Fug Breakers



[Photo: Pac Coast News]

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  1. Sajorina

    First of all, NO! Even Austin Butler is stepping on her pants probably trying to take them off her while looking away in shame! Second, her nails make me want to stab my eyes with an ice pick… Thankfully, I don’t have one!

  2. Alma

    And she had been doing so well for a while there….

  3. glee

    Nice abs, but we don’t need to see your pelvic bones (see notes regarding Paltrow, G). Also, Austin Butler will have a CW carreer. He is just cute enough…

  4. Lizzy

    That’s just embarrassing. Put it away, honey.

  5. Sarah Oehmler

    It looks like they are both stepping on it. Maybe it was intentional? Lol

  6. Margo

    Isn’t it the fact that he’s stepping on them the reason they’re pulled down so low? Looks like unlucky timing on the picture. If I’m right, they’re still very very bad, and the whole outfit is still very very bad, but much less gross.

  7. Dazie

    I totally missed a career. I could make a FORTUNE being a Hollywood waxer.

  8. Carrie

    Austin Butler’s face. That is all.

  9. annie

    As I say to my young sons, “Pull up your pants!!!!!”

  10. Anita

    Thank goodness she wasn’t going commando.

  11. Chris P

    Come on, Vanessa. You know you want it.

    (A second Fug Madness crown, that is. To which she is well on her way.)

  12.  Kat

    aaaaaaand she’s back!

  13. anna s.

    Austin seems to want to hide in this picture. I can see his thought process as “Maybe if I covertly pull down her pants they won’t notice that I’m standing so close to that outfit.”

  14.  Carolina Girl

    Perhaps this is a way of throwing down the gauntlet to Bieber. I think she wants to be the fug version of the “Come Back Kid”.

  15. Donna

    Are they pants? I thought it was a wrap skirt, in keeping with her hippy vibe.

    • Helen

      “Hippie.” “Hippy” is an adjective meaning that one has big/wide hips, proportionately.

  16. blah

    After stepping on her pants, he at least tries to help her out a little.

  17. cc

    Vanessa Hug ‘n Kiss NO. COACHELLA IS OVER.

  18. Sally

    Please tell me she is on the beach. PLEASE.

  19. Francesca

    If only she looked as good as she seems to think she does. That waist band is defying gravity!

  20. Mjx

    Isn’t that a bathing suit bottom, there? I’m fairly certain I’ve even seen pictures of her in the entire suit, which kind of changes the whole thing.

    I don’t know. I can’t get behind this look, but I can’t worry about her (i.e. the way I did about Brtitney), either, since it’s pretty clear that she has her shit together and thinks this is hilarious, and it’s also keeping her noticed. In a weird way, she reminds me of my mum (who covets a beanie with a propeller on it, not because it’s ‘fun’ or ‘out there’, but simply because she thinks they’re hilarious).

  21. Sue

    This look is clearly channeling Lisa Bonet, post-Cosby era. Slovenly was not attractive then either, Vanessa darling.

  22. Helen

    Cute panties!