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Winona always looks like she is terrified in advance, as if she owns an unruly pet and hates going home because she just knows the sitter is going to tell her that it ate another pair of shoes and then tried to mate with her purse.

Which is too bad, because this is a perfectly nice outfit. With confidence — just a little extra zing — she could sparkle in it. Look how not-tentative she is here. What do we have to do to bring back that girl? She’s still gorgeous, and I REALLY want her to get into a project I’m excited to see because I miss her, but it’s hard to sell either an outfit or oneself if you look like you are about to duck preemptively in case the locust plague starts.

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  1. Sara

    She looks alarmingly thin. I wish she’d go back to her 90′s pixie cut.

    Oh, the dress? It’s fine.

    • rb

      a few suggestions for the GFY ladies:

      1) i know you’re trying to be very PC, but there is some hypocrisy in allowing people to comment on certain celebs’ weight or hairstyles or *ahem* tattoos, then letting others slide. this is a message board, not a censor bureau. just let stupid people speak their minds. it reflects poorly on them, not you. it also doesn’t make sense that YOU can say whatever the hell you want to say, but you monitor everyone else. i realize you will probably block this comment altogether, so — go lenin!

      2) this blog is *supposed* to be about fashion, but we all know it’s not exclusively about that. fashion includes the hair, accessories, makeup, and even to a degree the personality and stylist’s wishes — right? i wish there was a GFY app for my phone, and i wish that you would create a kind of Glamour do’s and don’ts except without the obvious bar across the eyes, just decapitate the fashion. you might get further without censoring or scolding to let the clothes speak for themselves.

      3) however, if you did that, i could not be able to comment that her hair is teased like my mom’s from 1967-1995 (thank god the divorce set her coif free), and yes she is terribly too thin. just as lena dunham is too voluptuous for that yellow V neck dress. that’s not un-feminist of me. that’s not cruel. that’s my opinion, and it’s also part of fashion — you’re supposed to pick what suits you. this ENTIRE blog (which i love about 85% of the time) is about judgment. do not pretend otherwise.

      • Emma

        It’s not about being PC, or even feminist. It’s just about not bodysnarking. I don’t think GFY is “about judgement.” It’s more like a form of satire, and it’s generally good-natured. Clothes are fair game, especially on celebrities, who can afford never to wear the same things twice. Clothes are a superficial layer, and can be changed. Commenting on hair and makeup is fair, too. Commenting about weight loss and weight gain descends into bitchiness fast. You can find that sort of thing on any number of gossip sites. Personally I’m glad the tone at GFY is a little more light and cheerful. It’s why I keep coming back.

  2. Erin S

    Some how, some way she looks like a really scrawny, terrified Tina Fey here. Any other circumstance, a comparison to Tina would be an ENORMOUS compliment, and here she is doing them both a disservice.

  3. BrownEyedBetty

    She’s beautiful. Those *eyes* !! Jeepers Creepers. I love that color on her. Overall, I’d say this is a win…even if she looks a bit wan. Ha!

  4. McLisa

    Certain medications tend to dull the spark in our favorite performers. However, I love seeing Wynona out and about. She looks great!

  5. qwertygirl

    Pretty dress, good makeup. But she looks like she didn’t do last night’s reading, and she’s terrified the teacher is going to call on her, and she’s not doing so well in this class to start with. Cheer up, Wino–it’ll be OK.

  6. Helen

    It’s very Ladies Who Lunch, and that’s okay with me. I agree it’d be nice to see a little more verve (and a bracelet wouldn’t go amiss either), but this is pretty.

  7. Abbe

    “What do we have to do to bring back that girl? She’s still gorgeous, and I REALLY want her to get into a project I’m excited to see because I miss her”

    I so agree. She’s like the precursor of all the actors who trip over their own potential and are so electric that somehow they manage to channel the whole country’s (self) righteous disgust, where once there was praise.

  8. Sue

    She bugged the bejeezus out of me all through the 90s but I do wish she’d regain her confidence. No one should look this unsure of themvelves at 41. You are WINONA EFFING RYDER.

  9. VV

    Eat something, Winona.

    • Jessica

      I call for a ban on all “eat [x]” comments, PLEASE YOU GUYS. PLEASE.

  10. SKGD

    Winona does look gorgeous, that colour suits her and I do like the dress, but when did she become such a bobble-head? Someone please give that girl a sandwich, or three or four!

  11. maryse

    she has such a gorgeous face. i think what she’s wearing though is aging her.

    • Gab

      I disagree, respectfully, at a certain age us ladies can have a youthful face with a little extra on our bones or we can be teeny tiny with a haggard face. I love her but she doesn’t look healthy.

  12. maria

    I was trying to say how much I´ve missed her without even knowing it. Girl, more confidence, you are überpretty and you can act.
    And now, directors please cast her in an oscar role, and winona will be back for good.

  13. glee

    I think better make-up (as we saw a few days ago on this site!) would perk things right up, as would:

    1) another dress

    2)we agree not to diss body types here, but there is a reason celebs go to fillers – here, she looks like she doesn’t have enough fat on her ass to inject into her cheecks. But a nice juicy burger (it can be veggie) will go a long way!

    Off topic, Goopy – the most beautiful person in the world? Kudos to her PR team!

  14. Cath

    I thought we weren’t doing the body snarking anymore??

  15. PB

    She’s looking a bit wan, which would be perfect if she were playing a consumptive heiress in a period drama. Probably not so perfect for a red carpet event.

  16. Sheila

    I actually thought it was a very gaunt Tina Fey until I looked back at the title and squinted. Winona’s always been very slender though and I think with a wink and a smile she would’ve pulled this off perfectly.

  17. hillary l.

    I want Winona and Tina Fey to do a movie together playing sisters. And not just because I think W and Tina need to hang out (but really – they do.)

  18. Jill

    I’m getting a very Giada Delaurentiis vibe from her. I don’t remember her head looking that big compared to the rest of her body and those are some serious clavicles she’s working there!

  19. Other Emily

    She looks beautiful, although very thin. That’s NOT body snarking, it’s concern. Wino Forever is a very petite woman anyway, and for her to be even smaller is a little worrying. That said, the dress looks nice on her, her eyes are gorgeous, and I’m always happy to see her.

  20. brian

    Is it just me or does she look a little like Susan Lucci here?

  21. amys

    I LOVE her ring.

  22. Josephine

    So, the last round of indefensible body criticism was pretty recent, and the Fug Girls stated in no uncertain terms that it was not welcome, and yet here we go again. Almost a third of the comments so far are about how readers find Ryder’s body unacceptable in some way, never mind the fact that, as is always the case, we don’t know the woman or her life and it’s none of our business. Would we express our “concern” in this way about a larger woman rather than a smaller one? How about one with some obvious acne?–to change the example to a visible, actual health issue with many potential causes: “Oh, if only she would take proper care of herself and eat better and wash her face, she’d look so much nicer!” That sounds judgmental and nasty, right? Sounds like criticizing the lifestyle of someone whose life you know next to nothing about, including what degree of control they have over all the various parts of their appearance. Sounds familiar.

    Somebody here even pulled the egregious “I know I’m not supposed to do this, but…HERE I GO DOING IT ANYWAY.”

    I am done with reading comments here.

    • MegaeraThe3rdFury

      ‘bye Josephine.

    • Helen

      I don’t blame you, Josephine. It isn’t enough to make me want to stop coming here, but that this comes so close on the heels of someone making fun of a 17-year-old for having adolescent oily-face is dismaying at best.

      • Jessica

        I asked people to dial it down at 12:30 and mostly, everyone did – for which I thank you all.

        I think we have some of the best commenters on the internet. You guys are almost always civil, on topic, and delightful, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I am once again asking you guys to, as we used to say on TWoP, “think twice and post once” when it comes to people’s bodies. I understand the urge to talk about someone’s thinness, or whatever, but we all know that this always leads to the exact same conversation and it’s never on topic or productive and it makes me want to tear my hair out. I’d rather talk about whether or not Winona and Johnny will ever get back together.

        Thanks again.

        • Helen

          >>I’d rather talk about whether or not Winona and Johnny will ever get back together.

          That would be the BEST THING EVER.

  23. kickassmomnyc

    Bring back the vibrant, sexy Winona! Who is this mousey woman?
    The dress, hair, everything make her look old beyond her years.

  24. MegaeraThe3rdFury

    Always afraid someone is going to bring up the shoplifting.

    • Helen

      Then maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to do it.

      • Sandra

        I hope she finds whatever it is she needs to give her that inner glow; she’s a lovely, talented woman.

  25. Pherfer

    She’s very private and doesn’t like doing press junkets.
    Nice to see her back in a movie!!!!

  26. Tracey

    I’m sorry, the first thing I thought was that for Winona Ryder, she looks unhealthy. I have been a fan for years and she is much smaller than I recall ever seeing her I actually feel uncomfortable with this photo. So while I do not support snarky comments about her size, I am not surprised people are noticing it. It’s worrisome.

  27. Jo

    Positive comments are the ideal, but realistically somebody somewhere has to start talking about the thinness of many female actors. Obviously we shouldn’t be criticising the individuals but we should be talking about a celebrity culture that decrees that the only good female body is a slowly vanishing one.

    • Jules

      Agreed – calling any genuine expression of concern ‘bodysnarking’ and dismissing it as ‘negative’ overlooks the real damage of a culture of beauty built up around, as you brilliantly call it, slowly vanishing.

  28. Esme

    I love this dress; the color looks great on her. I haven’t seen her for a while and to me, she looks just about as I’d think she’d look–and good for 41 years old

    • Val

      Agreed, agreed, Emma. She’s picked a great but understated and classy dress. Ms. Ryder has the taste to wear something flattering and (I’m guessing), appropriate for the event, and it doesn’t have: 1. a slit up to her crotch, 2. weird cut out sections to make the garment “edgy”; 3. sheer sections exposing what color/type of undergarment she is wearing; furthermore the dress isn’t made of: 4. leather; 5. lace; 6. meat; 7. chains; or 8. ghastly fabric with faces that stare back at the viewer.

      • Helen

        Love how you sneaked “meat” into that list of recent hilarious but horrific transgressions. Well played!

  29. Joey

    I think she looks great here – I think she’s pulled out some great looks ever since her “return to prominence” in… 2009-ish? Lovely dress, lovely colour. I would almost say that if I had such beautiful eyes I would look terrified all the time too – best way to show them off. I’ll never forget how I used to be able to recite “Little Women” from memory. I found her really magnetic back then. “Wino Forever” is something that my friends and I often say regarding our own wine vs. beer leanings.

  30. Sajorina

    I like the dress and it’s very pretty on her! The jewelry and nailpolish are nice also! But, I think the makeup is too dark, just lighten it up and she’d look radiant!

  31. RebekahMacd

    I think she looks lovely despite the timidity and now I am going to watch Little Women this afternoon.

  32. Tamburlaine

    Ah, I love Winona. She could be wearing a bin bag and I’d give her a pass. But the dress is lovely on her, and the shoes are perfect.

  33. Gingerlocks

    She looks A LOT like Tina Fey’s thinner, younger sister…the one who was always the ‘chubby one’ growing up but then – thanks to a bout of mono in college and a no-eating past 8PM rule at the sorority – came home for Christmas break 40 lbs lighter.

  34. Emma

    She does ALWAYS look terrified! Like a skittish bunny. It’s like she’s been in hiding post-shoplifting, and now that Tim Burton has dragged her back into the limelight, she’s uber-shy, gazing at the camera under her lashes and saying “you guys…like me now?” We like you, Winona! All is forgiven! We remember Reality Bites and Mermaids and Edward Scissorhands! And the quality stuff like The Crucible and Little Women! We’ve politely forgotten Mr Deeds and Autumn in New York! Everybody clap your hands together and say “I DO believe in Winona! I DO believe in Winona!”

  35. absmtl

    She is beautiful but I think you glossed over how deathly skinny she looks. Very unhealthy…

  36. Lizzy

    I feel like I’d be way more on board if her hair was different. She’s so lovely, but other than her famous pixie, I don’t know that she knows how best to wear her hair. The tease of her hair makes her look out of proportion. I almost wonder if that’s what some of these comments are noticing.

  37. Zed

    I don’t think it’s snarky to be concerned about the health of someone who’s underweight, no one has been poking fun at her for that. But otherwise – very pretty, classy, lovely to see her not being desperate for attention and wearing something horribly inappropriate. I don’t like the shoes much, too pointy and high – but definitely fine overall.

  38. HKS

    I really like the dress, the jewels and shoes – but the hair and eye makeup look wacky to me.

  39. Vandalfan

    I came late to this party, and would note that it’s just not nice comment that folks look fat OR skinny. It’s childish, obvious, cruel, and come on, Mom taught us better.

    But at GFY we don’t say “wow, look how big Christina’s gazongas are!” but that she could change her clothing to make the best of the situation and flatter herself. I approach prominent ears, foreheads, and shiny makeup the same way: If it can be adjusted from day to day, then adjust it. You can’t gain or lose weight like you can change your hat, hair, or powder your nose.

    And tattoos are a deliberate, voluntary, choice and therefore fair game.

  40. laura

    sorry- I didn’t read the thread. I was posting as an MD, not as someone who has treated her but as someone who recognizes the signs and is concerned, and does not want to let them go unremarked.

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