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We both just watched Rock of Ages on our flight to New York, and agreed that although it is not a good movie per se, it’s vastly entertaining, if for nothing else than Tom Cruise and then Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand together. But Julianne Hough sings well in it, and she’s certainly cute, and she has a knack for combining denim and cowboy boots in movies in a way that makes me want to do some irresponsible shopping. This, however, has the opposite effect on me.

This makes me want to go out and do a lot of RESPONSIBLE shopping just to wash off the sticky feeling. She looks like a decomposing mermaid.

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  1. Bella

    She has the ability to look so pretty sometimes. This isn’t one of them.

  2. Jill

    This dress makes her look shapeless and bigger than she is. Plus I dislike her hairdo for the same reason I disliked Cobie Smulders earlier……too much like a pompadour and just not a good look in my opinion.

  3. Lizzy

    Bridal nightie. Ick.

  4. Stefanie

    Is dressing like an old lady to make the age difference between her and Seacrest less noticeable? Cause Blanche would totally throw on a matching robe and kitten heels with a big fizzy thing on them and eat cheesecake in this.

  5. Rayna

    I’m almost SURE I used to listen to Decomposing Mermaid back in the day.

    • Sajorina

      YES! Great name for a band! And now I realize that “Yes” is the name of an actual band!

  6. Sylvia

    She looks like mold.

  7. Lisa

    Oh boy, this is unfortunate. It does look like it’s melting.Don’t like the hair and makeup either. Wasn’t there a friend around to stop this.

  8. Anna

    Not to mention The Hair!

  9. amys

    She could easily give half of her eyebrow pencil action to Jessica Chastain with positive effect. A pretty lady on a really bad night. Ryan Seacrest–how could you have let this happen? Tsk tsk.

  10. Clarence Beeks

    She never gets it right. She just has crap taste.

  11. Bailey

    Her hair instantly reminds me of Miley Cyrus, and that’s not a good way to start.

  12. Lisa

    Back when she was on DWTS I thought she generally looked pretty good…considering what she was dressing for and the costume-y nature of it all. But now that she’s removed herself from the ballroom, it’s like she doesn’t have any idea what *real* clothes suit her figure.

  13. sally

    Black eyebrows.

  14. Anita

    Everything about this is awful: the non-fit, the non-color, the hair, the makeup (all of it, not just the eyebrows — her face is several shades lighter than her body!) Extra hate goes to where the sequins meet the satin — that line is too far down and stumpifies her.

    Surely her boyfriend has access to the best stylists in town; can’t someone help this blandly pretty, fit girl look good on a consistent basis?

  15. PB

    Or perhaps a decomposing member of Roxette?

  16. Elbyem

    As my 88 year old mother would proclaim…”Dress…or slip? PICK ONE.”

  17. strah

    I’m pretty much always down for a mermaid-esque theme on a dress (not the fishtail though) – and I like the execution of the theme on this dress.
    The styling on her head though, that’s the sad part. She has a lovely face and pretty hair, but you would never know either of those things from this photo.

  18. Vandalfan

    Too- big neglige’.

  19. Ghanimatrix

    Zombie Mermaids. They’re so hot right now.

  20. Sajorina


  21. VanDee

    Not her best look.

  22. margaret

    Agree with all the comments….I’m obsessed with the skirt part of this dress….weirdly irridescent….like jellyfish?

  23. Helen

    While I agree with what looks like everyone that the makeup is awful, I do not hate this dress. It isn’t my favorite kind of thing either, but for what it is, it’s pretty.

    Problem is, it’s much, much, MUCH too big for her! Hence the melting effect.

    I will never understand how it so often happens that people who must have designers asking to dress them wind up in things that aren’t even in the right size ballpark to start, never mind tailored properly. This isn’t, like, one size off – more like four. It was made for someone about 6-8 inches taller. She’s swimming in it.

  24. h² fashion

    I hateee the bottom of the dress! Her hair and makeup looks good, and the top looks okay, but as soon as you combine all of them, I just think mermaid.


  25. gryt

    All I can see is a pair of eyebrows.

  26. Alana

    I always see her and think — random, unmemorable blond teen at party. She is on the list of celebrities Whose Faces Look Like Bland Wax Replicas of Humans (category also includes Ryan Reynolds). They should get together and have bland-faced babies.

  27. erin

    the skirt is giving me an optical illusion… because the two pleats/folds/waves whatever at the outside edges of the skirt are lighter, it looks like she has little tiny alien bow legs. and it is absolutely cracking me UP.

    i actually don’t mind the eyebrow color, i wish her hair was a few shades darker most of the time though, so that’s likely why. that pompadour is seriously dowdy looking though.

  28. sema4dogz

    There is another skirt under that iridescent one, a more substantial ,darker *sequinned one. Not important really, just saying , only I wondered what that odd broken -hoof- like thing was at the right as you look at it , on the hem. It’s a bit of the seqinned part .

    *I had a friend who worked in a bridal store and she said on occasion , customers would ask for a gown with sequences. I have difficullty NOT saying sequences for sequins now ………

  29. Lily1214

    This dress is nightgowny-looking, but I like it.