Fug Fugfugfugfug

Sweet lord.

She’s dressed like an unholy hybrid of Liza Minnelli, Wynonna Judd, Dorothy Zbornak, and an interplanetary overlord. If she’s being this melodramatic about her bump when there barely IS one, then by the time she pops she’s going to be in full Jedi robes. I can’t wait. And I have never said that before with regards to anything a Kardashian has done, so you KNOW I’m expecting divine insanity.

[Photo: Splash]

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  1. Kat

    She’s supposedly unhappy and surprised at how much weight she’s put on, was she not around when Kourtney did it twice? Did she think she’d somehow stay the same size and then bam! a baby?

  2. Tiffany

    I just really dislike her. The more I see pictures of her looking absurd, the more I dislike her. I have known “writers” for her reality shows, and I just can’t stand how fake she is and how she constantly poses! I guess I should be more frustrated with the people that actually watch her shows.

  3. theotherjennifer

    I cannot wait until her feet swell up and she’s wearing Kanye’s unlaced Timberlands instead of those heels. The only person to pull off heels during pregnancy was Posh…How in the world is she holding those ginormous boobs up? and I agree – “poser”

    • filmcricket

      Cate Blanchett at the 2008 Oscars would like a word with you. ;)

    • Ericajeanine

      Jessica Simpson would also like to join in on the pregnant in heels conversation.

      • Heather

        I ALSO wore heels the whole time I was pregnant. I popped at 7 months BUT I had twins so I was still pretty big. Three cheers for my feet.

  4. Rayna

    Oh em gee. She manages to yoke leather, the long sheer plague, AND whale tail all together in one, er, combination.

    “It’s an unholy thing, Michael, like our MARRIAGE.”

  5. Edith

    Do you think Kanye ever looks at Kim and thinks:
    “18 years, 18 years – she’s got one of your kids, got you for 18 years…”?

    I’m not saying she’s a gold-digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke, broke….

    • Annie E

      But Kim doesn’t need child support from Kanye to pay for her cars or whatever because she is filthy rich herself.

      • Edith

        Define “need.” Kim Kardashian doesn’t strike me as one to live within her (lavish) means, and eventually the E! money-train will leave Kim and her sisters behind and move on to some newer, younger, famewhores. Her 15 minutes aren’t going to last many more years, and I can’t imagine her willingly scaling back the life to which she has become accustomed. I guess what I’m trying to say is:

        “She was supposed to buy your shorty Tyco with your money -
        She went to the doctor got lipo with your money.
        She’s walking around looking like Michael with your money,
        Shoulda’ got that insurance – GEICO – for your money.
        If you ain’t no punk holla’ ‘we want pre-nup!’
        WE WANT PRE-NUP!
        It’s something that you need to have
        ‘Cause when she leaves your ass she gonna leave with half….”

    • jlf5

      LOL – I have been saying that since the BIG NEWS broke….

  6. that girl

    Yes, this is very Stevie Nicks, and yes, leather pants during pregnancy seem like an uncomfortable choice, but considering what she normally wears, this isn’t that bad, is it…?

  7. laura

    Serious question here: Does this woman have a stylist? I don’t know what scares me more, the thought that she may be paying someone to dress her like this or that she actually thinks this is “fashion”.

    • Crystal

      She started as being a stylist to some celebrities back in the day, sadly. She met Ray J because she was Brandy’s stylist.

    • Chris P

      I thought Kanye was her stylist, at least some of the time!

      (As a matter of fact, this entire outfit has a whiff of Yeezy on it, and not just from the present contents of her uterus. Hilariously overplayed ’80′s lines? Check. Leather? Check. Boobs he designed himself (link)? CHECKMATE.)

      But yes, this does strike me as Kanye’s vision of maternity wear. In that case, I want to know when it’ll appear in Target.

  8. tigers4us

    Thanks for afternoon laugh, Heather! God help the baby of the Queen of Narcissists.

  9. Crystal

    Supposedly, Kanye said she needs to emulate Duchess Catherine. While I don’t think they should EVER be used in the same sentence, Kim could use an internal monologue of WWCW (What Would Catherine Wear, and I’m calling her Catherine instead of Kate so Kim doesn’t hijack the K in Kate’s name.).

    • Cami

      Actually, I don’t think they’re that different–they’re both doing whatever it takes to be in the public eye.

      • Joemama

        Except we’ve seen Kim every. day. sometimes. twice. *shudder* and Katherine just came out of hiding ( and probably the loo, being as she had morning sickness on steroids). I really can’t think of two women who are in the public eye who are handling their pregnancies differently…

  10. foo

    Is she wearing a huge breast thong? Also, I think cats contributed to the “design” of those pants…

    I do like the woman (wearing red boots) in the background seemingly narrow-eyed “what the hell” expression. I echo it.

    • Mary

      That is too funny. I didn’t notice the lady in the background until you said something. She’s definitely go the “wth” expression going on. hah. I’d be doing the same thing.

    • Linda

      I was wondering if that thing around her neck is a black thong and she just figured she’d hang it there since it’s gotten too small for her ass.

  11. Alessandra

    holy fug

  12. TaraMisu

    Go away. GO AWAY. GO. AWAY.

    But I do click on these posts and read them :D:D:D

  13. Helen

    The Lord had NOTHING to do with this.

  14. Mary

    LOATHE all things Kardashian. Gotta say that first. But…. there is this inescapable fact that women are bombarded with the Kate Middleton/Miranda Kerr pregnancy message- those body types that stay thin nearly the entire pregnancy, pop out babe, then slip into their skinny jeans for the car ride home from the hospital. Kim is not that. She is short waisted, large booty and breasts, rounded everywhere else. It’s just a fact. Girl is probably in shock that she can’t possibly disguise this, and doesn’t know what the hell to wear.

    • Edith

      It can be a huge shock to the system. Someone noted that she saw her sister go through this – but it’s so strange when it happens to you. As a woman whose self-image is SO WRAPPED UP in being physically attractive, this has to be really really strange and hard to grasp. I actually feel for her.

      But clearly this outfit is not the way to deal with this.

    • Ladyblahblah

      She’s always dressed wildly inappropriately for her body type so I’m not sure why anyone would expect anything different from her pregnancy style.

      • buttercup

        I feel like it’s gotten compulsively, pathologically bad during her pregnancy though. Which doesn’t surprise me, because I’ve had to get rid of every item of clothing I bought when I was pregnant and the whole year after, not just because of size issues. I thought, “Who the heck bought this?” It was like some alien made my shopping decisions for me! I know a woman who bought a house she can’t stand while she was pregnant…

  15. Moi

    I feel so sorry for this baby.

  16. Candy

    The outfit is dumb & she annoys the hell out of me. BUT, look at how much prettier she is when she wears more “natural” looking make-up.

  17. CopyChic

    Maybe not knowing what to where could keep her in the house/out of the public eye for a few months? Well, there’s always hoping.

  18. cloudy_skies

    How come you haven’t featured Nicole Kidman in the blue dress yet? :)

  19. Bambi Anne Dear

    How much rigmarole must she go through to go to the toilet. She is more a waste of space than Paris Hilton ever was.

  20. Mo

    Would it be unfair/cruel to nominate a pregnant woman for Fug Madness? If it were this pregnant woman?

  21. bambam

    if you don’t mention it, it doesn’t exist.

  22. Sally

    is Fug Fugfugfugfug the new WORDS or was that on purpose? brilliant either way!

    • Heather

      It’s on purpose — every syllable in her name is replaced with “fug.”

  23. Molly

    Is it just me, or does it appear that her car is parked in a handicapped parking spot?!

  24. Bottle Ginger

    Raise your hand if you’d like Jedi robes to come into fashion!

    Personally, I’ve always liked Luke’s outfit from the first movie, his wraparound tunic, leggings, and clunky boots. Why can’t I see something like that at the local Macy’s, instead of all that ruffly crap?

  25. Vandalfan

    The other day I overheard a word that seems most apropro: Neanderdashian.

    I’m also reminded of a quip made by a famous architecture critic: “It is a kind of talent to make the dull grotesque.”

  26. Robin

    I’m amused that at first glance, I thought she was pumping gas into her car. Holding bling and dressed like that. You know, as one does.

  27. Ladyblahblah

    This is one of my favorite looks from the Whitesnake Maternity Collection.

    • Cora

      Yes, but let it morph — bring on the Mon Mothma!! Let’s see some crappy gold embroidery on robes of painter’s canvas! Come on! We need fodder for Fug Madness!

  28. lola

    Was she riding horses all day?? she is standing like she just got out of the saddle and can’t straighten her legs.

  29. English Girl

    Now I know she’s a curvy girl, right? But her chesticle area is looking HUUUUGE even at this early stage of the game, and she has months to go… Kim, time to drop the boob-thong look as it is not pretty.

  30. Sarah

    I actually think it would be pretty awesome without the wings on the side. Leather pants, billowy maternity top, and a fitted blazer? Sounds good to me!

  31. Kate

    If this looks this horrible in a photo, imagine it in person, in a real world context.

  32. Callie

    It looks like she’s wearing some kind of underwear across her chest.

  33. deee

    It looks like she put her sports bra on backwards. WTH? Go away.

  34. Bella

    I do believe we will run out of adjectives to describe KKK before this is over.

    I think she’s trying to hide her growing body. That’s a shame, really. Everyone’s pregnancy is so different and her body type usually does balloon a bit, but so what? I hope she relaxes about the weight and takes good care of this new life.

    Priorities, Kim!

  35. h² fashion

    I like the detail at the top and her hair…but everything else is just weird/doesn’t look good on her. I mean I know I’m not going to try to wear leather jeans when I’m pregnant. And that cape/cloak/whatever that thing is isn’t making her look any smaller or more sane.


  36. Jen

    I am so tired of this waste, her selfish waste of a mother, waste of a family and waste of a boyfriend. Why does every celebrity feel that once they get pregnant, they’re suddenly qualified to design a maternity clothes line? She keeps wearing this crap, including all the tight across the midsection stuff, she’s going to miscarry.

    • Joemama

      Ah. No to the last line.
      But I WILL go with referring to what she’s wearing as “crap”. In fact, when I saw the picture I said, “OH CRAP!” Seemed appropriate.

  37. Joemama

    This must be a look from the Stevie Nicks maternity line.

  38. Lily1214

    It’s really difficult to look good when you’re pregnant.

  39. Jen

    I see Andre Leon Talley robes in her third-trimester future…and I can’t wait.

  40. M. Jonker

    Oh. My. Dear. Nooooooooooo. And this is just the beginning!!