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This photo of the Olsens at Kanye’s show inspires several thoughts.

1) That girl in the back SO leaned out from behind them so that she could get into this photo.

2) This is more Olsen Flesh than I think we’ve seen in about a decade — seriously, we are seeing TEN OLSEN TOES right now, plus a lot of thigh. Kanye must have a magic layer-removing effect on women.

3) The Olsens need some VO-5 treatments. And do you think their hair is really that similar, or did they spend hours trying to make it look identically disheveled?

4) The Olsens make it really easy to go as them for Halloween. In fact, MK almost looks like Some Girl Who Wants People To Mistake Her For An Olsen.

5) That girl probably just tweeted, “Who are those two tiny blond homeless socialites? … OH.”

6) That is an awkward place for MK to be clutching a purse whose side is so… demi-vaginal.

7) Man, why am I sort of bummed that Demi Moore and The Kutch are allegedly getting divorced?

8 ) Two and a Half Men is really terrible.

9) 2 Broke Girls is also not really very good.

10) I didn’t like Num3ers, either. Do I just hate shows with numbers in them? Am I an anti-numeral-ite?

Yep. Lots of thoughts.


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  1. Lina

    I really sort of like Ashley’s shirt and skirt, but not the sandals or backpack. I like MK’s shoes less now that I see they’re t-straps instead of mary-janes. But yes, haircuts for them both. They can be the same haircut, just not THIS haircut.

  2. Kara

    No lie: my brother’s friend went to NYU and she told me that she saw whichever one went there (stayed there? Didn’t they both go and one dropped out?) in a bathroom in one of the classroom buildings and she thought “Oh, it’s good that this homeless person could come in here and wash up.” Only after she’d left the bathroom and was sitting in class did she realize it was an Olsen.

    And yeah, some hot oil treatments and a good trim, stat. They CAN look good – I saw a photo of one of them walking her dog wearing a white button-down, kind of midi-skirt, and flat sandals and I thought “I want this outfit” – but so often they look so raggedy.

  3. Karen

    Why do they always purse their lips like that?

  4. LoriK

    I agree they both need some V05, but I think they also both need a trim. Those are some seriously scraggly ends.

  5. The Other Molly

    Fringe is for strippers.

  6. Annie E

    I think it’s been about 10 years since they looked so identical.

  7. Stefanie

    At what age to you stop dressing twins alike?

  8. Libby

    How fun would it be to do a makeover on one of them? Say, give Ashley a flippy bob (like that Charlie’s Angels chick), any formal dress that Clare Danes has worn in the past few years, and a smile? There are a couple of cute girls under all of that witchy-wear.

  9. Carol

    They always purse their lips like that because they have a never-before-revealed addiction to lemon drops … so sad.

  10. Steve The Gay Nurse

    Do they have boobs?

  11. Megan

    These two would look a heckuva lot better if they just SMILED. A nice, sincere, smile, that’s all I ask.

  12. Manderz

    ewwww her toes are like fingers! now i know why she covers them up!!!

    (i swear im not mean…i just really hate feet lol)

  13. Alix

    10) A show in which mysteries are solved by math is my NIGHTMARE.

  14. JK

    Do they get their hair colour done at the same time, I wonder, or do they pay their stylists to make their roots the same length?

  15. Fuh Ugh

    Sadly, Suburgatory was also terrible, although I loves me some Jeremy Sisto. But think about it, ‘Jeremy Sisto’ and ‘sitcom’ are two things that just don’t go together. I am, however, willing to give New Girl a shot, but I would have said ‘Zoey Deschanel’ and ‘sitcom’ also don’t go together.

    Anyway. Olsens. Remember those terrible Margaret Keane artworks from the 1960′s which featured sad big-eyed waifs? ‘Nuff said.

  16. LMM

    This photo makes me yearn for an Olsen tell-all book. I feel like the fact that they’re revealing flesh may mean they are a step closer to flashing it all, metaphorically.

  17. Geemee

    Their makeup is good, tho.

  18. emster

    I love the idea of an Olsen twin makeover! I would buy that issue on InStyle in a heartbeat.

    I wish they’d stop touching in every photo though: they’re either almost always in each other’s laps or doing that weird literally-joined-at-the-hip pose when standing. I know it’s family, but scoot over an inch.

  19. TTBelle

    They look like conjoined circus freaks. I like it.

  20. Brooke


    God, I love you women.

  21. vandalfan

    So much better than usual, give them a break! Other than the piano-scarf fringe, these items are nice, especially Lefty’s jacket with the buttons. But, yes, hand ‘em both a comb. And I think I’d lean out like that to photobomb a Celebrity Pair, too.

  22. Mooshki

    Lately it’s been a bit harder for me to tell them apart, so good for MK! She’s looking a touch less skeletal.

  23. lynsey

    I hate myself for thinking that they look like Stevie Nicks wannabes.

  24. luxsword

    They look so much alike… except their feet, here.

  25. Hope

    THANK YOU Heather for commenting on the purse – it was the first thing I noticed and I thought I had some serious issues if I was the only one who saw that

  26. Jenna

    11. Why is the left twin wearing TWO ANKLE BRACELETS?!?! Mariah Carey you are not.

  27. Jennifer

    Heather, on 8,9 and 10, I agree. I am desperately looking for some good TV (that’s not reality). Your opinions are always spot on (I started watching Pretty Little Liars just b/c you said to!). So anyway, we need a fug on what are your new favs this fall season please… Thanks!

    • GFY Heather

      I am enjoying The Lying Game on ABC Family — it’s a bit more relaxed than Ringer. For shows that I like despite the fact that they are far from perfect (like if they have a charm to them, or are just sort of bad-good fun), I’m watching Revenge, Ringer, Hart Of Dixie. Then Vampire Diaries, naturally, and Secret Circle, although the latter is not great? But the adults on it are amusingly nefarious.

      New Girl, I’m giving a chance — it’s wildly uneven, sometimes kind of strange and sometimes really charming and funny. Pan Am looks gorgeous and the premiere was actually quite good.

      Charlie’s Angels is terrible. TERRIBLE. As is Whitney. Don’t even go there.

  28. Sando

    I am so tired of that Olsen sneer, stay home if you don’t want to be photographed. Imagine how many people would be happy with their opportunity and fortune!

  29. Kendra

    2 Broke Girls is pretty bad! I feel like they just tried to jump on the Bridesmaids-era-female-comedy but somehow it feels dated and the jokes are so weak sauce I can’t even bear it.

    I really like New Girl so far, but I agree it’s been a little uneven. I think it just needs some time to gain its footing, like a lot of new shows. Like what I think Hart of Dixie needs – hope that one figures itself out because I think it could be really good, and I love Scott Porter! Ahhh Jason Street forever :D

  30. Katie

    10) but surely you can’t hate all shows with numbers, think of 21 Jump Street! Nobody can hate that ;)

  31. Anita

    They look like they are whispering to each other, “By the prickling of my thumbs…”

  32. Sajorina

    These are my thoughts:

    -They’re surely channeling Stevie Nicks and succeeding!

    -”2 Broke Girls” is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. cstiddy

    There was a waitress at a bar I used to go to who looked like one of them. We didn’t know/care who was who, so we called her Mashley. I haven’t seen them look so twinly and Mashley-ish in years. Is the one on the left wearing ankle bracelets or are those tattoos? And that purse location is so unfortunate, thanks for pointing that out. I can’t stop staring at it or the disconcerting toe bondage.

  34. Aaminah Khan

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? 2 Broke Girls has been fab so far.

  35. nmlhats

    They look like Siamese–I mean conjoined–twins in this picture. They might as well be, right, if they’re so inseparable? Daisy and Violet Hilton, anyone?

  36. lucyxstrangeways

    whats wrong with the one’s toes……please no more open toed shoes….they mirrpr the waxes smug purse lipped look…help me……mother, oh god, mother…..she’s my sister, my daughter, my sister……

  37. Brooke

    Will they please just get hair cuts for crying out loud. A trim for God’s sake.

  38. Elspeth

    Sadly there was an undeveloped triplet, attached to MK’s left shoulder.

    Oh wait. That’s the chick photobombing.

  39. Sandra

    That is the best I have seen the twins together for a long while,…. hope that means a good future for both girls…

  40. megs283

    you know, it would be SO easy for them to be “normal” and wear regular clothes and look like bombshells… I admire them for going their own way!

  41. Mamajamz

    The demi-vaginal purse comment made me weep with laughter, and that’s AFTER I already wept with laughter over the Footloose lyrics. You guys are on FIRE today!

  42. Amber

    Oh thank you for the thought about 2 Broke Girls. I watched it and was very disappointed, as all the reviews I’d read were praising it. I thought maybe I just didn’t “get” it. If so, I’m not the only one!
    Also, I am over the Olson twins. I feel like they should be 45 years old, and most of the time, they dress like it. ( A very unfashionable 45 year old)

    • LibraryChick

      There was an article I read about them when they turned 24 where they talked about their collective 48 years on the planet. Amber, it seems they already feel as old as you think they should, and I also think they dress like it.

  43. Cranky Old Batt

    I watched every freaking episode of Numb3rs because I thought the FBI dude was hot.

    This little girls are creepy in a Dorian Gray and something sinister kind of way.

    I may point Carlton from That’s Vaginal to this post to see what he thinks of the use of the word.

  44. Emma

    They probably weighed more when they did that TV show together when they were about 12.

  45. Liz

    30 Rock breaks the anti-numeral rule!

  46. Zed

    The girl at the back wasn’t looking at the camera though. So, even though she was leaning over just a little too much, she got away with it.

    The twins? Fine. Bless them. Not my taste, but not a problem.

  47. Joe Dwarf

    That backpack is worth $39,000!!!.