Fug Madness 2010: Final Four, Game One


Someday, the extraterrestrial freedom-fighting iguana-birds who have taken over the Earth will find themselves really bored at work, tired of discussing how to burn all our houses and snort the ash, and will dust off tired old Intertubes in search of something new to learn about what our race was all about and what our legacy is. And they’ll stumble on this entry about Lady Gaga and Amber Rose, and they will be forced to draw the following conclusions:

1) We were really clumsy with super glue, as evidenced by Amber accidentally fusing her sunglass cord to the front of her shades:
2) We have a pathological fear of unfettered eye contact:

There’s loads of evidence for this one. A secondary assumption could be that Lady Gaga knew something about the mind-dulling gas content of our air, and was determined to filter it.
3) When we DO make eye contact, it turned us into humanoid warrior beasts:

[Photo: WENN.com]

4) Hirsutism ran rampant:
5) We vacillated wildly between worshipping lobsters as our gods, and wearing giant bibs to make the consumption of their delicious flesh easier and cleaner:
But mostly, I think they would infer the following:
6) We were out of our f’ing minds.

[Photo: Splash News]

7) No, seriously:

[Photo: WENN.com]

Personally, I feel that all of the above perfectly encapsulates everything for which this civilization stands. It’s all like looking in a mirror, isn’t it? But which of these women do YOU want to be your ambassador of fug heading into the final game? Take a tour through the Lady Gaga and Amber Rose archives to fill in the blanks, and then vote your conscience. Or your hearts. Bonus points if they’re the same thing. 
Separately, the CAPTCHA code I had to enter to make the poll was “a hag.” Truly. Do with that what you will.

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Comments (238):

  1. Alex

    Amber Rose ftw!

  2. Madeleine

    How did I forget about the string dress?!

  3. Vicky

    I’m saying Amber Rose because she’s not trying to be artsy or make a statement. Gaga is.

    Amber Rose thinks she looks good. Gaga is creating art and looking good or not doesn’t really come into play.

    Amber Rose’s clothes aren’t thought provoking – they’re just a train wreck. Gaga’s clothes sometimes make you go ‘hmmm…’ even if it’s ‘hmmmm…why did you think that was a good idea?’

  4. Christina

    I paid attention on one thing: Amber Rose has a fugging good posture!! She carries herself way better than many of those “well-dressing” celebs.

  5. Kristan

    GOOD LORD this is was SO hard. I never expected Gaga to have to fight such a formidable foe.

  6. Desiree

    Gaga all the way!

  7. Michelle

    That string dress is an offense to the eye of man in so many ways that I have to give it to Amber Rose FTW.

  8. naeelah

    Amber all the way! Only 286 votes so far but I am so pleased Amber has a wide lead. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:

    However fug some of gaga’s costumes might be (in unintentional ways, like the horrible green crotch thing), you still can’t beat wearing this shit thinking you’re on the cutting edge of fashion, as Amber does.

    There’s wearable art, which can be good or bad, and then there’s simply Fug.

  9. Hester

    Lady Gaga doesn’t wear clothes as if they’re clothes. They’re a tiresomely pretentious extension of her, if you will, Gagaosity. They’re just something else for us to gasp in wonderment over, like her ghastly teacup and that lobster. Stop using B as an accessory, Gaga! Thus, for me: not fug.

    Amber Rose, on the other hand, is dressed in those monstrosities. She thinks she’s getting dressed. She combed her hair and brushed her teeth and then climbed into a laddered dress and a flesh-coloured (“no lines! no tell-tale underwire!”) girdle from TJ Maxx. How can someone believe that she’s so fashion forward she’s 3010′s own space cadet, and yet have Liz Hurley’s white jeans in her wardrobe?! FUG.

    (And yes, I would love to see KANYE’S CAPS LOCK OF SUPPORT in the final)

  10. Ef

    Lady Gaga is actually funny, plus she does something to earn her celebrity status. She has one of those voices…

    But Amber Rose is just ugly as hell.

  11. dinsdale

    I had to vote for Amber Rose. I think she thinks she looks hot, but she is more hot mess. Gaga’s look is conceptual. I think she is ridiculous in thinking she is original, but she is conceptual none the less, so she doesn’t get the fug vote from me.

  12. The Other Molly

    There is a God!
    I totally didn’t want Gaga to make it to the final round.
    A.Rose will take on THE BAI,
    and THE BAI will crush her like tiny grape.

  13. hope

    Agreed! Amber ftw! I had been hoping Mischa would take it all, because I am in the ‘costumes shouldn’t count’ group.

    It’s all about the clueless misguided fug, anybody can put on a crazy costume, but they don’t have the je ne sais quoi(que je porte)

  14. Kiki

    I feel as though Lady Gaga’s costume choices are just that: costume choices. Her whole life seems to be a performance whereas Amber Rose just seems to enjoy people seeing as much of her body as Kanye does even when fully clothes.
    So Amber, it’s you!

  15. Anonymous

    I’m only voting for Gaga so she and Rihanna can battle.

  16. jen310

    I voted for Gaga because while I believe she owns her fug there are too many examples of where she was just merely renting a really, really unfortunate piece or pieces of fug. Her crazy fug works sometimes and other times, no, no, NO.
    Amber, who I also want to win(?), didn’t bring the fug in such wacktastic fashion like Gaga. But DAMN, she did try her hardest. She brought her A-game I just think Gaga bought her A+++game.
    THIS WAS HARD. I will be happy with whoever or whatever takes this contest.

  17. Karen

    I completely, absolutely 100% agree with @Vicky in the 3rd comment: this is the difficulty in putting people who think they’re making themselves look GOOD (a very mistaken Amber Rose) up against people who think they’re making an artistic statement (a somewhat mistaken Lady Gaga).

    And since Amber Rose is so very, very, very mistaken, I think she has to take this one.

    I would actually be sorry if Gaga won, because her motivation is so outside the realm of this site’s scope.

  18. brianna

    Yes yes, I DO get the impression Gaga knows exactly what she’s pulling of, she has a very clear vision even if it is totally wackadoodle (someone said wackadoodle on project runway recently and i can’t stop saying it).
    So my vote goes to Amber Rose for thinking she has a super clear fashion vision when it’s really a whole lot of “whaaaaa…?”.

    HOWEVER, the girl has one of the most INCREDIBLE BODIES OF ALL TIME and I truly believe that she pulls these crazy outfits off like no other. Even though they are kind of gross. Which is fugness to the power of awesome.

  19. Bobbi

    Ever since Gaga’s Ellen interview, I realized there was more to here then the never ending Poker Face.

    Amber Rose gives me the heebie jeebies, I wish she would just dissapear from the wild velds of the celebrity kingdom. I reluctantly vote Amber Rose FTW!

  20. Kayla

    Amber Rose. A floss-esque mini dress with accompanying control top grandma bathing suit is bad taste and super fug. A bejeweled lobster is just fancy dinner garb.

  21. ortenzia

    you know, after seeing them next to each other, i’m starting to think amber rose thinks she is lady gaga and dresses to make a statement for her “fans” … what else could her thinking be?

  22. Lida

    A.Rose has KANYE in her corner, so how can she lose? Perhaps I shouldn’t factor in Kanye’s own fugosity with that of A.Rose’s, BUT if you think of him as her accessory, then he’s fair game! Sure, Gaga accessorizes with bird-cages-as-hats and whatnot, but A.Rose uses a pretentious rapper as her walking handbag! How can you argue with that?

  23. Chaiaiai

    AMRO! AMRO! AMRO! and bless you, fugacolyte, who posted the link to amro’s louis vuitton plushie fanny pack yesterday. that sealed the deal for me!

  24. cjcat

    It’s Amber Rose in the mummy suit that does it for me. That’s an image I just can’t forget and nothing Gaga has done comes close. Wrapping yourself up in a dress you can’t walk or talk in and thinking you are fashionable in it is champion level fug.

  25. Dana

    Amber FTW.

  26. Amanda in Austin

    I voted for Amber for all the same reasons as Vicky at 9:14am.


  27. GFY Heather

    I think it may be a fallacy to assume Amber Rose doesn’t also know exactly what she’s doing. Just saying.

  28. your neighborhood librarian

    Are those platform Crocs on Gaga in the first picture? I wonder if they are cool and comfy and make fart sounds when she arches her foot…

  29. Dan

    Oh, drat. This is going to be one of those philosophical questions that happens every year during Fug Madness. (Last year, it was whether or not a win was a celebration of the celebrity in question [SWINTON] or a rejection [Aubrey O'Day].)

    This year, it seems to be “should we vote for someone making an artistic statement or someone who thinks they look good”? And I’m sorry, but nothing will ever excuse Gaga’s green sequined, shoulder-padded yeast infection waiting to happen.

    Go, Team Gaga!!!!!!!

  30. Morgan

    Amber Rose 100%. Nude swimsuit beneath cobwebs? No thanks. Just a quick side question–WHO THE HECK IS AMBER ROSE????

  31. christine christine

    I’m having a really, really hard time with this. I think I’ll revisit every hour and vote at the end of the day.

    We have such a plethora of fug this year! It’s so great!

  32. mikki_vb

    Gotta go with Amber on this one. Gaga is making an artistic statement with her clothing choices. Amber doesn’t have a statement, just really bad taste.

  33. Amanda in Austin

    I voted for AmRo for the same reasons as Vicky at 9:14am.

    TEAM AMBER!!!!

  34. Amanda in Austin

    Forgot to add: what does Amber Rose DO, anyway? Besides hang on Kanye’s arm? Does she have a “real” job?

  35. Rachel

    I voted Gaga. Please don’t forget the nauseating, yeast-infection-creating, sea green leotard.

    Also, Gaga doesn’t really look like she’s having any FUN in her bizarro outfits, which makes me feel like, no matter whether she thinks her fug is her art, she is NOT working it.

  36. Christina

    I STILL don’t personally care whether Gaga is doing it intentionally, or to make a statement. The question is, which is more fugly. That would be Gaga. It doesn’t particularly matter what her intent is; the stuff she wears is positively f-ing ugly, which is pretty much the definition of fugly, isn’t it? I don’t quite understand why she’s getting a free pass from some people because she’s doing it on purpose–whether she’s being *unintentionally* fugly wasn’t the question. If it’s fugly it’s fugly, whether it’s fugly on purpose or not.

  37. pax_et_amor

    it’s gotta be amber. gaga splits her life between music and fug, but amber eats, sleeps and breaths fug. she doesn’t DO anything else but fug. it is her essence. gotta respect that kind of dedication.

    amber ftw!

  38. Jackie

    Amber Rose, based on the horror of the string dress alone. (And btw, even if she isn’t embarrassed to wear that out in public, isn’t she embarrassed to so shamelessly copy Rose McGowen, who actually wore it “better”– if that’s even possible–AND had the cojones to wear it w/nothing but a teensy weensy thong underneath? I mean, let’s be honest, as bad as the “dress” is, aren’t the strange, nude-illusion undergarments even worse? Oops, this turned out to be far too long for a parenthetical!!!)

    I have to say, I find this match up strangely comforting, as if, despite the existence of Tea Baggers, Sarah Palin and baby seal hunts, all hope is not lost– clearly at least ONE thing in this world is as it should be!!! Thx for keeping the hope alive, Fug Nation!!!!

  39. BJohnson

    I think Gaga’s as crazy as the next guy, but I think it should go to Amber because she’s not purposely trying to make a statement and trying to be as strange / weirdly dressed as possible. It feels like Amber genuinely thinks her clothes are amazing.

  40. sarah i

    Amber Rose. Yes…she is definitely doing it deliberately, but her fug is so much more lo rent…Gaga has created a persona. She doesn’t have stylists…she has props people. The light went on for me during the duet with Elton John. She’s the Elton of the 00s. And for this, I don’t see her as a master of fug. She’s got her own agenda.

  41. Anika

    Amber Rose and Kanye West are my absolute favourite celebrity supervillains. GO AMBER GO.

  42. Blanche

    What we are doing here at this point is evaluating not just the aesthetics but also the relative ethics of celebrity public costuming.

    Gaga’s pop diva job requires her to be in costume drag for her particular consumers, who, for various reasons, must gather merrily under the sign of artificial excess.

    Amber Rose is a costumed retainer to Kanye’s Red Queen. She’s not just any retainer; she’s the Grand Vizier. Her costumes are determined by Kanye’s view of his personal commodity brand.

    In either case the drag costumes–which are all fabulous and fugly–are required by the jobs. Which job is fuglier?

  43. Suzanne

    I don’t want to be crass, but in that first photo of Amber Rose, whatever that shadow is behind Kanye’s crotch looks…kind of like a seam burst and his man bits sort of fell out. LOL!

  44. Cecily

    Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! We are writing GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD FUGORDS, CHAPTER ONE!

    This round was an epiphany for me, for I am finally resolved as to what exactly is fug and how to judge it, and I am pleased but not at all surprised that my Fug Nation compatriots agree. It’s the “All The World’s A Stage” vs. “I LOOK HOT!” that cinched this one. Gaga can’t hold a powdered neck brace hirsuted lobster-helmeted blindfolded CANDLE to Amber’s fug. Rose reigns supreme and could take this whole whamdoodle. The other day, I muttered with horror, “mink bum pack, mink bum pack.” Consider the words, let alone the visual…

    Amber Rose FOR THE WIN!

  45. N Monster

    My limitless love for the Gaga notwithstanding, I voted her in earlier rounds, because she embodies the crazy, go-for-broke spirit of Fug Madness. However, Miss Rose has what I consider to be the ultimate Fug accessory: Kanye. Rose FTW.

  46. Nate

    I have to go Amber. Sorry. She has nothing to offer other than her fuggery and Being Groiny With Kanye (shameful in itself),

    Gaga is an artist who is playing her persona (although it does seem to be blurred somewhat) and she can write a catchy tune.

    Amber FTW this round!!

  47. Underwater Fraulein

    I think Heather made a good point that Amber also knows what she’s doing, but her strategy seems to be straight-up “look at meee”! At least Gaga is trying to do something more than JUST garner attention (although obviously she’s doing that too), whether you think it’s legitimate or not. I don’t think you can argue that Amber Rose is trying to do make any kind of statement with her clothes other than “I want you to know: 1) my name, and 2) that I am hot.” And to do this, she chose a snakeskin-patterned catsuit. Amber Rose FTW!

  48. Barbs

    Amber Rose FTW. Lady Gaga’s fug is witty and creative. Amber Rose’s always just seems predictable and attention-seeking. I agree with Heather that she probably does knows what she’s doing – but what she’s doing is pedestrian. She’s a Grace Jones wannabe, but every outfit is just a weak imitation of Ms Jones’s sophisticated, unique, crazy-fabulous style.

    She does have an amazing body. Given time and a decent stylist, who would work with her urge to dress wild (which I applaud) while diverting her away from the boringly obvious, she could be a knockout.

  49. courtney

    Amber FTW! I’m not going to presume to know whether she thinks she looks good or not, but I do think if she WERE just f’ing with us, as Gaga is, she would go more over the top, like Gaga does. Gaga makes me stop and scrutinize her costumes; Amber just makes me say “eeeewww” and move along. If Gaga were to win Fug Madness, I get the impression she’d just be happy about it, because that’s exactly what she sets out to do. So I vote Amber.

  50. Rosie

    I kind of can’t believe Lady Gaga has made it so far in March Fug Madness this year. I second what most other readers are saying in that her outfits are part of her Lady Gaga “schtick” and not really deserving a “fug” label (just my opinion). Amber Rose is a striking woman who unfortunately dresses like an alien, a very tarty alien.

  51. Laura

    Wow, AR is beating Gaga. I didn’t see that coming. I think it’s the string dress that put her over.

  52. Elle

    Dental floss over a girdle with attitude. Now that’s fug!

  53. Deetzi

    Next year can we have a separate bracket – costumes vs clothes? Gaga has a stage persona that crosses into real life but Amber’s is just rocking that craziness to go about her business (which seems to consist solely of making club appearances and being photographed with Kanye). Gaga knows these are costumes, Amber really thinks she’s making a statement – although I’m not sure what that statement is. AMBER FTW!!

  54. Hannah

    I agree with Hester SO MUCH. I have no use for Gaga and want her out of my life. Amber Rose, on the other hand, is delightfully fug, and I am so happy to see her victorious!

  55. yeahandalso

    I wish I could mix and match the final four. Rhiana vs Gaga and Amber Rose vs Bai Ling seems more fair to me because Rhiana and Gaga are performers/artists. I would say it comes down to celebratory fug vs bad dressing. Of the 4 ladies left Gaga has the wackiest outfits, but she also has the best rationale for wearing them. Gaga is about creativity and art whereas Amber Rose, Rhianna and Bai Link are all about attenionwhoring to make up for their lack of talent at anything else…I guess Rhianna is good at modeling, but she totally sucks and singing and I’ve never seen her even attempt to dance

  56. Jasmine

    I think that Gaga and Amber Rose BOTH have crazy schtick and are both over the top on purpose. I think that the difference is that Gaga’s craziness is interesting and makes me want to look at it (even when it’s weird) while Amber Rose’s makes me want to look away.

  57. kary

    I had to give it to Amber Rose, despite the fact that I don’t know who she is (beyond Kanye’s date).

    Lada Gaga’s getups have been reminding me of Marilyn Manson – that is to say, it’s all show. I know there are people who go on and on about how Gaga is an artist and that there’s a message to her madness… but frankly, I don’t see it. I like her music fine for what it is – catchy, pop-y, good for a run on the treadmill – but as an Artistic Statement? I say no.

  58. Christa

    Toughest competition to date! I wanted to give it to Amber since she seems so damn certain that what she’s wearing is HOT, but Gaga just has a crazy no one can beat, even off stage. The woman deserves a medal.

  59. Jeckie

    @ Madeleine: how DID you forget about that string dress? Please help the rest of us out with that one.

  60. M

    I voted for Amber Rose and I agree with what most are saying here: Lady Gaga is more like and exhibition artist whereas AR is trying to be sexy and trendy but really just looking unattractive and extremely tacky. La’ Gaga is an artist in all she does (at least she attempts to be). AR looks like she buys her clothing from the really ghetto cheap clothing stores in not-so-fabulous malls.

  61. Schadenfreudelicious

    Gaga dresses herself to be high camp, Amber Rose just dresses as if she were high..

  62. Jaye

    Amber Rose gets my vote. Say what you like about Lady Gaga. She’s clearly a combination of brilliant and nuts, and on any given day you’re not sure which side is in control. But whether you like her or not, she has a point of view. And it is obvious that nothing she wears (or, as is often the case, “wears”) is meant to be seen as pret-a-porter fashion for the masses.

    Amber just smacks of trying too hard. It’s sad, because she’s lovely and could look really amazing if she wanted to.

  63. Lisa

    GoFuggers, where is the consistency?? People are making the argument that Amber Rose should win this contest because Lady Gaga dresses like she does solely to make an artistic statement. I agree! But this line of reasoning means that MISCHA BARTON should have kicked Gaga’s rear! That would have been the real contest: Mischa vs. Amber Rose.

  64. Lizzie

    PEOPLE! Why is Amber Rose winning here?! I hate Kanye and all things related to him as much as the next person, but Lady Gaga is INSANE. That crusty stuff she wore on her face is BEYOND ANY BAD OUTFIT AMBER ROSE CAN WEAR. Even if Gaga is “performing” there’s no need to run around in a g-string with transvestite make up.

  65. Fuh UGH

    Amber Rose – FA THA WIN BITCH!

  66. Carlitos

    Amber vs. Rihanna for the final match-up is gonna be SO MUCH FUN. I will relish these final days, as I somehow missed Katy’s Perry vs. Juliet’s Lewis and cannot yet forgive myself…

  67. vandalfan

    How appropriate that this match-up takes place on April Fool’s Day.

    And in the end, I had to go with Amber, because gosh darn it, she’s just plain beautiful under all that drek she wears!

  68. Anonymous

    gaga’s clothes kind of blow my mind . . . to the point that i can’t even classify them as such. amber wears something i can: ugly clothes.

  69. Sherri

    So many interesting comments!

    I am left with a question — if Amber Rose is just a Kanye accessory, and he is influencing/dictating/creating her various attempts at wearing clothes in public, is the fug actually hers? Or is it Kanye’s fug-by-proxy? Is she really the one who’s originating the fug? As pointed out, we should not assume that Amber is not thinking SOMETHING when she parades these…um…whatever they ares, even if the thought is just “LOOKIT ME! I HAVE BOOOOOOBIES!”

    I can’t think of Kanye as being Amber’s accessory. We wouldn’t know who she is if not for him. (There’s a certain happiness in that lost possibility.)

    GaGa’s fug is reported and claimed by her as her own. I’ve read all sorts of stuff trying to interpret her costumes-as-art, that she’s trying to make us look at ourselves and our own reactions to celebrity and fame, to make us uncomfortable and to make us ask ourselves questions beyond the basics of “Is she Crazy?” I don’t judge her success, but her approach is interesting.

    It’s a quandary. I am torn. The meaning of fug aside, the deep philosophical debate about “deliberate/art fug” and “accidental/I look good” fug notwithstanding, I’m coming down to “Who is really making the fug here?”

    Blanche @ 9:55am made an excellent point about how each of these women is dressing for a job. Personally, I think Amber has the harder job because she has to touch Kanye (My disgust for him is great enough that the very thought makes me shudder). Also, beyond the power of a stylist or a designer, Kanye apparently is using Amber as his BILLBOARD.

    Is it fugglier to use your body and clothes to advertise for yourself and your ideas, or for someone else and his/her ideas?

    Who knew fug could get so damned deep? I can’t even go on visceral reactions because both these ladies make me shudder. I gotta go away and think this over.

  70. snowlan

    This is the most difficult choice for me yet. For all the assumptions we make (i.e. Gaga is artistic but Amber Rose is clueless), we really don’t know what REALLY goes on in their heads.

    Here is why I find this difficult, and here are my assumptions (I suppose) . . .

    I think Amber Rose always looks put-together, and I believe she clearly cares about being seen as smoking hot. She slaps me in the face with her sexuality through the body suits, and the strings, and whatnot. It’s like she checks the “sexual attraction” knob every time she leaves the house and makes sure it is set to “11.”

    Lady Gaga, on the other hand, I think, seems to be going for shock value and living the post-modern ideal of an “artiste.” To me, her clothes have a MESSAGE about NONCONFORMITY. Which is all well and good, but the clothes too often are cringe-worthy in their unflattering-ness. What’s wrong with “pretty crazed wackjob” outfits? Why must hers be “eye-wateringly ugly crazed wackjob” outfits?

    I am leaning Gaga because of the ugliness factor . . . But either one could win.

  71. jennie-Suz

    This was the hardest matchup of Fug Madness 2010 YET. Even so, I had to go Team Amber. It took someone so dedicated to strangely-patterened catsuits and string dresses to make me realize that, in comparison, I’m really immune to the antics of Gaga.

    And THAT is terrifying as hell.

  72. Kate

    Nooooo!! Gaga MUST WIN! Does no one remember the super camel toe leotard of yore?? That stays with me every night in my nightmares.

  73. Ginger

    Amber gets it just for having Kanye as an accessory.

  74. Barbara

    NOOOO! Animal does not deserve to lose, not after what he’s had to go through!

  75. Anna

    Oh gosh, this one’s nearly impossible. I’m going with Amber for now. Gaga’s crazier no doubt, but in a performance-art way. Amber is just fugly. Should Gaga lose the match-up, though, I do hope she’ll be back next year. The world of fug would really missing something without her.

  76. Amanda6

    I’m with ya Lisa (10:30). I voted for Mischa because she’s a hot effin mess whether she’s dressed up, dressed down, and probably undressed, what with her hair usually looking untamed.

    Gaga is an intentional, calculated spectacle of crazy. Voting between the two was as apples and oranges as you could get because MB was a classic example of just really poor style/taste as an every day person, and Gaga is a classic example of a performer with an overwrought artistic ethos. In the end, I gave it to Mischa because Gaga’s fug is interesting.

    So this contest? It’s more on par – both ladies tend to shoot for the crazy. However, if the “this isn’t intentional” motif is what is winning votes, then Mischa should have been in our final four.

    (I’m also still crying over the loss of Momsen, but what can I do.)

  77. Marisa

    I have to disagree–in a friendly, pillowfight kind of way–with the commenters who say Amber doesn’t know what she’s doing when she works the fug. She doesn’t have Gaga’s fame platform, but she’s working the fug in the same deliberate, provocative way, which I think is why Kanye likes her so much (besides the hot bod.) But what this REALLY TELLS US is that 3 of the members of this final four–Rihanna, Gaga, and Amber–have achieved a whole ‘nother dimension of fugitude, the FUG AS STATEMENT MERE EARTHLINGS CANNOT UNDERSTAND. It makes it really hard to pit them against poor Bai, who is not really in the same league–does that make her more or less fug? I don’t know!!

  78. lesli

    Amber Rose because she just has no taste and an over-inflated good opinion of her own body, and at least Gaga’s outfits are like performance art. Amber Rose ftw!

  79. Kate

    Gonna be honest: I’m so sick of Lady NoPants, I would nominate almost anyone over her. I can’t help it. I used to work with psychiatric patients, and in the hospital we just called them “attention seeking behaviors” and then went home and had a drink…

  80. Eva_baby

    I voted Amber Rose. GaGa is performance art. She is always a performer who is on stage. Amber, otoh, really thinks she’s making a wearable fashion statement but it goes horribly awry. That is was Fug is all about. So Amber FTW!

  81. corianne

    amber alert!

    i wasn’t really sure which to pick until i went through amber’s archives and was reminded of that one catsuit she wore that sort of covered her shoes. WOW. THAT WAS INTENSE.

  82. Denise

    Listen…anytime you put your bra OVER a shirt, wear your great-g’mas panties, wear a crazy wig that resembles the biggest wad of cotton candy ON THE PLANET, then wrap your face in black lace and THEN go and roll around in a rowboat filled with flour, you should definitely win for most fuggalicious.

  83. Chrissy

    Amber Rose ftw, she never had to use nipple covers under her clothes.

  84. Ruth

    I was hoping for a horrible singer finals…GagA (typo, and I’m keeping it) vs RiRi…I did so well through the whole Madness, I don’t wanna lose on this one…Come on GagA…

  85. gina

    I am becoming my own grandmother here, but I have to say it: Honey, both of you are actually so pretty, if you would just stop putting that stuff all over yourselves….your beauty could shine through…..

  86. Danielle

    Sadly, I had to abstain from voting on this round. I honestly love both of their crazy outfits way to much. Just seeing them puts a smile on my face!

  87. Anonymous

    ya know, at first i was mad that gaga is losing cuz i truly do believe she is batshit insane, intentional or not. i mean, anyone would have to be to do the things that she does…

    but amber rose offends me on every sensory level, and that’s quite a feat. even her name, which is misleading cuz its so serene and pretty but then she’s so…*shudders* i would truly love to see her face off against THE ALIEN PRINCESS. it would make my weekend. fug madness 2010 baby!!!!

  88. Mara

    ^^^ of course i’m going by the assumption rih’s gonna take it, but shit, is she???

  89. The Lady Blue

    This is so hard!!! That crazy string dress is so bat-shit crazy, I can’t stand it. Amber Rose is a really pretty woman — that face, that body, those eyes, she is very stunning. But then she fugs it up by wearing terrible urban hipster clothes. Also, I think Kayne has a terrible influence on her. How could you stay with a guy who interrupts Taylor Swift?? Then there is Gaga. She is going to restaurants wearing lobsters and talk shows with a diarama of the solar system on her head. It is ca-ca-koo-koo to the max. I wish I could sleep on it, but voting will be over by them. Help me Jeebus!!!

  90. Lizzarda

    The string dress was what did it for me. I could look no further.

  91. Lizzarda

    The string dress was what did it for me. I could look no further.

  92. Erica

    This is ridiculous. I want Gaga to win this whole thing; she just has to!! She wore a shirt made out of Kermit the Frogs, people!

  93. stella

    I’m going Amber FTW but it is surprisingly difficult … Much has already been expressed on the subject of performance art vs fundamental fuggedness and yes, I’m gagging at many of the Gaga outfits but the string dress gets a WTF from me EVERY TIME :.P

  94. cath

    I really wanted to vote for AR, I really did. I’m tired of LGG, and I think she’s trying too hard. AR’s fug is from the heart. But I just couldn’t do it; her body of work wasn’t broad enough this year to overcome the ubiquitous crazy of LGG. So thank-you to everyone who did the right thing and voted for AR; you’re making Fug Madness a better place. I wish I had your strength.

  95. Halley

    I had to go with Amber Rose. Lady Gaga is actually way more fugged, but I think of those outfits as costumes. Meaning, when she is at home, I dont think Lady Gaga Dresses like that.

    Amber Rose, on the other hand, has absolutely no reason to dress how she does, other than she’s trying to win this tournament.

  96. Madeleine

    @Jeckie — I really have no idea. I think my brain was trying to protect itself from the aneuryism that was sure to result from prolonged exposure to…that. I was gonna vote (grudgingly) for GaGa, but then I caught a glimpse of the string dress, and well. Yeah.

    Gotta give my brain props for some amazing evasive maneuvers, though.

  97. TonyG

    NOOOOOOOOO! Come now, Fug Nation!

    About 50% of Amber’s fugs are related to variations of tight-fitting hosery: cat-suits, leggings, stockings, body-suits.

    In comparison to Lady Gaga, there is really NO – NONE – NADA imagination to what she does half of the time, even though she obviously thinks about what she wants to wear since she is mostly about shock value, as is Gaga.

    If we rightly categorize each of their fug as being of the attention-getting variety, then Gaga’s game is just so, so, so much better by far than AmRo.


  98. elvisglasses

    You know, I had thought that Amber Rose’s string dress was going to be the deciding fug for me this year. Then I took a stroll through Lady Gaga’s portfolio. I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE MUPPET SKIRT. HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN THE SKIN/FACE OF ANIMAL THE MUPPET WRAPPED AROUND LADY GAGA LIKE A CEREMONIAL TROPHY. My childhood: she has killed it.

    Alas, Amber Rose, you have been bested. Now please retire that string dress before it makes me stab my eyes out.

  99. Emily Ann!

    While Amber definitely brings the fug with the almost constant catsuits and that awful string “dress”, I had to vote Gaga for her total dedication to head-to-toe fug. The fact that she is a performer does not excuse the fact that she looks fugtastically FRIGHTENING in 100% of her public appearances. At best she looks like a vaguely pretty drag queen (Grammy red carpet) and at worst an Alien prostitute (Grammy performance yeast infection outfit). Plus, she wears scary lace headgear, glittery silver lobsters and bedazzles her FACE. In my book, comparisons to Marilyn F-ing Manson are NEVER a good thing, at least Amber looks pretty from the neck up.

  100. Anabelle

    there seriously needs to be a Rihanna-Gaga faceoff in the finals – I wouldnt even be able to decide who is more fugliciously awesome!

  101. cmb

    must agree with pp:
    “I’m saying Amber Rose because she’s not trying to be artsy or make a statement. Gaga is.

    “Amber Rose thinks she looks good. Gaga is creating art and looking good or not doesn’t really come into play.

    “Amber Rose’s clothes aren’t thought provoking – they’re just a train wreck. Gaga’s clothes sometimes make you go ‘hmmm…’ even if it’s ‘hmmmm…why did you think that was a good idea?’”

    and pp:
    “A.Rose will take on THE BAI, and THE BAI will crush her like tiny grape.”

    and pp:
    “I have to go Amber. Sorry. She has nothing to offer other than her fuggery and Being Groiny With Kanye (shameful in itself)”

    which kinda makes my comment superfluous, but that’s what comments are for.

  102. Maura

    The awesome thing is, the only reason I have any idea who Amber Rose IS is because I read this blog.

    I still don’t know who Fabiola Beracasca is but I look forward to great fug from her in the coming year.

    Also I voted for Amber, because I really suspect she thinks she looks fashion-forward. Gaga is just screwing with us.

  103. Julie

    Lady Gaga is an artist and fashionista. But who is Amber Rose and what is she wearing???

  104. tigerstripes

    Torn, I’m torn! What is True Fug: dressing high concept me-me-me attention-wh*re crazy every single moment of the day — hair donuts! hair umbrellas! — or dressing body-hugging, arm-candy, always walking two steps behind, call-girl tacky. I feel certain Gaga dresses herself; with AR, I can’t be certain of anything, even unto just what she does for a living. Really, Who Is She, other than Kanye’s escort? I’m going with AmberRose, but for all the wrong reasons.

  105. Kate

    Just because Gaga thinks everyday is Hallowe’en doesn’t mean she reigns Fug Supreme…

  106. sue

    Haha! Our national anthem was written by Sisqo…I love you gals.

  107. Melissa

    Excellent Point Kate at 2:45 pm. Gag is playing Hallowe’en dress up. Like a whiny, obnoxious, snotty nosed toddler (her, not me) I want her OUT OF HERE.

    Amber is the REAL DEAL – trying so hard and missing it by so much.

  108. Hima

    NOOOOOOOO Gaga FTW!! I know she’s doing all of this on purpose, but it’s hideous and scary! I love her, love her craziness, but her look is the fugliest thing out there right now. Muppet skirts! Vedgies! She even managed to make Eminem look concerned — that’s pretty big.

    And the Amber Rose string dress — that’s not even originally her. Rose McGowan did it first … without the modest bodysuit underneath. I mean, Amber Rose is fug, but not Gaga fug.

    Hopefully, this is all an April Fool’s joke, and the voting will look differently tomorrow!

  109. spinja

    string dress is dead fugly
    it beats all
    no sensitivity
    no poetry
    no intrigue
    no subtext, just shrieking

  110. geemee

    I voted for Amber; it was super-easy. Not just because Lady Gaga doesn’t belong in this competition. Amber Rose is GORGEOUS — those eyes! That smile! That figure! — genetically gifted, and look what she chooses to outfit herself in. It’s a travesty. She is Queen Fug.

  111. Donna

    Lady GaGa’s clothes are COSTUMES. And therefore I do not think they can qualify as true FUG. She’s doing it on purpose. The vote has to go for to the person who actually thinks she looks COOL in those awful clothes! Therefore, no question Amber should win this one.

  112. Pottery

    C’mon people? If at this point we can just chalk up GaGa’s unfortunate wardrobe choices to artlessness/artsyness, whatever, and making statements, she shouldn’t be in this competition. GAGA should be walking away with this competition like Michael Phelps in the 100M Butterfly!

  113. Pottery

    Costumes are for performance, and I’d agree that everyone on a runway is in effect, performing whether it’s Rihianna, Amber Rose, or GAGA.

    Gosh, I’m getting emotional thinking that Lady GaGa is going to fail to get to the Finals! I had such hope.

  114. Laura

    Originally it annoyed me that costume pieces for concerts are against regular clothes, but then I remember Gaga wears this crap off stage too.

    However, String dress takes it. It is truly awesome and crazy, and hopefully Kayne interupts her victory speech.

  115. Mel

    After all the
    Majorly crazy outfits we’ve seen, Amber deserves this win.
    Because Kanye’s Arm Candy is the only one that
    Even for one second takes her
    Ridiculous outfits seriously.
    Really, she thinks she looks good when she actually looks
    OUTRAGEOUSLY FUG. As others have already
    Said, Gaga wears these costumes (not outfits) for
    Effect (it’s part of her
    Facade) and it
    Works in a performance art way. Amber Rose FTW!

  116. Rachel

    Good Lady Gaga! Oh my Lord, did I just cheer for her?

  117. keentchr

    All the hideous catsuits and string dresses in the world can’t obscure the fact that Amber carries with her the fugliest of all accessories wherever she goes: Kanye West. Girlfriend is NOT doing herself any favors here. Consistently fug apparel plus douche boyfriend equals a recipe for the win.

  118. marcia

    WOOT! I have AR and RiRi in the finals! Go go go!

  119. Elena

    Lady Gaga is hilarious performance art to me… amber rose is just… hilarious.

    vote goes to amber

  120. Ana S.

    This is a hard one. But I believe that GaGa is a concept (ugly, but a “art” concept). Amber Rose is just … no comments. Fear, lot of fear!

  121. biiliijiin

    YES!!!!! Amber for the win. They are equally fugly, but at least Gaga has record sales to justify her horrid taste in costume. What exactly does Amber do? Is she a model? You could argue that Amber performs for the papparazzi or as arm candy, but that’s no reason to be fug.

  122. Ali

    Where does it say that fugly can’t be contrived?
    Even if GaGa is dressing as a performance piece, she’s still strapping a lobster to her head and walking around public. Fugly is no less fugly because it’s on purpose!!

  123. sapphiregirl

    I think both of these ladies have FANTASTIC figures (Gaga of the slim and toned variety, AmRo of the vavoomy variety). I am glad they can rep two different types of bodies.

    That said, I had to go with my girl Gaga here, because any woman who would VOLUNTEER to give herself a “vedgie” (vaginal wedgie that someone came up with in an earlier round-BRILLIANT!) is truly a fug champion. Furthermore, I believe “vedgie” is the official word of Fug Madness 2010, much like SWINTON was in 2009.

  124. amanda

    This one was hard. Both ladies surely know they’re wearing whack-out clothes and do it on purpose. Both seek attention through their clothing choices. Gaga is an actual talent, and her outfits are part of the persona and Gagacity she has created, while Amber is — mostly — just Kanye’s girlfriend, so her outfits seem a little more attention-seeking. But no matter how fug the outfit, Amber always looks hot and confident, except the string dress, which would have been much better if she’d gone the full Rose McGowan. String dress made me vote Amber.
    I also want to note that I totally, totally covet the green motorcycle jacket in the first pic!

  125. CD

    Gaga tries WAY too hard, and tires me. Will she still be newsworthy in 12 months? Seems her clothes live up to their expectation and seem to carry all the press and attention she receives. She’s disqualified for pulling a Phoebe Price and dressing fug on purpose.

    Amber has no idea how fug she truly is. Neither does her stylist, if she has one.

    Amber for the win.

  126. FreckleFace

    Not Smelling Like a Rose, hehe!
    We NEED Kayne and JLo for comments, to fugilfy her to the 2010 WIN!

    That silver bodysuit from the dumpster of Star Trek and the stringy dress thingy put it over the FUG edge.

    GO AMBER!!!!

  127. Big_Noise_From Winnetka

    Amber FTW. She has the fugliest accessory alive (Kanye). And his girlfriend or his beard?

  128. Chickenstick

    People are going on and on about the string dress, and it’s not even an original idea. *eyeroll*

  129. Otter

    How can this not be going Gaga’s way? She’s like a one-woman Manhattan Project, breaking new ground in fug every time she leaves the house. She must spend millions on R&D.

  130. Tombarina

    Amber by a nutso mile.

    LGG wears nothing BUT costumes – I’m frequently intrigued and invariably entertained.

    But Amber’s horrid, HORRID ensembles make me want to stab my own eyes out with a pencil. She’s convinced she’s got it all going on, the deludenoid.

  131. cociolph

    “Fugly is no less fugly because it’s on purpose.” (Ali at 5’44″). If you think too much about the idea behind the fug, the fug will elude you. You get lost in the context. You succumb to what lit critics call the “intentional fallacy”: the notion that what the artist/fugger thought she was doing trumps/excuses/justifies what she actually did.

    Fug *is* what meets the eye.

  132. Anonymous

    it depends on what you call fug: intentional “art” in dressing (ie: Gaga and even Bai Ling) or just a train wreck, someone that thinks they look good. I think pairing amber rose with gaga or bai ling is apples/oranges, whereas mischa (sp), fabiola, amber rose, courtney love or anyone else that thinks they are nicely dressed are an equal comparison. I can’t vote apples and oranges…they are two different things. so i voted rhianna (vs bai ling) and amber rose (vs Lady Gaga). (and as it should be: bai ling vs lady gaga) Gotta keep our apples and oranges separated!

  133. sarah ashley

    Amber…. because Gaga doesn’t even deserve the attention she gets for wearing those atrocities. It would be like a freakin’ compliment if she found out.

  134. Jen

    Thank god, it finally seems like Gaga’s gonna lose one. Amber Rose deserves this one, Gaga’s is part of her schtick, it’s not about being Fug, it’s her “art”

  135. NYCGirl

    What Christina at 9:44 AM said.

  136. April

    Toughest Bracket Decision Ever!!!


    I’m voting for Amber because she does it all only for attention for attention’s sake … and she has no other redeeming characteristics.

    I feel like GaGa does it because she CAN, cause she’s a talented artist, damnit! And that’s legit.

  137. Jeroen

    YES! Amber FTW! Lady is Bye Bye.

  138. Rebekka

    The string dress takes it all the way. It is a key to open the gates of Hell. FUUUUUUUUUUUG.

  139. Kyasarin

    There is not an outfit on this page that wouldn’t have looked perfectly at home on a sci-fi series from last century. Seriously. From the top, I see:

    1.) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    2.) Star Trek: The Next Generation
    3.) Buck Rogers
    4.) Star Trek: The Original Series
    5.) . . . okay, ya got me.
    6.) Battlestar Galactica (original series)
    7.) Doctor Who, sometime in, say, the Tom Baker era, if they closed up the neckline and made it opaque.

  140. Sajorina

    This was hard, because they are both so fugly they attack my senses. Their outfits/costumes are so bright they hurt my eyes; so loud they hurt my ears; they stink so bad I’m nauseous; the materials they are made of are giving me a rash; and, that “lobster hat” has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I’d vote for both if I could, but I had to go with… Lady Gaga. I guess her fug is just more offensive to me.

  141. mielu

    NOOOO! Please let GaGa win! I am so tired of seeing Amber Rose, and I am always entertained when I see the Lady. She is the epitome of fug in the year 2009. Amber, I am sorry to say, is just a side show.

  142. TonyG

    @kyasarin. Hilarious!

    Re picture #5: Barbarella could have rocked that outfit!

  143. Yes

    I want Amber Rose to win because Lady Gaga might enjoy it more. The winner should not embrace the title. And I’m not so sure Amber Rose is in on the joke like Lady Gaga.

  144. Ashley

    Amber should win on that string dress alone. Plus she has great thighs and I hate her for it.

  145. molly

    I love Lady Gaga, but she is performing all the time.

    Amber actually thinks what she wears looks good. Fug.

  146. Proud member of the Fug Sisterhood

    Ok, so first … ROF LMAO! Ladies, you’ve outdone yourselves here. I’ve actually had to take notes on the comments!

    And to my Fug Sister @ Jackie (9:48 AM), I hear ya girl … “despite the existence of Tea Baggers, Sarah Palin and baby seal hunts, all hope is not lost– clearly at least ONE thing in this world is as it should be!!! Thx for keeping the hope alive, Fug Nation!!!!

    And to my Fug Sister @ Sherri (10:52 AM) who had a metaphysical meltdown, indeed, who knew fug could get so damned deep?!?!

    Fug Sisters, I salute you. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say in the final showdown.

  147. Maria

    I voted for Amber Rose because I’m so OVER Lady Gaga and her attention-whoring. I think Amber Rose looks in the mirror before leaving the house and believes she looks hot; Lady Gaga glues a lobster to her head because she wants people to look at her and think she’s “unique.” It’s very high-school and beginning to make me gag a little.

  148. Anonymous

    Both such fame whores…who can choose between them?

  149. maisyjean

    Seriously Sherri – I agree with you – the idea that Amber Rose’s fug could actually be Kanye’s fug by extension almost made my head explode. It’s like reading Camus, except harder. (Well that, and the fact that I’m on serious allergy meds, but that’s beside the point).

    I’m so excited for the final match up, but so sad this is almost over!

  150. lelo

    YES! Rose is going to take it by a landslide, I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES.

    PS If you’re thinking about voting for Bai, please, take a look at this first…


  151. Barton Fink

    My god, this is hard. And depressing — Amber Rose fills me with an unspeakable, creeping, miasmal sense of horror and confusion. I want to cry when I see her sagging and flopping about, like a deep-sea creature that has slept its way to the red carpet and only I am can see that it isn’t right. Gaga, on the other hand, is awesome and horrifying in her own chilling way. Gotta go with Gaga, but … I feel uneasy.

  152. Lauren

    I have no idea! This one’s really hard.

  153. sophia

    it’s over. amber rose will win the whole fugchilada. well deserved. not even Bai Ling can trump her dreckitudinous fuggery (thank you andre leon talley…for everything).

    we must hear the kanye victory speech IN CAPS!

  154. Arolem

    NOOOOOO!!! I can’t believe I was computerless for a day, and return to THIS!

    Fug Nation, listen carefully: ALL FOUR FINALISTS ARE DRESSING THIS WAY DELIBERATELY. They are all making statements, and they put energy and planning into looking the way they do. Do you think Amber’s silver spacesuit is pret-a-porter?

    Vote Amber if you must, but not because you think she “thinks she looks good and GaGa is doing this to make a statement.” There are strong parallels:

    Mink fanny pack : Muppet skirt
    Nekked String dress w/Granny’s Spanx : Mega-Brazilian FairieThong Barbie

    Both of them manage to look good (as well as batshit crazy) once in a while. But I gotta go GaGa. For body of work this year, for hideousness in mine eyes, and for her *shudder* sparkly green…revelations.

  155. Gursh

    I just want Gaga the hell out of my face, my vote goes to Amber Rose.

  156. Melissa

    Sure, Gaga is making a statement with her clothes. The statement is I AM CRAZY.

  157. minette

    gaga’s wardrobe is total performance art. it’s like she can’t turn off the stagecraft and just be herself when she’s not on stage. so i don’t think of it as how she really dresses. and that makes it boring, no matter how shocking she tries to be. i’d like to see some real-person personality come through in what she wears. is she afraid that if she didn’t wear these performance-art pieces that we would think she’s boring and “normal” like the rest of us? i already do.

    amber rose is fun because she, like solange and bbai and phoebe, is apparently picking things based on what she likes and thinks is attractive on her. god bless her. and she is brave in her choices, which i appreciate.

  158. jesse john

    Gaga’s fashion choices may not all be super accessible, but they do all have, at their their core, an understanding of fashion. Mother Monster is a woman who understands line and shape, and everything that i, for one, have ever seen her wear is beautiful in its own way. Whether you like her or not (FULL DISCLOSURE: I LOVE HER), Gaga is a part of the fashion world now.

    Amber Rose, on the other hand, just likes it when we look at her (when obviously we should be looking at Kanye. Because he is so dreamy). Her clothes are often unconventional, yes, but they are also profoundly ugly. And not in a good way.

    Also, darling Amber: You do not have the skull to pull off that hair.

  159. horton

    Gaga’s stuff is outrageous, but it’s terribly conceptual, so I guess I am forced to vote for Amber Rose, who is nowhere near so interesting, but who, as you all say, is just a hot mess. I think, though, that if Lady Gaga wins, she will wipe the floor with Rihanna.

  160. M

    Amber won it for me with her smile. Lady G seems to take herself far too seriously, practically doing backflips trying to be the next Andy Warhol. But AR can stand there in fugly clothes and grin like she loves it. And I think she does. She’s FUN fug, while Lady G is contrived, overambitious, and overexposed fug.

  161. Randy

    I’m confused how RiRi could be leading in game two, and Lady Gaga is behind in this game when they both dress with the same intention of making a statement with their wardrobe.

    Amber Rose, on the other hand, dresses with the intention of garnering as much attention as possible. And I feel violated as a result of seeing her unsupported breasts falling through her string dress(?).

    And I still maintain that the F in fug stands for fabulous, and Amber Rose is nowhere in the same universe as fabulous.

    Team Gaga!

  162. Mags

    Gaga tries too hard. zzzzzzz
    Go Amber!!

  163. Sab

    Has to be AR. If you look at this page alone, you see the string dress (oh god oh god) then below it GaGa’s actually looking kinda good in the dark red jumpsuit. GaGa looks normal in comparison. There is no contest!

  164. Sadie

    Amber Rose truly is fug! lady gaga is trying.

  165. Sadie

    Amber Rose truly is fug! lady gaga is trying.

  166. jean

    The string dress horrifies me. It’s just fugly. It makes her look tired and saggy and not remotely “hot” which I assume she thinks she is because she carries herself that way.

  167. Autumn

    Yo, Gaga. I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Amber Rose had one of the best fugs of all time. One of the best fugs of all time!”
    I love Gaga too much to hand her this crown. She’s putting effort into whack, whereas Amber truly believes she’s rocking it. Delusional people always get my vote!

  168. Debbi

    Simple: if “Fugly is the New Pretty,” it’s obvious that AR thinks she’s pretty. So she gets my vote. LGG thinks she’s a lot of other things, none of which I want to contemplate.

    Now that I’ve read all your delicious comments, can someone PLEASE tell me who the F is Amber Rose. Thank you.

  169. v.s.

    voted amber rose for the last dress. it’s like she’d prefer just to out nude instead. what’s that dress for anyway? it doesn’t even cover her body properly.
    gaga has always been crazy. i love her <3

  170. Sonya

    Doesn’t anyone appreciate creativity anymore? what’s wrong with thought provoking clothes? some said earlier that Amber Rose’s weren’t, but these are the worst examples. Oh, and btw, the chain on the top is a STYLE OF SUNGLASSES, not a mistake. Like, widely accepted in the world of fashion.
    Sorry for ranting a tad, but websites like these make their living attacking creativity. And yet I love them so much.

  171. Anonymous

    COMPLETELY HEARTBROKEN there will be no gaga v. riri finals match-up.

    (am I the only one that votes for the “fug” winner but thinks it’s a compliment?)

  172. Chickenstick

    Me too, Anon, it’s definitely a compliment.

    Amber stole all her ideas from other people’s dumpsters, so the real winners should be Lohan Leggings, Rose McGowan and Star Trek.

  173. Iris > LushCrystalJewelry.com

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