Fug and Fab The Cover: Various Recent International Vogues

I don’t know about you, but I always find the covers of foreign fashion magazines totally fascinating. Here in the United States (probably this generalization can be extended to the UK as well), most of our fashion mags have celebrity covers, and it’s rare to see a proper model, unless she’s a modelebrity, like Giselle. And yet so many of these covers are alluring, I think, because we’re not bringing a preconceived notion to the image, the way you always do with a celeb. I understand that here in the US, celeb covers sell the way that model covers don’t, and staying in business is the name of the game. What can you do? Well, ogle these, for a start. WARNING: The final slide does contain a fully naked bare breast, in case you’re at work. Just one, though. If it matters.

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  1. Annie S.

    The Claudia Schiffer cover lines are hilarious – they read like a Doge meme. “Much chic. Such shiny. Very dandy. Wow.”

    • LT1

      And how is Marie Antoinette a Mode Star? Is there a current Marie Antoinette I’m not aware of?

      Back in high school I used to buy all the Japanese glossy music mags. The photos were just so great (and I could get the Duran Duran photos that weren’t anywhere else). They would occasionally have random english sentences or cover lines and I would get so excited that I could understand a little something.

    • camille

      YES!! I was doge-ing out on that. Such amaze… wow.

  2. Lisa

    That might be the least flattering photo of Claudia Schiffer I have ever seen. I also think Nigella looks fantastic as well as the woman lounging in the chair.

    •  Jenny V

      Agreed. It looks like the reanimated corpse of Claudia Schiffer, not the actual beautiful lady herself.

      I like Nigella’s face in that cover but her hair looks like it was styled in a wind tunnel.

  3. qwertygirl

    My first thought about why they put English on the covers was that sometimes they’re using a word for which there is no translation in that language (do the Dutch have a word for “catwalk”? Other than combining the Dutch for “cat” with the Dutch for “walk,” which would give you the word but make no sense if you didn’t know what a “catwalk’ was). But that theory was blown by the fact that I’m pretty sure there’s a word for “beauty” in Dutch. Although I speak as much Dutch as my dog (that is, none), so what do I know? Maybe they don’t.

    •  Michelle

      You made me curious so I googled it. It’s “schoonheid”.

      An ironically ugly word, I think.

      • qwertygirl

        That is ugly. Languages are so weird. It’s like the English cruelty of putting an s in the word “lisp.”

        • Yoka

          If you are Dutch, which I am, the word “schoonheid” is not an ugly word at al, because for us the pronunciation sounds quite lovely.

          •  understateddiva

            Yeah, I’m picturing it with a Dutch accent and it sounds lovely.

        • KHS

          LISP! I love this comment and can’t believe I have never thought this before. Words are amazing.

    • e

      As a person from another non-Anglophone Western European country, I think it’s a mix of both. Many fashion-related words are loans from English, and sometimes some English words and phrases are also thrown in because it ‘looks cool’.

      • qwertygirl

        I think you’re right–there’s a “cool” factor to foreign words. But it’s also very true that many fashion (and technology) words are borrowed.

      • Abby

        Agreed, and we do actually do it in the US sometimes too, but with French. I’m sure there are any number of American magazines that say something like “Tres Chic!” or “Bon voyage” on them.

      •  Anne

        Many English terms are also shorter and therefore handier on a cover than their Dutch alternatives. Besides, we all know what the English ones mean anyway.

    • jenelope

      What I want to know is whether “foodfulness” is an actual Dutch word or whether they just made up an English-sounding word. Either way, I think I need that word in my life.

      • Yoka

        Not a Dutch word :)

        • Lexi

          Interestingly, the Dutch version of Project Runway is called Project Catwalk. I think there is no Dutch word for catwalk or runway (in the fashion sense, there is word for runways in airports).

  4.  HelenBackAgain

    I liked a lot of these! I think a couple (notably the Japanese and Chinese ones) are overwhelmed by text, but it’s nice to see the basics. You know: A Model, In Makeup, Wearing Fashion.

    Love the Nigella UK one, too. She looks like herself.

  5. Art Eclectic

    That Mexico cover of the woman in the chair looks like she’s giving the butt of her pool boy the 50 yard stare as he bends over a filter.

  6. Sandra

    Judging by figure skating WAG Yana Rudkovskaya (Mrs. Evgeni Plushenko), Russian pop culture may actually be exactly that tacky and tasteless. Good thing they’ll always have ballet.

  7.  Michelle

    Russia- where even the Vogue models go bare chested!

  8. susie

    It took me a few moments to understand the armpit Photoshopping on the Mexican cover, and I studied Anatomy at a highly respected medical school.

    • Natasha Fatale

      Yeah, I hadn’t noticed that weird pit until you pointed it out – it certainly is weird!

    • G

      I also have to laugh at the dreary, dishwater colors of the model’s clothes shown just above the big title of the feature article on the new season’s clothes: Vuelve el color, it says. Color returns! Just not on this very cover photo.

  9.  KarenG958

    I want the Vogue UK – the stories look pretty fun.

  10. deee

    The most disturbing thing about the Vogue Russia cover is that the model looks like a meth addict.

  11. Kathy

    I breastfed for the last two years, so … yeah, that was my reaction too. Thank goodness I don’t have to wear an outfit evidently designed by Putin.

  12.  Mair Mair

    I don’t know who the model on Vogue Japan is, but Snoopy is appropriate because she immediately made me think “wah wah wah wah wah.”

  13. sarah

    I had this weird thought that the Russian vogue cover was some sort of allusion to the Russian speed skater who started to unzip her uniform during her victory lap after a race before realizing she wasn’t wearing anything underneath… something about the zipper on the jumpsuit made that pop into my head. I know i’m reading way too much into it, but I like to think Russia is like “forget everything else happening now, remember the Olympics?!”

  14. gryt

    I tend to like the covers that are more minimal. All that text just looks so busy and tacky! Except the Snoopy sketch, I approve of Snoopy (always).

    Also, can I look like the woman on Dutch Elle, slide #4, please?

  15. Yoka

    The Vogue Netherlands April cover is actually a celebrity as well, not a model. She is Sylvie Meis, ex-wife of football (sorry “soccer”) player Rafael van der Vaart.

  16. Gisele McGraw

    One glaring problem with Ukraine’s issue of Vogue is that it is actually in Russian not in Ukrainian. It is a big problem when your publications can’t even be in your own language but in the language of the occupants and oppressors.

    • glee

      I found that disturbing as well. At least Ukraine was written in Ukranian. There is probably a lame explanation, and that is the mag is actually produced along with the Russian Vogue.

  17.  understateddiva

    I may be woozy from Daylight Savings time, but I think that Vogue Russia model is pretty fierce. Serving up some nice attitude.

  18. shirley

    I can’t believe some of these countries even HAVE an edition of Vogue! I mean, Vogue Ukraine?

  19. Tetra

    Those covers show bad photoshopping is universal.

  20. Squid

    I’m stuck on the socks with heels thing happening lately. Just not understanding.

    A couple of trips through the Moscow airport have me convinced that all magazine covers there require nipples. All.

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      I was scrolling down to see if anyone had mentioned this sock atrocity. And they are possibly the worst type of sock to wear with heels- they are hiking socks!

  21. Sarah

    I’m positive this is a very common pose for front pages, but when I look at Sylvie Meis’s cover, all I can see is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Time cover: http://imgur.com/8FNZIm5

  22. Molly

    Dear Fug Nation!
    Here in Sweden, not everyone agrees with media/ads going more and more towards swenglish, but it’s definitely happening.

    Have you also noticed that us “internationals”, from countries with small languages, unlike anglo/aussie/americans always tend to speak at least one, if not 2-3 foreign languages, and one of those always English? :) :) :)
    Such is life in our unfortunate countries where you don’t even get university textbooks translated, since your language is too small. Forced to get more educated than you actually want to!

    • Rachael

      I doubt it will assuage your annoyance at all, but in hindsight, I very much wish that I had been forced as a child to learn 2 extra languages. It’s so much easier when your brain isn’t all adult-stupid.

  23. Violet

    11 issues and not one woman of colour on any of the covers, eh? Racism: it never goes out of fashion.

    • clumsy dragon

      I’m not sure she falls into the POC bracket, but the woman on the Indian Vogue cover is, indeed, Indian.

  24. Jennifer

    That’s some aggressive Photoshopping there on the China covergirl’s arms.

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