Fug and Fab and more Fug: Models at the Met Ball

Given the Met Ball’s status as the Fashion Oscars — but without the awards, and thus, a sad lack of embarrassing campaigning — there are a ton of models on the guest list, both lesser-known and deeply current and hugely Super. There are also equally as many A-listers in attendance, so to guarantee that none of these fine faces of print and runway get swept under the rug like so many cigarette butts, I’m putting them together as a handy illustration that perhaps being super tall gives a girl the kind of altitude sickness that can seriously affect her judgment.

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  1. Jeanie

    Iman’s Jumpsuit of Yes…..hahahhaha awesome!

    Not so awesome, the picture of Crystal Renn :*(

  2. lori

    What is going on with Iman’s heiny in the last picture? Is that camera glare, red undies, or evil red bum cheek eyes to allow the Jumpsuit of Yes to know all, see all, from all directions?

  3. Elise

    OMG lori, I was just thinking the exact same thing about Iman’s sparkly heiny! So bizarre!

  4. M.Amanda

    Iman is a goddess. I did not notice the red until I read lori’s and Elise’s comments, but it looks like the carpet reflecting on her shiny tushie. (I’m giggling now. I can’t believe I just typed that.)

  5. Sajorina

    OMG, Heather, only you would compare a dress to a music festival! Heh, heh! Oh, I had to google Crystal Renn and the change is amazing and alarming! Also amazing and alarming… the fact that “google” is now used as a verb!

    There was a lot of FUG, but I loved the little gem that is Bar Rafaelli’s super awesome shiny dress!!! WANT IT!

  6. Geemee

    I think my fave was Brooklyn Decker. But what I *really* want to know: Who shed all over the red carpet? Because you know those streamer things came from someone’s dress. Naomi?

  7. Evalyn

    That woman with the cork shoes managed to get in more than one picture! Go Cork Shoes.

  8. Liz

    I love the Voldemort eating carbs comment!

  9. Mary

    So being a super model clearly is no more a guarantee of good taste than being rich. Chanel Iman (who I’d never heard of before) is very pretty, and I quite like her dress. Even if she looks like she’s about 12.

  10. Lynne

    Okay, except the thing about Brooklyn Decker is, yes she’s beautiful but her stylist (assuming she has one) is making her look like she’s 35 years old. She’s not. She’s in her early 20s. And in that photo she looks like a very fashionable soccer mom.

    Love Bar Rafaeli’s dress, especially with the turquoise earrings.

  11. I.K.

    Voldemort references <3
    That is all!

  12. Jennie-Suz

    Can we take a moment and talk about what the woman standing with Anouk Lepere in slide 20 is wearing? It’s loud LOUD, appears to be either PANTS or, worse yet, A JUMPSUIT IN IT’S OWN RIGHT, and GATHERS AT HER ANKLES WITH TINY DRAWSTRINGS.

  13. Gracie

    I actually think Miranda Kerr’s dress looks adorable on her (it’s etter looking in a face-front angle). It’s a little funky (appropriate for Met ball) but also fits her well. She kept her makeup simple and looks radiant.

  14. Rayna

    #5 photo – Kind Touch shout out – LOL!

    And does anyone else notice how in #1, s

  15. Rayna


    In #1, someone is kindly touching Kiki’s back, and maybe steering her away???

  16. Dove

    My thoughts are:
    Crystal Renn – stop making that face. We can see you’re skinny now without you baring your teeth. (she SO so pretty though)
    Jessica Stam – looks like she’s doing a very good Dakota Fanning impersonation
    Carline Trentini – the color means all of the lovely detail is really washed out, as is her skin.
    Anouk Leper – I don’t know if it’s the dress, or her body, or both, but it looks like a crazy cut and paste job I did when I was 11. Head/shoulders/waist/legs look WRONG together.

  17. Dove

    hmmm, boldface fail…

  18. CJ

    First thought: Iman is Pure Awesomeness! Second thought: wow, with genetics on their side and pretty much their pick of anything they’d like to wear, these models had some pretty awful choices in clothing, color choice AND makeup. Out of 23 models, it’s hard to believe there wasn’t much that I made me think, “Wow, I want that!” Karlie Kloss had on too much makeup in my opinion, but I really liked her dress and her shorter hair. She looked like a walking Ralph Lauren ad. Karen Elson’s dress WAS in fact rotting — she mentioned in an interview that it was from the McQueen archives and was falling apart. (Kind of weird to tribute a great designer with a rotting dress.) And the picture of Crystal Renn made me sad. I realize everyone’s weight can fluctuate, but I thought she looked gorgeous on the cover of her book and I really applauded her for championing…well not really the “plus” cause, but the movement to just look normal and healthy. Meanwhile, she looks like she is half the person she was just a year ago. Personally, I don’t think she looks good and I’m hoping the photographer caught her in an odd moment because walking around with your mouth open like that looks ridiculous.

  19. Jennie-Suz

    @Dove – I had one too. I only meant one word to be bolded in my comment.

  20. Maria

    Chanel Imam is so skinny the picture looks like it’s been vertically stretched in photoshop.

  21. Miz H

    Brooklyn Decker + Pepto Bismol = ow my eyes.

  22. anonymoose

    had to bail on the gallery b/c the banner ad up top kept unfolding and folding as i browsed.
    no good at all! please stop the invasive ad madness! no amount of patience or persistance will make me buy whatever they’re selling.

  23. Jessica

    If you close the ad at the top, it will CLOSE FOREVER.

  24. Hannah

    You guys, those are WHITE, LACE, PANTS under Karolina Kurkova’s Voldemort dress. I repeat, that is NOT a skirt, that is WHITE LACE PANTS. I am overwhelmed with the fuggery.

  25. Rosa

    Miranda Kerr is a little precious, but I want her shoes! And her Orlando Bloom.

    And don’t forget the proudly, almost lasciviously, curvy Xtina!

  26. vandalfan

    Kurkova really has me going. WHAT is on her feet? Stockings? Leggings? And why does her mouth look positively black?

  27. Katy

    i totally love Kerr´s shoes…………..
    and what happend with Renn´s plus size fuss!!!!!!!!

  28. anonymoose

    jessica, hip hip fugray! thx for the tip on closing the bossy ad. i was afraid to touch it, but your tip put it out of my misery.

  29. Teleute

    Aaaaaaaaack, Crystal Renn! So sad :(

  30. Liane

    LOL @ selling it like it’s the last maxi-pad at summer camp. Iman is a treasure.

  31. Softwear

    Brooklyn Decker is the winner here hands down. I don’t know who she is, but she looks fab. Bar close second. Props to Anouck for finding shoes that “go” but don’t match. And who is she standing next to, Cheri O’Teri?

  32. Chris

    …don’t hurt me, but Iman kind of looks like RuPaul.

    (Who, incidentally, could ALSO rock a copper sequined jumpsuit.)

  33. witjunkie

    I was going to say Shalom’s dress was magnificent, but then you used that word two slides over to describe Iman’s jumpsuit, so…maybe I’ll say sublime. I don’t even mind the sheer legs, and I hate this sheer nonsense; on her it seems like her little friends the spiders spun her a web to help finish the dress because the butterflies were tired. >sigh<

  34. Anita

    Why does nearly everyone at this event look like they’ve gone stark raving mad and got dressed at Miss Haversham’s Crazy Lady Emporium?

  35. The Other Katherine

    I sincerely, unironically love Shalom Harlow’s outfit.

    Crystal Renn looks unwell. Like, needs-rehab-before-ending-up-like-Karen-Carpenter unwell. I hope someone is looking out for her.

  36. Bambi Anne Dear

    Naomi Campbell- WFT?
    Iman- pants? But gorgeous pants.
    Carolyn Murphy- ditch the dress and for your crimes against fashion, hand over that man to me.
    Natalia Vodianova- she’s 29? She makes Valentino look like a 129 year old orange.
    Joan Small- her name is Joan Small?
    Karolina Kurkova- I just want your man if I don’t get to keep Carolyn Murphy’s.

  37. Bambi Anne Dear

    Oh crap. WTF.

  38. Bambi Anne Dear

    And I love that woman in the ghastly cork sandals. She really doesn’t give a rat’s arse about what anyone thinks of her.

  39. Flanna banana

    Is it me or does Naomi Campbell look like Cher?

  40. Deb Chasteen

    Iman understood where she was, what the event was about, and totally brought it. Fabulous. All this mousing about in precious nude or black—Then she strides in. Fierce. Hot. Retro without twee. She can even transcend the idea of the dreaded jumpsuit.