Fug AND Fab: Mischa Barton

It starts off well enough with her head…

… and then things get really hinky for a second there with that bodice, which looks like it was from a bin of leotards that failed quality-control tests. And then she ends in grand style with a great skirt in a lovely color. It’s like an episode of Gossip Girl: promising at the start, a bunch of stuff in the middle that flarghs around and repeats itself and takes us nowhere, and then a bang ending that you hope is setting up exciting things next time. Here’s hoping Mischa aces “next time” more than GG has been.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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Comments (31):

  1. Erin

    A bra would probably have saved this. The weird pancake boob slump going on is just…weird.

  2. Erin

    I actually love this…and look at that guy in the back saying “Heyyyyy girl!”

    I know it’s a bit wonky in the boobs, but the fab skirt/color and her face/hair/belt totally make up for it. Go Mischa!

  3. mue

    It’s everything a garment should be if you’re going to walk around as a work of art.

  4. Sandra

    That wonkus bodice isn’t doing her any favors but the belt and the skirt are to die for.

    • Art Eclectic

      Seconded. What a different top and appropriate support garments could have done…sigh.

  5. Roosje

    Imagine if it had all been purple (keeping the black belt though) … it would have been stunning then

  6. Helen

    That beautiful, beautiful skirt deserves a better top half.

    I’m not sure about the belt with it, either. It’s a great belt, but too heavy for the skirt’s flowing, floaty fabric, in my view. I think it would be smashing over a coatdress.

  7. Cat

    Despite the wonky bodice, I love this and would steal it from her (especially the belt/skirt) in a hot minute if I could.

  8. Shel in SoCal

    I think it could have been Saved by the Bra…

  9. Ranee Singleton

    A clear case of Boobs Akimbo.

    • Vandalfan

      I thought of it as Wonkus Knockers.

      The belt should be several ropes of gold and silver and pewter chain in various sizes of links. The black satin top should be tailored to fit her actual upper body.

  10. elp

    I think this is the best I’ve seen her look in a long, long time, but I do agree with the commenters calling for a bra.

  11. Bella

    Yeah, a better bra, but I like this. The skirt is gorgeous.

  12. giggleswick

    These are the items in my closet that individually are fantastic, but never seem to work as part of an outfit…those items that I fall in love with and purchase thinking I’ll figure something out at home, but they go with nothing else. So very close, but not quite.

    Mischa herself looks lovely and statuesque, but, yes, a bra would be helpful. Boobs should not appear under darts as if they’re making their way under a limbo pole.

  13. Lisa

    I just love the word flargh. And the skirt is pretty too. But not the boob region.

  14. Steph

    SOCLOSE! Fix the chest area, and that is a GORGEOUS look on her. She looks eleventeen feet tall.

  15. Janiekettles

    Swishy! And, the Knockers Landslide apart, very pretty. But is she shilling for car manufacturers now?? Shame….

  16. Jennifer

    She looks beautiful.

  17. MaryAnn

    Who knew she had such a great figure? Love the belt and skirt. And she looks confident as well.

    Could a better bra save the top, or is it that that neckline does no favors to women with plenty of breasts? I love a boatneck, but it doesn’t work on me, makes the girls look too low. Would a V-neck, square neck, or wrap-around top work better here?

  18. witjunkie

    What everyone said re: hoisting the girls, but just looking at her, overall, I think she looks lovely.

  19. saraq

    Aside from the slumpy looking chest area- I think she looks looooooooovely!!!

  20. flergh

    Her face here looks so much like Stana Katic from “Castle”, it’s kinda bonkers. Someone cast those two as sisters in something, stat!

  21. Diva

    I think the leather belt adds a bit of an edge but the blouse’s neckline doesn’t work and the blouse should have been a lighter fabric to offset the heaviness of the belt. Mischa needs better undergarments as well. The girls need help. However, this is the best she’s looked in a while.