Fug Crazy Love

Listen, I DO love Emma Stone. And I love that she is as pale-legged as I am. But I’m not madly in love with this:

The shows, I adore, and I’m thrilled she didn’t tie the neck bow, but otherwise I can’t help but feeling like this is deeply and sincerely blah. The shape is kind of -less, and while I suspect the appliques are charming in person, in photos they make her look a bit like she got splashed by street-detritus, Carrie-Bradshaw-in-the-opening-credits-of-SatC-style. Which is all well and good if you’re wearing a tutu in public, but perhaps less than ideal in this.

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  1. Susan

    I think I like it because its different. And, nothing is showing that shouldn’t be showing.

  2. Lindy

    This makes her look much bigger than she actually is.

  3. amy

    The waist is at a sort of accidental location. I like the fabric and I like the pale on pale, but it’s not an attractive fit.

  4. TaraMisu

    It really does make her look big and she certainly isn’t. I dunno, I yawned as I was reading this post, just sayin’

  5. Annie E

    I’m not crazy about the rolled-up sleeves, and why have a neck bow if you’re not going to tie it?

  6. Katie

    A belt, maybe? Defining her waist would have made this a different outfit.

  7. Elli

    I like it, but if she would just take that ribbon that’s hanging around her neck and use it as a belt/bow around her waist, I think I’d love it.

  8. snuffy

    She could probably use a size or two smaller, but I still think it’s pretty.

  9. The Other Molly

    Shows = Shoes?
    Attention fair skinned women everywhere!
    It is a well known fact that wearing a color like this will do nothing but wash you out.
    Go for the color, every time.
    I love Emma Stone, but this does nothing for her.

  10. am

    Really don’t see a problem with this. I even like it. I am in the school of why wear a bow and not tie it, though. My only quibble.

  11. Zed

    I quite appreciate someone who isn’t bothered about proving that she’s slim. So many women would be too scared about whether someone might think she hasn’t got a waist to wear that, but she’s got the confidence to cover up. Sleeves and no deep cleavage as well, a refreshing change. It needs to be that short, mind you, or it’d look like a nightdress.

  12. Amanda

    If it were sleeveless and a tad longer, and if she were standing up straight and wearing red or purple shoes, this would have been a home run. As it is…well, you tried, kid.

  13. Amber

    I love Emma Stone. LOVE.
    However, I agree with The Other Molly–girl needs some color (on her clothes, not her skin). She has beautiful pale skin, but her dress is practically the same color and I don’t think matching your dress to your exact skin tone is ever a “do”. So yeah, in a different color, maybe.

  14. Sandra

    That is one fancy nightie. Too bad she forgot to change into a dress before she left the house.

  15. Lina

    How about add a wide green belt, cut off the bow entirely, style her hair (or at least brush it), and change to cuter shoes? Personally I think this is probably an intentional fail designed to keep her interesting to the fashion police, and in that sense it’s a complete success.

  16. Amanda in Austin

    This dress is not great, but Emma Stone is seriously my new girl crush. I love her!

  17. vandalfan

    First thing I thought was “tie the stupid bow, already.” Making it a belt is also a good option. It rather looks like a baby-doll skirt with all the pleats and wide open hemline, and I almost expect her to lift it up to her chin and show us ruffled panties. Maybe going down one size might help. The shoes from this angle, look like a grandmother’s version of sandals, from the Blair catalog.

  18. Gigi

    Bless her for not falling into the “I have pale legs therefore I must TAN” trap that I did at a young age. I still haven’t quite made it out.

  19. Billie

    Adding a belt and changing the appliques to a bright color would do wonders for this outfit.

  20. Kate

    so this is the second look in a row we’ve seen where she appears to have no waist. I’m NOT saying she’s pregnant…but I’m not NOT saying it.

    It’s PROBABLY just the cut though.

  21. Katharine

    I like the dress a lot, and really only skinny girls should wear this kind of deliberately shapeless silhouette (I can’t resist it, and I am… not a skinny girl, and it’s never good) but lawks! that exact shade of ivory! against her skin! Her face, which I suspect is coated in foundation, looks particularly horrible and recently risen from an unquiet grave. Off-whites are always so difficult.

  22. Sajorina

    I like this, but I would love it if she rolled down the sleeves and tied the bow on the top! FAB!!! I would wear this!

  23. anny

    Cut, color, fabric or styling – it still comes up either “nice nightie” or “fancy housedress” for me.

  24. fritanga

    I had a dress very much like this one back when I was young and thin, only it was cream-colored. As I’m olive skinned and dark haired it did not wash me out. Actually, I think it suits Stone even if she does look a little too pale.

  25. Ruby

    I like it, but I don’t think it suits her, and I also think it’s too short.

    If that dress were rather longer, and were being worn by an older woman with hippie tendencies and a figure that needs a bit of disguise (me), then it’d be adorable. Off-\white with a touch of black looks great on pale skin.

  26. S

    I love this. I would wear this.

  27. Tracy L

    Shoes, anyone? I love those shoes! The dress is cute. It needs something, a belt in a fab colour with a matching purse?
    Did anyone ever think of this–what if there was a website or blog for celebs to go to criticize clothes that the general public were wearing? Or is that just their lives? Ha!

  28. lc

    Black belt and I like the tie untied.

  29. ChaChaHeels

    That shade of white makes her look sickly. This would have looked better if it were cream, I guess, but still the dress is too loose to be flattering. It’s a little too disheveled and pajama- like to be “dressed”.

  30. Andreea

    Probably a abd pic – anyone an idea who made this dress?