Fug Madness 2011, Elite Eight: Bjork Bracket


Apparently, yesterday, Lady Gaga turned twenty-five. I wonder if a quarter-life crisis can explain this.

Like, she cracked under pressure of all that’s come before, and wants to be reborn as something different. Or, she’s a huge David Blaine fan. Suddenly I’m rooting for them to hook up. LaDavid Blaiga would be my new favorite couple, and as an added bonus, he might make her disappear.

Because she’s so exhausting. I mean, who wears this to go shopping?

and at chanel, to boot

I guess when you’re Lady Gaga, and you show up to Chanel in Milan, you’re not there to try on clothes. You’re just there to point sullenly at things that will show up later in your hotel room so that you can don them when you’re just in a bathrobe, rather than having to remove your carefully locked-down chastity corsetry, bubbled catsuit, and veils in some random Italian dressing room. What if someone steals the vaginal buckle?!?

Then again, it’s pointless to question the motivation behind the person who comes up with stuff like this.

It never occurred to me to wonder what the love child of John Lennon and Marie Antoinette would look like, but then again, Lady Gaga and I don’t really have that much in common. Except, of course, for a fondness for dressing like the love child of Carol Channing and Liza Minnelli.

Personally, I do this all the time. I LOVE to sit around and BeDazzle all my slacks.

But here is where Gaga and I differ: I draw the line at back-brushing the front of my hair. I mean, come on. We live in a society.

In all truth, I think that is one major reason I personally think of Gaga as more fug than funny. Because most of the time, her antics don’t make me giggle. They just skeeve me out.

Hannibal Lecter Goes To The Orthodontist? Skeeve.


Skeeven Spielberg.

And of course, Skeeve Sanders.

So how does Nicki Minaj stack up to all this? Quite admirably, because she’s never met a ball of crazy she wasn’t willing to knead.

Or, as the case may be, knead and then pop into the oven to bake for an hour at 350. Seriously, now that Nicki has gotten more famous in the past year, I’m rather looking forward to these ladies going head to head on the red carpets with regularity. Because at the Grammys, after Gaga finished being lugged around in her ovum, Nicki just strolled out as casual as you please and made us almost forget all about human dairy products.

This looks like WAY more fun than being trapped in a hot, muggy egg, sweating from the warmth of your own breath.

One of my favorite things about Nicki is her inability to resist a wig of any kind.

This one reminds me of the angular, frizzy ‘dos of any number of frosty female executives in ’80s movies, like Bette Midler in Big Business, or the lady in the execrable Michael J. Fox comedy The Secret of My Success. I saw that in the theaters, but in my defense, a) I loved him in Back to the Future and thus trusted him not to betray me; and b) I was really stupid, and so because I hadn’t heard of the movie, I thought it was a documentary about how he got famous. Seriously. But that lady (Margaret Whitton) won me over for the scene where she wore a hat with all her hair gathered to one side. Hilarity.

Also hilarious:

This looks like a publicity still for an ’80s sitcom about an annoying neighbor, called Don’t Tell Shirley!

This one is for an MTV show called Bitch, You Did Not EVEN.

I would put this show on the Travel Channel, I think. It’d be about hopscotching the globe shopping at flea markets, but you can only buy what you can glue to your body. Alternatively, since that show would probably only be fun for one episode, I would hire Slash to come play old Guns ‘n’ Roses classics on my exoskeleton.

This must have been worn on a dare, because it doesn’t involve pants, or spandex tights, or a catsuit:

But it DOES come with its own lifeguard, so maybe this is some kind of advanced flotation device for when she’s booked to play a funeral at sea.

One thing I will say about Nicki is that, while you never see her wearing her skivvies to Yankee Stadium — and thus, I never need to write the Lysol people to ask if they will please develop disposable anti-bacterial panties — she certainly isn’t afraid of the illusion of nudity.

Please withhold all e-mails on the practicality of sewing pearls to your hindquarters.

Also, please add External Glitter Thong to the list of band names we’ve made up during Fug Madness 2011.

Y’all, this is a toughie — the kind of matchup that could have been the finals, if our randomizer hadn’t put them in the same bracket. Take a gander at the other great hits Nicki and Gaga have offered us this year, take a swig of something very strong, and then condemn (or elevate?) one of them to the Final Four.

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Comments (127):

  1. Damian

    This should be Paz!

    This is the first time I’ll ever support Nicki Minaj. Gaga is exhausting and I’m just tired of her…”art.” It’s not longer interesting, funny, or exciting.

    And while I dislike Nicki Minaj wholeheartedly, she does seem to be enjoying dressing herself like a clown.

    I vote wigs!

  2. KK

    I just cannot vote for Gaga anymore. She’s so TIRESOME.

  3. Lisa Bryant

    I am mesmerized by Niki Minaj’s ass in that last shot. I cannot look away.

  4. amandaanne

    This was a tough one because they are both such PERFORMERS, always putting on a show. In the end, I went for Gaga, because she always seems so SERIOUS about what she’s doing, like she’s adding something great to art or something, whereas Nicky seems to just be having fun with it.

  5. asta17

    I think the problem is that while I find some of Gaga’s costumes entertaining, I have yet to be impressed by any of Nicki’s, so she gets the vote

  6. Wendy

    I went with Nicki simply because I don’t want to see Lady Gaga anymore. I’m completely sick of her.

  7. Cecily

    I would totally watch, “Bitch, you did not EVEN.” Nicki for the huge paisley polterwang, that thing could win it all.

  8. Sneza

    Aaaargh! I can’t do it!

    I will have to step away from the voting button and let whoever wins win.

  9. Karen

    Painful choice! But – wearing steak. And Yankee Stadium (ugh) underwear.

  10. jerkygirl

    Lady Gaga bores me at this point, and I’m tired of her, whereas I thoroughly enjoy seeing what’s next for Nicky Minaj, plus bonus points for her “HAHA LOOK AT ME I’M WEARING A SWAP MEET JEWELRY DISPLAY ON MY DRESS” fun attitude vs. Gaga’s “oh how I suffah for my ahhhhhht” pomposity. They are both cracktacularly fug, but Nicky’s fug is awesome so I easily and happily voted for her.

  11. Sarie

    I vote Nicki because Gaga takes herself so seriously. She wants to look bad whereas I think Nicki wants to look silly, and have fun. Gaga is so pretentious with her “art”. You are right; it’s not fun, nor is it entertaining, it’s just there. I want Gaga to go away.

  12. camille

    While I wish Paz was here, I had to go with Gaga, because while BOTH are Costume Fug, Gaga’s got no sense of humour about hers, and “This is a serious fashion STATEMENT, you’re just too dim/unsophisticated to GET IT” is more fug of an attitude to take about your loony costume fug than “WHEE! WIGS!!”

  13. AP

    WAIT. Gaga is younger than I am???? (albeit by a few months) I canNOT get over that.

    Let’s please get rid of Gaga in this round… If Nicki can’t do it, who will??

  14. Christa

    Normally I think, “Costumes are fun! Whee!” This is how I feel about Nicki.

    This is not how I feel about the Meat Dress. FUG.

  15. Deborah Lipp

    It’s all about the meat.

  16. jen310

    I’m going with Gaga because Nicki is having to much fun with her fug. She doesn’t take her fug serious. Joyous fug makes the world a better place. It must be celebrated. Gaga is making a STATEMENT with her fug as a SERIOUS ARTISTE which makes it fuglier. Yes, Gaga was fun in the beginning but its just old hat (which she would deconstruct and turn into a sparkly crotch cover) now. And I honestly don’t want to know how she will top herself next. Gaga FTW.

  17. Cora

    Does anybody else see the eyes of a fly on Minaj’s butt? Seriously, her ass looks like a fly head. HEY!! External Glitter Thong’s first single: “Ass Looks Like a Fly Head”! Guess which Aerosmith tune I’m channeling on that one!

  18. Ana

    Nicki takes that one..Gaga is just so boring and looks like she is trying WAY to hard. Im done with the mother monster.

  19. The Other Molly

    They are both batshit crazy.
    I voted for Nicki in hopes of getting Gaga off my screen.
    I’m beyond sick of her.

  20. Candy

    This is a tough one. They both make me say “puh-lease!” any time I see them. It came down to who can I not stand more? The answer is Gaga.

  21. Natty

    Gaga*yawn* (can’t even muster a full caps yawn). Her antics and such are so calculated. Minaj is at least all bits of whacky fun. And full of color. She looks like she is having a good time with her fuggery.

  22. jerkygirl

    @ Cora: If I lol’d as hard as I want to after reading your “fly head” comment, my fellow cube-dwellers would clap me in restraints. HAHAHAHA!!! :)

  23. Christian

    Lady Caca because she always looks miserable.

  24. Christian

    Also – Grace Jones, Rosin Murphy, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Annie Lennox, and Isabella Blow, etc (but I could go on…) want their EVERYTHING back from these both of these women.

    Go. Away.

  25. Cathy

    I have to go with Nicki — she’s more colorful and looks like she’s having a good time.

    Plus, I hate, hate, hate those stupid platform shoes.

  26. Kristina

    I really want to abstain, because I bet both these women rock jeans and sweatshirts when no one is looking. I am seriously learning to hate performative fug.

  27. Jeanie

    I would totally watch “Don’t Tell Shirley”!!

  28. dj.pomegranate

    VOTE NIKKI! She always looks like she is having fun. She wears neon all the time. Her wigs are both fugly AND AMAZING.

    But the most important reason: I really don’t want Gaga to win this because YAWN. Predictable! Everyone knows Gaga is crazy fugly awesome. This is site a devoted to all fug, including that which is more unusual, more fun, more atrocious, more organically unflattering, and, of course, less celebrated.

    Think of the underdogs!! Think of the new generation of fug! Who will represent them?!

  29. Christian

    OKAY, last comment: I never noticed the dude in the background of Caca’s baseball stadium picture. That look he’s throwing speaks for all of us! LOL

  30. Cora

    Cruisin’ through the internet mugs
    Her picture graced the site of Go Fug

    She has her work cut out in this fight

    But that bug-eyed rear end is gonna go! All! Night! YEAH!

    (Horns): Dee dee dee DA da!
    Ass looks like fly head!

    Dee dee dee DA da!

    Ass looks like fly head!

    Dee dee dee DA da!

    Ass looks like fly head!

    Dee dee dee DA da!

    Ass looks like fly head! !

  31. jean

    Nicki Nicki Nicki–if only for her awesome wigs. And the fact that she’s generally covered up–in hideousness. I found her Grammy ensemble oddly attractive, mostly because it matched. And I liked that Q-Tip wig. Also I would watch Bitch, You Did Not EVEN

  32. Christa

    I totally agree that Lady Gaga has become predictable in her garishness and need to confuse and gross out the general public, but can’t we all agree that it’s SO HORRIBLY FUG?!?!?! Nicki is having a grand ole time wearing what she’s wearing, and well, sure, it’s all-kinds-of-wrong. But it’s the mere fame whorishness of what she’s wearing that’s making her do it, not the need to Make A Statement. And for me, true fugliness depends on either a.) pure cluelessness (see: Mischa Barton et al) and b.) trying to say something but doing it all wrong. For the same reasons many of you want to NOT vote for Gaga, I say vote FOR her, if only to say: Gaga, this fug ain’t workin. TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH!

  33. Molly

    Nicki looks like she’s having a ball wearing all that crazy shit, whereas LaGa just seems bored, or jaded… seriously, how are you bored while wearing a face cage?
    Vote Nicki.

  34. Sherri

    Hardest choice in a while, but I went with Nicki because — well, Gaga is everywhere and I’m tired of her and her art and her pretensions and wearing that stuff in the airport because she’s always ON. Nicki is comparatively relaxing to gaze upon…well, maybe not, but I, too, cannot stop staring at her brightly bedazzled ass. It is just so…there! Mount Everest. You have to respect that.

  35. SarahSimone

    I’m abstaining from this one. They are both so LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME BEING CRAZY! Well, ladies, I care for neither one of you. I’m just glad that one of them will be eliminated and I’m hoping that the other gets taken down in the next round.

  36. Ducki

    How DARE the GA soil Yankees’ stadium with her foul box?! Although, in her defense, she probably is the first famous person to ever avoid having her face plastered on the big screen during slow points in the game. It’s sort of the skanky cousin of “hiding in plain sight.”

  37. val.

    I hated to vote for Gaga and her performance art costumes, but I couldn’t stop laughing at Skeeven Spielberg, so I had to do it. Thanks for the laugh on an otherwise dreary afternoon!

  38. The Other Molly

    Looking over the results, I’m thinking it’s coming down to Momsen vs Gaga.
    I’m betting on TMom for the win.

  39. I.K.

    I’m elevating Nicki!

  40. Gina

    Two words: Meat dress. The most disgusting FUG possible. Gaga FTW.

  41. LauratheThird

    Nicki seems like she is having fun. And she doesn’t wear undies to stadiums.

    Therefore I voted for Lady Gross-Gross.

  42. eee

    I’m more entertained by what Nikki is wearing, therefore she gets my vote.

  43. Mrs. Julien

    I’m sure someone has thought of this before, but how on earth does Lady Gaga pee in those outfits? I thought a wedding dress was complicated. Is she perpetually on the verge of dehydration like some body builder readying for a competition? That’s actually quite apt when you think about it because, I bet they have to grease Lady Gaga down for most of the things she wears. Grease down and/or powder up. Imagine that scent combination mixed with sweat and dirty thong.

  44. Madness

    Just two words on this one: “golden exoskeleton.”

  45. Jill

    This was hard for me. On one hand Gaga is the one who started this ridiculousness and should be punished. But Nicki can’t even be original in her wackitude? In the end I voted for Gaga, only because I kinda liked Nicki Minaj in that “Creep” song with Lonely Island.

  46. Molly

    And the debate on the various meanings of the word “fug” continues in my brain. I voted for Nikki because I like her, find her amusing, and think her outfits are crazy in an entertaining way. I cannot look at Lady Gaga in that meat dress or that egg one more time … I might actually vomit this time (it’s been close), so I don’t want her to go on in Fug Madness. In general I find her “shocking fashion as art” attitude tedious and more irritating than Nikki’s, BUT does that mean I should vote for her??? It’s almost as bad as Momsen vs. KeSha … almost ….

  47. Dove

    I’m with Damian. This should totally be Paz. Both of these women are wearing costumes, not terrible, TERRIBLE clothes and makeup.

  48. sophia

    looking forward to minaj vs momsen in the deathmatch final. if my eyes can stand to the glare of so much fuggery.

    is it just me or does minaj look like she’s “hiding something” in that pink leggings with lace-ish pattern overlay outfit? how did that happen?

  49. fed_esq

    I’m so over Gaga. Her silly run messed up my bracket. Keep the wack up, Nicki!

  50. Weezie

    It’s time to give Gaga the boot from this Fug Madness! Minaj FTW!!! At least she’s not as tireseome as Gaga is. Her fug has joy. It’s fugoy.

  51. vandalfan

    Paz wuz robbed, I tellya, robbed! Niki is joyous. Gaga is so full of herself.

  52. ali

    I’m tired of Gaga. Nikki is fun and doesn’t look put out by it all (yet).

  53. ohh_missjones

    Oh god this one is close!
    I plumped for Niki though because she looks like is having fun. Gaga is just terrible. And if she’s 25 I’m a pair of jeggins.

  54. elena

    It really pains me to vote in such a bracket, as I feel costumes don’t count as a real fug (unlike someone trying to be terribly fashionable but failing, like Mischa Barton). I like both Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj and am amused by what they wear. I voted for Minaj but it could have easily been Gaga.

  55. Willow

    I find this matchup boring, both are so contrived and since I was forced to vote, by my self obviously, I went with Gaga because she is so up herself about her clothing choices.

  56. AJ

    At the end of the day, I couldn’t get past the pearl hindquarters. Plus Gaga seems marginally more self-aware and ironic than Nicky about whom I would know nothing were it not for this site. I forgive you only because the fug is funny.

  57. aa

    i know they both try too hard, but gaga’s has crossed over from funky to flaccid just because she doesn’t seem to have fun with it anymore. lady blahblah wins it.

  58. Cathy in NH

    Is anyone else weirded out that Lady Gaga has to be held up most of the time? I mean, her outfits are so bizarre that she can’t even stand up and walk without leaning on various members of her entourage. Of course, when she ventures out on her own we are rewarded with pics of her tumbling off her hooves while strolling through the airport…

  59. Evalyn

    As I am bored with Ms.G, I think she is too. (Also, why would she go shopping? You can’t buy that stuff in a store?)
    Whereas: I think Nikki is having fun. Sure it’s contrived, but it’s more entertaining than 12 inch platform shoes (again).

  60. Anne B

    My Lady, my dearest Gaga, happy belated birthday.

    (What would an acceptable present be, Fug Nation? A dress made of eggshells — I think she really might clock me for that.)

    But see (as I stand here in line with the other hopeful extras, waiting for our shot on “Bitch, You Did Not EVEN”), Nicki wins. At everything. Only she drags up the belly laugh on a bad day, with — what’s that thing she’s doing, in the gold pearl bodysuit, standing in profile up there? Waiting for a passing conga line, or about to swan dive on dry land?

    My Lady, it comes down to a simple matter of Art versus Fug. Nicki Minaj is Fug. She’s Fug Forever. She’s Fug for life.

    And I’ve just ordered that blue & orange dress of hers, in my size. So I guess I am as well.

  61. Bella

    Tough match – these are both costume ladies. In the end, I voted for the one who looks like she’s having fun – Minaj.

  62. TonyG

    Gamely, Gaga was in the running for me, and then…and then… and then I saw that last pic of Nicki Minaj. I cracked (no pun intended) up, and gave in to Nicki Fug. She actually accentuated the ass crack and butt cheet curves on a body stocking with glitter. I surrender! Gaga has had (relative) moments of toning it down. Nicki always kicks up the fug volume to heinous levels.

  63. Amanda

    I’m glad we have this matchup because it means one of them won’t make it to the finals… I voted for Nicki because I hate Gaga’s ‘so crazy’ schtick. Wish Paz had taken her down.

  64. Chrissy Cunningham

    do I vote for the one who’s clothes i HATE? or simply to over-powered stuff I can’t understand? is there more prestige in being voted all the way thorugh or getting kicked out…. decisions decisions

  65. cammie

    I think that for all her seriousness Gaga is technically fuglier but I voted for Nicki because she’s so much more interesting and I’d much rather see more of her archives. She seems like she’s really having fun with it and and I would LOVE to play dress up in her closet. How many people would really want to try on Lady Gaga’s sloppy seconds?

  66. j

    I enjoy GaGas crazy. It looks like there is some thought put into it. Minaj is just a hot mess of WTF

  67. Zoe

    Two words: Meat Suit.

  68. salt h2o

    Gaga would take being Fug Champion as a compliment- which completely negates the spirit of Fug Madness.

    Do we really want to encourage her?

  69. Sandicomm

    I had to vote for Gaga. I love her music and I love her persona, and I usually love her costumes. Last year, almost all of them were beautiful or interesting. This year, however, a lot of them were trashy. I don’t know anything about Nicki Minaj (although she seems hilarious), so I’m voting for Gaga because her costumes were such a downgrade from last year.

  70. Lina

    This is so hard. I think they would both take winning Fug Madness as a positive achievement. NM seems like a lot of fun, while LG seems to inflict a lot of tiresome drama and inconvenience on innocent bystanders.

    I’ve been basing my voting on which person’s crimes against good taste are worse, and, the wearing panties to Yankee Stadium really clinched it for me. You just don’t show up half naked to a family-friendly environment, potentially with a bunch of young kids in the crowd. I’m only glad it wasn’t Disneyworld…

  71. Al

    I voted for Minaj for her participation in the craptastic (but also kind of funny) Blakenstein skit when Jesse Eisenberg was hosting.

  72. Lisa

    Team Nicki! I pick fun and joyful fug over pretentious fug any day of the week. Plus, Nicki picks so many things that are totally unflattering to her body, whereas Gaga, despite her WTF, doesn’t.

  73. Ann

    Hmmm. I normally never vote for performance fug. But these competitors are BOTH performing fuggers! What to do….

    I vote Minaj because Gaga puts more thought into her weird. Minaj looks like she just goes with what is most insane. Plus, I really like “Poker Face.”

  74. aa

    thing is, gaga is peaking and i want to crystallize the moment by voting for her. also, i hate her shoes SO much. why would one wish for one’s legs to appear triangular? just saying.

  75. Pinky

    Please go away GAGA, we all get it, you are sooooooooooo much better than us.

  76. Sharmon

    I’m with Sneza at 9:13 a.m. I can’t do it either. Let the Fug chips fall where they may.

  77. witjunkie

    My brackets are for $h)t now anyway so since I had Gaga going out in the first round, I voted Nikki, but along with everyone else before me, I don’t really count Costume Fug. I hope whoever wins this gets knocked out in the next round.

  78. missdove

    I can’t vote for either of these ladies. Their clothes are clean, well-made and fit them within an inch of their lives. They are exuberant and colorful, and I don’t think that qualifies as fug. Same goes for Rihanna.

  79. kissmekat

    Jeeze, this one’s hard. They’re both attention whore, theatrical fug. And I think equally tacky, but their attitudes about it are a little different…hmmm. Well I’m glad you suggested I drink. Think I might have to come back to this after a quick trip to the liquor store.

  80. Hima

    Oh COME ON! Nikki Minaj is SO CLOSE to winning this matchup. She has to! (Not just for the sake of my bracket, I swear). But I agree with everyone who says LGG is kind of boring to me now. And she looks bored with herself. Nikki Minaj is crazy and delightful. Fug = fun! (Well, close enough…?)

    Also, how is it possible that LGG is 25? She looks like she’s in her 40s. This just makes me sad because she’s dressing wild and crazy, and somehow aging herself in the process.

  81. JanetP

    Ok, the baseball game in tights and a shirt with your bra hanging out? FUG.

  82. JanetP

    And @Cora, your comment:
    “Does anybody else see the eyes of a fly on Minaj’s butt? Seriously, her ass looks like a fly head. HEY!! External Glitter Thong’s first single: “Ass Looks Like a Fly Head”! Guess which Aerosmith tune I’m channeling on that one!”
    has me in hysterics.

  83. Soapstef

    I’m going with Gaga on this one. Nicky is having a ball with herself and at least looks fresh & happy. Gaga just looks…..not so fresh.

  84. Maddie

    Fug disguised as performance art. Gaga looks depressed in her fug. Nicki is having a blast. NICKI FOR THE WIN

  85. Annie

    It’s funny because it seems like people vote ‘fug’ for different reasons and I’m guilty of the same thing. I voted for Nicki – not that I think her outfits are actually more fug than Gaga’s (come on, MEAT SUIT) – but because I can’t freaking stand to see anymore of that Gaga one and her annoying pretentious face. At least Nicki looks like she’s a bit of fun.

  86. Anouk

    Yup, Lady Gaga has JUMPED THE SHARK. I’m so freakin tired of her. We all are. She’d win the fug vote simply because of those stupid hoof shoes she goes everywhere in. At least Nikki looks like she’s having fun and not taking life (or herself) too seriously.

  87. BeeDreams

    I have to say I like Nicki Minaj and while she dresses all cray cray- I like it. She’s fun, it’s like we are in on the joke with her. Gaga? True Fug. Girl has lost her mind.

  88. cstiddy

    Minaj, just so Ga Ga will go go away.

  89. nichole

    it’s costume fug v. costume fug and I feel like Minaj is trying to out “GaGa” Lady GaGa, so I had to vote for the birthday girl. Oh and she wore NO PANTS to Yankee stadium. Ew. I honestly hope neither of them take the crown this year because I don’t believe costume fug should make up the whole repertoire.

  90. Melissa

    I haven’t voted for Gaga the whole way through, but she’s making me do the Dawson-face again and AGAIN and Nicki looks so fresh and fun in comparison. I have been led by depression-fug in this tournament and so it shall continue.

  91. karen

    Gags wants us to vote for her, don’t give her the satisfaction!

  92. Krusticle

    Come on, Nicki, bring it on home!

  93. Shanti

    Giant purple paisley polterwang vs. meat dress.

    Yankee panties vs bedazzled ass.

    …this is harder than I expected, given Niki was my original pick to win it all!

  94. Maura

    Giving the point to Gaga because at least Nicki looks like she’s having fun. Gaga just seems tired of the whole thing, but she realizes she can’t stop now.

  95. snarkbot

    It’s interesting how some people vote against Nikki’s fug because it is joyful. I vote FOR Nikki’s fug because it IS joyful.

    Bask in the zesty glory of that pink-sherbet Kid n’ Play fade. Go on. I’ll wait.

  96. marcia

    I need Nicki to win this. I have her and TMom in the finals. I REALLY need Nicki to pull this out; my points total sucks otherwise.

  97. Catherine

    Nicki FTW!!! I can’t get enough of her facial expressions. She seems to be having the time of her LIFE. She makes me laugh, so she’s who I’m rooting for.

  98. Leigh

    Nicki’s fug is just more fun than Gaga’s. She gets my vote.

  99. AlmostBluefin

    This is shaping up to be the ultimate battle of two kinds of fug – intentional attention fug vs. inattention-to-self disaster fug. The best reward for attention grabbers is ignoring them, and maybe therapy. The best reward for disaster dressers who should know better is a stylist or a trip to Stacy & Clinton. I hope that in the future we could establish some charitable prizes to help these poor souls (or maybe some real people) but for now, I cannot reward the greatest attention whore of our time with my vote.

  100. Shannon

    I voted for Lady Gaga cause everything Nicki is wearing is still considered clothes and, although they are definitely fugly, they still count as fabric stitched together with thread.. Whereas, Gaga has gone outside of the “clothing” genre and branched into wearing food and…pods. Her clothes are so fug, she had to start finding fabric at the local delicatessen.
    Nicki does look like she’s having fun but I like that Lady Gaga is absolutely serious about her shit. That’s what brings her to the next level of fug. I don’t care if someone is having fun with their fug. All I care about is how much of a affront to my eyes it is.

  101. SJ Donovan


  102. Amanda


  103. Sajorina

    Nicki’s FUG may be outrageous, daring, wacky and borerline crazy, but so is she… and that’s what makes her style FUN! She’s funny! I enjoy her and her admitted multiple personalities (yeah, GIRL’S CRAZY)!!!

    Gaga’s FUG is over-the top, desperate for attention and WAY too serious! And, the only statement it makes is “I’m ridiculous”!!! Plus, wearing only underwear in public is UNFORGIVABLE and should be punishable by law, so she got my vote!

  104. The Other Katherine

    This match-up is EPIC. I was holding it together until I read @Cora’s comment, and then I couldn’t control the hysterical giggles anymore. My husband asked if I was OK, because I was snorting and wiping my eyes.

    Please, please, vote for Minaj. She is so much FUN! Gaga’s recent outfits just depress me.

    Thinking about pressing that button for Gaga? Bitch, don’t EVEN….

  105. Leone

    I voted for Minaj for the simple reason is she is a helluva lotta fun! When I see her in a new OUTfit I first GASP!, do a WTF!, and then laugh my ass off. On the other hand Gaga…meat dress…GAG!

  106. shamespiral

    Voted Gaga. Both are equal in type of fuggery to me but Minaj looks like she’s having fun. Additionally, she’s missing the gross factor that is present in some of Gaga’s ensembles.

  107. jeannette

    i think you may have hit on one of the immutable aspects of fug, and that is skeeve.

    i was prepared to give gaga a pass on the strength of that gorgeous armani satellite outfit, and other earlier designer numnums. but her standards have plummeted over the last year. she went to yankee stadium in her underwear and then gave the papps the finger because they were annoying her. she went to her little sister’s high school graduation in yet another asshat look-at-me white lace outfit. she made me look at her outer labia one too many times.

    minaj actually looks kind of immaculately put together. not skeevy.

  108. jenny

    Huh. Why is Gaga winning? Aren’t we bored with her? Or is Gaga winning BECAUSE we’re bored of her, and thus she is mo’ fug? I’m confused. All I know is that I don’t want to look at any more pictures of those stupid shoes with platforms as tall as a small garden gnome. We are going to look back on that trend in a few years and laugh and laugh and laugh some more. Gimme some Minaj votes, people.

  109. Suzy

    Whoever made Gaga’s black bubbled catsuit seems to be the same one who made Minaj’s nude bubbled catsuit. The fact that Bubbled Catsuit is a common item in this contest is, oddly, not surprising.

    Gaga is communicating something with her clothing–I may not understand or agree with the something, but at least there’s a plan. With Nicki Minaj, the plan seems to involve a lot of things that hurt my eyes, so she gets the vote.

  110. Rachel

    Gaga seems like she just wears those “clothes” for shock value – not because she likes them. Which is why I voted for La Minaj, i think she might like the stuff she wears. If Fug Madness is anything it’s about true FUG, not just the appearance of it (which is why K. Perry is out and J. Simp is IN)

  111. Anne B

    Okay, explain this to me.

    We have photographic evidence.
    We have joy.
    We have self-animating hair.
    We have “Ass Looks Like Fly Head”.

    Yet GAGA is taking this!?

  112. CranAppleSnapple

    I’m loving Minaj, and even if she doesn’t win, I would love a tshirt with that pink hair crazy ass photo on it. :D

  113. johanna

    dude, nicki is hilarious. like she’s seriously having a ball dressing like this. Gaga IS exhausting, can she just hide away in the studio so the only time we hear her is on the radio and the only time we see her is in the occasional music video?!

  114. LemonFresh

    So people seem to agree that Gaga is ANNOYING and WE GET IT ALREADY and GROSS, and that Nicky is crazeballs but having a lot of fun. The funny thing is that people are interpreting that conclusion to vote in two different ways.

    A) Vote for Nicky because we’re tired of seeing Gaga
    B) Vote for Gaga because she is actually more fug both in “clothes” and attitude

    I have to admit that I think Gaga is fuglier (I almost dig Nicky’s blue and orange dress with the white diamond-shaped wig) but I voted for Nicky because I am SO TIRED OF GIVING LADY GAGA ATTENTION.

    Sorry about the caps. I get slightly rage-ful.

  115. Taina

    I’M SO OVER GAGA!! I’m so sick and tired of her antics, who the hell cares anymore what she happens to wear ’cause it’s day-to-day for her. And c’mon, no one dresses like an s&m closet when you go shopping, especially if you go shopping in CHANEL! HELLO!!! And that is why my vote goes to Nicki.

  116. Jules

    I voted Gaga because she is the epitome of fug, and I still don’t know who Nicki Minaj is.

  117. NYCGirl

    Meat. As a dress. I don’t think anything can out-fug that.

  118. Vickyb

    Yes, definitely Lord Gaga. She just tries soooo hard, and looks sooooo miserable. And I just don’t care about her. But at least Nicki Minaj looks like she sat down and thought to herself ‘hmmm… fame? I can have some fun with this! People, ride the crazy train with me!’ And I don’t mind that. But if Gaga wanted me to ride on a train with her I’d be concerned that the carriages were made of eggs, and the onboard meal would be her dress. I wouldn’t be happy.

  119. Emma

    The pearl thong tipped it for me. Ouch.

  120. Leah

    I had to go with Nicki since Gaga’s outfits are more costumes than anything. I think Nicki is just fug because she’s not willing to go the distance to enter costume territory.

  121. Elina

    I usualle don’t care about pop artists at all, but there’s something incredibly nice about Gaga. Of course the clothing is for attention and for fashion (whatever that means) but at the same time I think it actually gives joy to her fans and even helps people who feel they are different and/or outcast. So I voted for her. (It seems that it has become an honour to win Fug Madness)

    Also I have no idea who Nicki is and I feel I’ve seen it many times before.

  122. Bunny

    At least Nicki still seems like she’s having lots of fun with herself and her craazy outfits. Gaga never even looks HAPPY about anything!

  123. gryt

    I dunno, I don’t think either of these belong in the “competition” since they’re actively TRYING to be outrageous. Kind of ruins it for me.

  124. Rebecca

    I just don’t like counting what Gaga does as “apparel.”

  125. Diana

    Ok, I have to disagree with most people and say that, though Gaga does look ridiculous sometimes (in her underwear in the stadium!) some of the stuff she wears is very interesting and sophisticated in my opinion. I may be crazy but I love the meat dress and the whole styling that went with it. I think though Nicki is more joyful there is clearly not as much thought behind her outfits. And to me, that makes them more FUG. My vote goes to Nicki.

  126. SHump

    Nicki, because she makes this fun!

  127. Judy

    Note to self: don’t read gofugyourself after getting stitches inside of mouth—they are busting out cause I’m laughing so hard! Love the commentary!