Fug and Fab the Accessories

Otherwise known as SHOE FRIDAY.

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  1. Mongerel

    3 things:

    1. The McQueen skull shoes get the Mongerel Gold Medal. You can tell a design is successful when you can switch colors and they still look fantastic.

    2. Nina Dobrev even has gorgeous feet. I just…caught my breath at that slide.

    3. Love Shoe Friday. Thanks for another great week, Fug Girls!

  2. Gine

    As someone with very small feet and narrow heels, I feel Lea’s pain. It’s really, really hard to find a pair of heels that don’t make me feel like an unsteady toddler.

  3. Lynne

    Me too Gine. But I don’t know that I’d ever wear a pair of shoes with that much room at the heel. I don’t get how she walks in them? Wouldn’t you have to keep stopping on the red carpet to pick up the shoe you just walked right out of?

    I like the blue and black Wicked Witch booties but maybe not with a skirt which is what i assume she’s wearing? I would think they’d give a person the appearance of stumpy legs.

    • Gine

      I know what happens to me a lot is that they seem to fit fine when you first put them on, but then when you walk out the door, your foot starts sliding down and you have to cling with your toes for dear life to keep them on. It is kind of amazing that more starlets don’t lose shoes on the red carpet.

      • pantsonfire

        Ugg. This (small feet, very narrow heels) is my problem as well, compounded by the fact that my left foot is a tad smaller (just a tad, mind you) than my right. So, if magically I find a pair of shoes that fits my right foot, the left is too loose and I gad about town clomp clack clomp clack and so forth until I develop an oh-so-attractive slide drag shuffling step to keep my left shoe on. And this is why I’ve evolved to wearing mostly flats. The end.

        • anny

          @pantsonfire, thanks for the sound effects and visuals. They made all the difference.

          [still giggling]

        • Guerra

          I also have this problem tiny feet & very narrow almost impossible to find heels to fit sometimes they just have to be a little gappy at the back or nothing!!

  4. Stefanie

    No one will want to kidnap Maggie Grace with those disgusting things on her feet.

  5. Lindy

    Sheesh, but that’s a whole lot of ugly in that slide show. Nina D,’s shoes are cute as are the McQueens, but come on? Vanessa Marano’s? Why on earth would you put that on your feet? Hideous!!!

    And why do Maggie Grace’s shoes look so dusty?

  6. Siobhán

    Leighton Meester’s look so painful, her feet are bent at an angle that just has to hurt. Why are some women such masochists for a pair of ugly shoes?

  7. Mahastee

    The thing about these slideshows is that I always forget my notes when I come to write the essay at the end (much like high school). So I’ll just go with three thoughts;

    1. Ankle straps need to go away forever.
    2. Nina’s shoes are indeed gorgeous.
    3. My heart goes pitter patter for those red Mary Janes at the end. I have forgotten who was wearing them, only that they didn’t fit her, so she should send them to me!

  8. pantsonfire

    I like those sparkly things in slide 8. What are those called anyway? Booties? They’re not very boot-like. I think I’ve seen them called shooties here? Whatever. I actually would love to have those, sans strap. And I don’t think I’ve ever liked a pair of those shootie things before, except when Charlize Theron is wearing them, which she does all the time and looks fabulous because omg legs.

  9. Claire

    Wait, what’s wrong with Bella Thorne’s shoes in slide 5? Aren’t they kind of like the lovers on Dobrev? And why are the awful hooves on slide 8 better on her? I mean, I’m not in loooooove with them… and probably wouldn’t buy them… but I don’t see why they’re so dreadful. The toes aren’t smooshed, like in a lot of those clear ones? Enlighten me!!!

    • Katty McNiley Ripley

      The problem is that they’re clear plastic…and you can see her toes jammed in there…but they’re Louboutin’s for sure! I like the mules better, but lose the black strap.

      Some trully hideous (and unconfortable) shoes there:

      1) Katie Kassidy Mules (and her feet look like it could need a lotion or something, and the tan line is weird)
      2) Hayden’s Vegas-Hooker-Shoes (they’re TAAALLL)
      3) Vanessa Marano (needs to learn that corsets go on the waist, not the ankles!)

      • GFY Heather

        Yeah ,my issue is that I HATE HATE HATE plastic shoes.

        • Amberoni13

          BUT the girl is 14. Really. 14. And her body of work is impressive, not just for her age but especially for a Disney actress on a dancing show. While the shoes would be a little silly for, oh, anyone out of high school age, I think they are adorable for a young girl dressing up and acting as a dancer on TV. I would have killed to own those shoes at her age. Perspective, my pretties.

  10. Chrissy

    So tired of platform heels. Most of these are ugly.

    • Sarah

      Yes! So tired of everyone wearing shoes that make their feet look like hooves.

  11. Willow

    Lisa Kudrow’s heels are so deliciously Phoebe Buffay, it makes me a bit sad :’(

    But yes they would look so cute as simple flats.

  12. Kris

    Forgive me for totally loving the leopard, snake Vegas shoes.

    • Kellybean

      I’m with you. Call me tacky but I love almost anything leopard print. I don’t wear much of it but I am soooo attracted to it.

  13. Vodka Gimlet

    I love, love, love the shoes that Bella Thorne is wearing in number 8. I want those. Sparkley shooties. What’s not to love? I also don’t hate Whitney Port’s shoes in the the first photo. I like the color…

    • pantsonfire

      I know. I am a sucker for ANYTHING in that color. Though I can’t get on board with those exact shoes, I would buy them in a normal pump or a flat for sure.

  14. Beth

    Yay for the Brewster’s Millions shout-out! I LOVE that movie!

  15. marcia

    If you have a very narrow heel, but the front of your foot isn’t narrow, then you can’t wear plain ballet flats or pumps very well without walking right out of them all the time. It happens to me constantly, even with those Dr. Scholl’s heel-slide rubber things. I HAVE to have a Mary Jane or ankle strap or something, just to keep my shoes on. Anyhoodle, I love Lisa Kudrow’s because then the ankle strap would keep them on, so I wasn’t slopping all around.

    • Spider

      I have the very same problem. So many adorable shoes are completely unwearable for me. :(

      • Kellybean

        Me too! All my shoes have those heel things in them and yet I still fall out of my shoes. I love shoes with ankle straps for that reason.

        I love Lisa Kudrow’s shoes and also Olivia Munn’s shoes. Both are gorgeous.

        • Emilie Finch

          Olivia Munn’s shoes are Sole Society’s Viola. You can get them for around $50 at Solesociety.com

  16. Billie

    Bella Thorne – love both pairs. I am decidedly NOT a fan of Louboutin’s plastic fetish these days, but this pair is an exception. They are just so delicate and pretty.

    Also need Dobrev’s pair in my closet, stat.

  17. vandalfan

    A bad fit can make even the most delightful shoe look ugly, as can an untended sore, or lack of pedicure. It’s too bad you don’t like clear plastic shoes, H, because these to me look just beautiful and I’d wear them anywhere. I understand the squishy, sweaty issue, however. Chacun a son gout, no?

  18. CJG

    Nina’s shoes are gorgeous, but I’m a sucker for embroidery so Lisa Kudrow wins it by a hair for me.

    • Jeanette

      CJG I totally agree.

      But the rest of the shoes (and indeed the feet painfully squashed inside of those platforms) are ugly.

  19. Maria

    Perhaps it’s because I have a 12 year old daughter, but…..at 14 years old, aren’t BOTH pairs of shoes a bit mature for Bella Thorne?

    The only pair I would wear are the Nina Dobrov ones, just lovey. All the rest, I wouldn’t buy em for $20, never mind hundreds or thousands.

    I also can not believe how high those heels are…do you all wear heels that high n real life?

  20. Cynthia W

    This is embarrassing, but I’m going to admit it anyway – I totally love Whitney Ports minty, captoed monstrosities and would happily wear them with jeans.

  21. Squirrel!

    Favorites are Lisa Kudrow’s, minus the ankle straps. I want those in my closet.

  22. Jeanette

    Interesting to see which pale starlets have resisted going the orange and white leather-footed route. Nice to see Vanessa and Hayden with natural skin colour. yay girls

  23. MaryAnne

    The “so blue” shoes in slide 11 (can’t remember the person) look like they have a frowny face – can’t decide if it’s an alien or a Hawaii tiki god, but they are looking at something they don’t like.

  24. Kenneth Conway

    If this were foreignpolicy.com, this would be a gallery of the world’s vilest if most obscure war criminals. Who are these ladies anyway? And why are you torturing your readers with their hideous footwear? That should be a war crime.

  25. Ms. A.

    None of those shoes were fab!

  26. Stephanie

    I have relatively short – but very wide at the front – feet, which I suspect is Lea Michelle’s problem. In order for the toe part to not be squishing horribly, and to accommodate the width up front, you often have to go up a size, and find the length is then far too long.

    And sad to say, it seems to be a nearly universal problem for everything from ballet flats to the highest heels. And don’t get me started on strappy flat sandals. If they fit me from toe to heel, I have about an inch of foot hanging off either side. Sadness.

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  28. MG

    As much as I love the shoes, the thing I focused on most in this post was all the blisters and cuts you can see on their feet and ankles. Since they never get to wear the same pair of shoes several times they never get to break any in, so it must be torture walking around in borrowed and brand new shoes every time you go anywhere. Yowch.

    That said, Nina, I will fight you for those shoes. And your body. And your face. And your hair. And your boyfriend.

  29. Lily1214

    The turquoise/silver shoes look like they hurt.

  30. Vogue World

    Everything but the shoes. Such a gorgeous color!