Fug and Fab the Accessories

Sing this to the tune of that Target “SHAUN WHITE HOODIES AND DENIM” ad. Are you ready? Okay: “SHOOOOOES. BOOTIES PUMPS HIGH HEELS AND ONE PURSE.”

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Comments (26):

  1. Diana

    I can’t get over the fact that the Prime Minister’s wife appears to have a tat.

    • Dazie

      I KNOW! I was going to comment on that. Good for her.

      I also kind of love the first pair of shoes. I’d wear them. Somewhere.

  2. Beth

    Serena’s shoes are so shiny, she’s gonna upskirt herself.

  3. Lindy

    Oh, no, is “man feet” a thing?! I have size 11 feet and you’ve got me worried!

    • Dyanna

      I have size 11 feet AND they’re wide. I know I have man feet. And also that I’d never be able to wear any of these shoes.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    Gwen Stefani’s shoes make me sick with jealousy.

  5. EileenOh

    In Tali Lennox’s photo is looks as though she is wearing a black shoe under the striped shroud, so. . . shoe cozies?

    • Infoqueen

      I think they look more like cute little purses that she stuffed her feet into, just to see if they’d fit.
      But I like the idea of shoe cozies…

  6. na

    My feet are aching just looking at these shoes. Come on ladies, we don’t need to do this to ourselves! Think of the pinky toe! It’s our most important appendage!


  7. Susan

    I love F Jones’s shoes. They look actually wearable.

  8. pinkcheese

    Serena totally needs to take care of her feet, but I am in awe of her wearing the hell out of shiny shoes that do nothing to obscure what are (I’m assuming) her various surgery scars. I can’t think of any other actrees/star/quasi-famous person who’d be willing to do that. As someone with a multitude of scars I’m always trying to hide, she’s an inspiration.

  9. Noire

    One of my biggest shoe related pet peeves is dark tights with light shoes. I’m looking at you Selma Blair. Absolutely horrid.

    • Amber

      YES. Also, tights/socks/pantyhose with open toed shoes. Selma’s are peep toe, but still. NO.

  10. Susannah

    The Prime Minister of Britain’s wife has a tat and is wearing wicked red f***-me pumps. What the Hell is the world coming to?

  11. wordphreak

    It’a frustrating to me that there’s no info on the first photo in these things. What are those things? Whose are they?

  12. domilyn

    Those McQueen’s are so f****ed up, and this is coming from a woman who’s no stranger to ‘uncomfortable’ footwear. I’ve been known to say, “yeah, my feet hurt, but I look damn good in these shoes!” — but those things are just… wrong.

  13. ChristopherD

    The first pair a simply ridiculous, and seen not to understand the basic ideas behind women’s shoes and foot anatomy. They should therefore only be worn with Stella McCartney’s clothes…

    Nicky M… I’m pretty sure that having your ankle bones in front of your toes is a bad idea.

    • ChristopherD

      (God I can’t spell, that’s “are ridiculous” not “a …” and seem not seen, sigh)

  14. jenny

    $50 is as high as I’ll go for foot cats. Tops.

  15. Fuh Ugh

    Whitney Port’s are nude pumps that I can finally support. Also, let’s morph Selma Blair’s and Berenice Bejo’s shoes into one pair of sparkly pewter shoes with appropriately peeped toes (Selma’s) and unhoofified uppers, open over the arch (Berenice’s). Then, let’s NOT wear them over tights. As for the gratuitous purse shout out – screw the purse. I want that bracelet!

  16. lc

    Ugly, ugly shoes. I don’t care if that’s the style, thank god there are still other designers out there that care about comfort and design.

  17. mlb

    All these are spectacularly fugly except the very plain black ones with the gold heel, and Gwen Stefani’s lurid purple leg-breakers have a certain something. I’m shocked at Mrs Cameron. Tats and hooker shoes. No class at all!

  18. jean

    Something is wrong with me, but I loved Selma’s shiny shoes with the black vanishing heels. I thought they were shiny! I’m a magpie.

  19. marie

    i just dont get it why people always classify red shoes as hooker shoes.. hers are esp divine and i would wear them everyday, everywhere..