Today is our last day of posting before we take a Christmas break; we’ll be back on Monday, January 4. But we couldn’t leave you without homework! We’re like those teachers who JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND, except that we actually think this might be a fun way to kill time until the new year if you’re stuck at work. And so:
Hailey Glassman referees girl-on-girl Celebrity Boxing 15

[Photos: Splash News]

THE SUBJECT: Hailey Glassman, noted ex-paramour of renowned shithead Jon Gosselin, sporting a shirt by famed purveyor of asshat-wear, Ed Hardy (Christian Audigier’s label).

Hailey Glassman referees girl-on-girl Celebrity Boxing 15

THE VENUE: A “celebrity” girl-on-girl boxing event in Pennsylvania, at which the only celebrity in attendance appeared to be Glassman, who refereed. She’s allegedly dating the promoter, and now there are all these rumors that Jon wants to punch him, and it’s essentially a giant serving of Douche Pudding.
THE CHALLENGE: Everyone enjoys a haiku, so let’s play around with those again. We don’t care if they mention nature, or the season, or the name of a fish, or whatever the standard technical haiku rules are. BUT, there is one caveat: Since we’re announcing the winner in 2010, please include the words “new” and “year” somewhere in your poem. Easy-peasy, right? Surely these photos will give you plenty of inspiration. I know they’re almost certainly inspiring the baby Jesus to skip out on Earth altogether and start again in another galaxy.
THE DEADLINE: 10 p.m. on the night of Sunday, January 3.
Have at it, Fug Nation.