Fug and Fab the Emmy Accessories

Purses and jewelry and shoes, oh, my.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Emma

    Morena Baccarin’s ring looks like a trilobite.

    And – let me help – you’re not torn about Ms. Tookey’s booties. You wish they were literally “torn about” by some kind of wild dog with more sense than to let Ms. Tookey wear hideous boots the Emmy’s.

    LOVE the turquoise and yellow though.

  2. Emma

    Sorry: also, Ariel Winter looks like she has sock marks, which is so cute.

  3. Jenny

    Ohhhhhh. This is like THERAPY. I so needed this this morning. This works almost as well as hot royals kissing puppies.

  4. Stefanie

    I LOVE Kat’s gold ring and bracelet. It makes me wish I was able to pull off gold. (Maybe I can pull off gold, but I feel like I put it on and I’m instantly transported back to 1970. It’s probably all in my head but I can’t help it!)

    If Zosia’s ring was a mood ring I truly would love it. A great mood ring is hard to find these days. (Says the girl who was worried that gold makes it look like she belongs in 1970.)

    Is that Kenley lady the one who assaulted her boyfriend with a cat?

    • Jane

      Cat Deeley’s clutch must be in my possession immediately.

      And Stefanie: YES! It is Kenley-almost-Penley who once used a feline as a projectile!

      • pantsonfire

        Me three re Cat’s clutch. So great.

        Other things I liked in the slideshow: Jena’s shoes (though I feel like we’ve seen them a lot) and the aforementioned gold jewelry. I have never associated gold jewelry with the 1970s, though I was not yet in existence so maybe that’s why. I basically only wear gold jewelry, as I think (and this could be in my head) that platinum and silver generally don’t play well with my skin tone.

        • Kris

          I like the gold ring and bracelet, but opposite of pantsonfire, I never wear gold because I don’t think it looks right with my skin tone! Even my wedding band is white gold. It’s all silver all the time for me. Apparently, yellow gold is making quite the comeback these days. Bummer.

  5. Squirrel!

    Stacey Tookey is from So You Think You Can Dance and was nominated for Outstanding Choreography.

    • Katie Lynn

      Plus she’s AMAZING

      • mshesterp

        YES. For some reason that just seemed like a show that Heather and Jessica would watch. It’s FanTASTIC. Even when the dancing isn’t great, it’s still awesome, and Stacy Tookey is one of the best choreographers.

        • currygirl

          I agree that Heather and Jessica should watch SYTYCD! It’s such a great show! Cat Deeley’s outfits are always noteworthy, some of the costumes on the show are WTF, and we can all roll our eyes when Nigel gets pervy (which can mean that we roll our eyes A LOT).

        • Popcouver

          Stacey Tookey is Canadian! She was on SYTYCD Canada and then the American version stole her because she’s AMAZING.

          Her sister has a dance studio in Edmonton, where I live.

  6. Squirrel!

    Also: I don’t know who Nene Leakes is, but her feet look like they’re about 80 years old.

  7. glee

    And the best use of Google Translate goes to….. The FUG GIRLS!!!

  8. Dyanna
  9. Amy

    I’m not a fan of Ariel Winters’ shoes AT ALL. Azita Ghanizada’s coral origami peep-toes, however, can find a way to my closet.

  10. Natasha Cher

    “Это кошелек мило” sounds so funny in Russian, as if you would say in English “It coin purse it’s nice”. Симпатичный клатч (This clutch is cute) But I know you didn’t go for correct Russian. :)

  11. jenny

    Where is your post on Phoebe Price….I have been waiting for it since I saw a picture of her dress in the NYTimes’ photos of Emmy dresses. Can you believe the Times included her?

    • Jessica

      I can not.

      We basically only acknowledge her existence when there is literally no one else to talk about. We haven’t written about her in a really long time.

  12. Jules

    I actually really like Kenley’s shoes, just not with that dress. I like the dress too, just not with those shoes.

  13. nikole

    Nene’s feet look like leather going bad

  14. Karen G

    Toestaches on Elizabeth Moss. New word, feel free to use it.

  15. Dr Skylaser

    WAIT. Phoebe Price shows up at the Emmys wearing some kinda gold froof thing, and we only get to see her SHOES?

  16. Sandra

    The other day I found out that GFY Heather wrote my favorite re-caps in the history of TWOP and today she gives me “cute purse” in WELSH. She is now my idol.

    • Elspeth

      As a Canadian girl who just married a Welsh guy thank you for the Welsh post! I can add it to dwi’n dysgu cymraeg in my new vocabulary.

  17. Sally

    Sandra, just when you think you can’t love the Fug Girls any more some random past, present or future fact will knock you on your keister and raise their pedestal higher.

  18. Sajorina

    Heather, me alegra que te haya gustado el bolso… I’m IN LOVE with Kat Dennings’ ring & bracelet, plus that gold chain she wore on her hair, that you didn’t include! COVET! I’m actually in love with her, she was my favorite of the night! Also, loved Cat Deeley’s magnificent art deco clutch! WANT!

  19. Nikki Davidson

    I die for that bracelet!! Its gorgeous.

  20. Art Eclectic

    Turquoise bracelets…come to mamma.

  21. 1000Oysters

    The platforms on Phoebe Price’s shoes remind me of the velociraptor’s lips in Jurassic Park. Orange velociraptor lips.

  22. Cynthia W

    Do people not get mani-pedis before going to the Emmys? While the hands weren’t quite as bad – there were a lot of nasty looking toes and feet and quite a few undone or poorly done nails. I wouldn’t go to a company Christmas party with my nails looking like some of those ladies’ nails, let alone show up on the red carpet.

  23. Lois

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  24. Erica

    Saw Ariel Winter’s shoes while shopping yesterday, they’re totally attainable, they’re from Aldo and were on sale in Canada for like $60.
    Enjoy fug girls!!