Fabs and Fun: The Hats and Medals of the Luxembourg Royal Wedding


We already looked at the wedding party. But I KNOW you guys want to look at the crazy hats and the fancy fancy dress uniforms of a wide, wide variety of random royal and quasi-royal folk. I feel like we learned this when Kate and Wills got married, but WOW there are a lot of titled folks running around Europe. I like to think they all spend a lot of time talking shit about each other over their morning toast points, and that at least one of them has firmly set her cap for Prince Harry — with a dedicated war room featuring wall composed solely of shirtless photos of him and everything. The internet has a LOT of dirt on many of these people, which we will get into herewith, but no one’s documented THAT yet.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. sophie

    Carl Philipp = Orlando Bloom

  2. steen

    See, you can wear grey and look great. I personally love the color.

  3. valueofaloonie

    Guys, I wish there was a royal wedding every weekend.

    • A.

      Me too! But only if it comes with Fug Girls commentary :-) Please keep these coming, I love the clothes, the hats, and the hilariously presented interesting tidbits (aka gossip) about people I’ve never heard of before this slideshow.

  4. kathotdog

    I read “Llama Salama.” I am sticking to it.
    Also, I need a fascinator, or many fascinators and hair-doos and outfits to accompany.

  5. Donna

    Hmm, Carl Philipp: Daniel Radcliffe? Elijah Wood? That kind of little guy?

  6. KMG

    I love royal weddings. ALLEGEDLY Princess Letizia hates Prince Felipe’s sisters AND Prince Felipe’s father is being sued by two separate people claiming he is their father. That information is taking up room in my brain I could be using for more useful skills, but oh well.

  7. selkie

    Why is Princess maxima carrying a fish…

    • Dazie

      It’s a glove.

      Which begs the question- why are most of the ladies wearing one glove and carrying the other? I thought it was because they were shaking hands, but some have the left glove off, some the right.

      I need a Royal Glove Subject Matter Expert here.

  8. Dazie

    I really really want to go to a Royal Wedding. I’d be panicked though- the last two weddings I went to I was totally stressed about what to wear and ended up with hideous shoes at both. Oh- and a maternity dress at one of them. I haven’t been pregnant in 16 years. It fit though, which was cool but kind of depressing.

    The couple is no longer together. I do not blame my dress.

    • understateddiva

      I have a maternity skirt that I LOVE and wear with absolutely no shame.

  9. Jesse

    How I knew there were ridiculous numbers of titled folks running around in the world in general: Two of them (more or less) on Real Housewives of NYC!

  10. Mair Mair

    1) Princess Luisa looks like Emma Thompson; 2) I love almost all these hats, but I think Lydia de Schaetzen’s is my fave; 3) Lydia looks like she’d be fun to have toast points and cocktails with; 4) 24 photos and not a fug among them. That’s got to be some kind of GFY record.

    • Nancy

      Lydia is my favorite also! Her dress has a built-in cervical collar for when the festivities gets out of hand late into the night (as these things always do); I congratulate her smart thinking dress designer.

    • Steph

      I came in here to say exactly that! I immediately saw Emma Thompson. I also thought Orlando Bloom as the actor one of the prince’s resembles.

      The recaps of royal weddings are amazing. I <3 GFY.

      • Vandalfan

        Absolutely Emma Thompson. But I am appalled that a Crowned Head was so crass as to wear black to a wedding. I’m also marking this for Further Perusal, and link clicking.

        The MOG looks both delightful and delighted.

  11. Mouse

    I got Henry Cavill vibes from that dude – maybe it’s the chiselled jaw line?

    The two from Jordan are absolutely adorable.

    I covet Salama’s gorgeous auburn locks.

    I also covet a number of these chic suit ensembles. I would be the best dressed at work.

  12. Sally

    Carl Philip looks a bit like Ben Whishaw to me, or possibly Jim Sturgess.

  13. Erika

    Prince Jean of France looks a bit hungover. Or maybe it’s the lighting? Also, I went to his Wikipedia page, and thought to myself “oh, he looks a lot better here! Although he kind of looks like Jimmy Wales, come to think of it…”


  14. Maria

    Prince Carl Phillip = Casey Affleck

  15. Elaine

    the luxembourg royal family is ridiculously good looking. i’m only 24… sign me up for the 20 year old?? that’s not too creepy…right?

    also, i want fancy pretty skirt suits and dress coats.

  16. varvara

    love your blog, read you everyday and think you are hilarious.
    So, I would like to share a little information, that Greece has no king nor ay royalties since 1974. Just setting the record straight…

    • Jessica

      Nor do a lot of those places — look at France! I’m just IDing them as they prefer to be addressed. The piece on Marie-Chantal and husband that I linked to gets into the whole Greek Royal Family thing as well, it’s quite a read.

  17. Erin

    Carl = Penn Badgley methinks.

    I agree with Mair above…NO FUGS!

  18. pidget

    Oooh – this was good fun! Thanks for the entertaining and gently gossipy tidbits. More please!

  19. Mara

    Carl Philip reminds me of Paul Rudd, weirdly enough.

  20. Kati

    Norway’s Martha Louise is actually Märtha Louise, she is named after her grandmother. (And she usually wears quite fascinating outfits.) And Princess Mette-Marit is actually Crown Princess Mette-Marit. (Please don’t hate me for nitpicking?) :)

  21. TonyG

    Prince Sebastien (2nd from left in slide 7) looks like JohnBoy Walton.

    Countess Luisa de Lannoy’s dangling deep red glove in slide 6 looks like it could be a bloated prop from Dexter (though I love the matching hat and shoes she is wearing).

    Prince Philip of Sweden has a touch of Antonio Banderas and a touch of Jeff Gordon, which, together, is a whole lot of handsome.

    As far as an English actor he looks like, I was stumped. Googling young English actors, brought up someone I though he looked a little like: Richard Madden without his beard. Sorry, Jessica, that’s the best I could come up with.

  22. TaraMisu

    1. I wished I lived in Europe so I too could wear fabulous hats.
    2. I’m glad I don’t live in Europe because I do not have a good hat head. In my mind they look great on me…

    Thank you for a nice afternoon diversion :)

  23. Kelly Gardner

    I think Carl Philip looks like Henry Cavill with a dash of Orlando Bloom.

    • eva

      Completely agree! Or like Orlando Bloom with a dash of Henry Cavill :) In any case, very good looking

  24. Gine

    I think I love royals so much because it’s really fun to see normal-looking people in super fancy garb. (I mean, plenty of them are attractive, but by regular humans standards, not celebrity standards.)

  25. Lynne

    Okay, I have notes:
    1) There is actually a person in the world named Princess Maxima. And also one named Countess Louisa de Lanney. Both of those people should exist inside a chidren’s book but are in the actual world. This makes me happy.
    2) Sophie, Countess of Wessex looks fabulous!
    3) I seriously love Victoria and Daniel of Sweden. Adorable. And I’m in love with her coat.
    4) I am in love with many coats seen at this wedding
    5) Princess Lalla Salma with the flowy blue number has maybe the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen.

    Why are there not at least two of these royal weddings per year?

  26. Eli

    Princess Maxima is the greatest superhero name ever. Also, helloooo Prince Felix.

    • Isabel

      Absolutely! And she always looks stunning. We Dutchies are very glad to have her!

      Also, the present Queen of Jordania is called Rania. Noor is the Queen-Mother, King Hussain’s widow. However, she still carries the title of Queen, hence the confusion I think. Details ;)

  27. M

    Wow, this post has taught me that Orlando Bloom and Casey Affleck kinda look like each other. And Prince Carl Philip looks like he could be their brother!

  28. Erica

    So fun! I want to go to a royal wedding.
    Though I am mean, and I think Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (yeah, I copied-and-pasted that mofo) looks a bit like a greyhound. And the trailing fur is not helping.

    • hildine

      Hhaha!! Oh God, that made me chuckle. Greyhound indeed (well, they are fine looking creatures, so no shame in that! haha)

  29. Kirst

    I am much in lust with Prince Pavlos of Greece.

  30. Eli

    Um also I started reading the Vanity Fair article you linked to and it says Bitchface McDuty-Free and Pavlos met at a “Niarchos family birthday bash”…does that reference the family of Stabby Nachos, onetime paramour of GFY staple Paris Hilton??

  31. BerriG

    I didn’t realize that Princess Letizia was so tiny! And I agree, I wish there was a royal wedding every weekend!

    • MariRose

      I read somewhere that she’s 5’7″, which is taller than a lot of women, but I guess she just looks like an elf next to her super tall husband.

  32. Carol

    The couple in photo 24 win the wedding guest contest for longest hyphenated names! I would like to know, though, how the Count came to have the first name of “Jefferson”?

    • Vandalfan

      Prince Daniel threw me, too, but he’s an Ordinary person. I’ll bet the Fug Gal’s spell check had conniption fits with this posts.

  33. trish

    You can’t find Princess Miriam of Hungary because she is Princess Miriam of Bulgaria. Or Princess of Turnova. Her husband is in a coma due to a car accident.

  34. Sandra

    Next niece/nephew wedding I attend, I’m going all-out Lydia de Schaetzen.

  35. annie

    Letizia and Mary are both very thin, look like they would blow away in a stiff wind but they look lovely. Sophie of Wessex has been looking amazing lately. I do wish her dress was a different color though, the black and tan is a bit drab for a wedding. Maxima definitely goes all out. Not sure how I feel about the color but she’s owning it.

  36. ellsmeds

    I agree with the Orlando Bloom assessment. I flipped through quickly, and I had to return to the photo because my brain said “ELF!!”

  37. Andrew S.

    I was going to say that Prince Carl Philip of Sweden looked like Beau Mirchoff from Awkward. but I guess not XD

  38. Robin

    Not so much in this photo, but in his Wikipedia photo Prince Carl Phillip is a dead ringer for Ioan Gruffudd.

    • Sandra

      Hmmmm, I don’t see it. They’re both tall (ish) dark, and handsome, but the bone structure of Carl Philip’s face is broader than Ioan’s. Ioan’s hair is lighter and much curlier.

      • Sandra

        Also, you win the bonus round for working “ringer” into a post about IG. Go you!

  39. Trace

    Sophie Wessex has been looking amazing since she hit 40 and I love her dress. Shame she’s allegedly a beard…

  40. katkin74

    Carl Phillipe reminds me of Brad Paisley. Sorry but I definately don’t see any Casey Affleck there.

  41. Carolina Girl

    Princess Maxima may be my new favorite royal of all time. She looks great, has wonderful taste in hats and her name is MAXIMA.

    I’ve always thought that Carl Phillipp looks a bit like Ian Somerhalder.

  42. maryse

    some of these names are fantastic. they sound made-up.

  43. Joan

    I have to say, these Europeans really know how to dress for a wedding! Between the hats and the beautiful coats, they are really killing it. The only thing that looks weird to me is the black gloves Edward is wearing and also his pants – they look like black skinny jeans!

  44. Sabrina

    I think the Princess of Morocco is the closest I’m ever going to get to having a hair twin. I feel your pain girl, come sit by me and we’ll compare anti-frizzers.

  45. Tia Chocolate

    Prince Carl Phillipp = *Matt Bomer*!!!
    does no-one see that? lemme put my glasses on…

  46. marie

    reading the VF article and got blown away by the “i borrowed a Chanel couture suit from my Mom and looked like a million bucks”! wow, not that it’s a bad thing, but really?

  47. Gigi

    Wow, Princess Maxima and Lalla Salma of Morocco are my favorites. That feathered cap is so FABULOUS and if I ever go to Morocco, I will be looking around the markets for a similar fancy gown-robe piece of delight.

  48. Aspasia

    I think I want to call Count Jefferson’s wife, Wheezy. Just for the sake of my American mentality.

  49. Kit

    I love all the background info on the various royals!

    P.S. Apparently Queen Noor is an extremely unpleasant person on many levels – so being liked by her might mean unpleasant things about you!

  50. BostonLawyaGal

    This is my favorite post in the history of EVER. I am loving the background info, which caused me to fall down the Wikipedia rabbit hole myself.

    Pricess Sarvath was the first woman in Jordan to earn a black belt in Taekwondo.

  51. ceecee

    There’s lot of deep mulberry in these two posts. I have decided that it’s my new favorite color and mulberry and gray is my new favorite combination. Thank you, royals.

  52. amys

    Lalla Sallama, er, Salma, is awesome. The Duchess of Cambridge has definite cute hair competition. Oh look, Prince Lorenz of Belgium wore an great orange tie….an homage to Luxembourg’s tiny country colors? Either way, adorable.

  53. Cat

    Princess Maxima looks FAB!

    I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in Victoria– the hat is pretty awful and I’m not a huge fan of the outfit, though it looks much better at the angle of this photo than some of the other ones I had seen.

    Totally agree that Mette-Marit seems to have forgotten she has going to a wedding and dressed for a memorial service instead.

  54. Barbara

    Has anyone else noticed that all the ladies are wearing nude pantyhose? They may be considered dowdy by North American fashionistas, but apparently they are de rigueur among European royalty.

    • LibraryChick

      Hose seems easier to me than leg makeup. It may be hot at times, but at least it won’t run down one’s leg if working up a sweat while dancing. It also helps to conceal varicose and spider veins.

      • annie

        I don’t understand the panty hose hate. I find wearing a dress and hose much more comfortable than wearing pants and I think you create a much more polished look with hose than with a bare leg.

    • Jenna

      Add me to the list of wearers of pantyhose. I know it’s unfashionable, but there are times that it’s just right. Or right for me, anyway.

  55. Conchobara

    Oh, sigh. Thank you, GFY, for always bringing the royals. In my dream world (much like your fantasy English country miniseries) I would get to spend a lot of time with these folks. And their hats.

  56. H.C.

    Carl Philip reminds me of Seth Petersen (most well-known for Providence)

  57. MariRose

    Is there a Princess Maxima Fan Club? If so, I’d like to sign up for it. She’s fabulous.

    • Jane

      Yes there is, it’s called ‘The Netherlands’. Pretty much everyone loves our queen to be here! She’s def. more popular than her husband, the future king.

  58. Ann from Canada

    Could the Fug Girls please go to lunch with The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor and report back to us. Thank you.

  59. molly

    Carl = Jason O’Mara from One For the Money and Terra Nova

  60. Tracey

    I don’t care if some people find royal style stuffy – these hats make my world!!! And I’ve loved all the commentary… in your post and in the comments! Just want to thank you all! I too wish there were a Royal Wedding every week!

  61. Carol

    I now see Affleck but I was thinking the young Aidan Quinn.

  62. Andrea

    I was *this* close to Prince Edward in the dining hall at the Paralympic village when it was on, snapped a pic and everything. He’s a very slight man. He looks lovely and dapper here though.

  63. jenny

    Why do all the ladies look so stumpy?! Those matronly skirt lengths + platform shoes are no good on this crowd.

  64. Kris M

    Count Christian de Lannoy wins for having a beard and looking amazing without looking ironic or scruffy.

  65. Renee

    I really appreciate the depth of journalism here. I feel I’ve learned something. Not really something that will help me in any way, but my knowledge of European royal scandals has been enhanced, and that really is important to me.

  66. txcurlyq

    I thought Carl Phillip looked like the actor who playsRick on ‘walking dead’

  67. Corriner

    After reading through all the suggestions of actors whom Carl Phillip might-look-like, it is seriously apparent that regardless of whom he looks like, DUDE IS A STONE COLD FOX.

    …Orlando Blood, Henry Cavill, Casey Affleck, etc… all very handsome men. Way to go Sweden!

    I think Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark are the most adorable scandale/story-wise. Have you seem them with their kids? So cute.
    Not only is it a Lifetime movie, it literally IS ‘The Prince and Me’ – the truly-terrible-but-eminently-watchable chick flick starring Julia Stiles as the American farm girl who falls for the Crown-prince of Denmark.

    This was a really awesome post Jessica, you rock! (I love that “Fictional English Miniseries” as it’s own tag on the website.)

  68. Suzie

    That was so much fun looking up everyone’s suggestion on Prince Carl Philip! I see everyone’s suggestion in PCP, plus my friend’s face! Not sure what that means for Prince Carl Philip…And I’m pretty sure Prince Harry will be more of a serial dater like Intern George, so I think we all have a chance. I’m ok if I only end up a Prince Harry “Project!’

  69. AndersonicTK421

    Best tailoring: Prince Lorenzo

  70. Fleur

    Prince Carl: Eric Bana with a touch of Matthew Bomer? Maybe?

  71. amys

    I can’t find it now, but a big thank you to whomever recommended the VF article. An excellent use of my workday. I can’t even imagine that life.

  72. Claire


  73. Jules

    This post made my day!

  74. Charlotte K

    This is the BEST post ever on this site.

    Carl Philipp looks like Hugh Dancy to me.

  75. Nikki

    Carl Philip is a Hugh Dancy/Henry Cavill hybrid to me. Dude should be a disney prince

  76. Arrow

    Re: Mette-Marit
    I think the reason for dressing in such a somber color is that Princess Ragnhild, the sister of the Norwegian king has died a few weeks ago, so the court is still in mourning.

  77. Arrow

    Oh, and my first guess re: Prince Carl-Philipp was also Orlando Bloom

  78. Sajorina

    OMG, I loved this! Princess Máxima, Countess Louise & Countess Sophie are DIVINE!!! Covet all they’re wearing! Their styles rule MY world!

  79. Trace

    Has no one spotted Mette-Marit’s resemblance to a certain Ms Paltrow? Her story is pretty great too – from single mum to crown princess! Her son by her ex is about 15 and an extremely good-looking kid – he’s going to be a heart-breaker one day.

  80. Rene

    Princess Sarvath is wearing a Saree under her coat, with the ‘pallu’ wrapped around her neck and bosom.

  81. joan E Byrne

    Looking at all those inbred leeches makes me want to sing the Star Spangled Banner and make flower leaving cemetery visits to my grand parents’ graves to thank them for getting the hell out of Europe (Ireland on my fathers side, Germany on my mothers) so I don’t have to chip in for the royals’ wedding outfit budgets. Do you notice that most of the men don’t have chins and all the old woman look like Queen Elizabeth? They are all each other’s 4th cousin one removed
    That felt great. Thanks, Joan byrne

    • Remi

      Uhm, neither Ireland nor Germany is a Monarchy so even if your family stayed in Europe, 0% of your income or taxes would have gone towards any royal wedding.

      And yes the countries that have Monarchies have to pay a price for it. As do you for your insane presidential elections.
      Are there downsides to monarchies? Absolutely. Are there advantages? Absolutely.
      Ae there downsides to the US presidential system? Absolutely. Are there advantages? Absolutely.

      Is any debate of it simple? Absolutely not. Am I going to have one here? Absolutely not. But if you wanna start one, try starting more informed.
      Also, the inbred part of your comment was totally uncalled for.

  82. Lucasta

    a. This post is a delight.
    b. I see a bit of latter-day Jared Leto (had to stop self from writing Jordan Catalano, after all these years) in Carl, though I also get where people are coming from re: Orlando Bloom.

  83. ike

    This has nothing much to do with anything but Carl Philipp of Sweden, glamour models or not, is known to be gay (although it’s not official). Scandinavian inside information! ;)

  84. Clarisse

    Is there a relationship between the size of your hat and your confidence? The bigger it is the better you feel? It’s all a bit beyond my understanding even living in the UK.


  85. Emily

    Carl Philipp is Casey Affleck with Will Forte’s mouth.

  86. Emma

    It took me literally two hours to get through all those pics, because I googled EVERYTHING. I read the VF article, and I even window-shopped at mariechantal.com. (EXPENSIVE.)

  87. Mia

    Just had to say thank you, Jessica, for such fabulous wedding commentary. And so many good clothes! And some really pretty and sensibly high heels!

  88. NBT

    i am always delighted by royals. and the proper use of “myriad”

  89. Rachel

    Carl Philipp is definitely George Stults. Without a doubt.

  90. Marita

    Just pointing out that the Norwegian royals are in mourning, so…yeah. Not so much of a faux pas on Mette-Marit’s part as it might seem, perhaps.

  91. Elizabeth Corey

    Prince Carl Philip = Henry Thomas in “Legends of the Fall.”

  92. Lauren

    I’d say Timothy Olyphant or Patrick Dempsey.

  93. Tammy Fotinos

    I love royal weddings, but what I love more is your commentary on them. God bless the world for you!

  94. Diana

    I totally saw Gael Garcia Bernal in Prince Carl Philip, but I can see where the Casey Affleck comes from. I love how royals exist in the 21st century–they’re this specialized group of privileged people and yet they’re also ordinary, with college majors and unsuitable romances and a tendency to meet their future spouses in pubs.

  95. Kathleen

    Have you checked out Fun Bobby from Friends – he’s a ringer for Prince Carl Philip.

  96. OnTheCouch


  97. Erin
  98. Katie Burtie

    He is Timothy Olyphant. Without a shadow of a doubt!

  99. alison

    prince carl reminds you of toby stevens! from twelfth night!

  100. LC

    PRINCE CARL PHILIP = Henry Cavill aka soon to be superman and a mix of Orlando Bloom like everyone else has said.

  101. Michelle

    Patrick Dempsey + Steve Zahn. Bull true.

  102. Manal H

    Hey girls, do you realize you fugged Gennifer Goodwin for wearing the same sleeves as princess maxima (slide 1) which you call fashion forward on Maxima, while you labeled them ‘Jello-O salad on her sleeves’ and ‘fabric garden’ on Ginnifer?
    I thought Ginnifer’s dress was awesome then (never mind the styling), and it was one of few times that I disagreed with you!

    Re-visit that slide and let us know if you’ve reconsidered:

  103. NiceOrc

    What about Crispin Bonham-Carter?