Fug Cats

“Leave me alone,” Ashley Tisdale said:

“I am EXTREMELY BUSY receiving signals from the Mother Ship via my top knot and all your yakking about my dress is interfering. If I miss the Imperial command to attack, we’re ALL screwed, okay?”

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Comments (23):

  1. Mahastee

    I can live with dresses made out of baby blankets, but top knots make my skin crawl.

  2. Jen

    The lace is really pretty; I’d like this if it were cut off where the lining ends.

    The top knot doesn’t really bother me, because it looks like she got annoyed with her hair and put it back. Maybe she really did intend to leave the house like that, but oh well. I’m wearing a rubber band in my hair that came off of a sandwich.

    • zah


      but yes…i think if the dress were chopped at the knees, i’d well play this! love the purse, dress is pretty, hair is just normal girl hair – not a styled topknot, looks like she threw it up.

    • Cletus Buckaloo

      OK, Jen. Pony up the $5.99 I’m going to have to shell out to get the Coke Zero stain out of this blouse.

  3. Lina


  4. Glee

    And sometimes you can’t find anything nice to say. Oh, the sky behind her is pretty! There, I found something nice.

  5. Sandra

    Maybe she tied her hair up to do her make-up and forgot to let it back down.

  6. lindsay

    is it terrible that i don’t hate this? i feel like styled correctly it could be gorgeous. although i do agree, the lining has to extend the length of the dress, whether that be to the knees or to the floor.

    the hair looks like she just went to the gym. i can relate, but it isn’t my job to look fabulous in public (thank god.).

  7. Libby

    That hair is for cleaning the bathroom, not attending a fancy event.

  8. Highland Fashionista

    Oy! That dress looks like a doily, and it is too long for her, and that lining doesn’t quite work, and lets not even talk about the hair. But yeah, nice bag.

  9. mary

    ooh, i thought this was an olsen!

  10. Helen

    No no Ashley! When you run out of time, just wear it loose! This looks like that weird thing Kaley Cuoco did once: https://encrypted-tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTGjXAG7RonW1zvW35mF4zROdxMjQMkcqxgYbaDssIgKkg_XcQo

  11. CJ

    I don’t mind a top knot when it’s nicely put together, but this is like, “I’m running down to the laundromat to pick up my laundry while my freshly moped kitchen floor dries.”

    I agree with the person who said they’d like the dress if the lace cut off where the lining does.

  12. Carol

    What’s that thing she’s carrying? Looks like a piece of leftover plywood. Ouch … careful or you’ll get a sliver!

  13. Cranky Old Batt

    As I sit here in my unremarkable office wearing my office wage slave garb, I have to exclaim that I look damn good compared to this young hot mess!

  14. vandalfan

    The lining is ill fitted- see the wrinkles around her abdomen? and lace overlay is bad enough, but using a crocheted bedspread as overlay is entirely wrong.

  15. Shiitake

    The Band-aid coloured lining is a sickening.

  16. Elle

    I guess I can’t hate on this too much because my hair looks pretty much exactly like this right now. Of course, that’s because I’m a non-famous plebeian who just got home from a really, really long day at work and needed to take my makeup off and get my hair out of my face. I don’t know what Ashley’s excuse is.

  17. Sajorina

    Ew! & HELL, NO!

  18. Ms. A.

    FUG the top knot.
    The sheer trend needs to die. I really don’t wanna see any more undergarments.

  19. Lily1214

    Mother-of-the-bride carrying the wrong purse.