Fines and Fabs: the Annual Governors Awards


Since this event is thrown by the people who brought you the Oscars, can we say that awards season has begun to warm up? I think we can.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. cathy

    good looking bunch! all the ladies look great to me. amy looked better, true, but her dress not bad at all

  2. cal

    Leslie Mann’s dress looks like it’s on backwards or something. The mid section is so wonky!

  3. Rachael

    I like them all, although the top of Amy’s dress looks a smidge too big, and you’re right about Madsen needing more accessories. Otherwise, I’m good with all of these.

  4. Daffodil

    If Virginia’s dress doesn’t give her a waist even with all that wrapping (what IS the technical name for all that business?), girlfriend needs some Spanx or a different dress.

    Amy’s dress looks goofy because it looks like the fancy version of what Luke Skywalker or Anakin Skywalker or Qui-Gon Jinn run around in. It’s a dress you’d wear to the Jedi Formal. Only she’s not doing enough mind tricks to make us think it looks good.

    • Scouse Helen

      I agree re Madsen’s dress. She and her midsection deserve better than this. It looks like she bought it in a hurry from TK Maxx’s formal rail.

  5. Carol

    You may have been tired of Helen Hunt, but she just looks tired! The dress looks like a boutique tissue box design … not really exciting but blends in with surroundings well. Amy’s dress is terrifying. Virginia, go back home and change immediately!

  6. witjunkie

    Ooo, I like Helen Hunt’s dress. That is deploying a sheer outer layer to positive effect. Not horrifying.

    Leslie Mann maybe needed to go down a size? The mesh is all wrinkly! It’s making me think of Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies before she started tearing pieces of dress off.

  7. Cora

    Off-topic, but thought-provoking: Virginia Madsen and Kaley Cuoco need to be in a theatrical thing as mother and daughter. With a really cool plot, like they’re both in the CIA, or something.

  8. Ailatan

    The top half of Amy’s dress needs fixin’ and she’s good to go. Something a bit more fitted would do the trick.

  9. Lynne

    Love Helen Hunt’s dress but would love to see it in a different colour. This is washing her out a bit. Makes me think maybe it looks better in person? Virginia Madsen’s dress is not a good shape for her. The bodice on Amy’s dress is odd. And huge.

    Also, Cora, I would totally watch Kaley Cuoco and Virginia Madsen as mother-daughter spies.

  10. Brooke

    Maybe I am just crabby today, but my reactions to these ranged from SNORE to ICK. HH and Nia’s dresses both look dull and very cheap (HH’s fine until the bottom, then ew). AA: way to go out on a fashion limb, but this was unsuccessful. Virginia: you are so pretty and that dress needs to meet a untimely demise for doing such awful things to your body and making you look like a 60-year-old. Leslie: I don’t even know what’s going on here, but that dress is a big fat NO. Especially on you. You are far too sweet to pull off edgy goth. If this is what the Oscars will be, I think I will take a pass.

  11. glee

    Helen Hunt looks divine – ageless, beautiful dress on a banging bod.

    The others were blah, except Leslie Mann, whose neck muscles scared me – she was doing something weird with her arms while posing for this photo.

    • Kat

      I agree with all of the above. I unabashedly love Helen Hunt. Her dress, yeah okay, it could be better, but to me, it still falls within the realm of “fine.” Everyone else, total snoozefest.

      • Megan

        I too have a soft spot for Ms. Hunt, and I have no idea why. I feel the same way about Nia!

    • TonyG

      I’m with Kat and glee on this one. Love Helen Hunt’s dress. The rest tell me that Jessica may have a bit of a fever…just a tiny one (as in the others are not horrible, per se, just not special in any way).

  12. Sandra

    Helen Hunt needs to stand the hell up straight. (unless, you know, she is physically unable to do so, in which case, okay). Virginia Madsen needs SOMETHING: better foundation garments, a different dress……that one looks exactly like the long version of a thing I bought once in college. It…..wasn’t flattering….on me either.

  13. margaret

    Agree that Helen’s dress is a but washed out but also the design location on the front somehow draws my eyes downward and accentuate the fact that she doesn’t have a super defined waist. I dont think it’s a good choice…..

  14. margaret

    Er…meant a BIT washed out. Sorry!

  15. jen

    Leslie Mann’s dress is so unflattering to her — how could it make someone so skinny look so oddly shaped?

  16. Fifie

    This is probably not the right forum for this comment, but I simply cannot stand Helen Hunt. (Or the dress she is wearing, for that matter.) There, now that I have that off my chest, I feel better!

    • Kat

      How can one not stand Helen Hunt?!?!

      • Amanda in Austin

        I don’t enjoy Helen Hunt. I used to like her a lot on “Mad About You.” But her entire movie career has left me cold. I especially cannot stand her in “As Good As It Gets.” She just seems so full of herself, for some strange reason. I cannot explain it.

  17. Helen

    I really like all of these except that weird thing on Adams, who needs clearer mirrors and/or a better gay male friend. The rest all look great to me! Though I agree Madsen needs more bracelet.

    Leslie Mann’s is not something I’d usually like, either, but the way the materials have been deployed here… I think it works, and especially for her!

  18. jean

    Ah, another Christopher Walker fan. More cowbell is always the answer Jessica. And I agree with you about Helen Hunt. She’s great in The Sessions (very no-nonsense Helen Hunt). I also love that this group of women look like real people–age appropriate dresses, mellow make-up, nothing over the top. That said, how old is Amy Adams? Sometimes she seems like a forty year old. Is she over thirty? I can never tell. It’s not a good dress on her and her hair is blah. She needs a darker shade of red. Or to go brunette for a while. Something!

    Leslie Mann’s dress is a bit cracked out, but her innate sanity holds it together. I want to have lunch with her. Or go to a lunch where she’s giving a panel discussion. I think she would dish.

  19. Vandalfan

    Nia has boob-peplum. Me no likey.

  20. pantsonfire

    Re Nia: Be-ruffled strapless/tube dresses just don’t do it for me. Especially where the ruffles start straight at the top of the bodice. They feel floozy-ish to me. Like, specifically that word. Be-ruffled tube dress: FLOOZY. It’s like some kind of fashion psychology test.

    Re Amy: I think she has become my object of celebrity fashion frustration. I can’t remember the last time that she successfully pulled it all together. She has good raw material, so it’s frustrating when things are always just a bit (or a lot) off.

  21. Amanda in Austin

    Virginia Madsen needs to step away from the tanning booth.

  22. dawn

    Helen’s dress is lovely- but she looks so wan in that colour. I think it would look great in a warmer colour- a nice merlot, perhaps?
    And the problem with Amy isn’t the dress but the scary make-up.

  23. Kristin

    I’ve never tired of Helen. I think she rocks big-time, and how she is perceived on film is a combination of how her director has told her to act plus the screenplay (what a concept). Did you see her in The Sessions? Wow.

  24. Fifie

    Can’t rationally explain my dislike of Helen Hunt; it’s visceral. Everything about her bugs me – the way she talks, that endless forehead that makes her look like Homer Simpson, the way she moves. I just find her so irritating on some type of instinctual level.

  25. Rayna

    I ADORE all of these ladies. Interesting that some of y’all Fug Nation don’t, but as they say, difference of opinion makes for horse races.

    I love HH’s dress, all sparkly and polished, but think she would look less washed out with better make up.

    Nia is gorgeous, but that dress is not. Dresses DO exist that would both flatter her and let her hit the buffet in comfort.

    AA, I just don’t get it. I want to like it, but it’s not her. Remember how smashing she looked in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day? I hereby declare that she must always wear 1930s fashions.

  26. Nancy

    Helen Hunt looks great.

    Virginia Madsen needs a new stylist – except that I like the color.

    I like Leslie Mann’s dress, but I think it’s a smidge too tight.

  27. Esme

    Helen Hunt’s the only fab here for me, with Leslie Mann scoring the ultimate FUG!!

  28. Kit

    Helen Hunt looks GREAT comparatively speaking (I mean, have you SEEN her recently? Death warmed over doesn’t begin to cover it!)

    And Nia looks “shapeless” because she’s pregnant right now and doing her best to cope with a six month baby bump I imagine. :P

  29. Ghanimatrix

    Leslie Mann’s posture makes her look like a barbie with the head on backwards.

  30. mary lou bethune

    These women are talented, very accomplished, and of a certain age and they all look great. They do not look sleazy, weird, dirty, or inappropriate. Good on them…

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