Fines and Fugs: The TV Guide Hot List Party

It seems like every single magazine has some version of a “Hot List Party” now, and nothing makes it more obvious that CBS and TV Guide are owned by the same parent company as this particular one.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. Kate

    I almost like Anna Faris’s dress. I just wish the top slits were more discreet, like they seem to be in other places.

  2. Mouse

    That hairdo is doing Bellamy Young NO favours. Lovely colours for some sumptuous lounge pajamas….actual red carpet outfit…no.

    •  ErinB

      From the shoulders up she’d make a smashing Mary Todd Lincoln, though.

      • marie

        I’m sorry but is this Ana’s way of dealing with Andy Dwyer’s new found fame? wear the most revealing outfits she can lay her hands on? You’re better than this Ana! as for Shield, I feel like it’s blasphemy to say this of a Whedon show but it is boring! I’ve given it at least 4 episodes but no. You know what’s a kickass show on TV right now with comics pedigree? Arrow! Now that is one amazing hell of a show.

  3. Jules

    Anna looks like she plucked that dress straight out of Miley’s closet.

  4. Rowynn

    So… Tamera Mowry is in a jumpsuit with a jacket over it? Even if that’s the case, I think she looks pretty darn good. Love that necklace. I share your fondness for the Mowry twins, though, so that may be influencing my judgment. Loved Jackee, too, and I think she needs to get back on the air ASAP.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I like the Mowrys, too, and I think the twins look good here. As is most often the case, there are small edits I’d make, but good overall. And it would be so great to see Jackée Harry on my TV again! Or here, wherever. Anywhere, Jackée, just show up.

      OMG she has a pilot coming up in 2014!

      • Rowynn

        Yay! I’ll watch it!

        • Lily

          Jackee is also on a show called First Family on BET…but it’s kinda awful so I wouldn’t go around tossing out recommendations to watch iy. But she IS on the air.

    • Molly

      I thought it looked more like a suit with a corset under it, but maybe I’m missing information!

  5. Philippa

    Lots of meh to fug, except for Allison Janney, who always makes me smile. Every time I see a photo of her, she looks younger and happier. How does she do it? And how do I get her to come to my house for coffee?

    • Bonnie Klein

      I think Allison Janney looks amazing, which makes me feel bad about commenting on Michelle Stafford’s dress being WAY too short for a woman of her age (an age that is younger than Ms. Janney.) But CJ is freaking ageless! Michelle Stafford, you are no Allison Janney.

      • Lynne

        I think Michelle Stafford’s dress is just a very girly style — that flirty A-Line makes it look very Swiftian whereas Allison Janney looks more like a grown up.

        Tia Mowrey’s skirt is way too short but she is killing it. Love her look!

  6. Brenna

    Those are some weird, weird proportions on Chloe Bennett’s dress – the waist looks like it’s hitting her in the wrong place or something.

    Bellamy Young deserves better than both that hair and that silky jumpsuit. The color is gorgeous on her though.

  7. greatwhitenorthchick

    I like Janney’s look, boots and all. She’s so vertically gifted, those boots look great on her.

  8. Courtney

    Hooray for the Mowry sisters looking great and avoiding any kind of scandal over the years. I love them. But I did not love Eliza Dushku as Faith. She always seemed kind of twitchy to me, like she was on a bunch of coke or something. I don’t know. Madchen Amick deserves better than that dress and I need to watch Witches of East End.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Oh definitely, try Witches. It’s very silly, soapy fun – a lot like Charmed, but when Charmed was still charming.

      •  Annie E

        SO fun. And speaking of the Whedonverse, Tom Lenk has a small part and apparently Enver Gjokaj is going to be on it (or is on it, I haven’t seen Sunday’s episode yet).

      • Christy

        I came to WITCHES for Madchen and stayed for the cheesy, silly fun. Plus, everyone on the show is so pretty (that includes ALL of the men). SO PRETTY! However, I still haven’t figured out what is going on with Julia Ormond’s accent (maybe being immortal causes you to have a mish-mash of accents that cannot be explained, even with spells).

        • HelenBackAgain

          She explained in an interview (I have no idea where to find it now, sorry) that her own accent is a mish-mash, from living in a lot of different parts of the world, and being kind of an accent sponge (so’m I, I can relate). The producers liked it for Julia, since in her backstory she did the same, only, for about 600 years or something. So that’s how Ormond naturally speaks, what you’re hearing on the show.

  9. Mary

    That jumpsuit truly is the essence of Billy Ikehorn Orsini but why oh why would you want to remake Scruples when there’s Princess Daisy? Secret twins, tragically hot parents, Faberge jewels, French chateaux, riches to rags to People magazine cover, there is no greater 70′s story and that’s not even counting the heinous half brother and the princess who can paint and wear sequins with tweed. TWEED.
    Please rethink your priorities.

  10. nobody much

    I’m pretty sure obvious nipple tape is a Glamour Don’t

  11. qwertygirl

    Karina Smirnoff looks beyond strange with her face one color and her body another. This is one of those pictures where you wonder if the subject will see it and cringe. Just like the rest of us are.

    • Holla

      Agreed, that makeup is awful. It might be the makeup, but it looks like she might have had some work done on her face, which is a shame. Another pretty, young Hollywood-er that takes it a step too much.

      • qwertygirl

        Her face (perhaps because of the makeup, perhaps because she has had “work” done) looks somewhat clownish. I have no beef with “work” provided the subject doesn’t end up looking like Michael Jackson c.2005. And Karina, sad to say, is headed for The Michael Jackson Look here, IMO. Turn back before it’s too late!

      • Ariel

        The makeup looks like she got shot with that makeup shotgun Homer invented one time on The Simpsons.

  12. Deb

    Fugs all around. Janney needs to cut her hair–that overgrown mane is making her head look a yard long. And are they Quiana hostess pajamas from the 1970s on Bellamy? Hilarious.

  13.  ErinS

    Every time I see Cassie Scerbo,my mind automatically tries figuring out which Vanderpump Rules girl she is.

  14. Sandra

    Allison Janey is the only one of these people whom I recognize. The clothes are pretty unspeakable all the way around.

  15. Bella

    Call me crazy, but I kinda like Holland Rodan’s dress. It’s different, but not in a totally bad way. Could use a belt, though.

    •  Evangeline

      I like it too, pretty fabric and style, even though it’s a little ice skaterish. Agree that it needs a belt.

  16. ACB123

    I’ve been trying to determine who Anna Faris resembles. Maybe Princess Sadface’s younger sister? I think the reason it took me so long to figure it out is because Anna Faris is usually smiling, whereas Princess Sadface is, well, sadfaced.

    I dunno. Anyone else have a better suggestion? This is my first-world conundrum of the day…

  17. Vanessa

    Alison Janney is so ridiculously good looking, and awesome. Isn’t Tamera in a suit?

  18.  annieC

    With the exception of Alison Janey….who are these people???

  19.  Miranda

    I will admit to thinking “House Bunny” was secretly awesome, so I want better things for Anna than those awful bangs she has. They do all the wrong things to her face. And Holland (I can’t with that name) looks like she just did her long program and changed her skates in the car.

  20.  legally blonde

    Anna’s dress was the perfect opportunity to deploy a colorful fun shoe. I’m not saying the dress was good – far from it – just that she should have gone all the way with it.

  21. Claire1

    Tia looks cute….but I don’t know how I feel about a skirt that is shorter than the sleeves of ones sweater.
    I haven’t seen Madchen Amick since Dream Lover ( ah… Spader….)….. um…. what? Oh yeah… Amick. The dark hair is very harsh on her…I’m not sure I could have picked her out in a line up. But she’s still so darn pretty….. I wish she’d gone up a size on the dress. ( and probably different shoes)

    I think Allison Janney works it. Then again, I think she always wins…..but mostly because there’s not an insane amount of leg showing between the very long boots and a (usually ) too short skirt.

  22. germancurmudgeon

    Why on earth would someone name their child Mädchen?? Every time I see her it makes me think her parents are idiots and she must speak in sexy baby voice. Which means I kind of want to punch her. Pro tip: don’t name your child “little girl” or she may never grow up. /rant

    • Anne

      It always seems so lazy to me when parents give their children awkward names that mean inappropriate things in other languages… unless they do it on purpose in which case it’s just mean! On the other hand, Mädchen is hardly the worst one out there.

  23. Sarah

    Okay but now I REALLY want to know all of Jessica’s thoughts on Agents of SHIELD!

  24. Joanie

    Allison Janney wore those boots on The Late Late Show w Craig Ferguson and they rocked! Her skirt, however, was a bit short for sitting that night. Also, she “rode” Secretariat. It was hilarious! (Janney appears at 19:08)

  25. G

    I just commented to my husband that I think Jackée would liven up many a current show. She can do no wrong!

    And Witches of East End… SO fun. Rapidly becoming my favorite new show this season. It embraces the camp while moving the storyline along at a nice pace, which a lot of new shows seem to rush or drag their plots, and the former can leave me confused while the latter either bores me into quitting or guarantees cancellation.

  26. annemckenzie

    I’m sorry, but Michelle Stafford’s dress belongs on someone 25 or younger.