Fug and Fab the Blue

Apparently, Perez Hilton’s birthday party theme this year was called the Blue Ball, which… cue the dad from A Christmas Story, and we’ll leave it at that. But it’s always fun to see which people take themes to crazy extremes — you’ll recall Leona Lewis wore a mask last year to this same bash; this year it’s Selena Gomez – and which just come for the booze and trot out a regular old dress (ahem, Raven Symone).

Fug Madness 2009 winner Aubrey O’Day is back in resplendent wacktacular form here, with her poofy skirt and neck sleeves and sparkly tube top that may or may not be velvet. Something about the way her necklace hangs there keeps giving me the optical illusion that her top is a bra that has shifted 90 degrees to the side, just like all the hideously uncomfortable and ineffective strapless bras I’ve ever owned. And let’s not forget the piece of skirt lining that’s sneaking up over the high waistline. It’s like Limited Too Goes To The Prom In 1996, crowned with a Chico’s throw. Oh, girl. You epitomize the idea that simply putting on clothes does not an outfit make; sometimes that just ends up with you wearing your Goodwill pile.

[Photos: FlynetOnline.com]

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  1. Kate

    Selena Gomez did go over the top, but I think she looks kind of adorable and the whimsy of her outfit is very age appropriate. Compared to the other ladies in attendance, she totally wins. (Well, except maybe Dita Von Teese. I love her, too.) I mean, come on. Raven looks like this is her fifth party of the night with Free Bar.

  2. Chrissy Cunningham

    you gotta give it up for little Slena Gomez, that’s dedication!! I’d be proud of that

  3. Natalie

    I’m going to say it: I think Selena looks adorable. And I’m not a fan of hers, or anything. It’s just over-the-top enough to be a ton of fun.

  4. AMS

    Agree with Natalie – that is the cutest thing I’ve seen all week. I love commitment to a fancy-dress theme, and she has it! Aubrey, on the other hand, is beyond help. When I see her I always think of what sportswriter Joan Ryan wrote about Tonya Harding back in the day: “Harding’s unforgivable sin in the skating community was not that she had no class or taste but that she refused to allow anybody to give her some.”

  5. geemee

    Aubrey really really really REALLY needs friends who are not afraid to tell her she looks cracked out. I can’t even get past her to look at the others.

  6. Mary

    I agree: Blueberry Pop Tart looks totally adorable, and I’m totally stealing her entire look for next Halloween.

  7. Jeanie

    Selena is like Elle Woods, when she shows up at Vivian’s party in a bunny costume!

  8. Cat

    It may be over the top, but I actually think Selena looks adorable. I wish I had an excuse to pull something like that off.

  9. Rayna

    Dita von Teese – LOVE. I KNOW!!!

    Blueberry Pop Tart is adorably committed, and pulls it off well. And, as “tarted up” as she is in her costume, is still decent and tasteful as opposed to SOME OTHERS WE COULD MENTION, cough, cough.

    Oh, there’s just too many. You know who you are. Check the last few rounds of Fug Madness.

  10. Andrew S.

    I think Selena looks adorable but should’ve kept the face more natural and lost the hat. It would’ve balanced out perfectly.

    She’s already the best dressed as far a whimsy & theme are concerned, though, so she gets a pass.

    Also: Nina Dobrev would’ve looked just fine if it had been a one piece.

  11. Candy

    I also love that Selena went all out. I mean, its a PARTY, right? Have fun, for pete’s sake.

  12. lala

    I agree. Selena looks adorable! Everyone else, not so much.

  13. Mongerel

    *chuckle* That is NOT Nina Dobrev!

  14. Lisa

    Yep, I’m in with the bunch…Selena looks adorable! If you’re going to go to a costume party, pull out all the stops, girl! :)

  15. Willow

    My eyes are broken from just looking at Aubrey, has she deliberatly mutilated that librarian’s shrug?

  16. Willow

    Oh Christ. Just got to Selena Gomez, its rather adorable but still I don’t even Perez Hilton went that far out.

  17. I.K.

    Go Selena!

  18. Anne B

    Tarts and Vicars party! SMRF!

    Stop. STOP. I’m doing the tent thing Stefon does over my face with my fingers, and it’s not working. I’m still busting up over here.

    Fug Girls, I love you.

  19. Joni Woodhead

    its too bad that all the people didn’t get as into it as Selensa did … that would have been way more fun. Not just for fugging but i mean as a party it would be more fun. I thought she looked super cute

  20. vandalfan

    Every one of these outfits is wrong it its own, singularly fug way. Some seem to be going bowling, others to a gig at Ceasar’s. Dita’s only crime was being there.

  21. LoriK

    OK, so in addition to the total whackitude of Aubrey O’Day’s outfit some flesh toned something or other is sticking up out of the top of waistband of the skirt (my left, O’Day’s right) . WTH is that? The skirt’s lining? The top of Aubrey’s granny panties? What?

  22. Deadlyjelly

    Oops that comment was aimed at Dita von Teese

  23. Deadlyjelly

    . . . wherever it went. Which was: I think her dress is fully outstanding, mitchelin man arms and all, and I dig the way her skirt looks like it’s dripping on the carpet

  24. Chasmosaur

    On Raven Symone – she says she’s purposefully wearing over-sized clothes, because she feels that there’s too much attention being paid to her simply because of her weight loss.


  25. Jen

    Selena was adorable and Dita was gorgeous. That dress, fit and color, was beautiful on her.

  26. jnadreau

    It must be all the cold medicine I’ve taken today, but Selena “Blueberry Poptart Vegas Showgirl” Gomez looks really, really cute. Love the blue lipstick & arm glitter. I might even like Aubrey’s skirt just a little, except maybe on a younger girl, and with a different top. Hate the white shoes.

  27. Heidi

    Selena looks awesome! She’s full on in costume without looking cray-cray.
    It makes a dress up party so much more fun when you go all out
    Dita just looks beautiful!
    Everyone else could have/should have done better!

  28. Sajorina

    I hate Perez Hilton and I hate themed parties!!! Anyway, I love Dita VT’s outfit so much… I want it! Raven looks like a Hot Mess! Aubrey is just being her kooky self! Selena’s look is so over the top, she looks ridiculous! Katherina looked surprisingly normal! Eliza looks cute! And, I would totally go for a fun night out at SMRF!

  29. yeahandalso

    I was REALLY disappointed when I googled Victoria Justice and found out she was a real person, I was hoping Nina Dobrev had taken up crime fighting.

    That is not so Raven indeed!… Funny you mentioned Lohah, ne LINDSAY (no last name), because when i saw it I thought she looked like a black LINDSAY (no last name) did she loose a bunch of weight only in her face and neck? Her body still looks normal but her face looks gaunt and her lips looks like they were plumped up, not to mention the messy extensions/weave or whatever.

  30. AJ

    Selena looks FAB, and I love a girl who isn’t afraid to commit to a theme! I hope she comes to *my* next party and shows my friends how it’s done!

  31. Nyx

    I agree that Selena looks adorable; she’s young and pretty enough to pull it off. Though if she’d just gone with the dress alone it would’ve been stunning on its own.

  32. Mahastee

    I would go so far as to say that Selena is the fabbest of them all, so cute!

    Dita looks great, but she also looks just like DITA, so ZZzzzzzzzzzzz…….. Is this why we hardly ever see her on GFY anymore?

  33. Kate

    I LOVE theme parties! And I LOVE it when people actually commit to the theme. Everyone except for Selena looks boring. She looks totally adorable (except I find the shoes not quite right, but whatever).

    And Dita – seriously, as the lovely Fug Girls have mentioned before, her look is SO aging now that she’s a bit older. She looks like she’s a smokin hot 55 year old. Bleh. And that dress is kind of boring honestly. Needs a different cut on top, and it could be very fun.

    As for Raven… 1) Boring. 2) My goodness, that HAIR! 3) What heppened to her legs? 4) Try to work up some sort of happy smile? Maybe that weight loss was a bit too much because it looks like she can barely hold her head up.

    Everybody else, weird or boring.

  34. cammie

    totes. Selena is positively adorable and the rest of the girls should go bury their heads in the sand for not playing dress up.