Fabs and Fugs: Brooklyn Decker

I’d like to salute Brooklyn Decker for really working this Battleship junket. I do admit that I am a little concerned about her current marriage to Andy Roddick, considering I haven’t seen the two of them together in A LONG TIME and they got married when she was very young, and also he seems like he might be a little stroppy sometimes — I love you, Andy, I really do. But you know you are a little stoppy sometimes. Admit it. Admit your strop. So I think I have to release a BREAK UP TERROR ALERT on those two. But do I need to release one on her wardrobe? Well. Yeah. Part of it, anyway.

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  1. annie

    Seeing granny panties is never sexy. Maybe over a slip. Mayber

    • Krusticle

      Noooo, we’re past grannie pantyland and well into diaper territory.

  2. Stefanie


  3. BAH

    also, the shoes from slide #5 – when will those go away?!

  4. Libby

    She’s so beautiful, and has such an incredible, curvy body (i.e. dresses don’t hang on her like a coat hanger), how is it that she can’t find beautiful dresses? Stay away from the granny panties look!

  5. Holly

    What is stroppy?

    • linda

      bad tempered, quick to take offense. i had to look it up. thanks, fug girls, for improving my vocab AND being highly entertaining!

  6. Sandra

    Why is lace-over-visible-undies a trend this year? It looks good on exactly no one. The back of the bodice looks like it was left unzipped and nobody told her the her bubblegum got stuck in her hair last night. The red is a “better-played” for me, not an actual “well-played”. Mullets of any length are offensive to my eyes. Or maybe her dog just took a bite out of the hem; I don’t know her life.

  7. Sarah L.

    I’d like to put the movie poster on trial here for showing her with jacked up teeth or something and making her approximately 10 years older than she actually is. Plus, the artful arrangement of her sexy lace bra poking out under her camisole (straight up coming out, pretty much).

    The first dress is awful, but the second is nice.

  8. Highland Fashionista

    That dress has amazing evil superpowers to be able to transform her beautiful body into mush. Beast, be gone!

  9. TaraMisu

    OMG that rear view….. last photo is great though.

  10. katkin74

    If you want TRULY HORRIBLE, imagine this. If that dress makes HER look like a granny-pantied sag-a-thon, imagine what it’d do to us “real” people.

  11. Kara

    Brooklyn: “OK, I’m ready to go!”
    Get-a-Grip Friend: “Girl: no. I love you, but no. You’re gorgeous, this makes your ass look like it’s sagging, let’s find you something better to wear.”

    I swear, absolutely everyone needs a Get-a-Grip Friend. No one who saw her in this should call themselves her friend since they let her go out wearing it.

  12. Hel

    The first dress is truly terrible on its own and does her no favor though she has a great body.
    I like the second one but hate the shoes. I want to pretend they don’t exist.

  13. Mahastee

    Good grief those are some unflattering granny knickers. I couldn’t get past them to look at the rest of the photos.

  14. megs283

    When I saw the first picture I thought it was one of those dresses that SEEMS opaque until all those flashbulbs turn on the starlet. BUT IT WAS iNTENTIONAL!!!!

  15. laura

    I still can’t get over this is an actual movie…what’s next? Live action Hungry Hungry Hippos? In 3D of course…

    If this looks bad on a swimsuit model, the rest of us look in something like that?

  16. scone


  17. kmalkovsky

    Omg, that is a diaper. A black, under-lace diaper.

  18. Wordphreak

    No. No, no, no, no, no.

  19. jen

    For me, her fug reigns supreme. Her clothing choices always baffle me. As does her hair/makeup treatment.

  20. Bad Fads

    Know what is beautiful? I just shouted on my blog this morning about people wearing see-through lace and their underwear being prominently visible.

    That said, I think Brooklyn Decker is about to make a prominent appearance on there.

  21. Jessica

    I literally LOLed just at the first shot….that is something funny right there.

  22. holly

    First thought – “why is my grandmother signing autographs in her bathing suit?”

  23. mel

    Having just seen other photos of B. Decker in this dress on T Lo, it appears the granny panties may actually be a fuggly sort of apron covering her front and rear. I’m not sure that possibility makes this lacy mess any more palatable. : /

  24. casey

    On the other hand, I’m so happy to now have the word “stroppy” in my arsenal; up until now, I’ve had to use several words to describe my ex-boyfriend’s temperament (cranky? touchy? none were exactly right)
    So thanks, fug girls!

    Oh, and the dress is appalling – as has been said already, if someone that hot looks that bad in it, it must be bad all around.

  25. crystal

    Is there pink in her hair? What’s that pink in her hair?

  26. Guerra

    IMO she doesnt have the BEST body (by famous standards) not much waist or hips & this dress is high lighting that severely! Fergies was muchhhh better!

  27. LJ

    I think this really confirms two things:
    1. granny panties should be centrally regulated (i.e. restricted to grannies only), and
    2. we need to see A LOT MORE Tim Riggins please

  28. Molly

    Gosh, this is going to get her a strong seed in the brackets for next year’s Fug Madness, isn’t it? It should, anyway. Zounds!!

  29. anny

    What’s with this girl and her pants? Red dress looks to me like the skirt’s caught in a waistband up on her left side there.

  30. Sajorina

    The 1st dress is a disgrace, such beautiful black lace worn with diaper-like granny panties & a bra is ludicrous! She’s way too pretty for this! I love her hairdo, though! And, The 2nd outfit is FABULOUS, but that thin neon pink belt bothers me, so I’d get rid of it!

  31. witjunkie

    I can’t tell even after zooming in whether those are panties or a sewn in flap. Under apron? in front anyway…oy. And the outfit in the 5th photo looks like she borrowed it from the emcee in the 4th photo.

    And yes, both Andys (Andies?) Roddick AND Murray, are stroppy. Curious.

  32. Pouncer

    The South Korean navy is very clear in its appreciation for Ms. Decker’s dress. Would that I could do the same, but it is wretched.

  33. Shiitake


  34. Samantha

    She’s almost always in Andy’s box, at least at the bigger tournaments. I was at the SAP Open in February, and she was in the stands. She was also at Indian Wells to support him, and that was maybe a month ago. She’s almost always there, so it may just be that he’s not into red carpet events.

    That said, she looked mortified in San Jose when Andy started to lose his temper. She had her face in her hands at one point.

  35. Carlito

    I love, love Brooklyn Decker more like on

  36. Pearl

    Just like tights aren’t pants lace does not make a dress. It doesn’t matter how fabulous your arse is no one wants to see your knickers through your dress. No self respecting Gran would allow anyone to see hers, get someself respect and stop flashing your arse.