Fehs and Fines of the Paley Fest New Girl Panel


I am still mad at FOX for cancelling Ben and Kate, but I love them for giving me Schmidt. Heather and I watched the New Girl pilot after a night at Fashion Week where we had accidentally had A LOT of wine, and we were all, “this is good! But we might be drunk,” and I am pleased every week since that it’s good even when I am NOT drinking. There’s a pull quote for your bus ads, FOX: “NEW GIRL: FUN EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT DRINKING.”

Let’s raise a glass and look at some outfits.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. k

    Schmidt! I have loved him ever since he was Deputy Leo on Veronica Mars.

    • Annie S.

      Yes! Deputy Leo is somehow still my favorite of Veronica’s ex-boyfriends, marble-mouthedness and all.

  2. witjunkie

    Me too, everything. Except: WHAT is with the sh*tkicker shoes everywhere now? Is this a real thing now? It’s silly with nice clothes, I don’t care.

    • Lisa

      I could not agree more about the shoes. WTF?

      • Helen

        Yeah, I don’t like the distressed-shoe trend, either.

        But overall, he still does look the best here.

        • Ellyn

          Rather than an actual style choice, the distressed shoes that show up at Hollywood events seem more like randomly chosen footwear that has been gathering dust bunnies in the back of the guy’s closet since the first Bush Administration.

    • Emma

      Okay, I kind of like distressed shoes on males. It makes them look like they’ve been doing something manly, and not just scuffing around on red carpets.

  3. hfree

    I think Zoey needs a cardigan, red maybe? I generally think it’s a bit jarring to have dark tights with a sleeveless dress. If it’s cold enough for tights, it’s cold enough for a cardi.

  4. Shannon

    ZOOEY, girl, please for the love of god STAND UP STRAIGHT and quit that “Aren’t I sooo adorable” head cock. NO. Okay, rant over. Well, except for the fact that I am going to rip those tights away from her so I never have to see them again. What is with the constant tights fetish?

    • Karen G

      Here is my tights theory. Well, it’s how I do the tights, and so I’m assuming her motives are similar.

      Day one – shave legs, wear dress with bare legs.
      Day two – wear dress with tights, so you can’t tell that my legs have a little stubble.
      Day three – wear pants.
      Day four – shave legs …

      Of course this doesn’t work in the summer.

    • M

      I agree! The constant ZD head tilt drives me crazy! It’s only cute if you do it sometimes, not every freaking time a photo gets snapped. =P

      • Tiffany

        I was kind of indifferent about her, but she is on the cover of my recent Instyle. Then she is also in an ad in the middle of it, with her eyes BUGGING OUT in that “wide-eyed and quirky” thing she does. So irritating. If you are quirky, it will come across even if you are just standing there smiling like a normal person. I feel like she pushes and forces too much.
        The dress is cute, but I agree about adding a cardigan/jacket if you are wearing tights.

      • Chris

        I have a theory that her head tilt is like my involuntary eye blink whenever someone takes a photo. It just happens and it is in every picture of me ever. I’ve ruined so many moments.

    • theotherjennifer

      I do not understand black tights at all unless you are living where I do (New England in the winter)…whack if you ask me.

      • Cucina49

        Or in Alaska, where I do. I don’t want to count how many pairs I have!

  5. cathy

    sigh… i’m in love with nick too…

    • Jessica

      I think I may be in love with Nick Miller too. But I justify it because my name is Jess too!

      • Jessica

        Maybe all Jesses love Nicks.

        • JessicaAZ

          True statement, I love me some Nick as well. I want so badly to play True American!!

          • Jessica

            I found the rules to True American online. I don’t entirely understand them, I admit, but I am totally going to try playing it some day. One, Two, Three, Four, JFK!

        • Annie S.

          My sister’s best friend is a Jess married to a Nick. We all thought it was a coincidence when Simpson married Lachey…

        • Jasmine

          I have always been confused FOR a Jess, which might explain why I also am thoroughly in love with Nick Miller.

          Then again, my boyfriend IRL is also named Nick, which might have some weird happiness association thing to do with it.

    • Erin

      I co-sign on the Nick love. There’s just something in the way Jake Johnson plays him that makes him loveable, and not loveable in the way that makes him a project, but loveable in that there are worse guys to whom I could be attracted.

    • Zulk


  6. Corriner

    “Let the Decider decide! I am not the Suggester!”

    I love Nick Miller. Something about the grumpy old man vibe just warms my heart.

  7. Jessica

    I am sad I didn’t manage to work in my favorite line from the most recent episode: “THE THEME IS….MASCULINE GARDEN PARTY.”

  8. Vanessa

    Can Fug Nation bring back Ben and Kate? Kate and BJ are two funny ladies.

  9. Siobhan

    I just watched the whole first season over the course of a couple days and I’m obsessed with Jake Johnson. He needs an Emmy now. Even just for the “GAVE ME COOKIE, GOT YOU COOKIE!” exchange with Schmidt. That killed me dead. And, as Nick said, that kiss was like a damn fairytale. Sigh. Nick in his hoodie is cute enough but I’m also loving Jake in that grey suit.

    I think Hannah Simone may be the only person on Earth that can pull off that color orange. Just gorgeous on her.

    • Patricia H

      He did speak the truth. It was a fairy tale! So dreamy! He looks so good in the suit!

    • na

      Actually, most of us brown girls can pull of that orange. Hey, if we’re going to get frisked in airports, we should get something, right? :)

  10. Lisa

    I was there last night — if you can find a pic of Zooey in the coat she was wearing with the dress — also B&W, but a different pattern — do it. I drooled. You’ll drool. And I think the tights thing was one of those blacks-look-different-sometimes-in-different-lights thing.

  11. Sarah

    I guess I’m just an old fuddy-duddy, but I just can’t deal with navy tights with black shoes.

    • Heather

      Neither can I. You’re not alone.

      • Julie

        Like Lisa said above, I think it’s just that black can be different shades in different materials with different lighting.

  12. tigers4us

    Zooey’s dress is cute, but I think it’s a bit young for her. And at 33, that winsome li’l girl look is past it’s prime. Way past.

    • Kat

      It’s Kate Spade, and I adore that dress, but I somewhat agree with you. I feel like she could’ve styled it a little more maturely. With a dress the errs towards twee, plus the tights (which I’m not hating on, I love tights, but it does make it look younger), it just goes in the wrong direction. Think of this with her hair up and some fabulous earrings!

    • Edith

      THIS. SO MUCH THIS. If it weren’t for the chest cut-out, this dress could be for an 8-year-old. Someone mentioned that she wore a fabulous coat with it, but she must have planned on going inside, and thus should have styled this playdress differently. (Also – coat? over sleeveless? Pick a season, Zoe.) Especially given the tweeness of her persona, a little bit of sophistication would go a long way. A great red jacket, for example. Maybe some jewelry, or even a purse just like the grown-up ladies carry! Otherwise, it comes across as if she’s crossing the line from manic pixie dream girl into amnesia victim who thinks she’s still in 5th grade.

  13. Reddest Roar

    Fancied Nick and his grumpy turtle face for yonks, but when he said, “This coat has clean lines and pockets that will not QUIT”, I was lost forever…

  14. Nicky

    Hannah Simone looks beautiful!

    I hope you guys do the parenhood paley fest panel

  15. jenelope

    Doesn’t everyone love Nick Miller? I haven’t been able to delete “The Cooler” from my DVR because when I’m feeling sad or lonely, I replay that kiss. I am a cliche.

  16. KellyG

    I LOVE NICK MILLER. And I love this show, no shame.

    “You guys are like Bert and Ernie…”


  17. TonyG

    Max Greenfield does look the most pulled together among them men, but the shoes are a crime against haberdashery.

    Are scuffed up boots/shoes on men a thing (as in pre-washed jeans were a thing).

    Like, can you buy them pre-scuffed?

    I hope not.

  18. Lisa

    Here’s the coat. She took it off for the photos on the red carpet. The posture in this photo makes it look a lot less glorious than it was. http://www.splashnewsonline.com/2013-03-12/zooey-deschanel-takes-new-girl-to-paley-fest/spl509139_037-wm900-jpg/

    • Cucina49

      Hmm. I’m not sure I like the dress and coat together, but I’ve been coveting the coat itself…also Kate Spade.

  19. Vandalfan

    Zooey- swap the useless cut-out for a bright neon belt.

  20. Kell From Syd

    Jessica – I too have a major crush on Nick Miller. But I also really loved Jake Johnson (which sounds like a fake name, actually) in Safety Not Guaranteed. But then in that he also played a guy with major commitment/emotional/’get your shit together boy’ issues.

    Oh man. many of my poor man choices are suddenly becoming clear.

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  22. Sajorina

    I’d love it if Zooey was waring red lipstick & red shoes, sans tights and standing straight! Schmidt looks DELICIOUS! And I also love Nick!!!

    By the way, the Pilot is my favorite episode… I literally fell to the floor laughing!

  23. Emma

    The Daily Mail said photographers were “literally blinded” by Hannah Simone’s dress. Which is tragic, and a phenomenon presumably of interest to opthamologists.

    Love ‘New Girl.’ It’s unexpectedly awesome. I kind of adore Schmidt.

  24. lola

    At first I loved Nick- especially the way he looked after Jess. But now, they’ve added so much weirdness to him- surpassing Jess’ weirdness that it’s starting to skeeve me a little. The used porta potty thing was kinda a corner for me. ….Is it just me? Anyway, I hope they give the guy his balls and his brains back soon.

    If I lived in New Girl world, I think I’d most rather hang out with Winston, out of all of them.