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Lilo here has been hanging out with Kanye — well, she went to Kanye’s fashion show (excuse me, KANYE’S FASHION SHOW) in Paris, which means at the very least that she has been TRYING to hang out with Kanye.  While I fear that any Lohan-West union will end in CAPSLOCK and tears (TEARS), wouldn’t it be awesome if Kanye turned out to be Lindsay’s Get-A-Grip friend and savior?

I feel like the first thing he would do would be sit her down and introduce her to his friend, Downy Wrinkle Release (WRINKLE RELEASE).

And then I think he’d ask the question that’s on all of our minds:


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  1. marlie

    And a BRA. Girl needs to invest in a BRA. Jeez.

  2. Sara

    Girl, wear a damn bra!

  3. Willow

    her boobs look like they’re made out of cement!

  4. Annie E

    This makes me sad.

  5. Rowynn

    Wow. If she ever shopped at Wal Mart in that outfit, she’d end up on the website. And if this is the kind of thing she’s going to wear, she might as well shop there – starting in the bra department.

  6. jjdaddyo

    What is with what seems to be the latest trend of corpse-pallor makeup?

  7. Christian

    It’s a sad state of affairs when a 25 year old girl looks that haggard. That outfit is 100% NO.

  8. Libby

    No outfit has a chance of looking good when paired with bra-lessness, over-bleached hair, zombi-fying beige lipstick, weird plastic surgery, a serious hangover, and the not-so-faint smell of desperation.

    Girlfriend needs someone in her life to help her put on the brakes and pull it together. So sorry that no one in her family is up to the task.

  9. Jane

    Yeah, the first question that ran through MY mind was, “WHERE IS YOUR BRA?!?!?!”

  10. Kit

    Oh god… I was seeing these pics on other sites yesterday, and I thought “ewwww” but these really show JUST. HOW. BAD. it really was.

    Even worse than I had thought. I wish she’d just go away for all of our sakes. Colour her hair brown or auburn, go to school, become something other than a failed-now-desperate-wanna-be-starlet. Just you know, cut it out. Be a real girl.

    I’m sure she’d be happier and I know I would be.

    • Kimberli

      Yes, yes, yes! It’s really weird, but I want her to succeed. I feel like her parents screwed her over from the being and I’ve always rooted for her. But she needs to do the school thing and be a person again, not a blow-up doll of Jenna Jameson.

  11. Terre Bowden

    BRA BRA BRA BRA BRA BRA. Jesus Mary & Joseph girl!

  12. Scott

    I wouldn’t notice her face. I’d be too busy staring at her breasts. All while laughing at her overall look — I who wear the same jeans for a week paired with a different humourous t-shirt from Threadless and yet feel her fashion superior at the time and moment.

  13. Lina

    That is not her old nose at all. The collagen injections in her lips and cheeks will at least go away over time, but nose jobs are forever. :(

    She used to be so pretty and talented. Now she just looks overprocessed and dumb. Such a shame.

  14. Pink Coat

    Add me to the ‘and wear a bra’ camp! sheesh!

  15. Noire

    This isnt fun anymore. She needs help.

  16. Kristin

    I couldn’t focus on her face with her boobs hanging so low. Seriously, to echo nearly everyone above, wear a bra. And find a dress in a color that might actually flatter you. Also, the bleached blonde hair is so not a good look for her.

  17. Sarah

    You know, if she were 50ish, I would be saying how nice she looks. But the fact is, she’s a mid-twenties chick who looks like she’s 50 trying to look like she’s 25.

    I would go back in time and have Mean Girls never be made if it means that she never turned into this terrible mess. (That’s pretty much when this all started.)

    • Kara

      “she’s a mid-twenties chick who looks like she’s 50 trying to look like she’s 25.”

      Perfect. This is exactly how she looks. And the looking 50 thing is permanent, I think, because she just has that hard, lived-every-day-twice look about her. Even if she went completely natural (and by the way, her hair looks really fake in the second pic) she’d still have that rode-hard-and-put-away-wet look to her that too much hard living will give you.

  18. Lindy

    Poor Lindsay. Poor, poor girl. She’s just so sad.

    She has that telltale “lip curl” that indicates too much collagen.

  19. Laura V

    In that first picture, with her mouth open, she just…looks like a sex doll. It’s creepy as hell.

    • Tennille

      Touché! Laura, that comment cracked me up.

      I am also with the bra camp. Seriously: W.T.F.

  20. Lori

    I’m glad you didn’t include a picture of LL from the parent trap re-make years, because I would have started bawling and then I would have had to go fix my face and then I would be late.

    Terribly sad. Her parents and handlers should be shot.

  21. Montréalaise

    You know, I have the same reaction to seeing Lindsay Lohan’s outfit as I do to Princess Charlene of Monaco’s – the clothes are the very least of their probems. If your life is a catastrophe, it really doesn’t matter what you wear.

  22. Edith

    Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra…
    Add to the many faults of the dress (color, wrinkles, weird satiny bits) that it simply is too small on top. I know, of course, that this is what attracted her to it; Too Small + No Bra means everyone will be staring at her chest, which is what she wants, obviously, but girl, no.

    Much as I love the idea of Kanye being Lilo’s GET A GRIP FRIEND, I think she wouldn’t listen, even to him. From everything I’ve heard from / about her in recent years, she has an incredible sense of entitlement, topped off with delusions of grandeur. Anyone – whether a boss or a judge or a friend – who suggests she is f’cking up is ignored, laughed off, or rejected outright. In short, I fear not even KANYE and his WRINKLE RELEASE and he MIRROR OF OBJECTIVE TRUTH could get through to her.

  23. nicola

    I feel like her boobs are looking at me all wonky. Dear God, someone keep her in the house for several years.

  24. Kat

    Holy cow, what happened to her face?? And to her boobs??

  25. peanut gallery

    Yep, the lack of a bra is a problem…or two big problems (has she always been that large-chested?) So is the wrinkling and the preserved face. But what about the toes? They are at a 45 degree angle. YIKES. My barefoot toes cramped in sympathy when I saw that.

  26. jen


    that is all.

    except maybe…


  27. LMM


  28. emster

    Oh, Parent Trap. I’ll still pause on it if I’m flipping channels. She’s so adorable. In Parent Trap. Not now.

    Agreed that she is sad and tragic and looking at her spurs more sympathy than anything else.

    (Though I did have the thought – for all the time she spends primping and such, you think her teeth would look a little better.)

  29. Aria

    frankly, i don’t remember if her nose looked different before, but her lips certainly look like something has been done, she has on waaay too much make up, I hate the blond hair.
    Compare this shot to her look at the Mean Girls premiere:

    As for her outfit, as noted ad nauseum: top too small and she needs a good bra. Not to mention that it is just plain ugly, and I don’t even think a proper size, foundation garments, and/or a wrinkle releaser can save it.

    • Dazie

      awww. I miss that LiLo. So sunny, so NORMAL.

      She’s always had chipmunk cheeks, so I don’t know if she’s gotten a whole lot of work done there, and her nose has always been a little crooked at the end, but I don’t know- it’s wider at the bridge?


    • Cecily

      Wow, that fresh face, all that talent. That made me so sad. I wish she would just go away for a couple of years and dry out.

    • Sajorina

      @Aria: Awwww, that picture almost made me cry… Where is that Lindsay?

  30. Linney

    I just don’t get why she won’t disapper for a while and pull her shit together. She’s delusional if she thinks that showing up EVERYWHERE is convincing people she’s all better. She doesn’t just need a bra; she needs, I don’t know, Britney Spear’s dad to get her ducks in a row. This is just pathetic.

  31. Lisa

    OMG all I can think of is Arrested Development and Kitty Sanchez’ lopsided implants…

  32. Stefanie

    I..I..I just can’t.

  33. Mikki

    It’s also sad and tragic that she obviously believes that she is looking fabulous…and in her mind all this lovely attention just means that she’s still a star, baby! Sad on so many levels…

  34. kate

    i don’t think she employs racheal zoe anymore.

  35. Minutiae

    LMM–HA!!! So funny! Sadly, though, this entire thing really is just pitiful. Rather than Kanye, she needs a lot of therapy and some time out of L.A. with some normal people, non-Hollywood types. I weep for her wasted talent.

  36. Amber

    I may be late to the party on this, but, did she get implants? She looks larger in the chest than I thought she was? Though, if they ARE implants, shouldn’t they, uh, stand at attention better?
    I agree with the masses about the bra and that the clothes (and even the face) are the least of her problems. She needs a major intervention, but sadly, like someone else said, I don’t even think she would listen to Kanye. Sad. She just makes me sad.

  37. Rebecca Bourque

    yes, I echo the WEAR A BRA sentiment. WTF is with the waist of her skirt coming right up to her saggy-looking boobs. That shit is not attractive.

  38. vandalfan

    This is NOT all Lilo’s fault. That dress, for want of a better term, would look hideous even on Princess Kate or SWINTON. It is a kind of linen or liner fabric with exposed seams, as if it is awaiting the real material to go on the outside. And the sleazy sheer puce/pink blouse material might work for the sleeves, but it’s a jumper kind of bodice, so cover the goods. Of course, being wadded up in the bottom of a suitcase does not help, either.

  39. meme

    are her boobs growing? i don’t feel sorry for Hohan at all. She’s loving all the attention and that she can still get a man to fund her lifestyle.

  40. Annie E

    Y’all, her boobs have always been huge.

  41. Jen

    Her outfit is so distracting that I didn’t notice how pretty her hair looked until the second picture you threw up there XS

  42. mary lou bethune

    Do you all think that she thinks she looks good, with new cheeks and no bra and awful dye job? And I thought that she was out of money but she is in Paris, which costs money I believe. I wish we would all make a pact not to take pics, not to mention her, not to notice her pathetic life. CAN WE DO THAT PEOPLE?

  43. Gorgeous Things

    I 42nd the GET A BRA! sentiment.

    She’s got WAY too much injectibles in her lips. You can tell by the trouty mouth pout. Looks like she emptied two whole syringes of Radiesse into her upper lip. Whoever did that to her should lose his/her license.

  44. Sandy

    Heinous. And sad. Not fun to watch anymore.

  45. Dionne

    This doesn’t look like Lindsay Lohan. It looks like a Lohan blow-up doll.

  46. Fuh Ugh

    Did she have her make up done at a funeral home?

    BOOBS! Oops, sorry, that just slipped out.

  47. val.

    Her eye makeup looks great! That’s the only nice thing I can say about this.

  48. wordphreak

    God, Lindsay, get a bra.

  49. Susan

    GET A BRA!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Jamee

    I can’t believe I’m down 50 comments and no one has said a thing about her crack teeth. Jesus.

  51. Claire L

    What has she done????? I swear my mind flashed back to the episode of Friends when Rachel took the dare to stop gossiping but not before she said, about her coworker’s boob job… ” They were like THIS” and pointed in two different directions….

    and LiLo’s face!!! Why????? Why would she do that??

  52. Sando

    Wrinkles and lips and tits, oh my!

  53. bluesabriel

    I just . . . I can’t even do this anymore. She makes me so sad. I adored the Parent Trap remake, and now, between Natasha Richardson and LiLo, it just makes me horribly sad. I wish I could shove a picture of her from Mean Girls in her face and scream “DO YOU REALIZE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU WERE?!”.

    I mean, not that any of us thought her sister was going through a “growth spurt”, but now that I’ve seen this, I find it highly suspect that there was some kind of awful sister bonding plastic surgery happening. If you want to bond like that, get a damn tattoo!

  54. deee

    Sigh. I just put these full size and now I’m kind of sick to my stomach.

  55. Melissa

    YES @Jamee! All I was thinking was why do her TEETH have the most pigment in this photo?!

  56. Sajorina

    Yeah, so she can afford to go to Paris Fugshion Week, but can’t afford a bra, teeth bleaching, hair de-bleaching, a stylist, a better pedicurist and a clothes steamer? She’s putting her money in all the wrong places… We might need to call Suze Orman!

  57. Joan Louise

    Didn’t realize those were her actual toenails until I zoomed in on the sandals. And now I’m queasy.

  58. Ladyblahblah

    Was that dress EVER considered stylish in any time period in the history of the world? It looks like she woke up naked in a dumpster and the dress was in there and she figured what the hell I have an event to go to.

  59. Blanche

    Yes. Regrettable that she had her lips inflated, because this dingbat used to have a great face. But as we know, crazy people do crazy stuff, and crazy women do many of those crazy things to themselves. They don’t notice it’s crazy for a while because they stay laid. Did I say laid? Didn’t I mean paid?

    A moment of silence for the craziness. I’m looking forward to the shambling mess she makes of her face when she starts aging. That should be Jacksonesque.

    In addition, she’s pudgier. Her thighs are pudgier. Her boobs put me in mind of…milk, delicious whole milk. And she has a cute, wee double chin there below all the blander-than-ever inflated bits.

  60. nmlhats

    Wow, the thought of LiLo as the successor to Amber Rose is too good to be true. Praying fervently.

  61. Mandie

    In that J-Lo movie, The Cell, the serial killer would kill women and then bleach their corpses. This is what Lindsay looks like here. I find it very disturbing.

  62. Kellilee

    For the eight billionth time:

  63. Maria

    God. Can we all get together and do a REAL intervention on her, to rescue her from her awful awful parents? This is just so sad, and she was so talented and pretty and fun.

  64. sparkalicious

    She looks like she’s smuggling cantaloupes in there.

  65. Emma

    I nearly wept when I saw this picture. Remember the cute freckle-faced redhead from The Parent Trap? How did she end up with wonky DD boobs, platinum blond hair extension, plastic cheekbones and white sausage-lips?

  66. Lana

    Oh honey…when you pay that much for them, you should hike them up to a normal level. They won’t feel so heavy that way, either.

  67. maddie

    look, at least christina hendricks doesnt look like THIS. she couldn’t get a top in the right size? That’s past straining and into blargh

  68. Corrine

    I’ve been reading this site for a couple of years. I’ve voted but have never been compelled to comment. But this outfit will win LiLo March Madness. This is the ugliest outfit I’ve ever seen on this site! Every inch of it is unflattering!

  69. Elspeth

    Alas, tis the ghost of Lohan past

  70. Lynne

    I wish Drew Barrymore would take Lilo under her wing and show her how a talented-child-actor-turned-junkie can chill out, dry up, and make a come back. I saw “The Parent Trap” last week and it’s just so sad to see she’s become.

  71. LocalCeleb


  72. Liz

    She was so beautiful in Mean Girls, and now… the lips? WTF with the lips?!

  73. Mellie

    I read awhile ago that she refuses to wear a bra, so fairly soon each fun bag will look like a tube sock with an orange in the toe.