Fines and Fabs of the Miscast Benefit


This is an annual benefit where Broadway stars perform roles they would NEVER be cast in. It always yields fantastic YouTube videos of stuff like Jonathan Groff doing his best Sutton Foster singing “Anything Goes.” (It remains a tragedy of my life that I can not sing, and therefore and for that reason only I am not a great Broadway star.) Get out your jazz hands, because this year the honoree is Judith Light and she BROUGHT IT to the red carpet. She is, in fact, the boss.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. mwk

    I’m not really sure why, but for some reason Juliana Margulies looks like she’s in an episode of Star Trek.

  2. Jenn

    Any slideshow with Spy Daddy will make my freaking day.

    Also it’s so weird to see Zosia in a dress for once.

  3. rowynn

    I find Shoshanna so irritating on Girls that I can’t even be objective about Zosia.I know, she’s SUPPOSED

  4. rowynn

    to be irritating, that’s the POINT, but yeesh, she is so irritating!

  5. Corrine Engelgau

    I feel like I’ve had a hundred dreams with Victor Garber in them turning a clock, like in Titanic. I also feel like when I do something that I really shouldn’t have, I often imagine Victor Garber’s face quite cross. He has somehow become the internal personification of my conscience over the past decade, something I didn’t realize until I saw this picture of him. Thanks GFY Girls for helping me figure out my inner workings. And their Garber facets.

  6. Bebe

    Judith looks fabulous… and yet, the ads are totally harshing my mellow. I keep thinking I’ll get over it, but each time I visit, they are more annoying. They pop up, I try to X them out, and I get transported to, like, a Kia ad or something. Ugh. Love your site, but OH I wish you could dial back the advertisements. They are wince-inducing.

    • Jessica

      I don’t know which ads you are referencing, as I have seen none of those. As always, PLEASE EMAIL US if you have ad issues, and maybe we can help you! Thank you!

      We would love to run GFY w.o ads at all, obviously, but pictures are very very VERY expensive.

    • Lulu

      Get an ad-blocker extension/add-on for your browser. I use firefox with adblocker plus on it and I’ve never seen any of the ads people complain about, and my internet surfing is so much nicer. :)

      • Bebe Balocca

        I will look into that, Lulu. (Or, to be more accurate, I will ask my husband, the tech guy, to look into it.) I would love to have an ad-free (or drastically reduced) experience on this site. I usually pop in at least once a day and that would be a treat. Thank you! :)

  7. Sandra

    GFY Jessica, you might never make it on Broadway, but unless you are truly tone-deaf–as in cannot hear variations of pitch–a good teacher can teach you to sing. I know this because I was fortunate to find a good teacher. It’s a lot of work and I’ll never be a soloist, but singing alto in the choir is a ton of fun.

    • Helen

      True. Most people [i]can[/i] sing with basic competence, given a little ear training and breathing technique. It isn’t going to turn anyone into Ella Fitzgerald, but the majority of us can get good enough that any office party would want us leading “Happy Birthday.”

      Which is a lot of fun! Well worth doing IMO.

      • Vandalfan

        And there’s always Autotune. If it works for Taylor Swift and Beyonce, why not?

  8. Debbie Hartzman

    NOT “depressed formal” – dark as night so as to illuminate Ms. Light!!!

  9. Reg

    Judith Light is just timeless. Wowza! That coat hanging off the shoulder is so awesomely Angela Bower that it made my day 5 million times over.
    And Victor Garber is always a welcome sight :)

  10. LoriK

    The boring black seems less annoying if you don’t think of it as depressed formal, but instead consider it a lucky case of allowing the honoree to shine.

  11. ErinE

    Angela Bower looks amazing! I wish Alyssa Milano had been there.

  12. Eli

    I am impressed with how svelte Judith looks considering how much scenery she chews through on Dallas.

  13. Celine

    I can’t even comment on the outfits because I am now on a new mission to procure tickets to next year’s gala. DAMN IT.

    Also, Judith is divine.

  14. Elizabeth in SF

    I once encountered Victor Garber in a random coffee shop in Vancouver. He’s even more awesome looking in person. I did my best not to stare and failed miserably, then comforted myself with the knowledge that I’d have stared even if he wasn’t “famous” but simply because the view was lovely. He was also polite and cheerful with the staff, which is always nice. He doesn’t seem to be a secret ogre in a very handsome disguise.

  15. Nan

    I met Judith Light last year at the stage door for ‘Other Desert Cities’ and she was soo nice. I told her it was my first Broadway show and she gave me a big hug. She really is the boss.

  16. Sajorina

    Angela Bower & Jack Bristow on the same slideshow? AWESOME! They both look AMAZING!