Fashion Week Fugs and Fabs of Vanessa Hudgens

Let’s check in on the current Fug Madness champion, in the sunset of her reign.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. rowynn

    #6 looks like she threw a coat over her nightgown to step outside to get the paper. All she’s lacking is the fuzzy slippers.

  2. Stefanie

    Wow. The blue dress, the b&w skirt and B&w dress are seriously cute. Even the jumpsuit is good…for a jumpsuit. Really, even the last two aren’t as bad as we’ve seen. Could it be? Is Vanessa finally embracing the fact she doesn’t have to look homeless to get our attention?

  3. Lucille Austero

    Fug the grammar. Cats lying down with dogs. But seriously, you talked to Matt Damon? That’s enough to make anyone forget her grammar. You’re fugged and forgiven all at once.

  4. malevolent andrea

    I have to admit that I even like that last outfit. It’s like she stepped straight out of 1973, and that’s okay by me. It’s a look.

  5. Sandra

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Stockholm Fashion Week Syndrome is setting in. The jumpsuit isn’t as bad as others of the breed, but it isn’t actually good either. It’s beige, it’s three feet taller than she is and is eating her feet. The bodice doesn’t fit properly, as is clearly evidenced in the side view. No side-boob, thanks the gods, but it isn’t the same size as she is. The day dresses are cute. The last two, well, she’s still Vanessa Hudgens, ya know?

  6. Holly Hamilton

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  7. Squirrel!

    Love the new Like/Dislike buttons!!

    • Squirrel!

      Need to append my original comment because now I am seeing more to the setup. I like having the buttons as an option, but I definitely do not care for the extras such as “Hot debate,” “Well-loved,” or “Poorly-rated” in conjunction with “Hidden due to low comment rating,” and color coding.

      • CakesOnAPlane

        I consider myself a pretty tech-saavy person, open to change (I work with digital/electronic media for a living), and yet I feel very disoriented by this new rating system. Especially when I can’t tell what is part of the text submitted by the poster and what the rating system has appended to the comment.

        Preach it sister! (just kidding, that was me who typed that).

  8. TonyG

    ‘Nessa looks pretty damned good (good for her!). Liked all the outfits except slide 6. She has gets an A- from me. Love the pulled back hair in the jumpsuit slides too.

  9. tigers4us

    I’ve always thought that Vanessa was a long-lost Olsen sister, fashion-wise, so it’s nice to see her in some of these outfits. She deserves better than the fancy nightgown & leopard-print jacket (robe?). And the updo is very flattering and cute!

    • Mrs. Ditter

      I sure got an Olsen Twin facial expression vibe in the last two slides. Never noticed it before.

  10. Tiffany

    She looks so great in that blue dress. I think bold color looks wonderful on her. She is such a cute girl, why does she fug it up so much? The blue dress and the skirt and blouse combo look really good and they show off her figure.

  11. AM

    I’ve always thought she is a cute young woman, but she’s kind of making a Zoolander face in a few of these. To quote Annie, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

  12. ErinE

    Until the last two pictures, I was feeling so happy for VHudge! I was thinking she finally came into her own, fashion-wise. She’s quirky and nontraditional, but she found things that were adorable and charming on her, but still made them her own. And then the hats/leopard/awfulness happened. sigh. Maybe she was using a stylist at some of the events?

  13. Helen

    3, 4, and 5 are all super-cute. But I have to agree about the Zoolander Face in #5.

    She’s so cute herself, it’s funny, though. So that’s all right.

  14. Eli

    Wait…please don’t tell me that the cute dress she wore to the Chloe Sevigny show was actually by Chloe herself? Because then the imbalance of the world will never, ever be rectified.

  15. Eirwen

    This rating thing doesn’t work on this kind of website layout. That’s why it’s disorientating. It’s also quite dismissive of commentators who don’t get ratings by hiding their comments. Why not filter by most popular comments like other sites do?

  16. Claire1

    I kind of like the last one. Then again it reminds me of some of my fabulously whacky bay area friends…. she’s about 20 years too young to wear it…but it’s fun…

    • Ellyn

      The last outfit felt sort of like something Lisa Bonet would have worn–it’s the kinship of bohemian fug girls?

  17. Lily1214

    I don’t really care for pantsuits but she looks terrific in this one.