Fug and Fab: Cate Blanchett


You know I love her. But — and you know this is coming…..BUT:

Things I am confused by:

  • ….is that…a scarf?
  • Or is that part of her shirt?
  • If I keep making this face I’m making right now trying to figure this out, will I need Botox sooner?
  • Are her shoes….?????
  • WHY?
  • …spats? Maybe? Or….????????
  • Or is that top like some kind of…poncho scarf cape wrap?
  • differential equations.

At least she made up for it later:

This, I think, is so very cute. It’s a little Casual Expensive 60s Housewife, but that’s one of my very favorite Ensemble Inspirations, after Sexy 70s Mom On a Yacht, and Betty Draper Cocktail Party.  So carry on, Blanchett! (Like you’d listen to me anyway, and thank god for that.)

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  1. Chasmosaur

    For the first – I think it’s a capelet or something.


    This is not BLANCHETT (like SWINTON). It sucks. Especially with those shoes.

    In the words of Reddit: Kill it with fire!

    Second dress is cute, but I would have liked it better if the sleeves weren’t a different fabric.

    • Katie Lynn

      I agree…I think it’s some sort of cropped swing coat or capelet. But there’s that odd bit of paisley-looking fabric, which I will say is a scarf (because if it weren’t for that bit I would LOVE this unreservedly). I don’t like the shoes, but she’s Cate Blanchett. If you see her in person you’re not going to be looking at her shoes.

      • Chasmosaur

        Nope – go to that Daily Mail link I posted. If you see the back of the dress, a pattern is worked into the back with the paisley in a different place. That’s intentional.

        No luck figuring out who designed the monstrosity, but I’m not working too hard on that today ;)

    • Mair Mair

      I’d like the second dress better with NO sleeves.

    • Claire L1

      OK…I feel a bit dirty for saying this….but one must give credit where due…. that woman has a GREAT ass…The front of the thing is horrible….but all she needs to do is turn around and you forget all about it.

  2. Kit

    I was absolutely positive that the “part of her shirt” thing was a bag. “It’s a bag, I said. It has to be a bag!”. And then I clicked on it, and was all – “No, it really is part of her shirt.”

    And the shoes are heinous.

    The second look is totally cute and it’s practically what I’m wearing right now lol. (Same colour of green, same shape, only mine is a silk tone on tone paisely. And I’m wearing it with canary yellow shoes.)

    • Billie

      Until you said this I totally thought that was her bag and she was holding it awkwardly! This changes my tune entirely, because I was going to say, if she changes the shoes she would be golden. Not so anymore!

      • Mary

        totally agree… I thought it was an awkwardly held bag too until you guys said something… How odd…

        I think this whole look is a fail. She usually looks great most of the time so I’ll give her a pass.

  3. AM

    I thought, and I still do even though I know better, that she’s tucked her purse under her arm. I would like the dress, but don’t think there should be random pieces of fabric that no one understands coming from our clothing.

  4. TaraMisu

    That first thing is horrible, and the shoes are fug.
    The second is cute but I agree with Chasmosaur, the sleeves should be the same fabric.

    • Amy

      I like that the sleeves are a different fabric, but wish they were cap sleeves or shorter or more fitted or… something.

  5. glee

    OMG, I just saw her doing Uncle Vanya (the play – get your mind out of the gutter!). Her costumes were amazing – just beautiful clothes, all looking better then whatever she is wearing in the photos above.

  6. bridget

    there’s a great shot of her walking around ny in shorts, jacket, nerdy glasses and cute sneakers. She looks amazing.

  7. Nanea

    Isn’t it great, a dress with its own hanky?

    The shoes though…

  8. SharonCville

    The first look is confusing, but interesting, but the shoe are a big no. The second look I would prefer sleeveless, and DEFINITELY with different shoes. Those just look… uncomfortable. I know, I know– I am NOT the best person to discuss shoes with, given my ankle and knee problems– but when the picture makes you want to limp sympathetically, I think the shoes need to be changed up.

  9. Nicole

    Didn’t Marion Cottilard just wear those shoes? With the partially see through shirt maybe?

  10. Sandra

    The first is unreservedly awful. And if Cate Blanchett’s inherent fabulousity can’t save an outfit, it is by definition un-save-able. Love the second. Am in awe of her face.

  11. Claire L1

    Want the 2nd dress…. I might want it sleeveless…but I wouldn’t turn it down with the sleeves.

    • Claire L1

      Oh…and the first shoes I kind of hate…but I would try them on with jeans…just because it seems that might work…

      The second pair look a size too small

  12. witjunkie

    ScrolllllDoooowwwwnnn FUGG

    The first pic, I’m all, what, it’s OK, not her bestOHDEARGODTHESHOES. Then I find out that paisley thing is not a mini umbrella, and I’m like that chimp that smells his finger and falls over.

  13. Shiitake

    Toe Cleavage!

  14. Daffodil

    I think for me, the difference between the first one being Fug and the second one being Fab is less about the clothing and shoes, but mostly about the hair. She looks so severe with the hair all up and away and off her face. It ages her and only emphasizes her strong features — which is not really the best look with a severe black-and-white ensemble that has a whiff of the crazy. But that second photo, when her hair is down and sweeps across her face — see how that softens everything? MUCH better.

    Think about it — if you put Hair A on Outfit B, would Outfit B still be a Fab or would it be a Fug? And vice versa — Hair B on Outfit A. I’m pretty sure the hair is accounting for about 60% of the verdict here.

  15. Sally

    She looks just like SWINTON in the first pic!

  16. Mahastee

    On first glance, I thought it was cut-outs! So I’m kind of fine with it now.

    The second dress is V cute, but I hate those mumsy shoes.

  17. Sajorina

    Without the extra piece of weird fabric and regular black pumps, plus some sparkly jewelry and more colorful makeup this would’ve been a FAB, but I don’t like it as is… It’s just so not Blanchett! The 2nd outfit is darling and she looks great in it, so FAB! Love her!!!

  18. Jolene

    Yes, we all love Cate. She’s borderline eligible for Fug Madness, though. When she’s good, she’s very, very good but when she’s bad… Oh, sweet fugger of Ke$ha!
    Also, why does she always look like she’s squinting smugly at the horizon? What’s the horizon ever done to her?

  19. Elle

    Ok GFY girls: put down that glass and step away from the bottle. Pooh and pooh on both outfits.

  20. Cristina

    I think she’s one of two people (Dita Von Teese being the other) who can do no sartorial wrong for me, even when the outfit would be full-on wrong on someone else.

  21. Lily1214

    At first, I thought she was Tilda.

  22. Katie

    Will you put together a Pintrest board for “sexy 70s mom on a yacht”? Because I think that needs to be my go-to look.

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