Fug and Bone

This might not be fugly, exactly, but it’s not stunning enough for me either.

The skirt might’ve been onto something, ¬†and in life I am not opposed to lapels, but… I’m snoring right now. Actual letter Zs are leaking out my nose. Maybe it’s because Marion is so freaking pretty, or maybe it’s because she’s talented and yet last thing I saw her in was the Batman movie in which she was actually sort of terrible and that left a sad taste in my soul, but: I always want her to dazzle me. This feels like she stole it from Helen Mirren’s reject pile.

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  1. Rosa

    I actually like the textured skirt and the–is that leather?–top section. It’s an interesting combination. I just wish it were in a more interesting color. Something bright. That pops. That does not require those boring pointy gramma shoes.

  2. Snarkaphile

    I think this could have worked if, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this, there had been MORE peplum. And I keep picturing the skirt as BIGGER/more ample. With flecks of white in it. But, as is, i can’t unsee this as Rag & Bore.

  3. Isazouzi

    Go watch “De rouille et d’os”, you’ll forget about Batman. ;-)

    I like the top but not the skirt, the fabric is weird and it makes her look very small.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    Even La Mirren’s rejects are better than this.

  5. Jo

    The colour is flattering but it’s like 2 equally horrid outfits smooshed into one nasty hybrid.

  6. Rayna

    I’m kind of digging the contrast of severe tailoring upstairs, part-ay down below.

    The shoes are not bothering me either, although I agree the overall look could use a pop of color.

    But looky here – she is neat, sweet, and complete, and we’ve approved worse than this.

  7. LadyB

    I think it would have been much better if it had been a color, with a slightly fuller skirt. More old school Dior and less dishwater dull .

  8. Valentina

    Not fugly? I want to set that dress on fire right now.

  9. Evalyn

    I thnk a shorter length, above the knee somewhere would improve this, along with shoes in keeping with the sparkly necklace, and all of this after a nice long nap. She look exhausted.

  10. Jasmine

    I agree that it should be shorter to work, but I think a nice cocktail length would work. This is that in-between length that is stumpifying even on the leggiest of dishes. I love it in theory though. It’s interesting and something I’ve never seen before. Also: HER FACE. MY GOD, HER FACE. She’s too pretty for real life.

  11. Melissa

    Unaccountably dowdy.

  12. Kristina

    I liked this fine up until I saw the length of the hem, and then it just went sour. It would be so much cuter knee-length with a kicky (not black) heel and maybe a fun belt.
    Ah, but she is gorgeous.

  13. AM

    I like, not love, it. I would sort of like her hair down and bigger, not maybe 1980s bigger but just poufier (sp? and is that a word).

  14. Erin

    Shorten the skirt, take off the weird hip flaps (they do not belong on this dress), and make it more colourful and I’m on board.
    She makes me hate my face for not looking like hers.

  15. Sandra

    Longer or shorter, Marion. That length looks good on no one and you deserve better.

  16. Elbyem

    I actually like the skirt. It’s that cocktail waitress with wing flaps vesty top, that I simply cannot handle.

  17. filmcricket

    Anyone else feel like she and Emily Blunt are slowly morphing into the same person? They both had such unusual faces once, and it’s like Hollywood so abhors the unique that they’re starting to look like each other, since it’s impossible for them to resemble the usual bland starlets.

    Anyway, I mostly like this, but a fluffier skirt, better hair and a lip colour that doesn’t resemble Pepto Bismol would all help enormously.

    • RebekahMacd

      I thought it was Emily Blunt at first. Marion Cotillard is usually so distinctive. I don’t like her looking so bland. (Not that Blunt looks bland, just that Cotillard does here.)

  18. TaraMisu

    I like both pieces, just not together. And I think the skirt needs to be shorter, but it’s certainly interesting!

  19. Helen

    It just looks like it was made for someone much, much taller. The scale is all off, to my eye.

    And those shoes are hideous.

  20. Emma

    It kind of looks like one of those suiting vests Murphy Brown might have worn to work in the 90′s attached to a skirt. Or like that time Marge Simpson turned a Chanel suit into a sleeveless outfit.

  21. mary lou bethune

    I like the color. She always looks relaxed and happy and beautiful so it doesn’t matter what she wears , she looks ab fab.

  22. Nancy

    I think it’s pretty. Maybe just on someone else then? Maybe on a normal human being it might’ve popped more?

  23. Chrissy

    I like it except those two pieces that look like inside out pockets. They either need to be gone or it needs to be a full peplum.

  24. Vandalfan

    The top needs tweaking- remove the peplum flaps, make the lapels more narrow, make the closing look more finished and not simply tacked shut with a safety pin. The skirt made of leaf shapes is delightful, but too monochromatic. Fade some color from the spine to the edges of each leaf, and maybe make it just an inch or so shorter.

  25. Sajorina

    I actually LOVE this dress, but I wish she was wearing sparkly earrings and bracelet, red lipstick and nailpolish, and either sparkly silver or red shoes for more interest! Still, FAB!

  26. Art Eclectic

    I don’t think the color is good, nor do I like the peplum. A thin silver belt at the waist would really improve this even in such a muted color.

  27. Esme

    I actually find this less objectionable than Amy Adams’ fugly frock.