, and tiger masks. Awesome! Her combos make me giggle. Teen-Mom is just another in a long line of women who dress in barely-there clothes and call it empowerment. No giggling is caused by her, just sighing and ruminations on the feminist theory classes I took in college, and the state of my life and values in general. Cranky now. Let’s get Momsen out of the tourney!

  60. Annie

    They’re both just bad. But I give it to momsen for excessive use of eyeliner.

  61. schadenfreudelicious

    such a tough matchup, but i also must concur that the combo of Momsen’s stripper tip jar shoes and underage flashes of vajayjay have taken the edge over the trainwreck that is Ke$ha….

  62. Menollie

    OMG I can’t imagine Taylor Momsen winning this one. Both are tragic and famewhorey, but Ke$ha continually looks like she needs a flea dip or decontamination chamber. That translates to more fugtastic for me..

  63. Siobhan

    Ke$ha dressed as the Ewok leader is my favourite image of pretty much ever.

    Ke$ha’s look is weird. It’s trashy. It’s tight, tattered, torn and unbelievably neon. She needs some new pants. And girl clearly does not know what Mick Jagger looks like these days.
    But the Momsen’s fug is offensively fugly. It makes me cringe. Again, PANTS!
    A fug that brings me laughter or a fug that brings me tears…. HOW DO I VOTE?!

  64. MoPo

    @rita – Well said!

  65. Molly

    This was really hard. I eventually went with Kesha (I will NOT spell her name ‘in’correctly.) because her fugging is varied and insane, whereas Momsen seems to have found the saddest lingere drawer in the world, and is living in it… while I feel that Momsen’s vagflash was a serious contender, she’s the emo chick who works at Victoria’s Secret, and Ke is the crackhead who lives in the mall dumpster, living on clearance rejects and Cinnabon bits, and informing customers of their right to cheese-hoarding.

  66. Leslie

    This really could have gone either way. Ultimately I went with Kesha because her music makes me want to punch a baby.

  67. katkin74

    why, God WHY?? Why do these two have to be in the same – why can’t they be the last two standing so we have a real showdown! Better yet, let’s have the first-ever double-winner!! These two are impossible to choose between. Underage-skank/whore vs. blind-dresser….Even though I HATE gocryemokid’s whole deal, I had to go with Kesha – she’s old enough to know better (read: teenage rebel years have passed). Momsen’s just tired. Ke$ha IS tragic.

  68. Amy

    Oh. Lord. So Hard. In the end I have to go with Momsen “Feel my pain in my underdeveloped, unoriginal 17 yr old brain”

  69. Diana

    I voted for Momsen because Ke$ha is at least somewhat creative. And I think the war paint is fun. There is no joy in Momsen.

  70. AJ

    How did these two ever end up in the same bracket? They shouldn’t have met until the championship game. T-mom for this match-up and the win.

  71. J

    Taylor Momsen FTW

  72. Ericka

    I’ve spent way too long pondering this choice. (Is this what all of Monday is going to be like?) Fine. Ke$ha. Because none of us should be fully judged for our choices until we are legal adults. When I was 17, I went to a party wearing only harem pants and pasties. Of course, I’d borrowed them from my mother… but that’s another story, and this is not about me. Vote Ke$ha!

  73. pinkcheese

    Sigh. I literally flipped a coin, so Taylor it is. Although looking at this post, were they separated at birth? They’re starting to become interchangeable in their trying-so-hard-it’s-disgustingly-pathetic ways.

  74. Auntie Nini

    You forgot W for ‘WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?!’…for that alone, Momsen’s my pick.

  75. Tina

    I’m sure I’m going to regret this, but Taylor’s fug seems more…authentic. As if she ACTUALLY believes she and her whore shoes are rebelling against god knows what. Ke$ha’s is much more of a tongue-in-cheek schtick; hell, she’s seeming to have more fun than Gaga.

    And for that I’m rooting for Taylor to take the crown this year.

  76. The Moonay

    That is the hardest vote I had to do in fug madness, ever. I think they both deserve the title, to be honest.

  77. Sajorina

    MOMSEN FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ke$ha is ridiculously disguised a homeless runaway/”I haven’t showered in 11 days” dirty/”I get my outfits out of the garbage” trashy/”look-at me I’m wacky” flashy; while Taylor is ridiculously young for all that crap/racoon eyed dirty/street walker trashy/”Actually flashing you my hoo-ha” flashy! Oh, and she’s only 17!!! Dare I need say more?

  78. Weezie

    I just don’t know what to do in this one. There’s just so much fug. Momsen’s fug is more horrifying but Kesha has more depth to her fug. What to do fug nation?

  79. Kelly

    I went for Momsen simply because I want to take a blanket and wrap her in it.

  80. LadyK

    Had to vote for Momsen because of the fug modesty patch.

  81. cstiddy

    This, my friends, is what we call the motherlode. It was the hardest vote I’ve ever made in Fug Madness but….Team Momsen. (I especially love writing that b/c she would just DIE if anyone ever wore a Team Momsen T-shirt, wouldn’t she?)

  82. TonyG

    I swear this should have been the final match-up. So much fug between the two, but I voted for Ke$ha because her fug seems like an attempt to fool people that she sings better than her outfits look. Does that make sense? I think so. When she looks so bad, you kind of think, “well, as least she doesn’t sound as bad as she looks.” Ke$ha seems like she would gladly accept that back-handed compliment.

  83. Michelle

    I voted for Ke$ha because she somehow just looks dirty & unwashed all the time. Momsen, while tragidiculous, is trying so hard to cause outrage that it makes me want to give her a cookie and a glass of milk.

  84. AmberWaving

    At least Taylor Momsen advocates for teen girls to masturbate instead of having sex, and get to know their bodies before allowing a man there. Highly mature sex advice from a teen. Plus Ke$ha is just…. well, it’s not like her outfits suit her ‘music’ like RiRi and make sense as ‘costumes’. Taylor’s stage outfits suit her tuneage, even if they’re insane.

    Ke$ha should be winning this, people, by a landslide… *cringes*

  85. spinja

    Kesha – messy, but fun.
    Momsen – calculated vulgarity.

  86. Anne B

    This is Ke_ha’s Final Countdown, for sure. Da da DA da! Da da DUH da da! :)

    Little J. Baby girl. Who is it that you remind me of? …

    I know! (walk with me, Fug Nation.) Years, years ago, when I was still dating my husband, I was just getting to know his girls. A big one, a little one. The little one was all, Maisy!! and PowerPuff Girls!!. She wanted to be cool like the big one, and she *was*. It was just a different kind of cool.

    She was four. Her eyes were green and huge (still are). Her shoes lit up when she ran. One night, when she called to me from the bathroom, I expected one of her usual cute-little-girl emergencies (“Dadddaaayyy! There’s no toilet papers!!”).

    Not what I got. “I have a hoo-hoo. Look!” And she showed me.

    I’d known her for, what? Six weeks then? Good thing I had little sisters. It would have been quite the moment for the stepmom-in-training.

    My kid is now almost 15, and if she EVER. Got it in her head to do that in public, a la T-Moms? (Mask or no? Btw, Little J, NOT CUTE.) I would not be above kicking her ass.

    Where the HELL is her stepmom??

  87. Margot

    I want to vote for both of them, they are both so fugging fugly! Momsen in a tired rehash of early 80′s punk slut cliches, and Ke$ha is just a heaping hot mess of WTFug?!!!

  88. Ana

    Pants are for losers. Ke-dollar sign – Ha , you have met your match. Sorry but Taylor takes that one.

  89. Sneza

    omigod this was the hardest in the history of Fug Madness

  90. Ava Bardot

    Ke$ha gets my vote. Momsen looks like she has a stylist helping her to bve as outfrageous as possible–cannot have a fug madness champion who appears to have a professional–if totally f’ed up–stylist. Ke$ha just constantly looks like she barfed on her clothing after eating something vaguely greenish.

  91. witjunkie

    I have Momsen to take it all but this gave me serious pause. But while K whatever is annoying and skanky, Momsen has consistently and painfully made me wince at the screen all year long. She’s a freshman team, but she has brought the fug and I have to give it to her.

  92. Lady Satan

    I actually like Kesha’s fug – it’s got a sense of humor. I think she fugs on purpose just to say “Look, I’m in a crazy business but I’m having fun with it all”. Momsen is just sad, in a “I didn’t get enough hugs as a kid” sad. So Momsen gets my vote as her fug is truly fug as she thinks she’s looking cool and hip and dark and dangerous when she really just looks like she needs pants and a good cleanser.

  93. karen

    it’s like they are different symptoms of the same venereal disease. i voted for momsen because she is just gross whilst Ke&ha (ampersand intentional) is gross and sorta entertaining. i wish they could both be burned off as the sartorial genital warts that they are…..

  94. claire de lune

    How am I supposed to vote? I can’t tell them apart!

  95. Lauren

    This may have been one of the most difficult match ups this year…
    After much deliberation I felt I had to go with Ke$ha based almost solely on the fact that she is 24 YEARS OLD and considered an ADULT. Whereas Momfug is 16 and should have PARENTS or LEGAL GUARDIANS stopping or at least hindering the display of her vagina. also Ke$ha’s use of leggings may be worse than Momsen’s lack of pants.

  96. Midge

    This was difficult, but I think I’m gonna have to go with The Momsen. Her fug is just too tragic and vulgar, while Ke-dollar sign- ha’s fug is just fun and ridiculous. And she doesn’t seem to take herself as seriously as Momsen does. Although it does kill me, because like one commentor said, this kind of thing would probably just reinforce her ridiculous rebellion. Sigh.

  97. vandalfan

    It is like deciding between gonorrhea and syphilis.

  98. Alex

    You gotta give it to Momsen, if only to see her go up against Miley, in the ultimate “teenagers who are trying too hard to be SO grownup” face-off.

  99. cath

    The eternal (and internal) debate about “What is Fug?” rages with this one. Do I vote for the one whose look annoys me more, or the one whose outfit is more fabulous in its fuggery?

    I eventually went with the former and picked Momsen. This is an epic, too-close-to-call pants-off dance-off, but Momsen wins it for looking boring and depressed and like she thinks eyeliner counts as a piece of clothing. Plus, she looks like she’s trying to look good and missing the mark. Ke$ha, as some others have pointed out, at least seems to be having fun and deliberately goofing around. Her brand of crazy reminds me of Juliette Lewis.

  100. Toast

    Had to go for Ke$ha in this one. They’re both tragic, but at least Ke$ha has variety. Momsen brings the same basic brand of fuggery to the table every time. It’s so BORING.

  101. Melissa

    Wow, tough. Went in ready to vote Momsen because she just… EW, but she just… I just… I just find I want to smack her little face and send her home. And at least Ke$ha’s fug is original.

  102. Jo

    Momsen’s stage name should be Panda. Panda Vagina. God, I need a drink.

  103. Annie

    Kesha’s (I refuse to type the stupid dollar sign.) brand of fug is “look at me! Attention must be paid!” which is annoying but when I weighed it all out, my mental accounting says that’s not as bad as underage ladybits and Momsen’s little hissies about what a rebel she is. So in the end it’s Momsen for me. But either way, both ladies need to put it away super promptly.

  104. Baillie

    If T.Moms goes on to win fug madness I think her prize should be a box of make-up remover wipes and a pair of pants. I think that this was one of the hardest choices, and we haven’t even got to a Gaga/Minaj face-off

  105. Bambi Anne Dear

    This was tough. I had to go for Kesha- Momsens fug, although trashbag-fug (dare I say whore-fug?) is still somehow flattering. Kesha has some downright ugly fugs.

  106. shamespiral

    Both have that dirty/unwashed thing going on but Ke$ha looks like she smells worse

  107. Alisa

    I swear these pictures will haunt me in my nightmares. While I had this match up on my bracket, the reality of this is seriously painful, especially pre-coffee on a Monday morning.
    Truly horrifying and wrong on so many levels. Going for “Taylor- for the love of americanos where is this girls PARENTS!!! and PANTS!!!- Momsen.
    There is no excuse for flashing your lady bits.

  108. SheSaidPop

    It was close, but I had to vote for Taylor. Kei$ha at least wears wacky and original stuff sometimes, like the tiger mask. Taylor Momsen looks like she once did a Google image search on “prostitute + 1980s” and bases every outfit, every day, on the photos that came up.

  109. Meredith

    This is probably the most difficult one so far. I had to go with Kesha, though. I’m giving TMom a pass because of her age.

  110. Mahastee

    Kesha gets my vote, because she makes me laugh, whereas Momsen just makes me cry.

  111. jeannette

    somebody told me that her straight arrow 14 year old son, the student body president, comes home from school saying X was wearing a pink thong today. his mother says, and how would you know that? and he says, she changed her clothes on the bus (from mom-sanctioned school outfit to kid-sanctioned skankwear).
    this same young man gets naked sext pix from girls he barely knows on his cell.
    so taylor momsen’s exposing her vagine (yay!) is only offensive or news to us old people.
    whereas ke$ha is just plain gross.

  112. Suzy

    Mahastee, I totally understand, but for the same reason had to vote for Momsen. The sad fug seemed worse than the ridiculous fug.

  113. lelo

    this is… i mean…

    words fail.


  114. TonyG

    @karen… ROFLMAO!

  115. anna

    Toughest choice yet… and yet… despite thinking Ke$ha would walk this, when actually faced with Momsen’s fug, the extremely sad underage hooker thing just pips the mardy wacko to the post…

  116. sarrible

    Tiger mask wins it!

  117. kc

    Went with Kesha because she’s just so messy. Momsen is terrible and really ill-advised but at least I think I know where she’s going with that. Where with Kesha, I just feel she grabbed some crap from the dollar store, applied scissors at random, and left the house.

  118. msd

    My eyes, my eyes! This was tough but I finally decided to go with the least humourless and most self-delusional of the two. That’s got to be Momsen. She appears to take herself very seriously and I don’t get that vibe from Keisha, who I suspect is just having fun most of the time.

  119. jenny

    I was so going to go with Momsen, but then I saw that last pic and remembered that it’s Kesha we have to blame for all these tools wandering around in absolutely ridiculous furry animal earflap hats…and now I am torn. Torn, I tell you.

  120. Sarah

    I was all set to vote for Momsen, but in the scroll down Ke$ha just keeps one-upping her. The tiger mask. The full-body neon war paint.

  121. corriner

    TOO. DIFFICULT. NEED. TIME!!!!!!! Hardest decision of life!

  122. sandy

    The the tiger mask did it for me. Keisha is playing some cracked out role. Momsen, sadly, seems like she is being herself. I had to vote for the underage cracked out ho. Keisha’s wackitude can’t compete with stripper heels and raccoon eyes.

  123. cynic

    Kesha always looks like she’s got a degree in dumpster diving, but she’s amusing. Every time I see a pic of TMom, I just want to shout at her to ‘put it away already, no one CARES!” She’s trying to be a badass punk rebel, and failing miserably. Kesha seems to be trying for Trash Queen of 2011, and honestly? I think she’s got it in the bag. My vote goes to the pathetic wannabe.

  124. CranAppleSnapple

    Those Shauna Sand lucite shoes would go great with Kesha’s black lattice maternity bikini. Maybe the girls should raid eachother’s closets.

  125. s

    Ke$ha is just being silly I think whereas Taylor actually thinks she’s making a point and, most hilariously of all, being original.

  126. corriner

    Ok, It had to be T.Moms…
    Little CINDY LOU WHO needs an attitude adjustment, some parents, and some pants. But most importantly, she needs to NOT flash her mini-momsen all over the place. FUG.

    Ke-dollar sign-ha’s fug seems ironic to me…as if she’s aware of what shes doing to our eyes and is happy to have contributed!

  127. ramification

    Ke$ha needed to get a #1 seeding and this battle saved for the finals, my eyes are hurting and I can’t decide….. I think Ke$ha is tipped over the edge for me , she’s a bit older and ‘should know better’

  128. karina miatantri

    again, we’re talking about the clothes and momsen just looks meh compared to kesha.

  129. katie

    because at least kesha is a grown up

  130. Cherise

    This was quite honestly a difficult choice for me to make, because they are both nose-deep in sartorial atrocities, but in the end I went with Ke$ha. Momsen’s street hooker chic has, quite frankly, gotten a bit boring and predictable.

  131. Drew

    I’m kind of sad that we actually have to pick one here. This entire match up is the quintessential hot mess.

  132. Fran

    Kesha is hilarious and clearly has a sense of humour. I LOVE the day glo war paint, I mean, why the f*** not? I would totally go on a night out with her and probably rubbing my painted self over everything I could!
    Momsen on the other hand looks like a complete misery.

  133. coexxi

    I don’t know how this two (I couldn’t bring myself to write ladies) sing, but I hope it is better than they dress….
    I went with Ke”§%$a because she doesn’t only look horrible but also kind of grungy in a dirty way. So that is just too much.

  134. Madness

    TM just seems to have such a chip on her shoulder, while K$ does seem to be having fun at least, like some other posters have said. I can’t reward the nasty/angry attitude, so K$ takes my vote.

    Besides, let’s not forget these five simple words: “decapitated mannequin head as accessory.”

  135. Amanda

    This is a fun battle because both of them can best Lady Gaga (at least, I think they can) so either is okay with me.

  136. Sarah

    I….like Ke$ha. There. I said it. I mean, getting wasted with her and the Beeks would be the awesomest night ever. Shes unapologetic about being a drunken party girl, instead of a trainwreck. On the other hand, I want to punch Momsen in the face. If I was her mother (even if Im 21), she would NOT leave the house dressed like that.

  137. hank

    I honestly thought I was looking at pictures of the same person until I got to the end and thought, “wait, where’s the other chick”?

  138. lula

    Ke$ha. To be fair, Momsen is usually only a pair of pants away from looking mostly appropriate and punk. Her pantsless skankery does not top Ke$ha’s batshit craziness any way at all ever.

  139. jimmy

    “Being dressed like a cheap ” is a totally different game from “being dressed fugly”, especially if it’s a minor we’re talking about. Check her other season pics on the web, Momsen shouldn’t even be here: she needs help, not encouragement. Tra$ha is more than fugly enough, anyway.

  140. gryt

    Again, fug is what these two are GOING FOR. They’re both disqualified.

  141. Carolyn

    T-Mom has totally brought wince-worthy fug to this competition… but I ultimately decided to vote KeDOLLARSIGNSARENOTLETTERSha. If she doesn’t win Fug Madness, she should at least get the “Most Likely to Be Dragged Out of a Trashcan By Racoons” superlative award.

    And I’m LOLing at “Tra$ha”!

  142. nmlhats

    I think that Taylor Momsen and Ke$ha are actually the same person, or at least twins separated at birth. Their style aesthetic is virtually indistinguishable; it’s so hard to tell one from the other…