Fug and Fab the Accessories

My gift to you: procrastinatory slideshows of things most of us aren’t getting this holiday season. It’s almost Friday. STAY STRONG.

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  1. Aria

    I like Fergie’s shoes, and Rashida’s the best. Stacy Keibler’s look okay in isolation but not sure about what you wear with those. And I like J-Biel’s square bracelets.

  2. Kit

    I like the t-straps, the semi-transparents, the square bangles and the yellow pumps.

    Away with the rest of it!

  3. Chicklet

    Dear Sweet Baby Jesus Who’s About to Be Born in a Manger This Sunday, when will these hoof-shoes go away? No woman deserves to look like she’s a secret centaur.

  4. Dominique

    I covet those yellow pumps something fierce.

  5. Jilly

    Love, love, love Keibler’s shoes. I’d wear them with a black pencil skirt and whatever something in a solid colour on top. Glorious! I like Rashida Jones’ shoes as well. Kind of hate Fergie’s but that may be mostly due to the fit, or lack thereof.

  6. Patroushka

    Sick of platforms — according to Fashion Police, they’re on the way out.

  7. Gigi

    I didn’t realize Khloe had that great a sense of humor! She better hope to not run into Gaga in a dark alley one night…

  8. Kristen from MA

    I love the Union Jack clutch!

  9. Sandra

    This slide show points up the difference in our respective frames of reference, dear GFY Heather. Being the sort of girl who knows for a fact that that is clothesline and not baling twine** on Sophia Bush’s wrist also makes me shake my head in confusion at Fergie’s shoes being considered “sensible”. Out here in the boonies, sensible shoe have treads and no heels. I do loving coming here to play, though. :)

    **Baling twine is made of sisal or a synthetic material in order to have the tensile strength need for the job. That stuff looks to be cotton and would ravel like hell going through the baler.

    • Anne B

      That’s CLOTHESLINE? Like, what I used to hang my siblings’ laundry on, out in our Southern California backyard?

      Daaaannnng. These Millennials, they’ll tie anything (and a lot of it!) around their wrists.

      • vandalfan

        Yes, bailing twine, invariable orange and plastic, really really hurts your palms when you have to grab and pull it. Umm, so I’m told. The white wristal augmentation looks like yarn to me.

      • Miranda

        (Replying to vandalfan, Reply link not showing up for some reason) It DOES hurt. All those haybales I carried uphill at the crack of dawn and then pulled apart took a TOLL on my hands. (Or, they did when I was nine. You get calluses.)

        PS Heather, my understanding is you do not corral hay. You corral horses and other animals, a corral being a fenced enclosure. SORRY TO NITPICK CAN’T HELP IT. (If there’s another use of the word I don’t happen to know about, sorry, my bad, carry on.)

    • Sylvia

      Sandra, I think she meant that the shoes in the slideshow are the kind she normally wears – not sensible – and the vegetable eating, tax doing shoes were some other pair, not shown here. I

  10. Anne B

    I need to talk about Kiera Smith’s little Union Jack clutch.

    I was at a benefit for a local education nonprofit, about two months ago, when I saw one of the founders’ wives carrying this. (She’s English; it also set off her red dress and black Louboutins perfectly.) I instantly became obsessed with it.

    I Googled it the next day, and discovered that it’s (1) a McQueen and (2) about $3600 to four grand, when you can find it. Which was just, you know, a very I-am-the-99-percent-y moment for me.

    But I still love that thing, and want it soooooo bad, and I’m thrilled to see it here. Xoxoxo, Heather!

  11. Wordphreak

    None of those feet look happy. (And it’s baling wire, not string.)

    • Sandra

      Some balers use wire, some use twine. I’ve fed enough cows to know.

  12. Claire L

    I SEW want Kloe’s shoes! Really! I was a rag doll for Halloween and all I needed were those shoes!! I didn’t know it till now.

  13. Rowynn

    Yeah, I didn’t see anything particularly sensible about Fergie’s shoes, either. They did look better than some I’ve seen her wear, but sensible, not so much. Often I think her shoe problem is related to the fact that she doesn’t choose shoes that fit the shape of her foot.. they may fit the SIZE of her foot, but her little toe always hangs out, and that’s because the shoes don’t fit the shape of her feet, which I’m guessing are rather wide and square-ish.

  14. Tara Misu

    I love the square bangles, Fergies shoes and the clutch… but OMG $4k??? Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  15. Rachel

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  16. An Onymous

    Ok, I just remembered why I don’t come here so often anymore. Fug Girls hate Night Walks and Jeffrey Campbell… well, and everything unique by that matter, but anyway… hohum.

  17. Sajorina

    Dear Santa:

    I’d like Stacy Kiebler’s shoes in every color in an 8½ size! This is my only Christmas wish… Oh, and world peace!



  18. Lauren

    I agree with you almost entirely apart from the fact that I love Paris’ glittery J-C Litas. GORGEOUS.

  19. luxsword

    Most of those shoes must cost millions and yet none of them seem to fit or be remotely comfortable. Thoese shoemakers must hate women and woemn who buy/wear thoses need help. Seriously.

  20. Alison

    Mmmmm. Having a problem with Paris’ choice of footwear. For a girl with-not-the-smallest-feet-in-the-world, these silver monsters are not good. She looks like a reject from a 70′s glam rock band!

  21. CJ

    The only shoe I really liked was Stacy Kiebler’s shoes …I would prefer it without the metal cockroach killer attachment and more subtle nail polish, but they are positively yummy.

  22. jessica

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  24. Carol

    If Khloe K is wearing those shoes and stockings, I am grateful you didn’t scroll up and show us the rest of the tragedy … as for Paris, if silver sequins could look grandmotherly, they certainly are in those horrible shoes …

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