Fug and Fab The Shoes

None of these will be under my Christmas tree, but that’s okay. I’d rather have hot water and DirecTV. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little holly jolly yearning.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. Brenna

    Is there some kind of flesh colored panel on the front of Kate Walsh’s shoes? Something looks very off about that picture for some reason. I’d normally think it was the light, but there’s something that’s not quite the same color as her feet in the exact same spot on both feet, which makes me think it’s something on the shoes.

    • Brenna

      I would also love Kate Mara’s shoes to pop up under my tree.

      Looking at some of these up close makes me have sympathy foot pain though – I feel so bad for the ones that have shoes that look like they don’t fit at all.

    • lucy

      it looks like there’s a little nude strip connecting the two… wings? is that the best way to describe that? but yes, i see it too.

  2. Donna

    Some beautiful shoes, some ugly shoes, but none so beastly as Louise Roe’s (slide 10). OUCH!!!

  3. Caroline

    I will spend the rest of my day thinking longingly of Kate Mara’s shoes. I love your shoe / accessory posts. Thank you!

  4. Kat

    Yes yes yes, LOVE that last pair of shoes! And they actually look marginally comfortable. I’m sorry, but not matter how much I like a shoe, I refuse to bleed and ache. You can find cute shoes (with a good 3″+ heel) that can still be comfortable. Some of those feet are clearly in misery.

    • Elizabeth Gorman

      Why all the freakishly high heels? Where are the flats? The sneakers? The kitten heels, even? Not every woman wants 5″ high spikes on her feet.

  5. Mouse

    The first set of MEW’s (The black/net/ankle-tie ones…does a black piece go right up the back of her calf? If so…does that mean there’s a strap of something around her leg just under the knee?! Inquiring minds would like to know.

    I kind of love Elizabeth Banks’ shoes…I’m not a steady heel wearer, and I feel like maybe I could actually walk in those without turning an ankle. However…I’m 5’10…so those would make me…6’3? 6’4? I’d feel a little amazon-ish. And since I don’t look like Charlize Theron…that’s a problem.

  6. Mjx

    Anyone have some idea of why virtually no one is wearing shoes that fit?! It seems bizarre. Also, way too many feet with nails that extend past the nail bed. Ick.

    • Ailatan

      Lots of people have longish toenails. I think it’s a big NO-NO for me. These aren´t your hands, people! It’s feet. Ugh.

  7. Jane

    Shoes/Schmoes ;-) I loved your Everwood reference! I loved that show! I agree that they’re all doing great – just wish I’d see more of Gregory Smith aka Ephram aka pretty much the lead character. I know he’s been working, hope he’ll get his big break too though. I always thought he was rather talented.

    • Mo

      Gee, I miss Everwood. Especially Tom Amandes (the curmudgeonly Dr. Harold Abbott). There’s a show that died before its time.

      • Amy

        Gregory Smith plays a cop on a show called Rookie Blue, he is one of the main characters! It runs in the summer and it is really popular, although it may only be shown in Canada so perhaps people in the US don’t know about it?

        • Carrie

          It airs on ABC in the summer. It’s very pleasant summer-nothing-else-is-on programming.

  8. Dani

    I just really have a hard time getting behind a chunky heel.

    I think it’s going to take me a long time to come around; I had a similar distaste for wedges for a long time, too.

  9. Stefanie

    I love shoes. Love love love them.

    (Although, some of these make me want to take off my oh-so-sensible but still super cute Danskos and hug them for being so comfy.)

  10. Sandra

    Why can none of these women find shoes that fit? I doubt that any of them have truly unusually-sized or -shaped feet. Some of these are very pretty to look at, but I can’t see anybody walking around in them in real life. For what they cost, they ought at least to perform their basic functionality.

  11. Celeste

    Not wild about any of them (except Khloe’s and Sara Drew’s) which makes me happy because I hate feeling deprived. Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s second pair make her look like she should be working in Santa’s workshop, and Louise Roe’s are one of of the most hideous pairs of shoes I’ve ever seen.

  12. Squirrel!

    First, with regard to the shoes that seemingly don’t fit — they probably fit when the wearers were trying them on and sitting down. Once the wearer stood up and walked around a bit on those sky-high heels, the foot slid down, squishing poor piggies and leaving a gap behind the Achilles’ tendon.

    Second, I assess shoes from a strict anti-platform platform, so I cannot endorse the ones on Kate Mara’s feet or the cartoon pair… as cute as both are. I guess I tend to imagine actually wearing the shoes myself — I know, such ego — so I like ones that look… habitable by human feet.

    That said, I like those of Queen Latifah, Marsha Thomason (who is that?), and Mindy Kaling. Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s booties would look very cute with tights rather than a bare leg. I also like Sarah Drew’s, and it makes me happy that she is not wearing nail polish. I know the Fug Girls, and seemingly much of Fug Nation, abhor toenails sans pedicure, but I am of the school that thinks natural is absolutely acceptable.

    • Sandra

      “Not wearing nail polish” isn’t precisely the same thing as not having had a pedicure. Toes and feet should be well-cared for (calluses and dead skin buffed off, cuticles cleaned up, and nail neatly trimmed) if they are going to be shown off in sandals or peep-toes. Actually, they should be anyway; be good to your feet and they’ll be good to you.

      Who tries shoes on without standing up and walking around in them? Kinda defeats the purpose.

      • Squirrel!

        Sandra, I agree with your statement that “not wearing nail polish” is not the same as not having had a pedicure (or manicure, for that matter), but frequently the terms are used interchangeably. Yes, feet should look good if they’re going to be shown off! And I think Sarah Drew’s feet look good without polish.

        In addition, I didn’t say that people didn’t stand up and walk around while trying on shoes — but I think people are likely to start out admiring their feet while they are still sitting down. And really, how long are you walking around for when you are in the store? Being generous, I’d say a minute or two — and it’s on a perfectly flat surface. The way shoes fit is going to change once you’ve had them on for a period of time. Certainly I’ve purchased my share of shoes that *seemed* comfortable and well-fitting in the store….

        • Sandra

          I’m sorry that came across sounding contentious. I meant it more in the spirit of “knotheads! serves ‘em right when their feet hurt if they don’t bother to stand up”. I can understand falling in love with shoes that don’t work for oneself. Sometimes I visit my niece’s closet to feast my eyes on all the pretty, pretty shoes that would result in emergency orthopedic surgery if I tried wearing them.

  13. Alicia

    All I can say is thank god I don’t have a reason to wear any of these shoes. Pain is all I can think of with those 4 and 5 inch heels!

  14. kickassmomnyc

    I adore Queen Latifah’s shoes. Kate Mara’s are stunning, but I couldn’t wear them. Sophia Bush’s are okay for a vintage look. The rest, Santa can keep — way too fugly.

  15. Chasmosaur

    Oh man, I want Sarah Drew’s. Red and brown is such a nice combo and you don’t see it as often as you should. The cut is really nice as well.

  16. Bella

    I’m thinking that a podiatrist seeing these would be salivating at the money to be made off of the future deformed feet from wearing these shoes. That being said, I love Queen Latifah’s, Sara Drew’s and the “frumpy” ones.

  17. Vandalfan


    (In Ricardo Montalban’s Kahn voice)

  18. Rachael

    I like the following, in order of preference:
    1. Kardashian’s — Those are crazy, but I love them. I’m helpless to resist a bright shoe with such funky details.
    2. Banks’s — Yes, the heels are rather chunky. I feel like they would make them a bit more comfortable and wearable, and shakes up the basic black.
    3. Thomason — Don’t know who that is, and yes, they are bit less show-stopper. But I could rock these in my professional work place, and I wouldn’t get weird looks. These could go well in my real shoe wardrobe, instead of just my wear-once-every-six-months shoe wardrobe.
    4. Kaling — Cute. I do wish the stripes on the bottom were more dramatic.
    5. Tisch — Love. They look too tall for me to actually wear, but dammit, I would try like hell.

  19. Chrissy

    I like the last pair best. I almost like the plum suede booties, but they look like the sides are cheap elastic. I like the so called frumpy pair; they would have looked better on a contrasting color carpet. I really think most heels are too high. I don’t have enough situations in my life where I would wear heels to make a 3 in pair practical much less a 5 in pair. I don’t think I could ever walk in a 5 in pair and since I’m tall I would be gigantic even if I could.

  20. Sarah

    When did heels get so high? Seriously, the ones you called “frumpy” would have seemed about normal a few years ago… Can we get beautiful and walkable?

  21. Erin

    Ooooo the bunions…so many bunions…
    Totally worth it for some of those shoes though.